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Historical Retrospective: The Jewish Destruction of the Russian Empire

Ed.'s note: We have some history to catch up on here because it leads right up to present day America and the circumstances we find ourselves in today. Do you have a network of concerned friends and associates? Forward with intensity. These same Bolshevik networks are deeply embedded in American infrastructure and will require a massive effort to expunge them. Want to demolish the "deep state?" Restore full transparent relations between America and Russia.

News update for 10 December 2019: Pentagon Alarmed Russia Is Gaining 'Sympathy' Among US Troops

News update for 10 December 2019: America's Ongoing War Against the Orthodox Church

Source: James Fetzer

December 8, 2019 | By James Fetzer

From National Vanguard. This summary of Jewish operations in the Russian Empire is horrifying and consistent with other sources. It makes Adolf's efforts in the Nazi period look fairly amateurish.

Pay No Attention to the Jews Behind the Curtain—the Iron Curtain

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Bolshevik Revolution a Petri Dish of Jewish Attitudes, Behavior

by Max Hadden

THE FOLLOWING EVENTS READ LIKE A HORROR STORY and are treated as if they never happened by our mass media and educational system here in America and worldwide. This article is not an unscientific "let's blame the Jews for the plague" or religiously-motivated "confess, witch" sort of hysterical accusation. It's simply a chronological account of historical facts with very little editorial commentary by the writers. (illustration: Trotsky portrayed as a devil in a Polish poster of 1920)

Further, this doesn't mean that all Jews are Communists or all Communists are Jews. It does demonstrate 1) that the "Russian" Revolution was not Russian but Jewish, 2) that Jews can behave much worse than what they accuse Germans and "Nazis" of doing, and 3) the Jews are not the blameless, innocent, altruistic and wrongfully persecuted religious minority group they claim to be. If Jews don't want to be collectively blamed, then maybe the Jews should stop collectively blaming the Germans for their so-called Holocaust.

A warning: If you're squeamish, some of the details describing Jewish brutality are extremely graphic. Also, notice the constant use of aliases by so many Jews. The sort of people who change their names are mostly those who commit crimes or who perform on stage or film. I would suggest that the Jews are both and continue to do both.


In 1793, Poland was divided between Prussia and Russia. This was of paramount significance to Russia because she acquired the world’s largest Jewish populaion.

Russia had always had an Imperial Government with a Czar (or Tsar) as supreme ruler. A Czar had decreed (1772) that Jews could settle in Greater Russia but only in the vast area known as the "Pale of Settlement".

The Pale extended from the Crimea to the Baltic Sea, encompassing an area half as great as Western Europe.

Because Jews had always maintained a separate community (kahal) within Christian societies, the Pale can not be called abusive. It not only protected Russians from Jewish influence, but protected Jews from being kicked out by their Christian hosts after Jewish influence was felt and despised.

Under Czar Alexander I, many restrictions against residence "beyond the Pale" (one should recognize this popular saying) were relaxed, and by 1881, the Jews had prospered greatly and achieved a monopoly over the liquor, tobacco, and retail industries. As Jews do everywhere… Gentiles were elbowed out.

Out of this environment were born Zionism and Communism.

Despite their prosperity and fair treatment by Russian Czars, Jewish Marxists slowly began fomenting revolution. A plot in the house of Jewess Hesia Helfman was successful. Czar Alexander II was blown up.

In 1895, the millionaire Jew Alexander Parvus (real name Israel Helphand) said war would break out between Japan and Russia, and that a "Russian" revolution would be born of this conflict.

Parvus was instrumental in guiding the ideology of the Jew Leon Trotsky (born Leiba Bronstein) as well as the (at minimum) one-quarter Jewish and probably half-Jewish Vladimir Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov).

The main lesson Trotsky learned from Parvus was this: Jewish people are their own collective Messiah and would reach dominion over all peoples through the mixing of the races and elimination of all national boundaries.


The Russo-Japanese war, as Parvus had predicted, began in 1904. "American" Jewish loan shark Jacob Schiff financed the Japanese military with a loan of $200 million.

This was the same Jacob Schiff who made sure that no banks were permitted to lend money to the Russians while at the same time he supported revolutionary Jews in Russia known as "Jewish self-defense groups" (sound familiar?).

On Sunday, Jan. 22, 1905, thousands of workers and their families were led by trade union leader Father Gapon, known as the "little Father," in a peaceful protest in front of the seat of the Imperial government, the Winter Palace.

Alexandar Parvus and his Jewish comrade Peter Pinhas (actually Rutenberg) took advantage of the protest by placing snipers in the trees of a park across from the Palace, ordering the men to shoot at Palace guards. [ This provocation is not confirmed by the Wiki or any other source – Editor ]

The guards had no choice but to shoot back, and in the confusion and crossfire, 150 to 200 were killed. Jewish propagandists claimed "thousands had lost their lives" and that this was due to Czarism.

Jewish terrorists had assassinated numerous Imperial government leaders from 1901 to 1905. Five of these were: Bogolepov (1901), Sipyagin (1902), Bogdanovich (1903), von Plehve (1904), and Grand Duke Sergei (1905).

The Czar named Peter Stolypin Prime Minister. Stolypin put an end to the terror by enforcing martial law. 600 were court-martialled and executed in 1906, while most, 35,000, fled abroad, mainly to Palestine. [ One of them may well have been Jack The Ripper – Editor ]

Stolypin's house was bombed in the spring of 1906. 27 were killed and 32 wounded. Among the dead was his son. His daughter was thrown out of the house by the force of the explosion and was lame the rest of her life.

Prime Minister Stolypin was shot at point blank range with a pistol by the Jewish terrorist Mordekai Bogrov at the opera in Kiev on Sep. 1, 1911. Stolypin died 4 days later. [ More at Under The Sign of The Scorpion – 06 ]


Just as the atmosphere of war had been used as a spark by Jewish revolutionaries in their first attempt to overthrow Czarist Russia in 1905, the First World War would soon be ignited—and capitalized upon.

The assassination of Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, was carried out by the Jewish assassin Gavrilo Princip using a Browning pistol on Jun. 28, 1914.

The Zionist newspaper PEIEWISCHE VORDLE wrote on Jan. 13, 1919, "The international Jewry… believed it necessary to force Europe into the war so that a new Jewish era could begin throughout the world."

By 1917, Jewish desire to destroy the Czar had poisoned the urban population of Russia. WWI had caused food shortages, breakdowns in transportation, and factory closings due to material shortages.

Second-string Jewish revolutionaries, their leaders being out of the country, fanned the flames of dissent. On Mar. 10, 1917 an American photographer, Donald Thompson, reported that a rich man who tried to pass through the growing mob "… was dragged out of his sleigh and beaten. He took refuge in a stalled streetcar where he was followed by the workingmen. One of them took a small iron bar and beat his head to a pulp… Many of the men carried red flags…"

Please go to James Fetzer to read all this material.

Source: Millennium Report

The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff

The Millennium Report | March 28, 2019

ADAM SCHIFF: A Stone-cold Traitor Guilty of Spearheading a Highly Organized Conspiracy to Commit Treason and Overthrow the POTUS

Schiff is also guilty of fomenting war with Russia based on a patently false pretext and bogus allegations!

State of the Nation

Very few understand that Russiagate was a highly organized Deep State conspiracy conducted by the Democrat Party to overthrow President Donald Trump and to start the hot phase of World War III with Russia.

KEY POINT: Members of the Global Intelligence Community know that Russiagate was actually coordinated by British Intelligence in order to provide the countless American co-conspirators plausible deniability. In this proper context, Russiagate is just the latest of countless plots to subvert the American Republic conducted by the London-domiciled Black Nobility. See CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY

Toward that end, Congressman Adam Schiff was selected early on to spearhead this unparalleled act of treason and outright warmongering from his high perch in the U.S. Congress.

Exactly why was Adam Schiff chosen to do the dirty deeds? Here's why:
"You talk about compromised and easily coerced.Shifty Schiff is nothing but a political hitman who'll do anything his hidden masters tell him to because they have that much dirt on him. No Congressman will ever expose themselves as much as Schiff has unless they have been bribed or blackmailed to. And oftentimes it's a combination of Pedogate blackmail and irresistible bribery that keep them doing their dirty deeds." — Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Military Officer (Source: ADAM SCHIFF: Deep State Agent, Serial Leaker and Traitor to the Republic)
There's a well-hidden back story to the Adam Schiff saga that is rarely told by the mainstream media, and only recently reported by the Alt Media—SOTN.

Only by knowing Adam Schiff’s true roots will his extreme hatred for Trump and irrational fear of Russia be properly understood. His background will also explain why he's always been a pathological liar. House Republicans Demand Adam Schiff’s Resignation, Intel Committee Will Not Tolerate Chairman's Constant Lying

Schiff family

The Schiff Family was well-known in America as a premier banking family. One of the patriarchs of the Schiff family bloodline, going back to the mid-19th century, was one Jacob Schiff. (It’s unclear if Adam Schiff is directly related to Jacob Schiff, but it's the bloodline that really matters in this discourse.)

"Jacob Henry Schiff was a Jewish American banker, businessman, and philanthropist. Among many other things, he helped finance the expansion of American railroads and the Japanese military efforts against Tsarist Russia in the Russo-Japanese War."[1]

Jacob Schiff's father — Moses Schiff — was an Ashkenazi Jewish broker for the Russia-hating Rothschild International Banking Cartel.

Why do the Schiffs and Rothschilds have such an intense multi-generational hatred for Russia?

There are actually several documented reasons for this hatred.

The first is that these criminally insane banksters coveted (and still covet) the landmass of Russia more than anything else on Earth. In short, they want to steal the land and natural resources of the Russian Motherland, along with its industrial base and other state assets such as the massive gold reserves.

Because President Vladimir Putin has done his level best to protect Russia from these hardcore predatory capitalists, they demonize him incessantly as they denigrate Russia at every turn of events. Is there anything that Russia does not get blamed for these days—ANYTHING?

Secondly, these same Ashkenazi banksters have always wanted to totally control Russian society as a means to completely controlling the economy of Russia. However, there was a profound cultural impediment toward accomplishing this objective.

You see, Russia has consistently existed as a massive agrarian society over millennia. Certainly they possess the landmass to farm and forest till their heart's content.

However, the Ashkenazi Jewry who lived in Russia were always drawn to the cities for work in the professional classes. The Jewish intelligentsia became, as they always do, the lawyers and doctors, bankers and accountants, politicians and businessmen, professors and scientists, jewelers and gold dealers, etc. In so doing, they became the power-players and power-brokers throughout the big cities, eventually owning the whole place either directly or indirectly.

Now here's the real problem that the Jewish intelligentsia faced everywhere in Russia save Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Russia is a hugely rural country; not an urbanized nation. The only two cities most folks can even name between Europe and Alaska are Moscow and Saint Petersburg. That's how much farmland and forest dominate the Russian countryside. And, that's how very few big cities there are.

When so much of Russia is populated by humble farming, logging and mining communities, there are far fewer opportunities for the professional classes to take over the same way Ashkenazim took over European and American cities.

Siberia, for instance, was known as a matriarchal society with strong elements of ancient shamanism which were quite resistant to being dominated by these professional classes monopolized by domineering men. The Russian people are a very simple people who are close to the Earth and very suspicious of outsiders after centuries of invasions like those launched via the British-initiated Great Game.

In point of fact, the Great Game was nothing more than Rothschild banksters using Great Britain and other powerful militaries to steal Russian land and resources. And the economic and financial version of this war by stealth continues in earnest up to this very day. Moreover, there is no other press on the planet today as maniacally hostile toward Russia as London's Fleet Street, as it has been since its very inception.

Please go to Millennium Report to read the entire article.

Source: First World War on Film

Captured on Film by U.S. Cameramen - The Romanov Murder Scene (1918)


In December 1918, a photographic team of the U.S. Signal Corps led by Captain Howard Kingsmore arrived in Yekaterinburg, Russia, where they filmed inside the house where Tsar Nicholas II and his family was brutally murdered. Against all odds, we recently found Kingsmore's personal story on this photographic assignment, as well as part of these historic films.

Captain Kingsmore (second from right) and his photographic team, Vladivostok, January 1919. Behind the movie camera is Pvt. Philip Tannura. Right: Badge of the Signal Corps Photo Unit American Expeditionary Force Siberia, from the personal collection of still photographer Sgt. John G. Hemmer

The execution of the last Russian Tsar and his family hardly needs an introduction. After the Bolsheviks had taken over power the Romanov family was moved to a so-called 'House of Special Purpose' in Yekaterinburg. The Imperial family was kept in strict isolation within the walls of a sinister heavily guarded building that was surrounded by a palisade. The Bolsheviks initially wanted to put the Tsar on trial, but in the summer of 1918 anti-Communist forces were at the gates of Yekaterinburg, and the Reds feared their captives would fall into enemy hands. As a result, death to the Romanovs was declared. Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Tsarina Alexandra and their five children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei were shot, bayoneted and clubbed to death on the night of 16-17 July 1918. Their bodies were disposed of in a most gruesome manner.

The Cameramen

Howard P. Kingsmore was the photographic officer of a U.S. Signal Corps camera team that recorded the operations of the American Expeditionary Army in Siberia. Born in 1886, Kingsmore started his photographic work for the Philadelphia Inquirer, covering the burial of President McKinley, the coal strikes of 1901-1902 and the 50th anniversary of the Civil War battle of Gettysburg. Around 1907 Kingsmore became chief photographer for the Philadelphia Evening Ledger. For this newspaper he covered the civil war in Mexico, as well as the Punitive Expedition by General Pershing into that country in 1916. When the United States entered World War I he applied for a commission in the U.S. Signal Corps as a photographic officer. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant in September 1917, appears to have made mostly training pictures while he was in America and in Augustus 1918 was promoted to Captain, when a photographic section was set up for the Siberian Expedition. After the First World War Kingsmore became a cameraman for Fox News.

Cpt. Howard P. Kingsmore (second from left) among some well-known American World War I cameramen. To his right is Major Bert Underwood, formerly of the photographic company of Underwood & Underwood. Second from the right is 1st Lt. Edward N. Jackson, photographic officer of the 27th Division, who filmed at the Peace Treaty Conference in Versailles. On the right of this picture we have Wilbur H. Durborough, who made movies with the German army in 1915. Signal Corps photograph from the collection of the National Archives. Courtesy Harry B. Kidd

(Image right: Howard P. Kingsmore, 1917)

Interview with Kevin Brownlow

Judging from the production file of the films that were made by Kingsmore and his camera team, they filmed across Siberia between November 1918 and February 1919, covering various operations by the Expeditionary Force that was trying to push the Red Army out of Russia. We have described this Signal Corps footage from Russia in more detail in a previous weblog. Five men were selected for this photographic team, including two movie camera operators. One of Kingsmore's men, Philip Tannura, was interviewed by Kevin Brownlow for his book The War, the West and the Wilderness. Tannura was among Kingsmore's cinematographers and in the interview with Brownlow Tannura mentioned how he accompanied Kingsmore while they visited the place where the Tsar and his family were executed. "We couldn't find out whether they had actually been killed or not", Tannura said. "We photographed all the rooms."

Kingsmore said he boarded a Red Cross freight train in Vladivostok in November 1918. The trip across Siberia took about nine weeks. The accommodation on the train was of a most primitive nature. The American cameramen traveled in box cars that were originally built for cattle. Arriving in Yekaterinburg, the cameramen found the city controlled by Czech forces. These had taken Yekaterinburg shortly after the Tsar and his family were murdered. Kingsmore was told the Romanovs were subjected to many indignities by the Communist soldiers who guarded them. It should be noted here that at the moment when Kingsmore and Tannura arrived in Yekaterinburg an official investigation was still being carried out on the mysterious disappearance of the Imperial family. As far as the Kremlin was concerned, they had simply vanished into thin air and the Communists denied any allegation they had killed the Romanovs.

Signal Corps cameraman John G. Hemmer in a sidecar with local driver, Siberia, 1919. After the war Hemmer became a staff photographer for the New York News

Photographic Evidence of the Romanov Execution

Kingsmore's and Tannura's pictures indicate this was a fabricated lie. One of their still photographs shows the cellar where the Romanovs were executed. Bullets were dug out of the wall by the Bolsheviks to destroy evidence of the crime, but the holes still remained and were clearly visible. Their pictures also demonstrate how the Tsar's children had to sleep on the floor, as well as the search by the investigating commitee for further proofs of the execution. Kingsmore also appears to have talked with eye witnesses. One told him the Romanovs were on their knees begging for mercy while they were executed in the basement of the house.

Czech headquarters at Yekaterinburg, December 1918. Signal Corps picture probably taken by Kingsmore or Tannura

Part of the footage that was shot at Yekaterinburg has been retrieved and identified by the authors in the film collection of the National Archives in Washington, D.C. (record number 111-H-1161). These scenes were probably taken by Tannura and show an exterior of the Czech military headquarters, the house the Romanovs lived in, as well as shots of the Czarina's room and the room that was occupied by the Tsar's daughters. We edited these historic scenes into a short clip that has been posted on our YouTube channel.

Here is also a download link to a contemporary newspaper story from the Grand Forks Herald (June 1919) on Kingsmore's experiences in Siberia.

Death to the Romanovs (Russia, 1918) 

Please go to First World war on Film to read the entire article.

The Romanovs


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