Thursday, December 12, 2019

America Is an Occupied Country

Ed.'s note: If you want to know what is coming at America look no further than this video clip since now many observers think the US and Israel are going to be taken into a large war in 2020. For a better analysis of why this is more than likely, readers are encouraged to read the sobering essay Saker message: a thank you, a "state of the blog" report and a "perfect storm" warning. What "white" Americans need to focus on is that you are not "white," so don't allow the Jewish-owned media to control this discourse. Whatever your ethnicity is identify with that, for example, German-Irish, Polish-German, French-Spanish or whatever, you are not "white." Understand fully Mike Pompeo is a Christian-Zionist completely captured by this dysfunctional historical and deceptive lie that could potentially get a lot of people killed considering the content of the previous linked essay.

Pompeo and Herzog at German synagogue where antisemitic attack occured 

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