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Pedophile Narco Gangster Slave State of Sweden

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Robert Aschberg - Portrait of an Illuminati Gangster

December 21, 2019

Swedish Jewish traitor, gangster Robert Aschberg

"A persistent rumour states that Robert Aschberg belongs to the class of Satanist Jewish gangsters, the Illuminati, that control the world."

By Patriotic Swede

Exactly two years ago, I reported on the murder of alt reporter Bechir Rabani. Rabani had just confronted the prominent Jewish mainstream journalist Robert Aschberg, scion of a prominent banking family, at his home. It has been suggested that Rabani was murdered by Mossad since he died the following night despite being only 33-years-old.

Others have suggested that Rabani was murdered on orders by the Swedish police chief Henrik Malmquist to prevent Rabani from revealing Sweden's biggest paedophile and child trafficking scandal involving police officers, judges, prosecutors, journalists and other scum connected to the arms and opium-dealing government regime in Sweden.

Since then Aschberg has attacked the Swedish alt media group called "Granskning Sverige" which makes phone calls to different people in positions of power and puts revealing questions to them. They have exposed the cultural extinction war being waged against ethnic Swedes and the Christian culture. They have exposed the complete corruption in the Swedish government.

Martyred journalist Rabani

So there are two lines of cultural war in Sweden today:

- Openly replace Swedish people and culture with Muslims and a slave culture inspired by Judaism and Noahide laws.

- Attack Swedish men and traditional Swedish culture by forcing ethnic Swedes to embrace a repressive LGBT culture with feminized men and feminists. Any Swedish man who opposes this agenda will be slandered online and risks losing his job.

These two lines of attack will lead to a clash between Muslim criminal culture and modern Swedish cultural marxist culture. The end of that clash will be full government dictatorship with a slave culture and a wicked, new religion where the criminal government is the new fake God of Sweden. Expect the Noahide laws to be enforced for all people as second class jews.


Granskning Sverige produced a well researched documentary about Aschberg exposing his shocking control of Swedish law courts. In total he has scammed at least 50 Million USD from innocent Swedes while being acquitted of all his crimes thanks to his connections.

Many people are interviewed and they all say he is a psychopath and gangster. Not only that, there are several suspicious murders connected to Aschberg.

At the same time, his statements on national radio show a man with very strange moral principles. For example he stated that he used to pee on his little brother at night, that he and his brothers fought each other to death with baseball bats.

Aschberg stated that sex with animals is nothing strange and a bit of dog poo is no problem either. And then Aschberg admits that he acquired child pornography with permission from a Swedish court.

Most readers know what this is all about. It´s the member of an Illuminati family, he was abused and brainwashed from a young age.

Aschberg has a show called "Trolljägarna" on TV 3 where he makes home visits to ordinary Swedish people that opposed the marxist tyranny in Sweden on the internet. He scares them with his film team and his baseball bat and he tries to destroy their life by outing them on tv. This is an obvious way of controlling speech and repressing opposition.

It seems like Aschberg's media dictatorship is coming to an end. Another alt news journalist, Joakim Lamotte, has been filming foreign gangs roaming the streets of Sweden. He has attracted more than 200 k followers on FB. This is of course dangerous for the Swedish tyrants; hence Aschberg demonized Lamotte in Swedish media.

In response Lamotte invited Aschberg to come with him to a suburb full of muslim criminal gangs. Aschberg never replied. Muslims blame Rabani's death on Aschberg.

A persistent rumour states that Aschberg belongs to the class of satanist jewish gangsters that control the world. Given his Jewish ancestors and their key roles in financing the bolshevik revolution, this makes sense.

His father Sven Aschberg got $50 million from the French government for the supposed "loss" of the stolen Russian tsarist treasures that his father had "acquired" during the Russian revolution.



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