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Anti-Gun Bill Ayers UW Engagement Cancelled

Source: Examiner

Anti-Gun Bill Ayers UW engagement cancelled

Bill Ayers was also scheduled to speak to “Wyoming Public School Principals” by teleconference, obviously Mr. Ayers, true to Obama’s cause was attempting to “transform America” specifically Wyoming from behind the scenes.

Bill Ayers

Here’s the grab - just because Ayers speaking engagement at UW has been canceled, it doesn’t mean he isn’t intending on having a teleconference or that the Wyoming Association of Secondary School Principals (WASSP) won’t plan another one at a later date. I'm just sayin...Why would we trust them?

Ayers a self professed radical terrorist and Obama supporter, has been propped up by socialists like venomously anti-gun George Soros, all the while, Liberty Groups or anyone else that doesn’t believe in their radically socialistic agenda have been demonized by the collectivists and media alike. Like Obama, Bill Ayers has close ties to the ANTI-GUN Joyce Foundation.

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: March 2010

Source:, hawkscafe,

31 Mar 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

24 Mar 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

23 Mar 2010—Listen—Truth Quest with Melodee

17 Mar 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

10 Mar 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

3 Mar 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Economic Forensic Analysis of 'Truth'


"How can one expect men to love Truth when it is often so shocking and painful?"

I used to think that bumper stickers were philosophy for the masses; but now the masses seem not even able to read them, so how are the masses supposed to understand political, economic and news events, which are much more complicated than simply reading bumper stickers considering some of the web sites referred to for information and news? Let's take, for example, using Wikipedia as a first reference:

Truthout is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, progressive news organization that operates a web site and distributes a daily newsletter. Registered in September 2001, is ranked in the top 6,000 web sites on the Internet, with an estimated 2.5 million visits per month. Truthout publishes original political news articles, opinion pieces, video reports and artwork. According to its web site, "As an organization, Truthout works to broaden and diversify the political discussion by introducing independent voices and focusing on undercovered issues and unconventional thinking."

Some of Truthout's prominent contributors include Dahr Jamail, Henry Giroux, Howard Zinn, Jason Leopold, Bill Moyers, Andy Worthington, Kathy Kelly, Norman Solomon, Joshua Frank, Anne Elizabeth Moore, William Rivers Pitt, Art Levin, Kelpie Wilson and Dean Baker. The organization has reported extensively on the torture policies of the Bush administration, the health care debate, veterans' issues, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the labor movement, prison reform and election politics.

What is always so amazing to me is, wherever I go on the web to find 'truth' about 9/11, financial fraud, the drug war, the war on terrorism, the further I look and begin to think I understand events even at a rudimentary level, it seems that the best test of truth is how much money you can make with it? Now, if you understand that demented statement you just broke down half the battle at trying to find the truth behind anything.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Attention All Bloggers—Attach Yourself Like a Leech to an Issue

Attention to all bloggers, if you have a blog or you are thinking of blogging, no matter how small the effort or how great, this is our time to speak the TRUTH to raw power which is now out in the open.
“If you bloggers self-organize and attach yourselves like leeches to specific issues, corporations, organizations, challenges, you will be the intelligence minutemen of this century. The power is in your hands. There aren't enough guns to kill us all, and Haliburton can't build the jails fast enough to keep us down.”

“It may be time literally to dump congress on its ass and start over”

Hawkins/McConnell on Truth Quest Radio March 23, 2010 with Melodee and Vicky—Transcript

Source: Truth Quest Radio

Hawkins/McConnell Interview on Truth Quest with Melodee on March 23, 2010 Hour One Transcript

Melodee: David Hawkins and Field McConnell and Vicky Davis are all returning. Vicky has been a prior guest and tonight she’s going to co-host with me and Field McConnell and David Hawkins, would you like to do a quick brush up on what your backgrounds are and then we’ll go ahead and start right on in.

David Hawkins: Okay, shall I go first Field?

Field McConnell: Certainly:

David: Well I’ve worked in a number of years in the international oil industry in emergency response and trouble shooting. I came to Canada in 1992. I smelled corruption on a scale I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world. I got involved in Forensic economics just before I guess 9-11 which is really –perhaps it’s a big word for the idea of tracking criminal and victim assets through crime scenes such as 9-11. And after 9-11 while I was rather lonely up here in Canada and British Columbia, I felt that there were many unanswered questions but I wasn’t able to answer until I basically happened to over the internet meet Field McConnell. We never met in the flesh and Field ill tell you about himself but he’s basically a fighter pilot and a big jet pilot.

And my background was in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence and thermodynamics but I had no experience how to fly a plane although my instincts told me the way those planes were flown on 9-11 they could not possibly have been flown by experienced pilot. And Field introduced me to terms like check turns and we’ve been working together now for about three years and we’re very close to wrapping up the mystery of 9-11.

Field: And the one thing David didn’t tell you about himself a couple of things, number one, he’s a Cambridge University graduate and Cambridge is one of the most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom. He also didn’t tell you he has the ability such as Sherlock Holmes had to clued what happens the clues are not that easy to process and that’s sort of what David does, he processes clues and evidence and what I bring to the equation is, I am a creative writer.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Now It's Cowgate

Source: Telegraph

Expert report says claims of livestock causing global warming are false

It is becoming difficult to keep pace with the speed at which the global warming scam is now unravelling. The latest reversal of scientific “consensus” is on livestock and the meat trade as a major cause of global warming – one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to eco-vegetarian cranks. Now a scientific report delivered to the American Chemical Society says it is nonsense. The Washington Times has called it “Cowgate”.

The cow-burp hysteria reached a crescendo in 2006 when a United Nations report ominously entitled “Livestock’s Long Shadow” claimed: “The livestock sector is a major player, responsible for 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents). This is a higher share than transport.” This led to demands in America for a “cow tax” and a campaign in Europe at the time of the Copenhagen car crash last December called Less Meat=Less Heat.

Source: Guardian

On a related note: The trillion-dollar question is: who will now lead the climate battle?

Political and business leaders gather this week in an attempt to revive the world's faltering challenge to global warming. But they face a battle to lift the cloud of scepticism that has descended over climate science and chart a new way forward.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Gyro Chips with Fairy Dust in the ALPA Safety Fraud
Red Shield Spoke: Khazar Jews, NAG News, Harper Shoes, Baxter Flues

Chips took a Captain Sherlock Martini, with Vodka from Ukraine where Anna Louise Strong set up a famine for Ukrainian peasants similar to England’s famine for the Irish which foretold the genocide planned by Red Shield 2010. Chips released a salvo of methane that would have been a turn-on to Frank Davis’s shared love child. KSM Defense Witness sent a FYEO FLASH to Chips ‘The Bullingdon-SS [Sidley Saboteurs] are led by ‘The Red Shield Spoke’ and ‘The Blood Bank Cat Bond’; they have hijacked the ICAO’s Volcanic Ash (Fairy Dust) simulator. They can trick or treat ALPA-piloted ‘friends’ as ‘foes’ and fly with Hillary’s GyroChip and First Lady’s NAG through decoy and drone maneuvers. On 9/11 they tricked f’ed America with Met Office Virtual Weather. Warn ALPA – Clear the skies” Field McConnell warned ALPA Dec 10 21:59:10 2006 Director of Safety, Northwest Airlines, Eagan MN 55111 and Cc: Air Line Pilots Association .. ‘It has come to my attention over the last 96 hours that a QRS-11 GyroChip gyroscope with military applications exists; at least 96 passenger aircraft have been illegally modified with QRS-11 missile-guidance technology and at least 27 GyroChip-equipped flight boxes have been exported without licenses by Boeing without the knowledge or informed consent of airline companies, unions, or pilots .. On 9-11 an order was given to "clear the skies". I ask ALPA to consider issuing that order again within 72 hours if independent discovery cannot identify the threat’ McConnell sent another warning on Monday, March 26, 2007 to Cunningham, April D Maj USAF NORAD USNORTHCOM HQs PA Security threat to NORAD war games March 26-?, 2007. All messages ignored. Agent Chips realized he would have to administer some ‘Tough Love’ to Incumbents who supported the Fabian Marxist Red Shield attack of 23 March, 2010 and he harked back to Army troops he flew enroute to Elmendorf AFB in August, 2006 including a member of Army Intelligence assigned to the Governor of Alaska; same trip where a DC-10-30 asked for, and authorized, AN UNRESTRICTED TAKEOFF, much like the takeoff that will occur 27 March in Searchlight, Nevada. It is duly noted, on the record, that the smug PFers in the SAVAA show a WORLD DC-10-30 in a gray cloud of ASH while the world's most potent DC-10-30 Captain prepares to have ALPA's ASS. KSM Blabbermouth Slade Lane sent Immediate Clipper to Chips ‘I just had 71 minute conversation with a red headed lady at SAVAA. I enquired specifically about the 'gambling on the issue of safety of civilian airlines and airline passengers' and asked her if she knew what NPR meant in airline-lingo .. I then asked her "were the 7 arrested involved in any CAT Bond trading involving the issue of safety of civilian airliners and their SABRED passenger manifests such as AF447, Kenya 507, Adam Air 574, Colgan 3407 and THE NEXT ONE, ITEM V?” An agent tapped her left foot 4 times and left abruptly and returned to Baker Street. Chips’ noted nervous Khazar Jews fearing Iceland News regarding Harper’s Shoes who created Baxter Flues. Changes in ALPA staffing signaled power boink. Mattress Thrasher looked forward to one on Poop Deck.”

Before reading this gut-wrenching Chapter, please review Matthew 25:40 and the song “Love of the Common People” while Captain Sherlock dials in his loose cannon and Hamish sharpens his ‘reaper’s scythe’, capeche?
“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’”

Airline Pilots are Redundant


Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love StoryPilots on Food Stamps

Would you fly as a passenger on a commercial airliner if you knew there was no pilot in the cockpit? (One advantage, how could terrorists take over the flying of the craft if there is no onboard way of commanding the airliner?)

Regardless of the hijacking advantage, Airline corporations sense that the traveling public is not ready to travel on a pilotless aircraft.

The truth is that all modern commercial airliners are capable of droned operation from engine start to engine shutdown.

Airline corporations have been offering early retirement benefits and other incentives to experienced pilots who earn a fair wage. These experienced pilots have been replaced with pilots with far less experience whose salary is not a living wage. These individuals are being used to placate the traveling public’s mind until that public is comfortable with the idea of flying in a craft which is remotely controlled.

Read Michael Moore's Pilots on Food Stamps.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Implications of Virtual Deception

Source: LT YORK W PASANEN Information Warfare Site

Air & Space Power Chronicles

Document created: 15 April 99

As the dawn breaks across the western Atlantic Ocean, two F-25 Virtual Attack Fighters (VAF) takeoff from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Captain Bjork Williams and Robert Oehlke find themselves flying another standard combat air patrol along the East Coast. Recently, terrorist groups have acquired late 20th century U.S. Navy Aegis cruisers and have been conducting raids upon the new Border states of the Virgin Islands and Bermuda.

Photo: Large screen displays on USS Vincennes, typical of early Aegis platforms

As the two aircraft make their way out to sea, clouds begin to roll in and the ocean surface is quickly obscured. Approximately twenty minutes into the mission, a surface vessel is picked up on the multi-spectral imaging and sensor system abroad the F-25’s. Even though the target is identified as a fifty-foot catamaran, the two pilots decide to buzz by and take a look. As they break through the clouds the pilots realize something is drastically wrong. Three Aegis cruisers appear before their eyes, while their computers still show only a small watercraft. Hackers aboard the cruisers tapped into the F-25 imaging system and altered the information processed within the systems. Before the pilots can react to the trap, their aircraft are shot by a short-range electro-magnetic pulse weapon, and fall powerless into the sea. Captains Williams and Oehlke have just become victims of Virtual Deception.

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—17 March 2010 Hour 2

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News
March 17, 2010 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Note: This transcript begins exactly 3:01 minutes into this segment of the interview.

David Hawkins: What I thought I may do today with Field and you is hypothesize that we’re going into a war game and the second hour, where I’ll play the part of the people who took control of the skies over the United States on nine-one-one, and Field can tell us whether he’d like to be ah, a fighter pilot with the Happy Hooligans trying to make sense out of this mess, or perhaps better yet, he could play two roles, a fighter pilot in the war game, and ah, for example pick one of the planes.

Perhaps I could suggest flight seventy-seven where Chic Burlingame was flying, wherever he was flying, and was turned around and was flown towards the Pentagon and in theory took out the Pentagon. And perhaps we could identify who would have the command and control facilities to jump into the air traffic control system of the United States Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration on nine-one-one and jump out again without leaving a trace.

Rayelan Allan: That would be very interesting to find out.

David: So I’ll take on Field head-to-head and I’ll show that I can actually have Field, whether he likes it or not, when he’s playing the role of either the jet fighter pilot, or the large commercial jet pilot, I can take him for lunch and he can do nothing about it.

Field McConnell: Well, you can take me to lunch and I’ll give you the bill.

Monday, March 22, 2010

U.S. Fleet Forces to Commence Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield '10


From U.S. Fleet Forces Command Public Affairs

NORFOLK, Va. (NNS) -- Navy shore installations and activities in the continental United States, Hawaii and Guam will participate in Exercise Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield '10 (SC/CS-10), an annual security training exercise coordinated by U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF) from March 22-26.

The week long security exercise is the largest anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) exercise conducted nationwide. It is designed to enhance the training and readiness of Naval Security Force personnel to respond to threats to installations and units, leveraging all processes security forces would implement in the event of an actual emergency.

"Instead of having numerous smaller exercises, Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield is a single, large, integrated exercise that accurately emulates what may happen in the real world," said Capt. Sam A. McCormick, USFF director for Fleet Anti-Terrorism.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

9/11 commission was ordered to scale down investigation

Source: Russia Today

Investigate but not too deeply, that is the message inside documents from senior officials with the Bush administration to the 9/11 commission as they searched for answers after the attacks. Russ Baker, the author of Family of Secrets, says that the government doesn't want full disclosure on this issue and that people who investigate may be crossing the line.

Body scans eventually mandatory, TSA official says


16 March 2010—CHICAGO—All airline passengers in the U.S. will eventually be required to undergo a full-body scan before boarding planes, just as metal detectors became a standard and accepted part of the screening process at airports decades ago, the federal transportation security chief in Chicago said Monday.

As a body-scanning machine was used to screen passengers for the first time on Monday at O’Hare International Airport, federal and city officials said they expect the airport will receive more body-imaging technology later this year to help address one of the biggest terrorism threats to commercial aviation, suicide bombers on planes.

The Transportation Security Administration plans to send hundreds of the scanners, which cost between $130,000 and $170,000 each, to all major U.S. airports. The scanners use low-dose X-ray to go underneath clothing and display weapons, explosives and other objects that might be hidden on the body, above the skin.

So far, 21 airports are equipped with the units and nine more are slated to receive the scanners soon, officials said. The security agency plans to deploy 450 body scanners to an undetermined number of airports this year.

Kathleen Petrowsky, the TSA director at O’Hare, said she anticipates the body scans — now optional for passengers — will become mandatory in the future to guard against improvised explosive devices being smuggled onto airliners.

Currently, passengers have the option to submit to a physical pat-down and wanding by a TSA officer using a metal detector.

At 19 airports that received the scanners more than a year ago, the devices are now used as a primary means of screening, whereas before they were utilized only to clear up discrepancies when a passenger set off a metal detector or failed a pat-down.

“We expect at some point all passengers will receive a body scan,” Petrowsky said.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

European fraudsters steal $7B in carbon credit scam


Fraud within Europe's carbon credit trading system has cost taxpayers more than $7 billion in the last 18 months, European police said Friday.

Officials at Europol, the body in charge of co-ordinating police forces inside the European Union, say fraudulent activity on the EU's Emission Trading System was first suspected in late 2008 when police noticed the volume of trades in certain countries would mysteriously spike.

"It is estimated that in some countries, up to 90 per cent of the whole market volume was caused by fraudulent activities," Europol said.

Since late 2008, the total value of fraudulent activity is believed to be in excess of five billion euros ($7.7 billion Cdn) from bogus trades in European unit allowances, or EUAs, the credits that companies in some countries buy to offset their greenhouse gas output. continue reading

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Calling all 9/11 Whistleblowers: WikiLeaks


This is an invitation for whistle blowers to release information related to 9/11 through WikiLeaks. Iceland is setting this up in Iceland and is moving towards a completely free press. Documents on inside information can be posted through WikiLeaks. Documents can also be posted for examination.

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—10 March 2010 Hour 2

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News
March 10, 2010 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Note: This transcript begins at precisely the 15:04 minute point into the interview.

Rayelan Allan: And ah, David is back. And David is on the line, wonderful.  Welcome, David.

David Hawkins: Oh, hello Rayelan, hello Field, nice to be back. Yeah, I just got in from the hospital, yup.

Rayelan: Ahh…

Field McConnell: We hope that your trip was successful.

David: Yes, pretty good. Quite good news and ah, Maren, Lady Eagle is responding to treatment.

Rayelan: Oh, how wonderful. And I want to thank all of our ah, oh my gosh, reiki practitioners who are continually doing ah, you know, reiki, absent, you know, long distance reiki treatments on her.

David: Yeah, and I’d like to say thanks in her behalf and mine and all of the good wished and so on. I think it’s a good ah, real drive towards her recovery, but you know, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Rayelan: I know, but it is wonderful that she is doing better. All of us are very happy for her and you.

David: Thank you.

Rayelan: And you – Field and I were talking about why is this Durius Guppy on the front page of Abel Danger and do you know why?

David: Oh, absolutely. Darius Gumpy – Guppy, is one of Bullingdon Club eighty-seven members who um, the Bullingdon Club is an interesting group. It’s over two-hundred years old so it was formed just after the war of independence, which Americans think they won, but I’m now I’m now studying the history a little better. I don’t think you guys did win actually. [concurred, the British are still rampaging around the world, that should be obvious by now]

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New York City Settles with 9/11 Heroes for up to $657.5 million


11 March 2010—After years of fighting in court, lawyers representing the city, construction companies and more than 10,000 ground zero rescue and recovery workers have agreed to a settlement that could pay up to $657.5 million to responders sickened by dust from the destroyed World Trade Center.

The settlement was announced Thursday evening by the WTC Captive Insurance Co., a special entity established to indemnify the city and its contractors against potential legal action as they moved to clean up the site after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The deal, which still must be approved by a judge and the workers themselves, would make the city and other companies represented by the insurer liable for a minimum of $575 million, with more money available to the sick if certain conditions are met.

Most if not all of the money would come out of a $1 billion grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the settlement "a fair and reasonable resolution to a complex set of circumstances."

"The resolution of the World Trade Center litigation will allow the first responders and workers to be compensated for injuries suffered following their work at Ground Zero," he said in a statement.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Merging Virtual Reality with Real Life


Are virtual scenes like these being inserted into TV news as real events?

In This Afghanistan, Bombs Don't Kill
A Company Uses Hollywood-Style Sets and Special Effects to Help Soldiers Prepare for War; Real Amputees Play Roles

10 March 2010—SAN DIEGO—It was a sunny California afternoon, and an Afghan war scene raged on the expansive grounds here of a little-known company called Strategic Operations Inc.

A rocket-propelled grenade whistled out of a second-story window and smashed into the wall of an Afghan house, sending shrapnel flying. An Afghan police pickup truck exploded, kicking up a column of mottled smoke. Insurgents exchanged machine-gun fire with U.S. troops.

The battle seemed dangerous, but that was just an illusion. The mayhem was all for show, part of Strategic Operations' elaborate use of Hollywood-style special effects to replicate the look and feel of the war in Afghanistan to help train U.S. forces preparing to deploy there.

Business is booming for Strategic Operations, which has found an unusual way of profiting from the U.S. escalation of the Afghan war. Many of the reinforcements President Barack Obama is dispatching to Afghanistan are likely to spend time on a Strategic Operations set.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—3 March 2010 Hour 1

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News
March 3, 2010 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

David Hawkins: I think ah, let’s go to also the Captain Sherlock site.

Rayelan Allan: Okay.

David: Ahm, so if people – that’s one word, captainsherlock dot com.

Rayelan: Okay, captainsherlock dot com, this might be an easier way for people to find it?

David: Ya, and then I think ah, because we made a major break that I want to talk about today, I want to get people to visit the Hawks Café and perhaps join the Yahoo Group.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And you know, I apologize for a lot of very dense technical information, but it is the basic source of our case against the self-styled Global Guardians where we will ahm, put them in court with a civil claim and possibly of them going into court with a civil claim is, they’ll end up on death row.

Rayelan: Oh my God, wouldn’t that be wonderful. And ah, would this be ah, would this be in civilian court, or is this in military court?

David: Well ah, ahm, let’s just go to the applications. So captainsherlock dot com. If people could open up there and they will see the eight icons which represent the five books that we’ve have written and various others. And on the bottom row on the right ahm, you’ll see the icon that says, “Visit Hawks Cafe.”

Rayelan: Right, that’s correct.

David: Okay, and if people put their mouse on the ‘Visit Hawks Café’, and remember, the captainsherlock dot com site, they’ll see a menu with five items in it, Hawks Café home page?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And the Hawks Café Yahoo Group? The ‘Hawks Café verses the Global Guardians nine-one-one. And that’s the civil lawsuit that Field McConnell filed in Fargo, North Dakota on the first of May two-thousand and seven, and that lists about a hundred plus defendants in a civil case for the wrongful deaths associated with nine-one-one. And just in case people think that we’re particularly partisan ah, George Bush Senior is named there and the two Clinton’s and Field’s sister.

Monday, March 8, 2010

How the US Government Really Works

The link to this video was posted by Rayelan at Rumor Mill News.

The Climate Industry Wall of Money


When it comes to spending in the climate change debate, Big Oil’s supposed evil influence has been vastly outdone by Big Government, and even those taxpayer billions are trumped by Big-Banking.

Follow the money
Money for Skeptics: Greenpeace has searched for funding for man-made global warming skeptics and found $23 million dollars paid by Exxon over ten years (which has stopped).

But in the end, everyone spends more on carbon friendly initiatives than on skeptics—even Exxon: (how about $100 million for Stanford’s Global Climate and Energy Project and $600 million for Biofuels research).

Money for the Climate Industry: The US government spent $79 billion on climate research and technology since 1989—to be sure, this funding paid for things like satellites and studies, but it’s 3,500 times as much as anything offered to skeptics. It buys a bandwagon of support, a repetitive rain of press releases, and includes PR departments of institutions like NOAA, NASA, the Climate Change Science Program and the Climate Change Technology Program. The $79 billion figure does not include money from other western governments, private industry, and is not adjusted for inflation. In other words, it could be…a lot bigger.

There is no question that there are vastly more financial rewards for people who promote a carbon-made catastrophe than for those who point out the flaws in the theory.

Ultimately the big problem is that there are no grants for scientists to demonstrate that carbon has little effect. There are no Institutes of Natural Climate Change, but plenty that are devoted to UnNatural Forces.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Warmists overwhelmed by fear, panic and deranged hatred as their 'science' collapses


5 March 2010—A sharp-eyed viewer has noticed that when I was debating George Monbiot on TV yesterday and I mentioned that his cherished “peer-reviewed science” had been discredited by Climategate he bared his teeth like a cornered cur. Says my body language expert John Lish:

“It was a quite aggressive and defensive gesture which was noticeable when he was attempting to dismiss you (talking about peer review). A definite body-language sign of being rattled. He’s definitely uncomfortable about what’s occurring and others will have spotted that as well.”

Monbiot isn’t the only one. Consider the paranoid tone of this email from climate-fear-promoter Paul Ehrlich, during an exchange with fellow members at the National Academy of Scientists on how best to deal with the Denier threat: (Hat tip: Marc Morano)

“Most of our colleagues don’t seem to grasp that we’re not in a gentlepersons’ debate, we’re in a street fight against well-funded, merciless enemies who play by entirely different rules.”

All this is a roundabout way of answering one of my editors’ kind suggestions that I respond to this morning’s front page story in which some desperate scientists at the embarrassing, useless and parti pris Met Office have apparently attempted to repair their creaky, wheel-less AGW bandwagon with a hurried new botch job report. Sorry, but I don’t think many of us are going to fall for this nonsense any more.

Monbiot tried it on yesterday with his free two and half minute propaganda broadcast generously funded by the BBC’s The Daily Politics show in which he rehashed all his old arguments (man’s selfishness, rising sea-levels, plight of the poor, wind farms, blah di blah di blah) as though Climategate, Glaciergate, Pachaurigate, Amazongate, Africagate et al had never happened. Now the MET office is having a go.

Sorry chaps, it won’t wash. The debate has moved on. It’s not about “the science” any more. (Not that it ever was). It’s about economics. Politics. Money. The taxpayer versus Big Government.

Northwest Airlines Flight 253 would have landed safely even if ‘underpants’ bomb had blown up


A bomb on board a U.S. Christmas Day flight would have failed to bring the plane down even if it had been detonated successfully, a new test explosion suggests.

Photo: A slight bump can be seen on the fuselage above the wing after replica explosives to those allegedly smuggled on Flight 253 were detonated in a test.

A controlled blast on a Boeing 747, using the same explosives that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is accused of smuggling on board, failed to burst the fuselage. It means, had the bomb exploded on December 25, Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit would have successfully landed .

However, experts said the alleged Islamist terrorist and the passenger next to him would have died, while other passengers would have suffered ruptured ear drums.

The controlled experiment was carried out for the BBC Two documentary How safe are our Skies? Detroit Flight 253.

Dr John Wyatt, an international terrorism and explosives adviser to the UN, replicated the conditions on board the Detroit flight on a decommissioned Boeing 747 at an aircraft graveyard in Gloucestershire.

Captain J Joseph, an air accident investigator, and Dr Wyatt both concluded that the quantity of explosive used was nowhere near enough needed to rupture the skin of a passenger plane.

Dr Wyatt told the BBC: ‘If it was a more rigid material then we might have seen a crack or breakthrough but this is actually quite a flexible material. ‘I was extremely impressed by the aircraft structure. It can sustain quite a hefty thump.’

Captain Joseph said: ‘We noticed the aircraft had lost some rivets but no flight controls were compromised and certainly no fuel tanks were breached. ‘I’m very confident that the flight crew could have taken this aeroplane without any incident at all and get it on the ground safely.’ However, the experts said that the death of the suspected bomber and the passenger beside him would have been traumatic for passengers.

Captain Joseph said the noise and the smoke would have been awful, ‘not to mention the parts of the bodies that were disintegrated as part of the explosion’. But Captain Joseph said the experiment could help to put air travellers at ease: ‘I think this should be a confidence-builder for passengers.

‘After seeing... how well the aircraft maintained its structural integrity, and obviously the pilot’s capacity to fly the aircraft, it should give them a great deal of confidence.’

For security reasons, they could not go into specific details of blast damage inside the cabin of the test Boeing 747.

Kip Hawley, the former head of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said: ‘We can be sure that al Qaeda and others have taken lessons from their failed attempt and this programme allows the public to be privy to some of those lessons.

‘The point that today’s airframes are more resilient than many imagine is a critical point.

‘Governments do very sophisticated testing similar to what Dr Wyatt demonstrated and those results inform security measures you see in airports today.

‘Specifically, it was that kind of testing that led to the decision to allow 100ml of any liquid, carried in a sealed one-litre baggie, to be brought through security.’
Dr Wyatt’s test results are to be shared with governments and aviation security experts around the world.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Century of Self: A Study in Mind Control


Sigmund Freud believed that individuals were not driven by rational thought but by primitive unconscious desires and feelings. Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays believed that this meant that it was too dangerous to let the masses ever have control over their own lives. Consumerism was a way of giving people the illusion of control while allowing a responsible elite to managing society.

Bernays invented the public relations profession in the 1920s and was one of the main architects of the modern techniques of mass-consumer persuasion, using every trick in the book, from celebrity endorsement and outrageous PR stunts, to eroticizing the motorcar. He showed American corporations how they could make people want things they didn't need by systematically linking mass-produced goods to their unconscious desires.

Bernay’s most notorious coup was breaking the taboo on women smoking by persuading them that cigarettes were a symbol of independence and freedom. But Bernays was convinced that this was more than just a way of selling consumer goods. It was a new political idea of how to control the masses. By satisfying the inner irrational desires that his uncle had identified, people could be made happy and thus docile.

It was the start of the all-consuming self which has come to dominate today’s world.

Episode One: Happiness Machines

Episode Two: The Engineering of Consent

Episode Three: There is a Policeman Inside All Our Head—He Must Be Destroyed

Episode Four: Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering

George Soros’ Anti-Capitalist Agenda Plans to Loot Companies & Countries


5 March 2010—The New York Times is quoting a spokesman for George Soros as saying that the well-known hedge fund operator is guilty of no wrong-doing in connection with the financial upheaval currently affecting Greece and Europe as a whole. But Zubi Diamond, author of the powerful new book, Wizards of Wall Street, says the agenda of Soros and other short sellers is clear. Their purpose, he says, is “to loot America and any foreign country which invested in America. Greece was one of them. Iceland was ravaged and annihilated.”

The term “short selling” in this context refers to investors, speculators and currency manipulators who bet on the decline or collapse of a stock or currency through complex financial instruments handled mostly through secret off-shore accounts. For the hedge fund short sellers to make money, prices have to go down.

Short-sellers, who are appearing at a March 11 event at the libertarian Cato Institute, insist that they “provide liquidity and transparency to our capital markets” and that their operations “expose corporate fraud and mismanagement.”

But Diamond strongly disagrees. He says the Managed Funds Association, the lobbying arm of the hedge fund short sellers, is crafty and deceitful.
“When they tell you that short selling contributes liquidity to the market, that is a lie. Short selling destroys capital and takes away liquidity from the market. When they tell you that they are taking steps to remove manipulation from the stock market, that is a lie. They are taking steps to introduce manipulation to the stock market, and prime the stock market for manipulation and looting. When they tell you that the uptick rule is outdated, because of decimalization, that is a lie. They lie to deceive, to bring forth a big pay day from short selling, hence the looting of America and America's wealthiest corporations and their shareholders, sanctioned by their Washington D.C. lap dogs.” ~Zubi Diamond
“The most influential members of Managed Funds Association, the hedge fund short sellers, have an anti-capitalism agenda, an anti-industrialized nation agenda, and a far left liberal, Marxist radical agenda,” Diamond says.”Hedge Fund short sellers are not capitalist. They are anti-capitalist and they are not investors; they are anti-investors.” He says they “loot” companies and countries.

9/11 Truthers Suffering from Mental Illness

The propaganda machine has decided that rather than answer questions about the actions of the federal government, those who ask the questions will be painted with the terrorist brush and dismised.

The recent Pentagon shooter, John Patrick Bedel, is reported to be a “9/11 truther” with a history of mental illness. The phrase “9/11 truther” is used by the propaganda machine as a umbrella to classify all citizens who question the government and media explanation of 9/11.

In the video below, CNN interviews an “expert” who associates mental illness with “9/11 truthers”. The “expert”, John Avlon, is the author of Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America. Avlon's’s opinion is that “9/11 truthers” are wingnuts. Avlon, was a former chief speechwriter for New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who may have much to hide regarding his actions on 9/11.

John Patrick Bedel, the Pentagon shooter, is described as a computer programmer and Joe Stack, who flew his plane into a building housing IRS offices in Austin, TX last month, was reported to be a software engineer. (Could working with computer software lead to “terrorist acts”?) Stack is a said to be the author of a “manifesto” which questioned the government.

The propaganda machine is carefully orchestrating events and inserting the image that citizens who question the government may be a danger to other citizens. Headlines such as AOL's Pentagon Shooter Saw Vast Gov't Conspiracies underline this idea.

International Terrorism does not Exist

General Leonid Ivashov was the chief of the department for General affairs in the Soviet Union’s ministry of Defense, secretary of the Council of defense ministers of the Community of independant states (CIS), chief of the Military cooperation department at the Russian federation’s Ministry of defense and Joint chief of staff of the Russian armies.

He was the Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces when the September 11, 2001, attacks took place. He offers his analysis that international terrorism does not exist and that the September 11 attacks were the result of a set-up. What we are seeing is a manipulation by the big powers—this terrorism would not exist without them.


17 Jan 2006—Today’s international terrorism is a phenomenon that combines the use of terror by state and non-state political structures as a means to attain their political objectives through people’s intimidation, psychological and social destabilization, the elimination of resistance inside power organizations and the creation of appropriate conditions for the manipulation of the countries’ policies and the behavior of people.

Terrorism is the weapon used in a new type of war. At the same time, international terrorism, in complicity with the media, becomes the manager of global processes. It is precisely the symbiosis between media and terror, which allows modifying international politics and the exiting reality.

If we analyze what happened on September 11, 2001, in the United States, we can arrive at the following conclusions:
  1. The organizers of those attacks were the political and business circles interested in destabilizing the world order and who had the means necessary to finance the operation. The political conception of this action matured there where tensions emerged in the administration of financial and other types of resources. We have to look for the reasons of the attacks in the coincidence of interests of the big capital at global and transnational levels, in the circles that were not satisfied with the rhythm of the globalization process or its direction. Unlike traditional wars, whose conception is determined by generals and politicians, the oligarchs and politicians submitted to the former were the ones who did it this time.
  2. Only secret services and their current chiefs—or those retired but still having influence inside the state organizations—have the ability to plan, organize and conduct an operation of such magnitude. Generally, secret services create, finance and control extremist organizations. Without the support of secret services, these organizations cannot exist—let alone carry out operations of such magnitude inside countries so well protected. Planning and carrying out an operation on this scale is extremely complex.
  3. Osama bin Laden and “Al Qaeda” cannot be the organizers nor the performers of the September 11 attacks. They do not have the necessary organization, resources or leaders. Thus, a team of professionals had to be created and the Arab kamikazes are just extras to mask the operation. The September 11 operation modified the course of events in the world in the direction chosen by transnational mafias and international oligarchs; that is, those who hope to control the planet’s natural resources, the world information network and the financial flows. This operation also favored the US economic and political elite that also seeks world dominance.
The use of the term “international terrorism” has the following goals:
  • Hiding the real objectives of the forces deployed all over the world in the struggle for dominance and control
  • Turning the people’s demands to a struggle of undefined goals against an invisible enemy
  • Destroying basic international norms and changing concepts such as: aggression, state terror, dictatorship or movement of national liberation
  • Depriving peoples of their legitimate right to fight against aggressions and to reject the work of foreign intelligence services
  • Establishing the principle of renunciation to national interests, transforming objectives in the military field by giving priority to the war on terror, violating the logic of military alliances to the detriment of a joint defense and to favor the anti-terrorist coalition

Read the complete article here.

White House may Switch to Military Trials for 9/11 Suspects


5 March 2010—WASHINGTON—Looking to breathe life into President Barack Obama's stalled pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, White House advisers are inching toward recommending military trials for alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four accused henchmen.

Attorney General Eric Holder's original plan to try them in a civilian court in New York City met with criticism so fierce that it threatened to derail Obama's promise to shut the U.S. military's Cuban prison.

Closing Guantanamo was a signature promise of Obama's presidency, and it is still unkept well past his original deadline of January. Failing to keep it would have huge implications for the president, both with his base of supporters in the Democratic Party and in his efforts to remake America's image around the globe.

Holder decided in November to transfer Mohammed and four other accused Sept. 11 terrorists from Guantanamo to New York City for civilian trials. City officials initially embraced the idea. But they later reversed themselves, citing the enormous costs, security and logistics of hosting a 9/11 trial.

Republicans in Congress, including Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., have proposed a ban on trying terrorism defendants in any American community.

The administration believes a civilian trial is doable, even preferable, as a demonstration of U.S. commitment to rule of law. Officials have cited the numerous terrorism trials held previously in U.S. criminal courts. They also argue that decisions on how to prosecute defendants are not for lawmakers to make.

Donna O'Connor, a spokesperson for September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, a national organization of more than 200 relatives of victims of the 9/11 attacks, also bemoaned the potential choice. "Civilian trials in federal courts have resulted in hundreds of successful terrorism prosecutions whereas military commissions are an illegitimate system that undermine the rule of law," she said.

New Yorkers cheered, however.

"It makes absolutely no sense to hold a multiyear, almost billion-dollar trial in a community that had already grappled with Sept. 11 and is the financial capital of our country," said Julie Menin, who is chair of Community Board 1 in Lower Manhattan.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Leuren Moret: Al Gore 21st Century Robber Baron

Source: ALFRED WEBRE Vancouver Coop Radio

Climate change is a City of London and Wall Street bankers scam and Gore is their global shoe salesman. To them, climate change is just another industry like making shoes. ~Leuren Moret

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up

Source: ATLAHWorldwide

Hon. James David Manning says Barack Hussein Obama was a CIA operative who used Columbia University as a cover to go to Pakistan in 1981 when the CIA and the Taliban worked together against the Soviet Invasion. Obama supplied arms, logistics, and money using his Muslim background.

MPs Quiz Phil Jones at UK Science and Technology Select Committee

1 Mar 2010—Professor Phil Jones, who has stepped down as the director of Climatic Research Unit (CRU) based at the University of East Anglia (UEA) pending the findings of an independent inquiry, is questioned in public for the first time since the internet posting of the East Anglia scientists’ emails.

Global warming claims of future increases in temperature are based on flawed computer models. The models are protected from investigation by proprietary patent claims by the companies that made the software models. The flawed software models give inaccurate results which support global warming claims.

In part 2 of the video above, Professor Edward Acton, vice-chancellor of the University of East Anglia, told the committee that it was not possible to make the entire international data set available because of a “commercial promise”. “We are longing to publish it”, he said. He explained that a number of contributing nations—including Canada, Poland and Sweden—had refused to make their segments of data publicly available.

MPs quiz 'climategate' scientist (BBC)

Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995 (Daily Mail)

The Last Four Minutes of Air France Flight 447


25 Feb 2010—The crash of Air France flight 447 from Rio to Paris last year is one of the most mysterious accidents in the history of aviation. After months of investigation, a clear picture has emerged of what went wrong. The reconstruction of the horrific final four minutes reveal continuing safety problems in civil aviation.

One tiny technical failure heralded the impending disaster. But the measurement error was so inconspicuous that the pilots in the cockpit of the Airbus A330 probably hardly noticed it.

Air France flight 447 had been in the air for three hours and 40 minutes since taking off from Rio de Janeiro on the evening of May 31, 2009. Strong turbulence had been shaking the plane for half an hour.

One alarm after another lit up the cockpit monitors. One after another, the autopilot, the automatic engine control system, and the flight computers shut themselves off. "It was like the plane was having a stroke," says Gérard Arnoux, the head of the French pilots union SPAF.

The final minutes of flight AF 447 had begun. Four minutes after the airspeed indicator failed, the plane plunged into the ocean, killing all 228 people on board.

Few airline crashes in recent years have subsequently unnerved passengers to quite the same extent. "How was it possible that an Airbus from such an apparently safe airline could simply disappear?" they wondered.

Passengers on the Rio-Paris route are still uneasy as they board their plane. After the accident, the flight number was changed to AF 445.

Over the course of several months of investigation, experts have gathered evidence that allows them to reconstruct with relative accuracy what happened on board during those last four minutes. It has also brought to light a safety flaw that affects all jet airplanes currently in service. "An accident like this could happen again at any time," Arnoux predicts.

On the night of the tragedy, other planes diverted their flight paths and took a detour around the danger zone.

Why then did flight AF 447 head straight into the deadly storm system? Is it possible that the tragedy began even before the plane took off? continue reading at spiegel international

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—13 January 2010 Hour 3

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News
January 13, 2010 – Part 3 (Hour 3)

Rayelan Allan: While we were on break I turned on the television just in time to see the reverend Pat Robertson tell us why Haiti was hit with this massive earthquake one they haven’t had for two-hundred years. And the reason it was hit was because when Haiti was owned by the French the people of Haiti wanted to be free from their rule so they made a pact with the devil and the devil helped them throw the French out but the devil has ruled Haiti ever since.

And I am sure that clip is going to be everywhere, but it’s sort of like, I was just waiting to see who the first person was ah, to say that because of course Haiti does practice voodoo [so does the Federal Reserve, sorry, just had to throw that in here] and has many priests and priestesses and, and ah, lord knows what that religion really is, but I, I knew that someone was going to bring up the devil and blame it on the Haiti on the fact the Haitian people worship the devil instead of God. So, anyway, David, getting back to the gold, getting back to the banks that owned the gold that was in building six ah, how did, did they get their money – did they get their gold back?

David Hawkins: Well, let’s go back to the model that was developed by Maurice Strong for the ah, nine-one-one attack. And I’m reading from ah, a story that was ah, an interview with Maurice Strong, I believe in nineteen ninety-three published in an Alberta magazine. But the interview took place in *garbled* World Economic Conference, and it was about a story, Maurice Strong, he would like to write, and I’m just reading the words quoted from that interview. “In February, all the leaders that are at Davice [not sure of word], these aren’t terrorists, they are leaders they have positioned themselves in the world’s commodities and stock markets they’ve engineered using their access to stock markets and computers and gold supplies a panic then they prevent the world’s stock markets from closing, they jam the gears they hire mercenaries who hold the rest of the world’s leaders at Davice [not sure of word] as hostage the markets then can’t close.” So you see in nineteen ninety-three Maurice Strong defined exactly what he planned to do on nine-one-one.

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