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The Technocratic State is the Mortal Enemy of the Individual

Ed.'s note: "Danger, Will Robinson, danger."


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By: Gary D. Barnett | August 2, 2019

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

The idea of the "group" is the scourge of mankind, for when crowds gather, the individual disappears. When groups form, insanity is the result. This is the reason that the tyrannical state continually supports the group over the individual. This is the reason that the state promotes divisiveness, and pits group against group. This strategy weakens the whole of the masses, as all the strength of liberty resides in the individual and individual critical thought. Should the individual be marginalized, freedom will disappear.

With this in mind, is it any wonder that the information age, the age of state-sponsored propaganda, the age of spying on the individual, the age of data mining and data storage, have all been accomplished by government/private collusion? Is it any wonder that those like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are partners of the state, and were and are funded by the U.S. government and the CIA? Is it any wonder that the age of Technocracy was spawned with the knowledge that controlling information was the foundation needed to control the people? Is it any surprise then that any technocratic takeover relies upon the destruction of the individual?

Due to this massive change in how government views and manipulates the general population, and because this change and the politics of division are now common, people across the country are at each other's throats. While one may view this phenomenon as simply a current trend of idiocy, which is not far wrong, it is a purposeful outside-orchestrated type of chaos. With all pitted against all, the individual is left in total isolation, and the elite's task of gaining control over the masses is now being accomplished to a much greater degree.

The more division that is evident in the general population, the more confusion that will exist. When the "public" is infighting and confused, the ruling class has literal Carte blanch to advance its political agenda, whether war, monetary and economic control, or any favored liberty destruction stratagem. As stated by Max Stirner in The Ego and His Own [1845]:

"The object of the state is always the same; to limit the individual, to tame him, to subordinate him, to subjugate him."

Government and its corporate partners have mastered deceit, in that this partnership has been able to purposely diminish the importance of the individual by exposing our differences instead of promoting our common human desires. Those long-standing common desires include love, family, peace and harmony, non-aggression, community, freedom, mutual respect, and caring for one another. By pitting us against each other through political means and fear, an almost uncontrolled opposition amongst us has emerged. There is nothing of value to be gained from this behavior, and only harm can result from such a detachment from common cooperation. In this current world of Artificial Intelligence, smart phones, and social media, the need for each other is being replaced by the need for machines and for instant acceptance and gratification. This leads to isolation. One look around is enough to see the damaging effects of this behavior, as many can no longer function normally one on one because they are forever involved in what could be described as an addiction to surreal nothingness. Couples, families, and friends will sit for hours ignoring each other, rarely escaping their mesmerized state of screen watching. Personal human communication and contact is disappearing from view, and without a personal connection, emptiness will follow.

The finality of this detachment from reality will be slavery to the state. This will be accomplished due to the brainwashed public’s voluntary acceptance of its own servitude. No thoughts or actions will be private, and nothing will be sacred. Independence will first be scorned and then squelched, and individual thought and action will be rejected in favor of mass obedience.

The elite's idea of a technocratic system controlled by the few, a eugenics based movement developed during the Progressive era in the 1930s, is getting closer and closer to fruition. A technocratic society would be cold and dark, one without emotion and passion, and one that would eliminate the individual. Without the individual, a lifeless society will exist, and freedom will be forever lost.

These ideas are not fringe, and have been actively pursued in the past by the presidents of MIT, Stanford University, Cornell and Harvard, and courses on this subject have been taught at Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Clark, and MIT. Today, much of this teaching is guised under the label of scientific genetics, and the grand scheme of a planned and controlled society is not dead, but is being pursued under the new language of human genetics.

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Ed.'s note: Understand that Israel is a global leader in technological advances much of this technology removed from the United States. Note too that in this article there is a link to a news source discussing the US military buying advanced drones from China. Why would this be in the middle of a trade war between the US and China while Israel has been providing China with technology removed from the US? Nobody is asking these questions while there is constant military agitation going on in the South China Sea involving naval assets from the US and China.

Source: The National Interest

Israel's Latest MAGNI Drone Is A Total Game Changer

December 27, 2019 | by Seth J. Frantzman

It can be launched from a vehicle and give platoons or squads situational awareness.

Key point: Israel has been integrating drones, which it pioneered, for decades.

Elbit Systems in Israel unveiled its MAGNI, a micro unmanned aerial system, that weighs 2.5 kg and is a multi-rotor VTOL so it can be launched from a vehicle and give platoons or squads situational awareness. "We wanted to give infantry a tactical eye-in-the-sky," says Erez Meir of Elbit's Multi-Rotor business unit. It is a "revolution" for armed soldiers and their vehicles operating in convoys for instance, which will now have the ability to launch numerous micro-drones to conduct surveillance day or night.

MAGNI is the smallest of five drones that are made by Flying Production in Rosh HaAyin Israel. Elbit, one of Israel's largest defense companies, acquired Flying Production earlier this year. Designers got to the MAGNI after producing a slightly larger small drone called THOR that has a range of 10 km and weighs 10 kg. Militaries have been consuming drones at a rapid pace in the last few years as technology outpaces what defense companies have been able to provide. That means commercial drones, like DJI quadcopter UAVs were being used by the U.S. Air Force and other branches. This is despite the concerns about security that come along with Chinese-made commercial drones.

Meir says that the new MAGNI fits into a line of Elbit drones using similar software and compatibility with a battle management system. Recently Elbit sold more than one thousand of the THOR UAVs to a southeast Asian country. So many UAVs speak to the fact that countries doing counter-terrorism or counter-insurgency efforts can equip soldiers down to the smallest unit with micro-UAVs or launch them from vehicles to provide a company or platoon with all its surveillance or ISR needs. "It's the future of maneuver," says Meir. The design makes the UAV easy to carry and it can provide 360-degree views.

The main issue here is that components and technology are always advancing and getting smaller and more lightweight. For instance, having a cooled thermal imaging camera on a drone can give a unit the ability to see further. The THOR mini-drone has been outfitted with twenty-five different payloads, the developers say. And they have been "battle-proven through operations." Like with a lot of this technology, Israeli companies tend to be tightlipped on which battlefields they might have operated or who has operated them. But the vision is clear, drones like this will be part of every level of battalion operations from squads to platoons, says Meir.

Please go to The National Interest to read the entire article.


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