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German Green Party Urges Allowing 140 Million 'Climate Refugees' to Migrate to the West

Source: The Duran

by Alex Christoforou | December 21, 2019

What could possibly go wrong?

The Green Party in Germany is urging that up to 140 million "climate refugees" should be allowed to migrate to the west and given citizenship.

Political leaders like Claudia Roth are claiming that island states in the Pacific could "completely disappear" and that entire population groups should be allowed to re-locate to the west as a result.

"Citizenship in the receiving country can be an option," for people existentially threatened by global warming, said Roth

In their proposal, the party cites the World Bank's estimate that there could be as many as 140 million "climate refugees" flooding into the west from Africa, South Asia, and South America by the year 2050.

Other parties in Germany expressed their opposition, noting that creating the idea of "climate refugees" would increase migratory pressure worldwide.

Source: Unz Review

The Great Replacement in Belgium


The following is a translation of an article by the lawyer Paul Tormenen for the identitarian think-tank Polémia. The numerous sources cited are detailed in the original article. This piece provides a solid overview of the tremendous demographic transformation which Belgium is undergoing and of the striking differences between European and Islamic migrants, the latter being markedly socially conservative and prone to unemployment. Entire neighborhoods such as Molenbeek have become unrecognizable and begging Gypsies have become a familiar sight on street corners.

At the same time, the numbers show that, as of today, a majority of immigrants to Belgium are of European origin and can be expected to integrate smoothly. Even if we concede that the Europeans are likely less fertile than the Muslims and Africans, this is one reason why I do not believe "race war" is likely to happen any time soon, notwithstanding the reality of Afro-Islamic criminality and periodic murderous Islamist terrorist attacks.

* * *

If Belgium experienced waves of immigration in the 20th Century, the current wave is unique in its magnitude and the fact that it is “endured” by a part of the population. The ethnocentric demands and the radicalization of a fraction of the immigrant population has provoked differing reactions among the [French-speaking] Walloons and the [Dutch-speaking] Flemish. In Belgium, as in other European countries, the migratory and identitarian questions have become central to the country’s political life.

From the 20th Century to Today

A first wave of immigration was organized during the interwar years, due to the pressure of the Belgian leaders of heavy industry. Labor migration was started up again in the 1960s. These immigrants were notably called upon to work in the mines and were essentially of European origin (Italy, Spain, Greece). After 1964, bilateral agreements were concluded with Muslim countries (Morocco, Turkey, Algeria) in order to facilitate the hosting of foreign workers. Without regard for any cultural factors, familial immigration was also promoted in order, according to Belgium’s leaders, to tackle the country’s aging population.

Since the end of the 1980s, Belgium has been experiencing a new migratory wave. Whereas the annual flow had been relatively stable between the 1950s and 1980s, with yearly arrivals of between 40,000 and 60,000, family reunification and asylum requests significantly increased the arrivals of foreigners. Over a million of them thus entered Belgium legally between 2000 and 2010.

Between 2009 and 2011 alone, family reunification, which accounts for about half of residence permits, enabled 121,000 foreigners to legally settle in Belgium. A Belgian senator, Alain Destexhe, speaks of family reunification's "domino effect," because of the different ways it gives for family members to come from abroad.

Since 2007, the annual number of foreigners arriving in Belgium has always been over 100,000. In 25 years, the immigrant population (of foreign or Belgian nationality) has doubled. Annual growth of the foreign-origin population is estimated at between 1% and 5%. As of 1 January 2018, of Belgium's 11.3 million inhabitants, 16.7% were born abroad (1.9 million people). These figures do not take into account unidentified illegals, nor the asylum-seekers who are registered on the waiting lists.

The concentration of foreigners is especially visible in the big cities. For example, in Brussels, foreigners are almost as numerous as Belgian citizens. The city of Antwerp now has more immigrants than natives.

Please go to Unz Review to read the entire article.


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This is related because it shows the pedophile narco gangster state of Sweden for what it is and its in Europe:

Robert Aschberg - Portrait of an Illuminati Gangster

How convenient can this be? Saint Greta "inspires" train travel with the staged stunt as Boeing stops manufacturing its Boeing 737 MAX with the mainstream media always pushing the new paradigm given to us by the elites running this place.

Greta Thunberg's refusal to take any flights since 2015 has spawned a whole 'train-bragging' movement, and it's ushered in a new era for luxury travelers around the world

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"Global warming" fakery is collapsing.

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