Monday, August 2, 2021

The Economics of Vaccines (Injections) Means You Die

Editor's note: Since February, 2020 the depth of the lying and obfuscation has reached new levels of cunning in the annals of human history. This was a vaccine (injection) development program all along with the signatures in the released code of this coronavirus that there is something in there that causes the SARS virus. This was a created vaccine (injection) which had this SARS thing tacked on to generate a strong immune reaction. This worked to the extent that any vaccine (injection) works. You can still get infected and you can still transmit this virus which isn't talked about. The problem is if you have been vaccinated (injected) with this SARS component tacked on and you come across a wild coronavirus which infects you, there will be a hypersensitivity reaction (antibody dependent enhancement) to the wild coronavirus. This will effect the full spectrum of individuals and will slam into the elderly like a tsunami wave like it did in China when Chinese were vaccinated before the Covid outbreak.

Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus

COVID-19 is the murder of old people

In the 1973 film, Soylent Green, a NY police detective discovers that the vastly overcrowded, poverty–stricken population of the city—who are being sustained on processed government food, called Soylent—are now unknowingly eating humans who have died. That's what Soylent Green is made of. That's the terrible secret. What’s the secret now? It's all there in the open-source literature…

by Jon Rappoport | August 2, 2021 

Not Everyone is Stupid

International Asymmetric Biowarfare Correspondent for Abel Danger

Sir Oliver Klosov

As 'W' once said, confusingly...Fool me once shame on...(stammer)..uh you, fool me twice...uh we won't be fooled again"

Let's start with a question. "why are the clowns in government who work for the pharmaceutical companies so desperate for everyone to be stabbed with the needle?" Especially when the negative events surrounding the vaccinated are more than any 'vaccine' in history. The stage is being set for culpable deniability. This is just like what the tobacco companies of old did. Because one cigarette didn't kill you, the argument goes, "we didn't cause lung cancer in that patient." It could have been anything that caused the cancer." The easy way to do population reduction is to reduce the ability to procreate and the stage is already being set for this eventuality. 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Huge Numbers Out In France Today

Editor's note: Do not kid yourselves, we are in a global war and it doesn't matter where you live, so be aware, know what is going on around you and stay alert to any contingency. Global revolution is coming. If these French people were armed things would have never gotten to this point. This horror is driven nearly 100 percent by the usurers who own the central banks. Non-compliance is not good enough considering at no time in history have peaceful protests led anywhere.

George Soros Employed a "Nice" and "Nebbish Jewish Guy"

Editor's note: Demonstrates again that when Jews do bad things, they do bad things very well. This story reminds us of that other "nice nebbish Jewish boy" around the corner, Phil Spector, who put a gun in the mouth of actress Lana Clarkson and shot her dead in the entrance of his home. 

Source: Sputnik

Ex-Manager of Soros' Fund Accused of Beating and Raping Women During 'BDSM Sessions in Sex Dungeon'
August 1, 2021 | by Max Gorbachev

Howard Rubin graduated from Lafayette College with a degree in chemical engineering, but instead of working in this specialty he went to Las Vegas to become a card counter. Reports say he earned thousands of dollars there, which he used for his education at Harvard. After getting an MBA, he focused on Wall Street and worked at the Salomon Brothers.

Baghdad, Iraq (New York, Queens)

Editor's note: Seven bystanders were hit in this terrorist attack. Amazing isn't it? This shit goes on while Americans who went to protest in Washington on January 6th over a stolen election where weapons weren't used except to murder Ashley Babbitt, are sitting in prison. They were ambushed by the FBI on January 6th. The FBI's number one priority: preventing terrorist attacks. Bullshit. Why hasn't the FBI gotten inside these gangs to rip them apart, prosecute and put these terrorists in prison? Not just in New York either, in New Orleans too.

Source: NBC News

Disband the FBI

Editor's note: It is not necessarily the FBI that should perhaps be disbanded, but the Senior Executive Service (SES). Upper level "executives" of the FBI are vetted through the SES. It will likely be found that all of the upper level FBI executives are SES appointments (possible foreign intelligence assets including UK operatives). It is going to be a Herculean task to disband an almost $10 billion endemically corrupt bureaucracy run through the DoJ. The SES was created under the Civil Service Reform Act in 1978 under the Carter Administration following the privatization of the civil service in the UK under Margaret Thatcher.

Source: Gatestone Institute

by Chris Farrell | July 28, 2021
In the past few days alone, we have learned that the October 2020 Michigan governor kidnap plot was largely a creation of the FBI; a "senior FBI official" was on the take from media organizations; and another assistant director was in a "romantic relationship with a subordinate" and involved in "other misconduct." The leadership failures documented by the Office of the Inspector General are now almost standard and part of a tiresome media drip-torture for the public to endure.

The FBI ran a coup against President Trump. It failed. The following got away: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Clinesmith, Pientka, Brower, Baker, et al. Any real consequences for attempting to overthrow the government of the United States? No. 

Your fascist government hates you and anyone who thinks

International Asymmetric Biowarfare Correspondent for Abel Danger

Sir Oliver Klosov

Fascism: a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. Tell me that's not your government, regardless of which nation you are in reading this post. They, the unelected elite of the World Elimination Forum and Davos, an autocratic dictatorship, is telling the world elected leaders what to do and beyond all reason they are obeying. They have a plan and it is specifically to overload your psyche to accept shit you don't want, take shit you don't need and think about shit that is false as real. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, WAR IS PEACE, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. George Orwell was a visionary. 

Cargo Vessel Expelled From US Waters After Discovery Of Chinese Invasive Insects

Source: Zero Hedge

By Tyler Durden | July 31, 2021 

Not every day does a large cargo vessel get booted from U.S. waters after the discovery of invasive insects from China. 
According to marine news website gCaptain, a Panama-flagged bulk carrier called M/V Pan Jasmine was anchored downriver from New Orleans on July 17 when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discovered five different pests, including two species (namely Cerambycidae, a type of beetle, and Myrmicinae, colonizing queen ants) that are known to pose a significant agriculture threats to U.S. farmland. 

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Chris Cuomo of CNN Pimping a Ride on Don Lemon's Bicycle

Editor's note: It appears James Woods discovered CNN's Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo on a bicycle between their FNN broadcast. CNN's Lemon thinks that people should not be able to shop or go to restaurants unless they have been Covid injected. Pimping for the pharma companies we guess. What does "people just don't want to change" have to do with some people deciding in their own best interests (contrary to these totalitarian little shits) they don't want a Covid injection? We predict by the end of this year CNN will have dropped through the floor in ratings and will no longer be relevant as a news source. In its place, the alternative media will take up the mantle of news reporting. Good bye, CNN.

Davos Likes Weak Leaders to Neutralize Governments - The Davos Agenda (Not Anymore) - Three Communist Factions Behind the Democratic Party - A Fight Is Coming - Will the US Fracture? (Although Very Dangerous)

Editor's note: There are three factions inside the Democratic Party. The Davos elites can control America through the Democratic Party first through Barack Obama who is a hard core doctrinaire communist representing one faction. Davos handed the hard core doctrinaire communist Obama the keys to the store. Then there are the hard core communists as another faction and then there is the Clinton-Trotskyite faction. The Obama faction are the Leninist wing and all three factions are communists. The hard core communist faction inside the Democratic Party are losing control, they do not have the competency to control the circumstances that are coming and that includes states' secession particularly Texas and possibly now Florida. Then layer on top of these communist factions their relationship to big tech and Davos and we have a major fight coming. Is Klaus Schwab trying to take down these communists? The communist handlers around Biden are coming apart and they are going to fail miserably. We are fast approaching the point where natural leaders will arise to confront Davos head on as men. Get ready.

Source: WEF

The Davos Agenda

25—29 January 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic [This is the global script of a "pandemic" being followed by almost every government in the world.] has demonstrated that no institution or individual alone can address the economic, environmental, social and technological challenges of our complex, interdependent world. The pandemic has accelerated systemic changes that were apparent before its inception. The fault lines that emerged in 2020 now appear as critical crossroads in 2021. The time to rebuild trust and to make crucial choices is fast approaching as the need to reset priorities and the urgency to reform systems grow stronger around the world.

Big Farmer, Big Covid and the Child Catchers in Chitty Chitty Jab Jab

Editor's note: The child catcher in the children's movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are the pedophiles working inside the IT industry.  You just know that once children are Covid injected the next move by the pedophile class will be to get their penises into children. We know this because big tech with IT geek pedophiles are working with the pharmaceutical companies. They want the children next. 

Friday, July 30, 2021

Demand Employees of the CDC and the FDA All Receive Covid Injections

Source: 93.1FM WIBC

Only Half CDC Employees Have been Vaccinated, But Still Want You Vaccinated [Injected]
May 17, 2021 | Tony Katz

During a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing Senator Richard Burr (R-Va.) asked the nation's pandemic health leaders how many of their employees were vaccinated

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