Monday, December 16, 2019

Leaving the Catholic Church Due to "Institutionalized Corruption"

Ed.'s note: As an institution the Catholic Church in its present form is no longer sustainable and is a waste of money and resources to continue supporting this corrupt compromised church. The only way to salvage the Catholic Church is to purge it of its hierarchy who have lost all touch with a supernatural spiritual leadership. The faculty of seminaries are also going have to be purged. Hope the Catholic Church enjoys Hannity's apostasy. We've already partially covered the Catholic Church in other posts:

How Modern Psychology Destroyed Traditional Christian Morality

Origin Begins at Fertilization - Catholic Church: Reform or Leave America

Source: Spirit Daily

Sad Times: Sean Hannity Leaves Catholic Church

December 11, 2019 | by sd

From the Christian Post:

Popular talk show host Sean Hannity says that despite leaving the Catholic Church due to "institutionalized corruption," his Christian faith and relationship with God continue to be the source of his peace, security, and fulfillment.

In an interview with Ainsley Earhardt, co-host of FOX & Friends and host of FOX Nation's "Ainsley's Bible Study" that will be broadcast online Wednesday, Hannity opens up about his journey to finding God, his current religious beliefs, and why he loves the Christmas season. The host of “The Sean Hannity Show" revealed in a clip shared with The Christian Post that despite attending Catholic school for 12 years, he is no longer affiliated with the Catholic Church due to "too much institutionalized corruption" that has not been "rectified." However, Hannity said his faith has "gotten stronger" as he's "gotten older."


Popey lifts the secrecy ban.

Update: Pope lifts secrecy obligation for those who report having been abused

This is right out of the Jewish rabbinical playbook:

Pope Denounces Anti-Gay 'Persecution' as Recalling Nazi Era

The US is being transformed into a Marxist socialist state and is in total meltdown and social collapse with adequate evidence to demonstrate this fact:

Homeless in Seattle? City officials will put on a TRANSGENDER STRIP SHOW to lift your spirits

We Are In The Midst Of The Worst Drug Crisis In American History

Signs of Late Stage Narcissism and Civilization Gone Mad Are Everywhere - 15 Striking Examples

Woman Who Spent $100,000 To Look Like "Blowup Doll" Is Facing Complications From Cosmetic Surgeries

Hallmark says it will "reinstate" TV ads featuring same-sex couple after outcry

The Money and Masterminds Behind Drag Queen Story Hour

When Boris Johnson brings Brexit with a cut off date of January 31st, 2019 the plight of the British is going to get a lot worse as Britain is broken up. Where is the Catholic Church and their legions of brothers, fairs and priests screaming at the Vatican?

'Unprecedented' rise in infant mortality in England linked to poverty

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