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London's Entry for Stupidest Story of the Year just in time for Black Friday!

Ed.'s note: Alexandre de Tocqueville described regime de la terreur as a "methodology to make the masses familiar with the realities created by elites." Here on this bridge you have the perfect example of "regime de la terreur." Just when the Conservative Party launched an election this "terror" event went down. In UK politics, when there is a terror event Brits will vote conservatively. It's likely the Labour Party probably knew the wave of attacks during the last election caused people to vote with conservatives.

The "terror" suspect was already disarmed and subdued. The police could have approached him to easily have placed cuffs on him. He could have been easily taken into custody for interrogation to gain what could have been valuable intelligence. Instead he is shot dead. This is how the psychopaths in the UK operate. It's obvious the Conservative Party didn't need a mass terror slaughter event this time to convince the British people when a simple bridge terror incident would work just as well. Consider this "terror" attack as an insurance policy for the Conservative Party. What are they "conserving?" Their psychopathic power.

First published November 30, 2019

Let me just see if I have this straight. The London Bridge stabber is Usman Khan? The Mayor of London is Sadiq Khan? And that's just a coincidence? And Sadiq Khan is from Tooting? And we aren't supposed to laugh?

After Usman Khan stabbed several people, he was controlled by a guy wielding a narwhal tusk, a guy with a fire extinguisher, and a convicted murderer named James Ford? Who is writing this stuff, Monty Python? Man, these MI6 guys must be bored! Ford is currently serving a life sentence which started in 2004? Isn't that just 15 years ago? And if he is serving a life sentence, what was he doing on London Bridge? We are told he was on day-release. So they release convicted murderers for the day in London, do they, so they can attend Cambridge spook conferences on London Bridge? Good to know. Should cut down on tourism a bit.

Ford allegedly murdered a girl named Amanda Champion. No, tell me that is not Champion, as in the Champions of the peerage, including the Baron Champion, and also including the Champions de Crespigny, descended from the Manners, Dukes of Rutland? And Ford himself couldn't be of the peerage Fords, related to the Champions,* could he? No, that would be entirely too pat and predictable.

Usman Khan had previously been convicted of terrorism in 2012 for planning to bomb the London Stock Exchange? Really? But he was attending this Cambridge University conference on prison rehabilitation, which just happened to be scheduled for Fishmonger's Hall on London Bridge? That's perfectly logical, right? But seriously, I think tourists should be alerted to this, don't you? Did you know they were scheduling street conferences for convicted murderers and terrorists in downtown London? That may affect my future travel plans, how about you? But, you know, it makes sense: I mean, why deport this guy Khan or jail him when you can use him again and again? They have video posted of him almost twelve years ago in 2008, wrapped in a turban, already talking about terrorism. He was seventeen then. I guess they won't be using him again after this. . . unless they change his name. Maybe they can change it to Bo Muhammad Johnson.

Khan's first named victim is Jack Merritt of Cambridge University? Could that be right? This guy?

He couldn't be using this event to fake his death and go into MI6, could he? No, he doesn't look like the sort to do that. No one from Trinity College, Cambridge, ever did that, did they? And he couldn't be a peerage ponce, too, could he? [Note that he is wearing earrings in both ears and is wearing three rings on his hands.] No, he doesn't look like Matt Damon at all, does he? I am sure he doesn't think he is Good Will Hunting. So he probably isn't related to the Merritts/Merretts of the peerage, including the Merretts of Pondhead Farm, Surrey, relatives of the Stewart Baronets and the Conyngham Earls and the Douglases, Marquesses of Queensbury. We should also probably ignore the possible link to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown through these Douglases—who married these Browns back in 1935. And he can't be related to the Merritts of South Africa, tying us to the Powys baronets and the Petty- FitzMaurice marquesses and the Chases and Bennetts. He just doesn't have that look about him.

Merritt is pictured several times with "his Mum", but she is never once named? Curious. Did I read this right: At The Mirror, the first sentence of the story is

The first victim of the London Bridge terror attack has been named as a Cambridge University graduate and rehab worker who was a "champion" for ex-cons.

Why is “champion” in quotes? It is repeated a second time, again in quotes, in case you missed it the first time. Is that a clue linking us back to the Champions above? No, it couldn't be, it is too obvious. And did I hear Merritt's father David right? Did he say

My son, Jack, who was killed in this attack, would not wish his death to be used as the pretext for more draconian sentences or for detaining people unnecessarily.

He couldn't have said that, could he? Yes, David, by all means, let all the murderers out on the streets to stab innocent people to death for no apparent reason, since we wouldn't want to detain them unnecessarily. After all, it is normal for fathers to be unaffected by the murders of their sons, and it would be unnecessary for them to get worked up over it.

And why, pray tell, are there so many pictures posted of Jack Merritt drinking wine and champagne, seeming to toast himself? This couldn't be another clue thrown in our faces, surely? He couldn't be toasting his successful death-faking and entry into covert ops, could he?

Please go to Updates to read the entire article.

More related material and as you would already conclude, Sir Richard Dearlove (what the hell kind of a name for a psychopath is "dear love?") is a signatory of the neo-Conservative Henry Jackson Society principles that makes him part of the Conservative Party. Ever wonder what those principles are? "Regime de la terreur" principles. These type of attacks constantly happen in the UK. Why is that with billions of British Pounds spent on security?

Jeremy Corbyn is a danger to national security who is unfit to become Prime Minister, warns former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove

Here are some of the sources where UK intelligence radicalizes young Muslims to vet them for future terror attacks:

Identifying potential terrorists: visuality, security and the channel project

Inside Prevent, the UK's controversial anti-terrorism programme

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