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How Elites and Deep State Smeared Jermey Corbyn

Ed.'s note: Is George Soros moving for another "broke the Bank of England" British Sterling Pound manipulation with the winner of UK's election of Boris Johnson? This is based on moves by George Soros based on Brexit. This news was in 2016: The Brexit crash will make all of you poorer – be warned George Soros and we are now in 2019 with Boris Johnson promising Brexit no later than January 31st, 2020. Then we have Taylor Swift mentioning George Soros on the day Boris Johnson is elected and Brexit becomes a "sure thing." Is this a warning that George Soros is giving his financial friends a gift connected to January 3, 2020 being some kind of a "deadline." What George Soros referred to as a "black Friday?" With Brexit will this cause a run on the Bank of England to buy or sell the Pound? Taylor Swift's father works for Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc. that controls over $850 billion in financial assets. Scott Kingsley Smith goes back to three generations of bankers. Both George Soros and Swift's father are in the same world of finance

Tylor Swift mentioned her entire Big Machine catalog was sold to Scooter Braun's Ithaca Holdings. Braun co-organized March for Our Lives, the student-led demonstration for stricter gun laws which USA Today measured as the largest single-day protest in Washington, D.C. history after the Parkland, Florida high school shooting (staged). Is George Soros behind Scooter Braun's financing the purchase of Taylor Swift's catalogue? Is it coincidental both George Soros and Scooter Braun are Jewish or would we ignore this fact? Scott Swift being a wealthy Merrill Lynch banker, purchased a 3% stake ($120,000) of the independent label Big Machine Records, the label that first signed his daughter Taylor Swift and acquired by Scooter Braun. Big Machine label was founded by Scott Borchetta. How coincidental does it get when George Soros through currency manipulation uses the SWIFT system in the FOREX market to do all the foreign currency trading when he "broke the Bank of England" in 1992  ("black Wednesday") making over $1 billion.

Source: Consortium News

Someone Interfered in the UK Election & It Wasn't Russia

December 13, 2019 • By Caitlin Johnstone • 30 Comments

Labour's Jeremy Corbyn was targeted by billionaire-controlled media outlets, along with intelligence and military agencies, as well as state media's BBC, writes Caitlin Johnstone.

Cartoon of Boris Johnson, big winner of the UK election.

Ladies and gentlemen I have here at my fingertips indisputable proof that egregious election meddling took place in the United Kingdom on Thursday.

Before you get all excited, no, it wasn't the Russians. It wasn't the Chinese, the Iranians, Cobra Command or the Legion of Doom. I'm not going to get any Rachel Maddow-sized paychecks for revealing this evidence to you, nor am I going to draw in millions of credulous viewers waiting with bated breath for a bombshell revelation of an international conspiracy that will invalidate the results of the election.

In fact, hardly anyone will even care.

Hardly anyone will care because this election interference has been happening right out in the open, and was perfectly legal. And nobody will suffer any consequences for it.

Nobody will suffer any consequences for interfering in the U.K. election because the ones doing the interfering were extremely powerful, and that's who the system is built to serve.

As CNN reports, the Tories' "Boris Johnson delivered a Margaret Thatcher-like win, crushing the opposition in the biggest general election victory for the Conservative Party since 1987."

Numerous factors went into this result, including most notably a Labour Party ambivalently straddling an irreconcilable divide on the issue of Brexit, but it is also undeniable that the election was affected by a political smear campaign that was entirely unprecedented in scale and vitriol in the history of western democracy. This smear campaign was driven by billionaire-controlled media outlets, along with intelligence and military agencies, as well as state media like the BBC.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been described as the most smeared politician in history, and this is a fair description. Journalist Matt Kennard recently compiled documentation of dozens of incidents in which former and current spooks and military officials collaborated with plutocratic media institutions to portray Corbyn as a threat to national security. Journalistic accountability advocates such as Media Lens and Jonathan Cook have been working for years to compile evidence of the mass media's attempts to paint Corbyn as everything from a terrorist sympathizer to a Communist to a Russian asset to an IRA supporter to a closet anti-Semite. Just the other day The Grayzone documented how establishment narrative manager Ben Nimmo was enlisted to unilaterally target Corbyn with a fact-free Russiagate-style conspiracy theory in the lead-up to the election, a psyop that was uncritically circulated by both right-wing outlets such as The Telegraph as well as the ostensibly "left"-wing Guardian.

Just as Corbyn’s advocacy for the many over the plutocratic few saw him targeted by billionaire media outlets, his view of Palestinians as human beings saw him targeted by the imperialist Israel lobby as exposed in the Al Jazeera documentary The Lobby. For a mountain of links refuting the bogus antisemitism smear directed at Corbyn, a lifelong opponent of anti-Semitism, check out the deluge of responses to this query I made on Twitter the other day.

This interference continued right up into the day before the election, with the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg flagrantly violating election rules by reporting that early postal votes had been illegally tallied and results were "looking very grim for Labour."
The historically unprecedented smear campaign that was directed at Corbyn from the right, the far-right, and from within his own party had an effect. Of course it did. If you say this today on social media you'll get a ton of comments telling you you're wrong, telling you every vote against Labour was exclusively due to the British people not wanting to live in a Marxist dystopia, telling you it was exclusively because of Brexit, totally denying any possibility that the years of deceitful mass media narrative management by which British consciousness was pummeled day-in and day-out prior to the election had any impact whatsoever upon its results.

Right. Sure guys. Persistent campaigns to deliberately manipulate people's minds using mass media have no effect on their decisions at all. I guess that's why that whole "advertising" fad never made any money.

I am not claiming here that the billions of dollars' worth of free mass media reporting that was devoted to smearing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party had a greater effect on the election results than Brexit and other strategic stumbles in the party. I'm just saying that it definitely had a much greater effect than the few thousand dollars Russian nationals spent on social media memes in the U.S., which the American political/media class has been relentlessly shrieking about for three years.

Please go to Consortium News to read the entire article.


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