Monday, February 17, 2020

West Point: "Duty, Honor, Country" To "How Not To Be a Man"

Ed.'s note: The other day we took a swipe at the Pentagon and the US military laying out evidence the US military are completely compromised to do anything about rectifying the gradual implosion of Washington DC and the rampant destructive corruption on an industrial scale. This also includes institutions like the Pentagon and Hollywood both being run by the psychopathic system's preferred tool: blackmail. It's how this trauma-based system keeps perpetuating itself. This is because if there are military members who sympathize with Americans in their legitimate gripes against Washington DC made apparent by the recent events in Virginia concerning the 2nd Amendment, they are neutralized by having a control file on them and the reality of cash flows. We have republished related topics here concerning the US military as a failed institution starting with West Point despite the billions and billions of dollars presently being pumped into the military under President Trump. Read the news article on how West Point is "tackling masculinity" then think about how many of these same West Point graduates were in the Pentagon when investigations started into Pentagon employees watching child porn on government computers? The most recent chapter written by Joachim Hagopian is on these "VIP pedo networks." In an article at MSN News, Lloyd Blankfein, the former head of Goldman Sachs, claimed that the prospective presidential communist candidate Bernie Sanders would "ruin our economy and doesn't care about our military." Does the Jewish oligarch Lloyd Blankfein "care" about the US military unless it's to make enormous profits from for his previous employer Goldman Sachs?

 Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down



West Point Exposed

UK Losing Its Grip: Spreading Fear Porn and Bullshit Stories

Ed.'s note: The UK is in its final death knell as it spreads fear, chaos and more bullshit to confuse people and create as much trauma as it can. More than likely connected to its losing control of the world's financial system. People should "express" this UK media source directly into the delete mode. If you want an "authentic Christian" life for spiritual development convert to Eastern Orthodoxy or go to Russia. That would thoroughly piss off the City of London. And while you are contemplating the "end of the world", consider for a moment that in 2018 an estimated 80,000 Americans died of influenza and influenza related complications. The deadly coronavirus has killed more than 1,300 Chinese and 80,000 Americans died of influenza in 2018. Wtf?

Source: Express 

End of the world: Coronavirus panic and African locust plague spark Bible apocalypse fears

THE END OF THE WORLD is upon us, as Coronavirus, an apocalyptic locust plague and the conflict between Iran and the US fulfils the prophecy for Jesus' Second Coming, according to outrageous claims among Biblical scholars.

By CALLUM HOARE |  Fri, Feb 14, 2020

The Nuclear Family Was (Not) a Mistake

Ed.'s note: The Rockefeller Foundation is mentioned in this excellent essay challenging The Atlantic's erroneous supposition "the nuclear family was a mistake." Think of the Rockefeller operation as a special instrument at this point in time on a very long historical timeline of trauma-based existence. If this timeline is cyclical and returns as the "Tower of Babel" (see The Babel Virus) the Rockefeller operation has been working to destroy the family since its lawyers deposited its first million into the foundation's bank account. The goal of the Rockefeller Foundation "vessel" is control. It's creations and offshoots through various institutions with huge funding have been involved in "evil" (see The making of trans children). It has been behind the "eviction of life, the hollowing out of one's spiritual core. This includes psychopathy, sociopathy and narcissism, it's a soul that's checked out on the train." This is what the Rockefeller Foundation is doing to help steer us towards what these cannibalistic psychopaths want: their technological singularity (the "evilest thing in the world lacks biology and soul") and they will use communism (used to strip the soul out of man) to get the job done. What we see happening in Russia is the complete polar opposite of what is happening in America. In this essay "Karl Marx and Jewish Power," we can see precisely how this has been grafted onto America through a long process of gradualism that has been mostly imperceptible to most Americans as their education and culture has been simultaneously degraded. What we need now is a mass exodus from slavery. Stop "delegating your mind to a crime syndicate."

Karl Marx and Jewish Power

First published February 16, 2020

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Operation Coronavirus: Nanotechnology, Quantum Dots and Preparing the Species for Digital Singularity

Ed.'s note: We have some updates from independent reseachers into what we are calling the "singularity digital event" Operation Coronavirus created by the Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical Complex to consolidate its control. We don't necessarily agree with everything published here but it helps us work to comprehend better our task of understanding the trauma that is unfolding in the world. Especially since there is so much junk being posted regarding what is going on in China. Are Israel and China working together on this Operation Coronavirus? Intriguing question. Pete Buttigieg has clearly stated if he becomes president in 2020, he will treat any criticism of Israel as "terrorism." Harvard Professor Charles Lieber, who was arrested by the FBI specializes in nanotechnology. Lieber is the principal inventor in over fifty issued US patents and applications, and founded the nanotechnology company Nanosys in 2001 and Vista Therapeutics (website taken offline) in 2007. Lieber is a remarkably intelligent person considering his history in technology.
"Nanosys' Quantum Dot IP portfolio consists of an extensive and robust suite of state-of-the-art Quantum Dot technologies and now includes more than 450 patents and patent applications worldwide, including the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Australia, Brazil, and Israel."
What quantum dots technology does is to allow for vaccines that are "delivered" (interesting term, like delivering a pizza) to be coded ("quantum dot tattoos") with an invisible code. The quantum dots are composed of nanocrystals, which emit near-infrared (NIR) light that can be detected by a specially equipped smartphone. Now we have Bill Gates announcing "10 million Africans could die because of the coronavirus" which is code for every human being in Africa needs a vaccine delivered. Now Bill Gates & Co. in a RFID sweet heart deal with WHO, can roll out vaccines and medications for every disease, sickness and virus known to man under cover of Operation Coronavirus. Yeah baby! Bring it on! Nazi concentration camps complete with IBM-like registry with quantum dots tattooed nanocrystals to your vaccinated ass. Think of the efficacy. Think of the profit margins? The idea suddenly occurred to us with Operation Coronavirus this nanotechnology deployment that quantum dots used in vaccines is a way to alter the DNA (through synthetic vaccines) preparing the species for its digital singularity.

NYC Taxpayers Spending Millions on Cyber Center with Controversial Ties to Israeli Intelligence

Ed.'s note: Do you live in New York? Maybe you should consider moving? Diminish the tax base considerably. Have we noticed a pattern here? The Jewish oligarch Paul Singer is behind outsourcing high tech jobs from America to Israel, then Israel receives millions in a contract to build the infrastructure on a massive cybersecurity center in New York. What this all could be leading to is America becoming the Soviet 70 years after Joseph Stalin, when the Soviet Union created the state of Israel to backdoor America. Once Israel was established, thousands of Russians including many Jews migrated to Israel to establish what exists in Israel today: The "start-up nation" (it's a miracle; thank you, America) dominating most importantly cyber technology, then 5G technology, robotics, autonomous systems, singularity in A.I. development, nanotechnology, vaccine technology and agricultural technology. All removed from America ever since Henry Kissinger signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 1975 making technology transfers to Israel "legal." Before we lay out more of the reality here, a little music to take the pain away..."start spreadin' the news"...

Frank Sinatra - New York, New York

The Underworld of Global Governance

Source: Technocratic Tyranny

By Vicky Davis | February 06, 2020 | Corruption

[Note: I'm publishing this even though it needs more work but I wanted to be able to share some of the info in it with other people.]

Do members of Congress have to register as foreign agents when they collaborate directly with members of foreign governments? With what the Democrats just tried to do to President Trump for making a phone call, one would think so. The question came to mind as I was reading about the House Democracy Partnership (HDP).

The following is from the HISTORY section on the HDP website:
The House Democracy Partnership is the indirect successor to the Frost-Solomon Task Force, which provided assistance to the legislatures of 10 new democracies in Central and Eastern Europe from 1990-1996. Inspired by their participation in the Frost-Solomon Task Force's activities, Representatives David Dreier and David Price collaborated to revive and expand its mission. On March 14, 2005, the House of Representatives voted to establish the House Democracy Assistance Commission with a mandate to work with emerging democracies throughout the world (H. Res. 135).

In 2009, the Commission's name was changed to the House Democracy Partnership (HDP) to better reflect the spirit of partnership and cooperation with which it engages its partner legislatures.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Yippee-ki-yay, mother*****r

Ed.'s note: The sooner the "American" in the Anglo-American sphere separate the better off we are going to be. Here is why. What goes on in the UK is transplanted to America through the Pilgrims Society networks. It looks as though the first state to start separating from the "Anglo" in Anglo-American and the Pilgrims Society is South Dakota. The Coronavirus catastrophe is looking more and more like a globalist move for the Pharmaceutical-Military Industrial Complex to consolidate their grip.

Vaccine revolution in one State of the union

by Jon Rappoport | February 14, 2020

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Well, what do you know? One state in the US is pushing back against mandatory vaccination of children. And not just pushing back—but, standing on Constitutional principle. In the state legislature.

It's South Dakota.

Corey Feldman To Release Documentary On The 'Biggest Problem In Hollywood' – Pedophilia

Ed.'s note: The "control files" on military members must be large. There is no way the US military can act to "drain the swamp" when these pedophile networks and the endemic criminality going on in Washington with the military in very high percentages are involved in pornography, pedophilia, the drug trade, weapons and munitions smuggling for clandestine operations (profitable regime change wars). Think the US military is going to save you? Think again. The Pentagon is stripping masculinity out of men there too. It comes down to cash flows. Think anyone is going to lift a finger to start jailing criminals and ending the now extremely dangerous corruption? President Trump cannot do anything. He is in a "double blind." He is neutralized by the way money flows. Here's a question: If 98 percent of American men watched pornography in the last 6 to 8 months, how many of these men were on a corporate, military or government computer? These porno viewers (addicted through entrainment technology) can loose their job or watching porn can be used against them. Many of these men were entrained into kiddie porn when they were younger and they are on a tight leash with a "control file" on them. Hundreds of employees working inside the Pentagon are under investigation for watching child pornography on government computer systems. That's just inside the Pentagon and the NSA as access to all that data to build control files on YOU. You've been neutralized, in other words in crude terms, you are f*cked. Think the Pentagon and the US military are going to step in to rescue your ass? Not likely to happen.

Rampant Child Porn Sharing Discovered On Pentagon Computers – Hundreds of Employees Implicated

Pentagon declined to investigate hundreds of purchases of child pornography

Friday, February 14, 2020

On Fault Lines: The corruption of Buttigieg ["white powder Pete"] donors, the Ziff Brothers

Ed.'s note: Washington DC is leaking like a sieve so let's get on it. Once again, we need to delineate here for accuracy. The Ziff brothers are Jewish. William Browder is also Jewish and his grandfather, Earl Browder, was recruited by the KGB during the Soviet era under Stalin. In 1934 Nathan Silvermaster who was also Jewish, "met Earl Browder during an industrial dispute in San Francisco." Years later, released KGB archives show that the previous year in 1933, Gaik Ovakimyan (the "puppet master"; specialized in scientific-technical espionage) of the NKVD had recruited Earl Browder as a Soviet agent (codename RULEVOY). The Silvermaster spy group was operating in the US for many years penetrating almost every institution including the Democratic Party and the US Treasury with an alleged 18 intelligence operatives. The US Treasury is where US economic warfare is staged from. Start thinking why these powerful Jewish oligarchs are behind Pete the spook especially when you consider Pete the spook's father was a Marxist professor. Pete the spook appears to be a well funded Jewish proxy getting ready to be the Democratic nomination for president. Documents on Pete the spook:

"White Powder" Pete in Africa for 42 months with Strzok doing what where?

AI picks Buttigieg 'the candidate to beat Trump'

Here's the Zionist billionaire funding Buttigieg's cultural marxist agenda

Source: The Komisar Scoop

By Lucy Komisar | February 13, 2020

Pete Buttigieg's Billionaire Backers + Another Brief Analysis of Citizen K w/ @LucyKomisar

Watch: Bernie Sanders 'Wakes Up' From KGB 'Hypnosis' in Russian Prank Call

Ed.'s note: This is hilarious...climate change baby. Bernie, you walked right into the bear's claws...

Source: Sputnik

February 14, 2020

Lexus and Vovan, a duo of Russian YouTubers, are notorious for their pranks of Western politicians and celebrities. They've recently launched a show called 'Stars Save the Earth', in which they play tricks over the phone posing as Greta Thunberg and her father.

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