Sunday, February 24, 2019

In Face of Yellow-Vest Critics, France Moves to Criminalize Anti-Zionism

Source: Unz Review

Guillaume Durocher • February 24, 2019 • 17 Comments

Alain Finkielkraut being confronted by yellow-vest protesters.

This Day in Jewish History / An Aspiring Banker Marries Up

Source: Haaretz

Jacob Schiff fell in love with the boss's daughter; he would eventually run his father-in-law's firm and become one of the leading figures in the American banking world.

Monday, February 18, 2019

From Chattel Slavery To Capitalism

Source: Real Currencies

February 18, 2019 • by Anthony Migchels

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sunday, February 17, 2019

When the Technology is In Place Then We Will Have Our Holy War

Source: The Ugly Truth

How the rule of the rabbis is fueling a holy war in Israel 

13 February 2019

ed note–an absolute 'must read' and especially for those who insist upon remaining permanent residents on Fantasy Island vis the often-repeated yet baseless assertion that Israel is not a theocratic state based upon the violent and racist teachings of the Torah.

Meet the Schumers

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Brazil (2019) - Drone Footage showing the damage created by the de broken dam

Source: Common Dreams

'We Have Entered the Age of Environmental Breakdown': Report Details World on Edge of Runaway Collapse

A new report from U.K. researchers is being praised as "absolutely brilliant," "essential reading for policymakers," and "a clarion wake-up call to the world."

by Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A resident of Orange, Texas walks through his flooded neighborhood on September 5, 2017 in Orange, Texas. Almost a week after Hurricane Harvey, some neighborhoods remained flooded. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Monday, February 11, 2019

Being Marco Rubio

Source: The Unz Review

The boyish senator from Florida is owned by the Israel Lobby

by Philip Giraldi • February 12, 2019 • 2 Comments

Americans consistently indicate in opinion polls that they approve of congress less than any other part of the federal government. The approval rating is sometimes in the single digits. As the congress was intended, per the Founders, to serve as the direct link to the American people, there is a certain irony in its being the most despised branch of government.

The Broken Presidential Destiny of JFK, Jr.

Source: The Unz Review

Israel's "Kennedy Curse"?

Laurent Guyénot • February 11, 2019 • 57 Comments

On July 16, 1999, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior was flying his private Piper Saratoga II, with his wife Carolyn Bessette and his sister-in-law Lauren Bessette. He was to drop Lauren off at Martha's Vineyard, then fly on with Carolyn to Hyannis Port for the wedding of his cousin, Rory Kennedy, the following day. At 9:39, as he was approaching Martha's Vineyard airport, John radioed the control tower for landing instructions, giving no sign of difficulty. At 9:41 p.m., witnesses heard and saw an explosion in the sky, at the precise moment when John's plane suddenly plummeted into the ocean at the radar-recorded speed of 4,700 feet per minute. The next day, pieces of luggage from the plane were found floating nearly two miles away from the point of last radar contact.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Brief Look at Jewish Wealth

Source: The Occidental Observer

February 7, 2019 / 0 Comments / in General / by Thomas Dalton

Throughout history, the power and influence of the Jewish Lobby has been legendary. This power in turn derives not from political might, nor from popular support, nor from moral rectitude, nor from God. It is, simply, the power of money. The wealthy have always held disproportionate influence in their societies, typically to the benefit of individuals or their families. But when a distinct ethnic minority works more or less collectively, with great wealth behind them then that minority can exercise massively disproportionate power. This power is amplified by Jewish power deriving from ownership of media in the media age, their position as creators of media content (here, p. lvi), and their influence on elite culture, particularly in the academic world.

Need an Iron Dome?

Source: Middle East Eye

US army to purchase Iron Dome systems from Israel

US military says Iron Dome missile defence system manufactured by Israeli defence contractors 'will be assessed and experimented'

Israel's Iron Dome system has received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from Washington (AFP/File photo)

By MEE and agencies • 6 February 2019

The United States of Lockheed Martin - Bolshevik Plan: The Democratic Party by Stealth Converts America to a Communist State While Defense Contactors Build the Deep State

Source: Headlines With a Voice

Bernard Lietaer Has Died

Source: Real Currencies

by Anthony Migchels • February 6, 2019

Bernard Lietaer has died yesterday, or by now the day before yesterday, February 4th.


I only met him once, and know nothing of him personally, but his work has a special place in my heart.

When Bill Still's Money Masters film suddenly shook me out of my political immaturity, the first real question I had was: 'ok, when Bankers rule, they’ll rule through money. So I better find out what the hell money actually is.'

This was a quite pertinent question, and I remember that stage vividly. And within days, in a completely natural synchronicity, Bernard's essential book, ‘Het Geld van de Toekomst', 'The Future of Money' landed in my lap.

The Long Road Home The Spin War US Army Documents Reveal Massive Support for 'Long Road Home' Miniseries, Possible Fraud at Military's Entertainment Liaison Office

Source: Mint Press News

The US Army provided such extensive support for National Geographic's drama, The Long Road Home, that the series likely could not have been made without Pentagon approval.

February 07th, 2019 • By Tom Secker

The National Geographic drama series, "The Long Road Home," tells a version of the story of the battle for Sadr City in 2004, a key moment in Iraq War, and newly-released emails and other documents from the United States Army detail the extensive military support for the TV series and how the Pentagon repeatedly bent its own rules on providing assistance to entertainment productions.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Saker interview with Michael Hudson on Venezuela, February 7, 2019

Source: The Saker

February 7, 2019

Introduction: There is a great deal of controversy about the true shape of the Venezuelan economy and whether Hugo Chavez' and Nicholas Maduro's reform and policies were crucial for the people of Venezuela or whether they were completely misguided and precipitated the current crises. Anybody and everybody seems to have very strong held views about this. But I don't simply because I lack the expertise to have any such opinions. So I decided to ask one of the most respected independent economists out there, Michael Hudson, for whom I have immense respect and whose analyses (including those he co-authored with Paul Craig Roberts) seem to be the most credible and honest ones you can find. In fact, Paul Craig Roberts considers Hudson the "best economist in the world"!

OMG! Hoaxter Joshua Kaufman appears as Trump's guest at SOTU

Source: Carolyn Yeager

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Joshua Kaufman in his Commie worker's costume, and Herman Zietchik wave from the balcony of the House of Representatives chamber after being introduced by President Donald Trump.

Dirty Secrets of Gardasil's Los Angeles Fraud Trial

Source: Vimeo

Robert Kennedy Jr. was among legal teams in an LA lawsuit continuing Feb. 7th, 2019 alleging Merck committed fraud in clinical trials for its Gardasil vaccine. Fintan Dunne presents shocking details of Merck's outrageous alleged fraud and latest analysis of the flaws in the manufacturing of Gardasil and other vaccines including DPT and Hep B.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Whatever Happened to Peak Oil?

Source: NEO

December 31, 2018 • by F. William Engdahl

Back during the early days of the Bush-Cheney administration, countless articles and even official statements by the International Energy Agency and various governments proclaimed the onset of what was termed Peak Oil. This was a time when former Halliburton CEO, Vice President Dick Cheney, was named to head the White House Energy Task Force. In the run up to the March 2003 war on Iraq, peak oil or absolute decline in world oil reserves seemed a plausible explanation, if not justification, for the G.W. Bush invasion of Iraq. This author was also for a time persuaded that could explain the oil war. Yet, today we hear little about peak oil. Why, is interesting.

Russia's secret war

Source: The Saker

 February 5, 2019

Russia's secret war by Time Forward! project and Evgeny Super

Preliminary Indicators for Military Assault on Venezuela

February 5, 2019

Infodefensa has a problem with their "all rights reserved" policy so we have linked their article here indicating that "contractors are being sourced" for a possible landing of US military personnel and possibly PMCs in Colombia. The article "US Probes Possible Contractors to Send Troops to Colombia" can be read from the link posted here:

Monday, February 4, 2019

Aapertura Petrolera Regime Change for Profit: Chevron, Halliburton Cheer On US Venezuela Coup

Source: Mint Press News

If Guaidó comes to power and privatizes PDVSA, U.S. oil companies — with Chevron and Halliburton leading the pack — stand to make record profits in the world's most oil-rich nation, as they did in Iraq following the privatization of its national oil industry after U.S. intervention.

by Whitney Webb • February 04th, 2019

Netanyahu's Brand of Tolerance for Anti-Semitism Goes Back 120 Years

Source: Consortium News

January 31, 2019 • 35 Comments

The Israeli prime minister's ease with neo-Nazism and revisionist Holocaust history are not as surprising as they might seem, writes Daniel Lazare.

By Daniel Lazare

Special to Consortium News

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Capitalism Is Jewish Usury

Source: Real Currency

by Anthony Migchels • June 5, 2014

(Left: William III of Orange, who made the migration of Jewish Capitalism from Amsterdam to Britain possible.)

Capitalism is Usury. Its defining belief is 'return on investment'. This is an extension of the 'time value' of money, which is the central tenet of modern economics. Capitalism is unthinkable without banking and banking is institutionalized Usury.

Usury is Plutocracy. Compound interest makes it unavoidable that the very richest own everything in generations.

And this is indeed what happened: Capitalism is one huge global monopoly. All the major banks own each other and most Transnationals plus a huge chunk of land. This juggernaut was built with the plunder of Usury.

A Liberal Elite Still Luring Us Towards the Abyss

Source: The Unz Review

by Jonathan Cook • January 31, 2019 • 102 Comments 

Bernard-Henri Levy

A group of 30 respected intellectuals, writers and historians has published a manifesto bewailing the imminent collapse of Europe and its supposed Enlightenment values of liberalism and rationalism. The idea of Europe, they warn, "is falling apart before our eyes", as Britain prepares for Brexit and "populist and nationalist" parties look poised to make sweeping gains in elections across the continent.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Biggest Fentanyl Bust in History: Border Patrol Seizes Enough Drugs "To Kill 57 Million People"

Source: Zero Hedge

by Tyler Durden • Thursday 01/31/2019

Just days after we reported that the Massachusetts Attorney General is suing the makers of OxyContin, the deadly nature of America's opioid crisis has again reared its ugly head: US border patrol agents just made the largest Fentanyl bust in the country's history, confirming that this nationwide epidemic is worse than ever.

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