Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Blood libel Against Whites Continues

Editor's note: This is blood libel against whites and horrific black on white violence like this is only going to get worse - unless we stop it. The Bolsheviks controlling the US Politburo and Nomenklatura running the media want this to happen to all whites. The US media will not name violent dangerous "blacks" in these black on white murders: Teen busted for allegedly kidnapping sleeping boy later found dead on Texas street 

Source: The Real History Channel

"Say his name!"

May 18, 2021
Cash Gernon, age 4 

Here's a sad story which -- in spite of its racial implications -- Sulzberger's Slimes saw not "fit to print." Following the code of conspiratorial silence that is always attached to such ghastly racial murders, the big TV networks and even "conservative" cable stations pretended this event never happened. You see, only when a Black individual (usually a thug) is killed by a White cop in the line of duty do the talking heads, the kept celebrities and the Black Lives Matter mobs pour forth fake tears of fake virtue while demanding that we all "say his name" ™ (that of the deceased thug). 

Was Bill Gates Entrapped by Jeffrey Epstein to Turn Microsoft Over to Israel?

Editor's note: Considering everything we know about Bill Gates this is a fair question with ample evidence to suggest this is what was ultimately going on. With this kind of money pouring into Israel does anyone seriously think for a moment the Palestinians stand a chance in hell? The Palestinians are going to get liquidated with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu warning Joseph Stolen in the US Politburo not to get involved in the present conflict. America gets trashed with a Bolshevik takeover while in Israel a technological juggernaut is being constructed. 


Source: Mail Online

Jeffrey Epstein 'gave Bill Gates advice on how to end his 'toxic' marriage to Melinda during dozens of 'men's club' meetings at pedophile's NYC home', claims new report
Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison while awaiting trial for child sex offences, reportedly gave marriage advice to tech mogul and billionaire Bill Gates, 65
• The pair met dozens of times at Epstein's $77million Upper East Side townhouse, far more frequently than had previously been known, The Daily Beast reported
• Their meetings often resembled a 'men's club' atmosphere, where the pair would gossip about Gates' marriage, according to a person who attended them
• The two men were 'very close', according to the source
• A spokeswoman for Gates said the report was a 'mischaracterization'
• The revelations came after Gates admitted to having an affair 20 years ago, and after a report said he asked two employees on dates while he was married

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Confronts the Bolshevik Nancy Pelosi

Editor's note: Pelosi is one of the four crime families that run the state California where the state can't produce a checkbook and where Newsom turns to bribery to retain his office. 


California Dreamin' to California Shithole

Monday, May 17, 2021

Sen. Marco Rubio calls on US to take UFO reports 'seriously'

Editor's note: As we mentioned before in a previous post, Sen. Marco Rubio has been selected to rollout the UFO/alien agenda. This is likely related to Florida's large space economy industry located in Florida. What are the UFOs, who is flying them around or what their origin may be is basically anyone's guess at this point. These "UFO/alien secrets" it looks, are about to be released in the coming weeks. This release of information is going to be only about UFOs/aliens and not necessarily from or of UFOs/aliens. In the last post, we referred to the "breakaway civilization" with a "parallel system of finance" used to build this UFO/alien breakaway civilization. Did it "break away" and is it about to reveal itself. 


Source: New York Post  
Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) raised concerns about UFOs in an interview. REUTERS 

The Suicidal American Empire Is Collapsing Fast, But Its Death Now Would Cause Unacceptable Collateral Damage

Editor's note: An interesting idea is this concept of a "deep state" (Peter Dale Scott), or what has been referred to as a "breakaway civilization" (including fascist corporations) with its "parallel system of finance?" A large part of the national debt it is now being alleged is part of the "UFO/alien coverup." Has this breakaway civilization harvested America and now it is moving on leaving America to collapse in economic and financial chaos and possible violence? Part of the nomenclature of the breakaway civilization would be pitting the US against Russia. 

Source: Russia Insider

Which is why its vassals and even rivals are forced, for now, to try and keep it afloat

By Dmitry Orlov | Tuesday, May 18 2021 

Orlov is one of our favorite essayists on Russia and all sorts of other things. He moved to the US as a child, and lives in the Boston area.

He is one of the better-known thinkers The New Yorker has dubbed 'The Dystopians' in an excellent 2009 profile, along with James Howard Kunstler, another regular contributor to RI (archive). These theorists believe that modern society is headed for a jarring and painful crack-up. 

Royal family member Princess Michael of Kent battling blood clots after COVID vaccine

Editor's note: Are these royals expendable or is this fake news? 


Source: Page Six

By Kathianne Boniello | May 15, 2021
Princess Michael of Kent, 76, who is married to Queen Elizabeth's paternal cousin, has reportedly been ill for a month. 

Dam Cracking: Wisconsin Officially Launches Audit of 2020 Election

Source: National Life

BREAKING: Wisconsin Officially Launches Audit of 2020 Election

Wisconsin becomes the next state to audit the 2020 election as voters still question the legitimacy of Joe Biden's White House

Wisconsin is officially auditing the results of the 2020 Election, with the official announcement coming today according to Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson. Robinson announced on Twitter, "The state of Wisconsin authorized an audit of the 2020 election!" 

Anthony Fauci "has no clue and no authority to lecture on what is good for India"

Editor's note: It's on everyone's mind and if it's not it will be by the end of this article. And that is how to remove Anthony Fauci from power. Interesting development that China would support Fauci:


Source: Dissident Voice

by Colin Todhunter / May 11th, 2021

In light of the current COVID-related situation in India, Dr Anthony Fauci, the top US adviser on COVID, has called for India to implement a hard lockdown and for the mass roll-out of vaccines.

However, Fauci has no clue and no authority to lecture on what is good for India.

That is the view of journalist Ratna Chakraborty. Writing on the Empire Diaries website, she argues that the US is a rich nation, prints the world's reserve currency, has robust financial coverage for the jobless and its population is spread out. 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Communism; Bolshevism; Marxism: Perfect Victimhood Mentality Fit for America - End Critical Race Theory in America Now - Weaponized Race Dialogue Creates Contention and Violence - Contrast the Vile Contempt Marxism Has for What Was the American Ideal - US Military Undergoing Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Training

Editor's note: The New York Times' Project 1619 is going to have to be exposed and shut down. The New York Times is using white nationalism, systemic racism and white supremacy as common language to support critical race theory and theorists. This is the support structure that the New York Times' Project 1619 uses. This toxic destructive ideology has infiltrated almost every American institution and now the US military.

The 1619 Project uses the narrative formulated by the Zinn Education Project. The Zinn Education Project was set up to continue the radical Marxist ideology in America. Howard Zinn was Jewish. It is almost certain that the Jewish-run New York Times are evidently behind Nicole Hannah-Jones. To fight against this toxic ideology, President Trump established the 1776 Commission which was quickly terminated by the present Politburo under Joseph Stolen who has reinvented racism.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Democrats Caught Slipping Billions In Pet Projects Into Budget – Investigation Finds Michelle Obama’s Library Expansion

Editor's note: This is how Bolsheviks spend money: honoring themselves. It's like Lenin having statues of himself built all over the place. What else would you expect in a culture of extreme narcissism?

Source: Patriot Journal

By Adam Casalino | May 6, 2021
What's Happening:

Joe Biden is trying to sell his next, massive spending bill. He says it's for "infrastructure" to convince Americans it will be for much-needed projects. 

Video: Trust WHO? Clandestine Influences Revealed

Editor's note: Just in case readers need a primer before the following material on WHO and these Covid injections, the following might be sober reading as the reality sinks in:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Uncovered – A Direct Link Between the Chinese Military and a Major Pentagon-Funded Virus Research Center

by Editor Friday, May 14 2021

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

• "TrustWHO," a documentary film produced by Lilian Franck, delves into the corruption behind the World Health Organization
• Industry influences, from Big Tobacco to the nuclear industry and pharmaceuticals, dictated WHO's global agenda from the start; WHO's 2009 H1N1 pandemic response was heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry
• WHO works closely with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a promotor of the nuclear industry, and has downplayed health effects caused by the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters

Friday, May 14, 2021

Biden DHS issues warning of 'domestic terrorist' attacks nationwide

Editor's note: There will be no "domestic terrorist attacks", not unless they are faked or staged. BLM Bolsheviks can continue their rampage in Portland smashing up property and threatening people and the fed refuses to do anything to stop them? Without "terrorism" DoHS can't exist so don't feed the beast. It's their corporate commercial system they are protecting. Walk away. Go in peace. Their system can only survive in violence. First read this:


Source: Military News
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas participates in a virtual conference Feb. 23, 2021. (Department of Homeland Security/Released) 

MAY 14, 2021 | By LIZ GEORGE 

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