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Saint Greta Caught With Climate Contraband In Her Borrowed $65,000 Tesla

Ed.'s note: It is all so obviously contrived isn't it? Saint Greta takes a yacht to make you feel guilty about flying.

News update on Saint Greta for 15 December 2019: Greta Thunberg tells cheering crowd 'we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall' if they do not tackle global warming as she attends climate protest in Turin

What do you think of Greta Thunberg's plastic garbage filled Tesla? | Keean Bexte 

Saint Greta suffering from Asperger, ADHD, OCD and defiant disorder will be propelled to the top for a life of luxury over the rest of the peons where she will become idolized to live the high life. When she moves into a position of authority she will become the destroyer for central bankers policy-makers in what looks like what she is being groomed for. As to be expected, the fake news network CNN criticizes President Trump for criticizing Saint Greta. Are you stressed out from all the grief and guilt Saint Greta has hurtled at your existence?

Central Banker's Fronted Saint Greta


Source: RT News

Greta Thunberg wins TIME Person of the Year: It's a symptom of a sick & confused world when adults make children their leaders

December 11, 2019

The willingness of adults to listen to teenagers rather than themselves is a sign of a deep societal crisis in the West.

Edward Felsenthal, the editor-in-chief of TIME boasted that 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is the magazine's youngest choice to be named Person of the Year.

I was not the least bit surprised – by now it would have been an upset if the headline-making environmentalist failed to reap yet another publicity reward – but still alarmed.

Gone are the days when TIME chose adult men, like Martin Luther King or Winston Churchill as the magazine's person of the year (Adolf Hitler too – the award is for the most influential, not necessarily the most virtuous public figure).

These days the accent is on youth, and Greta Thunberg personifies the much acclaimed 'wisdom of the child'. That is why three Norwegian MPs nominated Thunberg for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

The transformation of a teen schoolgirl into the global conscience for climate change is driven by the imperative of reversing the relationship between adults and children.

Throughout the Western world the authority of adulthood is in crisis. Adulthood is increasingly associated with negative attributes and grown ups feel less and less able to provide guidance to young people. The flip side of the erosion of adult authority is the tendency to look to young people for solutions and answers. That is why Western society’s depreciation of adulthood coexists with adulation of the supposed wisdom of children.

More: Back to the future? 120-year-old photo of Greta Thunberg doppelganger sparks jokes about 'time traveling' climate activist

Arguably the most grotesque manifestation of this trend is the spectacle of politicians and dignitaries intently listening to Greta at high profile international meetings. A thunderous standing ovation is guaranteed by the mere appearance of this symbol of an infantilised political culture.

In making her TIME magazine's Person of the Year or offering her a platform at a meeting of world leaders, children are in effect invited to condemn the older generation. And Greta has been more than ready to rise to the occasion. The theme of adult irresponsibility has been her most common refrain – appearing in her lecture to the United Nations climate change summit as far back as a year ago, and in every major speech she has made this year.

"Since our leaders are behaving like children, we will have to take the responsibility they should have taken long ago," she said last December. "We have to understand what the older generation has dealt to us, what mess they have created that we have to clean up and live with."

Green demonstrators have readily embraced the narrative of adult guilt. Posters declaring, 'You'll Die of Old Age, We'll Die of Climate Change' or 'I Am Ditching School Because You Are Ditching Our Future' point the finger of blame at slothful adults who are supposedly responsible for the imminent early deaths of their offspring. Recently, a placard screaming 'Adults Ruin Everything. Stop Brexit' at an anti-Brexit demonstration indicated that the spirit of adult blaming is not confined to the problem of planetary destruction.

Please go to RT News to read the entire article.

It should be pointed out Edward Felsenthal, the editor-in-chief of TIME magazine mentioned in the RT News article above, was born to a Jewish family in Memphis, Tennessee. TIME magazine clearly represents a Jewish perspective on any news TIME magazine presents. This is the type of particularity most Americans seem oblivious to or simply overlook.

In Florida, It Is Now Illegal to Say "Jews Control Hollywood"


They're Rebranding Climate Change [Again] — "Global Meltdown" Is On the Table

Ahead of COP25, Child Climate Goddess Greta Demands 'Complete Dismantling of Colonial, Racist, Patriarchal Systems of Oppression'

What's It Going To Be: Global Warming Or Global Freeze?

And just in case anyone doesn't think there aren't concerned people cleaning up after everyone else's mess, here's an example. So come on Saint Greta, what about giving these people a little notice at your next all expenses paid for conventions? Don't forget to dispose of your plastic bottle too on your way out of the convention.

Boyan Slat unveils The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor 

Sepco Turns the Pollution of Plastic into Fuel 

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