Friday, January 31, 2020

Snakes In Suits: Are Psychopaths Running The World?

Ed.'s note: When you go to work as an employee of a large corporation we hope you have a good day at work.

News update on psychopaths for 31 January 2020: Why Are So Many Politicians Psychos?

Source: Collective Evolution

January 25, 2020 | By Alanna Ketler


Thursday, January 30, 2020

'Taking Our Baby to the Hospital Was the Single Most Harmful Decision We Made'

Ed.'s note: Yes, Child Protective Services (CPS) has gone too far and here is the evidence. If you or your children have been targeted by CPS, listen to the discussion in the clip published here at the end of this post.

News update for 28 January 2020: The Super Bowl's Biggest Losers: The Boys and Girls Being Sold for Sex 20 Times a Day

Source: reason

Child services falsely labeled this dad an abuser and took his adopted newborn.

By Lenore Skenazy | January 30, 2020

(Syda Productions /

Last May, John Cox was worried he had accidentally hurt his newly adopted infant by rolling into her when they both dozed off. Erring on the side of caution, he brought her to Children's Wisconsin hospital—where he worked, coincidentally, as a pediatric emergency doctor—just to make absolutely sure she was fine. It turned out she had suffered a minor fracture that is common in babies and heals on its own.

Knowledge and Action Is Power

Ed.'s note: Considering the following comment from a person who worked in the pharma industry, we thought we would republish this comment here along with a link to some hard core research into the pharma industry. When you think of Netflix think of the greatest propagandist of all time Edward Bernays. The co-founder and previous CEO of Netflix is Marc Randolph. One of Randolph's paternal great-granduncles was psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud. Another paternal great-uncle of Randolph was Edward Bernays.

News update for 1 February 2020 on vaccines: Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media could become criminal offence, Law Commissioner says

Bill Gates Caught Funding Netflix Docu-series PANDEMIC Where He Is The Hero

"I worked for years in sales for GSK which was a merger of Burroughs Welcome, Glaxo, and Smithkline Beecham. The entire pharmaceutical industry is corrupt to the core. The three biggest scams are:

Justin Trudeau's Federal Bureaucrats (Thought Police) Interrogate Author

Source: Rebel News

HIDDEN CAMERA: Police interrogated me about my Justin Trudeau book. They didn’t know I videotaped it

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Suing California to Produce a State Checkbook

Ed.'s note: Frighteningly incompetent people in positions of government bureaucracy entrusted to manage your affairs.

News update on the liberal sh*thole state of California for 5 June 2020: Illusion Of Prosperity Shattered As California Makes Its Case For Federal Bailout

News update for 31 January 2020: Why Texans Don't Want Any More Californians

Source: Real Clear Politics

By Adam Andrzejewski | January 23, 2020

Just a few of the serious financial problems facing California include unfunded public employee pension promises, a potential state credit downgrade, an unprecedented homeless crisis, and a net out-migration of 912,000 residents since 2010.

One easy step California can take is to join every other state in the union and open up its state checkbook for review. Allowing citizens, journalists, watchdogs, academics, and public policy experts to review state spending would help the state get its fiscal house in order.

Victor Rothschild was a "Soviet" Agent

Ed.'s note: What we are seeing is the finalization of a 125-year long history ending in the culmination of the Zionist state of Israel just handed to Benjamin Netanyahu by President Donald Trump with the Mideast Peace Plan ("Deal of the Century"). Under Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Union created Israel to backdoor America. This plan is now almost complete as Israel becomes the center for what is going to be a technologically-based totalitarian NWO. This has been an extremely complex 125-year long plan of cataclysm and stealth which might even entail WWIII to create the modern state of Israel. The cold war was designed to build up and then weaponize Israel. At this late hour there doesn't seem to be any way out of this technological quagmire built by incredible stealth and cunning over the decades. You people at Google best be paying very close attention because y'all are going to be unemployed very soon as well as Intel. The evidence is damning...we have reached the point of no return. Anytime anyone has a "vision" for the future run like hell.

Those Who Have Visions ...

The Secret Agenda Behind the Trump Mideast Peace Plan

January 29, 2020

(Victor Rothschild, 1910-1980, the famous "Fifth Man" of the Cambridge Five Spy Ring)

Reprise of key article:

Here is proof that the Rothschild-controlled world central banking cartel is behind Communism, war and world government tyranny.

As the New World Order ("globalism") reveals its ugly face--censorship, gender dysphoria, migration-- this article reveals who is behind it. Most politicians and media are owned by the people who create money out of nothing.

slightly revised from July 19, 2013 
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In 1942, Sir Mark Oliphant, a leading British physicist was shocked when a messenger delivered a part from his new radar technology with a warning from MI-5 Security Inspector Victor Rothschild to "tighten up your security."

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Genocide Scholar Warns That the Groundwork for Genocide in the US Has Been Laid

Ed.'s note: The material presented here is very serious as we see continued evidence appearing almost daily of some of these same circumstances appearing in America indicating a genocide could take place. When $6.6 trillion is funneled to 24 trading houses on Wall Street by the fed running a giant ponzi scheme, the economic disadvantage to Americans couldn't be more painfully obvious. There is a massive financial disparity here between the fed running its finance capital criminality through Wall Street and the average American.

Fed Repos Have Plowed $6.6 Trillion to Wall Street in Four Months; That's 34% of Its Feeding Tube During Epic Financial Crash

"The Fed Is Trying To Stop Global Economic Contagion", Martin Armstrong Warns

Source: Mint Press News

Brynn Tannehill, a defense analyst and genocide scholar, took to Twitter to warn that the necessary conditions and many of the precursor events for genocide in the US "are in motion."

by Alan Macleod | January 27, 2020

MAJOR: Taliban Shoot Down 2 US Aircraft; 34 US Soldiers Reportedly Killed

Ed.'s note: Rumor moving fast saying there were "high ranking" CIA personnel flying on this U.S. military Bombardier E-11A aircraft that crashed in Afghanistan's Taliban-controlled Ghazni Province.  Crashed or shot down? It is also being reported the CIA personnel were involved in the assassination of Iran's General Soleimani. We will continue to look for verification of these assertions in the coming days. The comments at this link are worth reading.

News update for 30 January 2020: US' F-35 jet's gun can't shoot straight plus 873 software 'issues'

News update for 28 January 2020: Murderer of Soleimani Killed in US Plane Downing in Afghanistan; Report

The Air War In Afghanistan Expands On Both Sides

Source: Fort Russ

By Drago Bosnic | January 28, 2020

Ghazni Province, Afghanistan – The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the downing of a US Bombardier Global Express E-11A electronic warfare jet while it was flying over Afghanistan's Ghazni Province, on what has been described as an intelligence mission.

Don't Rush to Go Buy a Respirator Yet

Ed.'s note: What is the big hoopla over the coronavirus outbreak in China? In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that between 12,000 and 56,000 people die of influenza each year in the United States. Since the coronavirus manifests itself just like influenza, how do officials know the 109 dead in China are not from influenza? Roughly 130,000 Chinese died last year of influenza-related sickness. There are now 4,600 confirmed cases with 109 deaths in China alleged to be related to the coronavirus. The CDC announced in 2017 - 2018 there were 80,000 flu-related deaths in the United States. Before China matches a really bad flu year in the United States, this "coronavirus pandemic" is going to have to kill 346,340 people in China to match the per capita death from the flu in the US. The coronavirus "pandemic" is a merger of the Security-Medical Industrial complex.

Source: The Vaccine Reaction

About Those 80,000 Deaths from Influenza… 

by Marco Cáceres | Published October 24, 2018 | Opinion

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Gangster Capitalism

Ed.'s note: There is no better example of "gangster capitalism" than Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan Chase.

Jamie Dimon Gets $31.5 Million Pay Despite Bank's Criminal Charges as U.S. Slides Below Uruguay on Corruption Index

From the Peace of Westphalia to the Law of the Jungle 

Source: Technocratic Tyranny

By Vicky Davis | January 06, 2020 | 3 Comments

The other day during a Facebook discussion among several people, the issues of communism and crony capitalism were mentioned. One woman who claimed to have a degree in Political Science responded with the standard definition that has been burned into the brains of Americans: communism is an economic system in which the government owns and controls the means of production. My response was that the economic system does not exist outside of the political system so what we are really talking about is power – who has it and how they are using it.

MAJOR: How A Russian Radar Managed To Detect Six F-35 'Stealth' Fighters From A Distance Of Over 1500 Km

Ed.'s note: News that makes one go hmmm...

News update for 26 January 2020: Lockheed adds Dunford, former top US military officer, to board

News update for 31 January 2020: DoD Tester's Report: F-35 Is Still a Lemon

Source: Fort Russ

By Drago Bosnic | January 26, 2020

MOSCOW – Russia's next-generation long-range radar technology has been able to detect a group of 6 fifth-generation F-35 multirole fighter jets near the Iranian border. This was achieved by a radar that has a specific mode of operation which uses the ionosphere when scanning airspace.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Biggest Problem Facing The $2.7 Trillion Space Industry

Source: Oil Price

By Michael Kern | Jan 25, 2020,

The space race has begun. Private companies have exploded, soaring beyond multiple billion-dollar valuations seemingly overnight. Some of the hottest tech companies on the planet are already facing off for a piece of the pie. But there's a looming crisis that, if not addressed, could bring the entire industry crashing down. Literally.

Legalization of Marijuana Needs to Be Reconsidered

Ed.'s note: We just thought of something while doing some background reading for this post. It seems Israel is getting all the technological advances when in America this drive to legalize marijuana will turn Americans into a complacent population of passive zombified drones "in a good mood" all good at one thing: selling hybrid strains of cannabis to each other. America getting pacified with a marijuana boom and its legalization while Israel has access to all the technological advances.

How NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel

Israel Leads Cannabis Technology Boom – U.S. Investors Drop $50 Million

Israel: The Epicenter of Cannabis Research and Innovation

EIR Volume 23, Number 48, November 29, 1996

Soros, Republicans push to legalize drugs

by Our Special Correspondent

Gen. Barry McCaffrey, the White House director of national anti-drug policy, has pledged to lead a campaign against the fraud which was perpetrated by the backers of "medical mari­juana legalization" referenda, which were passed by the vot­ers in the states of California and Arizona. The propositions were put on the ballot with money from international specula­tor George Soros, and were championed by the Drug Policy Foundation (DPF), an organization which Soros funds.The ballot victories are a foot in the door for the drug legalization plans being championed by the secretive, free-trade Mont Pelerin Society, and its devotees among the "conservative revolutionaries" in the Republican Party. [see Mont Pelerin's hatchetman Milton Friedman and The Mont Pèlerin Society: The ultimate neoliberal Trojan horse]

World Economic Forum Debuts Framework for Central Bank Digital Currency

Ed.'s note: Once central banks have their cryptocurrency infrastructure in place it means every financial transaction you make will be recorded on the blockchain. Not a single purchase or sale down to the smallest increment will remain hidden. One country after another are moving rapidly to cashless societies. It is being done gradually easing populations into cashless societies so as to not arouse natural suspicions and to not create anymore financial instability than necessary.

Source: Cointelegraph

The World Economic Forum (WEF) — together with some of the world's major central banks — has created a central bank digital currency (CBDC) policymaker toolkit.

Netanyahu Brands Iran 'The Most Anti-Semitic Regime in the World' at Holocaust Forum

Ed.'s note: Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu claims Iran is the most "Anti-semitic regime" in the world and nobody even bats an eyelash. Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken. We're all supposed to now take Netenyahu's words at face value and not doubt in the least his blanket statement. Yes, Iran is the most "Anti-Semitic regime in the world" when there are thousands of Jews living in Iran and even have their own synagogues to worship in. Jews living in Iran are secure and happy and could care less what goes on inside Israel, and that goes for Iranians as well. Most Iranians don't concern themselves with what goes on inside Israel. Netanyahu's statement that Iran is the most "Anti-Semitic regime in the world " is a bold face political lie. This is all political theater going on between Israel's regime and Tehran's regime with Israel's regime leader Netanyahu calling Iran's leaders "the tyrants of Tehran" and "Nazis." At the highest levels this is all being carefully coordinated based on "Iran's obtaining nuclear weapons" which is the biggest financial fraud of the 20th century.

Source: Sputnik

January 23, 2020

The prime minister, who is busy hosting the Fifth World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem this week, has repeatedly compared the Islamic Republic to Nazi Germany in recent years over Tehran's alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons.

737 MAX Fiasco Has Brought Boeing to the Brink of Insolvency

Ed.'s note: After observing Boeing closely for the last decade the only conclusion about Boeing is that this is internal sabotage.

News update for 30 January 2020: Boeing’s First Annual Loss In 20 Years Due To 737 MAX Fiasco

Source: Moon of Alabama

January 22, 2020

Can Boeing Survive Its MAX Problems?

The Boeing 737 MAX saga continues and it now threatens to bring the company to the brink of insolvency:

Boeing now projects the 737 MAX won't get Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) clearance to fly until midyear, about three months further out than previously expected, in a delay that could stretch the plane's grounding to more than 15 months.

The MAX was grounded in March 2019 after two crashes of the plane type cost the lives of 346 people and revealed significant problems with the ill constructed Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) and other parts of the plane.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Secret Court Issuing Website "Takedown" Orders in America, Targeting "Vaccine Truth" Sites

Ed.'s note: The vaccine industry deep state strikes a serious blow. QUI BONO?: The Pharma and the Chinese Central Committee. It's the Securico-Medical Industrial complex where everything is merging. Luckily for all of us, Bill Gates was onto the Coronavirus before reports started appearing of its breakout. October 18, 2019, collaborating with the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted "Event 201" where they ran a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic.

January 23, 2020 | by Mike Adams, editor, Natural News

Take note, all independent media publishers and vaccine skeptics: A Natural News investigation has discovered the existence of a "secret court" in America which is run by the vaccine industry and is currently issuing takedown orders to tech companies and hosting infrastructure companies to cause targeted disruptions (sabotage) of independent media websites that question any official vaccine narrative.

Natural News has learned that these secret court orders are hidden inside sealed, terminated court cases which are being laundered through the federal bankruptcy courts but have nothing to do with bankruptcies. They are hidden from public view and assigned a secret code that indicates their real purpose; to disrupt and sabotage the independent media by ordering tech companies to remove websites, de-platform channels or disrupt indy media operations.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Space Force becomes the newest US military service after Trump signs defense bill

Ed.'s note: The United States of Lockheed Martin and Boeing's coming boondoggle: the militarization of space. The US economy is based on a central bankers predatory military model. What this means is that the Outer Space Treaty signed in Washington, London and Moscow in January 27, 1967 and entered into force on October 10, 1967, the second of the so-called "nonarmament" treaties; its concepts and some of its provisions modeled on its predecessor, the Antarctic Treaty, will be ignored by the US under President Trump. This treaty sought to prevent "a new form of colonial competition" and the possible damage that self-seeking exploitation might cause. When President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act authorizing this new military space service, it can only mean massive "defense" spending on Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Under the National Defense Authorization Act moving towards the militarization of space when there is nothing to defend against, means that the "deep state" (Peter Dale Scott) dominated by Lockheed Martin, is going to have to have an "enemy" to justify the coming billions if not trillions spent in space. That enemy will be asteroids and aliens (UFO threat) as the artificially created threat of "terrorism™" is coming to an end. Watch the media in the coming years as these two new "enemies" become news.

Source: ABC News

The Space Force is now the nation's newest military service.

By Luis Martinez | 21 December 2019

The U.S. Space Force has become the nation's newest branch of the military as President Donald Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorized the creation of the new military service. Space Force went into operation almost immediately after the legislation was signed into law, but many questions still need to be decided as to how the new military service will function and who will serve in its ranks.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Tesla Is Cutting Down "Thousands Of Trees" To Put Up Its German Gigafactory 4

Ed.'s note: It is sort of difficult to comprehend fully the money and powerful private corporate networks that stand behind Elon Musk to have built this massive global empire with Tesla car and battery manufacturing plants in the US (Tesla Gigafactory 1 and 2), China (Tesla Gigafactory 3) and now in Germany (Tesla Gigafactory 4). One of the reasons behind removing Bolivia's President Evo Morales from power with a hybrid war, was to access Bolivia's lithium resources on the cheap. There are powerful US corporate interests behind Elon Musk willing to violently remove governments and get a lot of people killed to access their resources.

Source: Nsane Forums

By dufus | January 22, 2020 | General News

Emboldened by the success of Tesla's Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai (i.e. it caused a short squeeze in the stock), the company is now pushing non-stop to get its Gigafactory 4, which will be located in Gruenheide, outside of Berlin, Germany, up and running.

The company is taking a direct swipe at major German auto manufacturers like BMW and Volkswagen with the decision to put its factory in Germany.

Google whistleblower makes cryptic claim about search engine, 2016 election after wife's fatal crash

Source: Fox News

Dr. Robert Epstein on Google's ability to affect the outcome of elections

By Danielle Wallace | Fox News

Senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology Dr. Robert Epstein joins Mark Levin to discuss bias in Google's search results.

A high-profile Google whistleblower who back in July testified before Congress that the search engine meddled in the 2016 presidential election on behalf of Hillary Clinton is now suggesting that the fatal car crash that killed his wife last month may not have been an accident.

CNN Breaking News

Ed.'s note: One of the reasons for this blog's existence in the back waters of the internet on Google's blogger platform.

The Motherf*cker Awards

Ed.'s note: Maybe Abby Martin in the next Motherf*cker Awards can get Google (this is Google Blogger...ha ha ha...) in for an award?

Who F*cked Mother Earth Hardest In 2018? The Motherf*cker Awards

An ongoing slaughter of people...

Giants: Who Really Rules The World?

Vaccine for new Chinese coronavirus in the works

Ed.'s note: Well, how abut that? A vaccine is already in the works. Never let a good crisis go to waste right? Now all we have to do is figure out why they are pushing this latest idiotic virus scam. Just need to ramp up the fear here a little bit, get the media in on it, spread it like wildfire and you just created an instant market. Here's an interesting comment: "Just like all viruses, that's why they claim a new flu vaccine is needed every year. How about that debunk? Let's see where they take this stage show. Now a red headline on what was once 'drudge' again. Don't forget: The coronavirus is ONLY THE COMMON COLD. They can't say "cold virus" because that's not spooky enough. Hey folks, the cold is going around in China." Maybe Amazon wants a cut of the action in the vaccine business? QUI BONO?: The Pharma and the Chinese Central Committee. It's the Securico-Medical Industrial complex where everything is merging. Luckily for all of us, Bill Gates was onto the Coronavirus before reports started appearing of its breakout. October 18, 2019, collaborating with the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted "Event 201" where they ran a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic.


Source: WGNO

by Jacob Bradford | January 20, 2020

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Deep Penetration of Communist Ideology Inside American Intelligence Agencies

Source: American Thought Leaders

How Communist Ideology Infiltrated America's Security Agencies &
Fueled Spygate—Diana West

The Epoch Times

The Questions No One Can Answer

Ed.'s note: It looks like the belief in the "Holocaust" is crumbling around the world including most significantly in Poland. What will the consequences of this collapse of the belief in the "Holocaust" be as we review the following two articles? The most egregious aspect of this belief (belief is the denial of reality) in the "Holocaust," is that it didn't happen in America where Americans went to fight in Europe.  And 70 years later America has been forced to accept its shared guilt for the "Holocaust." Free speech is being stripped from Americans and this is the biggest reason why.

Inside the War to Take Away Our Free Speech


Source: The Ethnic-European

December 28, 2020 | by Mike Walsh

The question that challenges the shrewdest philosophers and prophets is how the world will respond when the holocaust narrative is no longer considered believable. What happens when the holocaust is regarded as far-fetched as Santa Claus, an illusion as is the fable of Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen.

Monday, January 20, 2020

The Minimum Wage

by Miles Mathis 

First published January 12, 2020

I just tripped across some minimum wage stats in researching something else, and was shocked. No, scratch that. Not shocked. I am past being shocked by anything. I am very far from being numb, and I found this very saddening, but "shocked" is the wrong word. I now understand the predatory nature of the ruling class, and this is just one more instance of that. What is a bit awe- inspiring, however, is that the levels of predation of the upper classes on the lower have gotten so much greater in the past 40 years. Since the rich weren't doing badly 40 years ago, there is really no excuse for it.

What turned my head was discovering the minimum wage for tipped employees (like waiters) is now $2.13/hr. When I was waiting tables in college, it was $2.00/hr. That was 36 years ago. That's a 6% rise in 36 years. Do you know how much inflation we have had in that time? About 300%, or 4x (4 times). What cost $1 then now costs $4. Meaning? That $2.13 is really worth about 53 cents. Or, waiters now are getting paid about 1/4th what I was getting paid in 1984.

Court Neocons

Ed.'s note: The "leader" of one country threatening to kill the leader of another country? Like a Hollywood-scripted bizzaro movie. International gangsterism through social media. Whatever is going on be assured of the critical component of US-Iran "gangster diplomacy": Israel. Israel over America. Maybe Trump is trying to get a Nobel Peace Prize?

New anti-boycott bill would be more extensive than previous legislation

Source: Another Day In The Empire

Trump Threatens to Kill Iran's Spiritual Leader

The USG is the number one terror organization in the world.

January 18, 2020

Trump murdered Qassem Soleimani for "saying bad things" about the USG, according to The Hill. The president, gathered Friday at Mar-a-Lago with donors and supporters, also threatened Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader.

An Introspective of White Ethnocentrism

Ed.'s note: Some good material here that requires studying then application with the first article and a second article published to see where "whites" are going as an ethnicity. We highly recommend you not refer to yourselves as "whites," rather, refer to yourselves as Irish-American, or German-American or French-German whatever your particular ethnicity happens to be. Do not let your antagonists frame the argument.

 Source: The Occidental Review

January 16, 2020 | by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

"The fiendlike skill we display in the invention of all manner of death-dealing engines, the vindictiveness with which we carry on our wars, and the misery and desolation that follow in their train, are enough of themselves to distinguish the white civilized man as the most ferocious animal on the face of the earth." Herman Melville, Typee, 1846

Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Miracle of Kindness (Chris Hedges)

Source: Emir-Stein Center

Evil, even in the darkest moments, is impotent before the miracle of human kindness. This miracle defies prejudices and hatreds. It crosses cultures and religions. It lies at the core of faith. Take a brief journey through the eyes of American, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges to Jerusalem, Gaza, and Iraq, and discover the sacred bonds that make us human.


Virginia: DO NOT Attend Any Gun Rallies

Ed.'s note: There is every reason to be concerned about an event being triggered in Virginia on 20 January 2020. Please forward this information with intensity. DO NOT give your antagonists the slightest opportunity to exploit these circumstances against you. Deconflict whenever possible. We demand domestic tranquillity. This is especially important considering Americans have been psychologically conditioned for war. If you are a "gun-rights activist" you need to rethink your strategy: why would you broadcast to the world you own guns in the first place? If you are out on the street as an activist "protesting," it means you want someone to help you. Besides, the Antifa people are going to be on the street with you claiming they are for gun-rights too. Don't find yourself caught in a "cross fire."

 Source: SOTN

OPERATION ELIMINATE 2A MOVEMENT: A Special Report on the Covertly Sabotaged Virginia Gun Rally

January 18, 2020 by State of the Nation

Ticket of Trade: Children - $30 Billion Industry: Sex Trafficking - As Soon As Pedophiles Obtain Rights It's Over - Supply Chains: Social Media Predation

Source: American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

Breaking Down the Alarming Realities of Child Sex Trafficking in America—Jaco Booyens

Friday, January 17, 2020

Battle of the Ages

Ed.'s note: Sounds biblical doesn't it? "Battle of the ages." President Trump, before circumstances get out of hand, maybe you should take up Bashar al Assad and Vladimir Putin's invitation to visit them in Damascus? Perhaps get their side of the story considering it is always inevitably Israel's side of the story. We were waiting for some good analysis of what just happened in Russia under Vladimir Putin. All the west sees is a power grab but this has nothing to do with a "power grab." Will have to wait and see what happens when the list of names is revealed as to who will be leading Russia's new government. The thinking is that Vladimir Putin did this, which has been done before in Russian history, to prepare for the "battle of the ages": Zionist-Anglo sphere from preventing Eurasian integration. This is about removing what are called the  "Atlantic integrationists" inside Russia to secure Russia's full sovereignty. And now that Russia is claiming full sovereignty, it looks as though the US is going to be forced to revamp their spy satellites picking up intelligence over Russia. Russia is developing the technology to jam those spy satellites. Ever wonder why they announce this kind of technological update in the first place? Don't for a minute think the US is going to say to China, Russia and India: "Okay sure, you can have Eurasia and we'll take South America."



Source: The Saker

Could this (finally!) be the end for the Atlantic Integrationists?

January 17, 2020 | 10 Comments

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review]

By now we all have heard the news, the entire Russian government has resigned and a new Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, has been appointed. And we also know that the Internet has exploded with all sorts of speculations about what this all could mean.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Had a Hard Time Coming Up With a Title For This Post

Ed.'s note: Greater Israel Project (Yinon Plan) on the move. The long term goal is to force the US out of the Middle East and probably Africa that will allow China with Israel's assistance to build the technological infrastructure for China's B&RI. As the article points out, the only way to prevent this is a "scorched earth" policy in the Middle East. If this isn't all coming into very clear focus by now it should be after this post. Word now is from The Duran it was John Bolton (Zionist proxy) and Mike Pompeo (Christian-Zionist proxy) who work for the Neocons behind the assassination of General Soleimani with more than likely agreement of certain groups inside Iran.

Unintended Consequences: Did Trump Just Give the Middle East to China and Russia?

Neocon Zionist Plot to Conquer Iran and Subjugate Iraq Exposed 

Source: MPN

Sealed Off and Forgotten: What You Should Know About Israel's West Bank "Firing Zones"

Throughout the 1970s, the Israeli military declared roughly 18% of the West Bank as "firing zones," effectively wresting control from the local Palestinian population.

by Ramzy Baroud | January 15, 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

So what's the best way to kill a chip?

Ed.'s note: Every once in awhile an article appears that makes your neck snap in the opposite direction while thinking about civilian aircraft being brought down. In this case, Ukraine Airlines FLT 752 in Iran just after it took off. In the 12 years since this article appeared, has the Pentagon figured out any trap doors in the microprocessors used in US military hardware including aircraft? What about in civilian air fleets? Apparently not. This linked article from SkyNews is dated 15 June 2008. Who ultimately was responsible for sending all this technology out of the United States where today the Pentagon is clueless where microprocessors are manufactured and originating from used on its military equipment including aircraft like the Lockheed Martin F-35? This is core defense and critical manufacturing technology being discussed here. Think about this: just imagine how back doored America really is when this article below by IEEE Spectrum is comprehended. It's basically saying America is screwed.

F-35 jets: Chinese-owned company making parts for top-secret UK-US fighters

How NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel

News update for 16 January 2020: BOMBSHELL REPORT: Iran Claims U.S. Cyberattack Shot Down Ukraine Passenger Jet

Source: IEEE Spectrum

The Hunt for the Kill Switch

Are chip makers building electronic trapdoors in key military hardware? The Pentagon is making its biggest effort yet to find out

By Sally Adee | May 1, 2008

Image: James Archer/AnatomyBlue

Last September, Israeli jets bombed a suspected nuclear installation in northeastern Syria. Among the many mysteries still surrounding that strike was the failure of a Syrian radar—supposedly state-of-the-art—to warn the Syrian military of the incoming assault. It wasn't long before military and technology bloggers concluded that this was an incident of electronic warfare—and not just any kind.

Post after post speculated that the commercial off-the-shelf microprocessors in the Syrian radar might have been purposely fabricated with a hidden "backdoor" inside. By sending a preprogrammed code to those chips, an unknown antagonist had disrupted the chips' function and temporarily blocked the radar.

It's All Smoke & Mirrors With Magic Money

Source: Wall Street on Parade

JPMorgan's Historic Earnings Confirm that Fed Loans Are Subsidizing Profits on Wall Street

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: January 15, 2020 ~

[Image] Jamie Dimon Sits in Front of Trading Monitor in his Office (Source: 60 Minutes Interview, November 10, 2019)

The New York Fed is back to subsidizing billions of dollars in profits at Wall Street's trading houses, just as it did during the financial crisis.

Yesterday, JPMorgan Chase reported that its profits for the quarter ending December 31, 2019 hit an all-time record. (The bank has been around for more than a century, so that's saying something.) The quarterly profits were $8.52 billion – for the same three-month period in which the New York Fed has been flooding unnamed Wall Street trading houses with hundreds of billions of dollars each week in super cheap loans.

The so-called "repo loans" by the New York Fed are being made at a fraction of where the free market would price loans to these Wall Street trading houses. On September 17, 2019 the first day the Fed began this open money spigot to Wall Street, the market wanted to price these loans at 10 percent. The New York Fed intervened with a flood of cheap money to bring the rate down and has been making the loans at less than 2 percent since then.

Who Is Ready For Some Ugly Truth?

Ed.'s note: Before anyone comes to the wrong conclusion understand that "antisemitism" is used as a weapon to circumvent any and all legitimate criticism of Jews and Israel's control over American foreign policy. The weaponization of "antisemitism" has become so prevalent in these discussions that even God is now considered an anti-Semite. Make no mistake about it: Israel was behind the assassination of Iran's General Soleimani and through the media made it appear as if this was solely a US planned and conducted assassination. The planning for the assassination of General Soleimani goes back at least two years to January 18, 2018. So this assassination on a tactical level causing chaos obscures the larger geopolitical fact that Russia and China are preparing to take over the Middle East with Israel's cooperation as the US is forced out. Same with Africa. The long term plan is to force America out of Africa as well. Russia has already replaced the US in the Middle East as the largest source of arms where there is a huge demand by Middle Eastern countries for Russian manufactured arms. Our job: try and figure out what Jews are fighting about.

Report: U.S. Gives Israel Green Light to Assassinate Iranian General Soleimani

Israeli intel helped US carry out strike that killed Iran's Soleimani — report

Source: The Ugly Truth

Judaism, Zionism and the toxic effect of apocalyptic religious delusions on world affairs

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Senators and Congressmen Who Hold Dual Citizenship with Israel

Much of Alt Media Taken Over by Neocon Zionist Controllers and Handlers

Ed.'s note: We find it illustrative considering this is blogger which is part of Google which allows us to keep posting without any problems. Thank you, Google. Here is a great post by SOTN and is sort of, well kind of, representative of this blog. The big take away here is that the Alt Media serves Israel with very few exceptions.

Source: SOTN

CIA-MI6-MOSSAD Cabal Running Massive Regime Change Psyop in Iran

Posted on January 13, 2020 by State of the Nation

State of the Nation

For anyone who really wants to know what's going on in Iran right now, just read the comment section at this article:

The most truthful and insightful comments that call out the current fake Iranian protests as a classic CIA-MI6-MOSSAD regime change operation were actually posted in serious protest by Zero Hedge's readership to that naked propaganda piece. The ZH article actually refers to a REUTER's propaganda piece that extols the virtues of all the fake protesters the C.I.A. paid to show up in Tehran USING YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Wow!

BBC, Reuters Involved in UK Government Plot to Spread Cold War Propaganda, Docs Reportedly Show

Ed.'s note: Certainly not anything most internet sleuths and people in the Alt Media have not been aware of.

News update for 17 January 2020: Reuters 'News' Tries to Boost Warren at Sanders's Expense

News update for 15 January 2020: MAJOR: BBC Chiefs Deny Propaganda Role As Papers Reveal Links To Intelligence Services – Media

Source: Sputnik

January 14, 2020

Negotiations to make secret payments to Reuters were led by the Information Research Department, a shady propaganda arm of the Foreign Office which had a major impact on Western media, culture and academia in their positions on and coverage of the USSR and other communist countries before being closed down in 1977.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Put Your Seat Belts On For This One

Ed.'s note: Some preliminary reading. Discussing the "deep state" (Peter Dale Scott) trying grasp its complete control without discussing Lockheed Martin and Israel is a moot point. Ever wonder what Lockheed Martin paid ex-director of the FBI James Comey $6 million to do? Sure wasn't preventing massive technology transfers and outsourcing of jobs to Israel. Keep one thing in mind: "peace is not in the best interest of established societies." The ramifications are mind boggling: nation states exist to wage war.

Comey & Mueller Caught Funneling Billions in FBI Contracts to Lockheed Martin

How NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel 

Source: MPN

How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov't's Most Classified Networks

Through its main investors, SoftBank and Lockheed Martin, Cybereason not only has ties to the Trump administration but has its software running on some of the U.S. government's most classified and secretive networks.

by Whitney Webb | January 14th, 2020

Trump and Congress Double Down on Demonizing Iran

Ed.'s note: Philip Giraldi asks the question "will the national security nightmare ever end?" The answer is no it won't.

Source: The Unz Review

Will the national security nightmare ever end?


If one seriously seeks to understand how delusional policymakers in Washington are it is only necessary to examine the responses by the president and Congress to the assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani. The first response came in the form of a Donald Trump largely incoherent nine-minute self-applauding speech explaining what he had done and why. It was followed by a House of Representatives War Powers non-binding resolution that was all theater and did nothing to limit the president’s unilateral ability to go to war with the Islamic Republic.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Do Not Destroy This Country

IRAN: Don't trust the mainstream media! 

Climate Prediction Swings and Misses: A Decade of Alarmist Strike Outs, 2010-2019

"If The US Does That, It'll Lose Iraq Forever" - Trump Threatened To Cut Off Baghdad's Access To Its NY Fed Cash

Ed.'s note: The US uses ISIS and Al Qaeda as its "foreign legion" to support U.S. control of Near Eastern oil as a buttress of the U.S. dollar, and now the US is "threatening to cut Baghdad off from accessing NY fed cash." This looks like a bluff since Iraq has been preparing for this by accumulating gold. Should be worth noting many of the illiterate Wahabi ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters have come out of the US dollar-backed petro kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Frightening to think that "terrorism™" is the US's policy to buttress the US dollar. From Iraq's perspective, it turns out the only way Iraq can avoid further destruction of its economy and infrastructure by the US's ISIS Saudi-supplied Wahabi "foreign legion" is to dump the US dollar.

The equation for Iraq and other countries is that if they drop the US dollar, they get bombed then overrun with Wahabi terrorist™ lunatics who come in as paid mercenaries to rip up infrastructure and kill a lot of people. King Abdullah of Jordan is even saying the "Islamic state is on the rise again" in western Iraq. The Islamic state is on the rise to protect the US dollar hegemony along with US military petrodollar shock troops protecting the oil kingdom. Iraq better be prepared because the US is preparing to bomb the shit out of their country again under the false pretext the Islamic state is rising again. What is rising is Iraq's resistance to the US.

OPERATION TERRORIZE IRAQ: A Trumpian Scheme Defined by a Series of War Crimes Staged in Iraq with Imperial Objectives

Trump is 'selling troops': Saudi Arabia has paid $1billion to have U.S. soldiers protect the kingdom

Source: Zero Hedge

January 12, 2020 | Tyler Durden

After rejecting Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi's request to begin talks on the withdrawal of American troops, there are now more signs of the eroding ties between the two countries.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Logic Is An Enemy and Truth Is a Menace

State of Orwell ~ Our Self-Imposed Prison System

OPERATION TERRORIZE IRAQ: A Trumpian Scheme Defined by a Series of War Crimes Staged in Iraq with Imperial Objectives

Ed.'s note: Confused about what is going on in Iraq, Iran and the Middle East? Of course it is confusing and is meant to be confusing because it is all part of the "great game." That "great game" also includes Israel providing technology and know how to China to assist China in building the technological infrastructure for China's B&RI. Resistance in Iran is going to have to be broken and once Iran is destabilized then collapsed, Iran will more than likely take over the stan countries. It is also very likely Iran and Israel at the highest levels coordinate for this strategic plan while simultaneously building their military capacity. It is also probably accurate to say Russia is also working very closely with Iran to coordinate this strategy for China's B&RI. While the Pentagon looks to be developing tactical strategies to prevent this from happening that might explain why the US will continue to occupy Iraq.


Saturday, January 11, 2020

President Trump Likely Ambushed To "Prevent Another Benghazi"

Ed.'s note: We were waiting for better analysis than from what we've seen so far about the US assassinating Iran's General Qasem Soleimani. Again, it looks as though President Trump has been ambushed. Now we see again in stark reality just how much criminal treachery is going on in Washington. A cesspool of deception, double dealing, criminal behavior, backstabbing and political corruption on an industrial scale.

Was Iranian Missile Operator Tricked Into Shooting Down The Ukrainian Airlines Plane Over Tehran?

Israel's Fingerprint Are All Over the Assassination of Qasem Soleimani

SOLEIMANIgate: Was Trump blackmailed or bribed to assassinate the Iranian hero? Or, was he a willing co-conspirator in the murderous plot?

 Source: Richard's Writings

Trump drone crime was urged by Graham and McConnell — why?


Donald Trump was lured into killing Gen. Soleimani by Paul Singer's Senate Republican club once led by John McCain and now led by Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.

The US Ponzi Economy Is Systematic Looting on a Massive Scale

Ed.'s note: We've already demonstrated evidence America is an oligarchy and this article only makes this fact clearer.

Oligarchy: The Cancer in Human History

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg

Monetary Looting

Michael Krieger | Posted Tuesday Dec 17, 2019

How Will Americans Secure the Elections in 2020?

Ed.'s note: There was a Red team operating in the cyberspace attempting to hack into the US elections in 2020 in a simulation defended by a Blue team. Having a Red team and a Blue team in place is the same scenario under which war games were being run on September 11, 2001. Our first question is why is the Israeli cybersecurity firm known as Cybereason running an exercise in America gaming different scenarios in which scores of Americans end up dead in their simulation? Here we have an Israeli cyber technology firm gaming terrorist scenarios in America preparing for the elections in 2020. Why is the Department of Homeland Security (DoHS) allowing this simulation to even go on as if equating elections in America would be compromised by terrorism? In the coming election how will you know what you are seeing and experiencing isn't fake? The purpose ultimately for Israel's cyber warfare firm Cybereason operating in America is for massive data collection so that at some point Israel will become the dominant cyber warfare superpower. Everyone has heard of "cyber warfare" correct? Now there is "cyber con." That's where you run a sophisticated "Russian hacking election" info commercial based on fear through a cooperative media to ramp up the artificially induced need to open the way for large investments in software and cyber security tech companies like Cybereason.

Nothing is worse than the US elections. Will Trump go down because of Iran like Carter did? (On the flip side, the US has always had a strange back-channel relationship with Iran.)

OPERATION BLACKOUT: Israel Hacking America 2020 (Video)

Source: Arutz Sheva

AI makes 'DeepFake' videos more difficult to detect

The latest in artificial intelligence: 'Deep Fake' videos.

June 8, 2019

AI Makes 'DeepFake' Videos More Difficult to Detect 

While you were focused on Soleimani, Israel became a natural gas superpower

Ed.'s note: Years ago we compiled detailed reports of Israel's accessing natural gas fields in the Mediterranean and now those gas resources just went online making Israel an independent energy regional powerhouse.

Source: Legal Insurrection

by William A. Jacobson | Friday, January 10, 2020

"During the last week, earth-shattering events occurred that completely disrupted the Middle East …. In other news the Americans assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani."

In March 2013, I noted that Israel's discovery and development of huge offshore natural gas fields was a game-changer, putting Israel on course to become an energy superpower.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Princess Ivanka

Ed.'s note: Have you ever started thinking we owe our existence to Israel? Without Israel America cannot exist. Let's just throw the towel in. We can rename American cities to Hebraic names and change the national language to Hebrew. Then restructure America's tax system to pay taxes in shekels directly to Israel to build Israel as the new super power based in Jerusalem. All Christian nondenominational churches can be converted to synagogues and their ministers required to begin studying the Talmud to convert to rabbis as the American Catholic church literally right now is imploding. Then to finalize America's transition to becoming a high tech resource base for Israel, all the tech firms in Silicon Valley can be transferred to Israel. And to finalize this transition, the American Mike Pompeo can be given the keys and mayorship to Tel Aviv when he leaves the US State Department. It's now consummated: get the goats for the sacrifice. Lord Rothschild is pleased.

Source: Sputnik

'Like From Mommy & Daddy': Netizens Take Jabs at Ivanka Trump Being Granted 'Friend of Israel' Award 

© AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin

January 9, 2020 | by Lilia Dergacheva

Both Boeing and the New York Fed Have Been Hiding Dangerous Truths from the American People

Ed.'s note: The planned collapse of Boeing. What else can the conclusion be as the American empire comes to an end?

News update for 10 January 2019'Designed by clowns and supervised by monkeys': Senate investigation into Boeing air disasters reveals what employees thought of 737-MAX

Source: Wall Street On Parade

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: January 10, 2020 ~

New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor

A New Middle East "Made In Iran" Is About To Be Born

Ed.'s note: Strategic imperative: Iran's participation in China's B&RI. By assassinating Iran's Major General Qasem Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), this will expedite America out of the region which is the long term strategic plan. It's likely this "tactical" killing was designed to further force America out of the Middle East opening the region further for Israel, Russian, Iranian and Chinese cooperation. And it is likely at the highest levels of diplomacy between these countries they are all in on the strategic efforts for China's B&RI with Israel at the center to build the technological infrastructure. The short term tactical chess moves (the "great game") we're seeing are terribly confusing, but if the larger strategic view is taken, we can see this is all related to the expansion of Israel's greater interests (see "Reclaiming the Narrative: How to Combat Israel's Misuse of 'Antisemitism'" on how Israel defuses criticism of its long term strategic plans) in the region including cooperation with Iran.

News update for 9 January 2019: Brendon O'Connell- Iran-Israel Conflict is a Charade

News update for 8 January 2019Trump, at Israel's Request, Assassinated the General Most Responsible for Destroying ISIS


09/01/2020 | by Elijah J Magnier

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Chinese Hot Money Flows

Ed.'s note: What has become known as "China's hot money," almost $1 trillion of Chinese capital despite capital flight restrictions has left China for cities like Vancouver, Canada where it has caused a massive asset inflation in real estate. Real estate in Vancouver is heavily influenced by money from China which is why Vancouver is now the 4th most expensive housing market in North America and less affordable than Manhattan, New York. With a population of over one billion people, the Chinese are easily pricing out citizens in commonwealth countries with low populations and few large cities. Cities like Melbourne, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand and Vancouver, Canada have now reached a saturation point so the Chinese will now start branching out into America. Despite capital controls in place in China, hot money continues leaving for North America with target cities now looking to be Seattle, Houston and Orlando.

Race and real estate: how hot Chinese money is making Vancouver unlivable

Oligarchy: The Cancer in Human History

Ed.'s note: Webster Tarpley explains the nature of oligarchy and why it is one of the most insidious and totalitarian forms of rule in existence. Today, oligarchical authoritarian rule has metastasized into the likes of Chelsea Clinton making $9 million being on a corporate board with absolutely no real world experience. Then we see Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden pull in millions off a deal his dad consummated by steering $1.8 billion in "aid" money to Ukraine. No matter which way the media who are in on it spin these stories millions of dollars were still transacted creating huge conflicts of interest.  This is how oligarchs work. We as Americans are going to have to end oligarchy in America. Oligarchy is destroying us as a people, as a nation and as individuals. Oligarchs can and do destroy entire economies and countries. As Matthew Raphael Johnson says of oligarchy's cancer metastasizing into universities: "Today, the university is a parody of scholarship and education. It rewards incompetents and sycophants who use selective ignorance to protect their conscience and speech codes to protect their positions of power. These vapid functionaries poison young minds with the most formulaic, useless liberal bromide that this institutionalized mediocrity can pretend is an 'education' and still take home six figures." Despite how western intellectuals try to spin the idea America is not an oligarchy by trying to alter the definitions of oligarchy, make no mistake about it: America is an oligarchy. A permanent political class of authoritarians. These oligarchs have their power in organizations that are all based on institutional corruption. Everything oligarchs do and their organizations like universities (academics) have to be run through a filter of corruption to understand them.

Chelsea Clinton Has Raked In $9 Million From Sitting On Corporate Board

Court Filing Accuses Hunter Biden Of $156 Million Ukraine Money Laundering Scheme

Webster Tarpley: The Iron Rule of Oligarchy

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