Sunday, December 15, 2019

USA to send $7,000 per MINUTE to Israel. That’s $38 billion in US tax dollars over 10 yrs.

Ed.'s note: Keep in mind when reviewing this news on US "aid" to Israel that this is happening because the US is being kicked out of the Middle East and Israel will become the dominate geopolitical power in the region coordinating with Saudi Arabia and China for China's B&RI. This is what we are seeing considering The Washington Post's releasing its "Afghanistan Papers." This "aid" to Israel at a time when the Federal Reserve is injecting billions and billions of dollars into the REPO market to keep banks going. The US media is not reporting on this "aid" to Israel, and what the US media is also not reporting, is how Jewish oligarchs like Paul Singer are financing the outsourcing of American tech jobs to Israel. One further thought: Do not incite hatred and provoke any more antisemitism than it already is in America. This is precisely what the rulers of Zionism in America want. That way they will force American Jews to leave for Israel.

Trump Creates a New Nation

Why the 'Afghanistan Papers' Matter

Source: Investment Watch

December 12, 2019

USA has $21 trillion in national debt, and 1 million homeless Americans, many sleeping in cardboard boxes. Yet, the US government is giving $38 billion in US tax dollars to Israel. Israel is a rich country, and they should pay their own bills!

US to send $7,000 per MINUTE to Israel 

If Americans Knew

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