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The Money and Masterminds Behind Drag Queen Story Hour

Ed.'s note: This is how oligarchs destroy society and culture in America. Slaves of their passions.

Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control

Source: National Justice

By Kay Elle Lothbrook | Dec 4, 2019

Drag Queen Story Hour is a troubling phenomenon that has swept the nation, starting in approximately 2016. Libraries all over the country, from rural Iowa to downtown NYC have hosted men, dressed as flamboyant caricatures of women, in tight sequined dresses, sky high heels and garish makeup, to promote gender bending, homosexuality and cross-dressing to minors.

There have been a series of damning videos smuggled out of a number of these events, depicting the drag queens engaged in lewd acts such as stripping in front of children, prancing down catwalks as children hold out dollar bills as if they're in a strip club, and one such set of photos from The Ames Iowa Public Library shows a drag queen laying on the ground as pre-school and toddler aged children climb on top of him, where they grope his "breasts" as he grins. These events began with the performer merely reading a story to children in a traditional "story time" format, but in the wake of June 2019, the Pride month that gave even the most dedicated accelerationists whiplash, many of these events have become less about literacy and more about simply performing drag fetish shows for children.

On the surface, Drag Queen Story Time is presented as a great way for little kids to learn about tolerance, dress up, acceptance and play; never mind that there are a plethora of other ways to teach those same lessons to children that don't involve exposing impressionable and often vulnerable young people to sexually deviant grown men dressed in slutty women's clothing.

In fact, many of critic's worst assumptions about this program are well-founded.

It has been well publicized that The Houston Texas Public Library hosted two registered sex offenders at their children's program. All public servants who work professionally with children, from nurses, to teachers, to coaches and bus drivers go through a rigorous screening process prior to interacting with children, including an FBI background check, fingerprinting, drug screenings and child abuse trainings.

Drag Queen Story Time "performers" are not subject to any of this scrutiny before they are left alone with kids. There have been multiple cases in recent years of teachers being fired for overly risque social media posts, yet the drag queens' social media accounts are rife with profanity, nudity, drug references and sadomasochistic sexual imagery. In no objective sense can these individuals be considered positive role models. The transparency of Drag Queen Story Hour as a vehicle for the indoctrination of children and as a campaign against family values has not been lost on the general public. A recent poll conducted by Sonia Poulton found that 88% of respondents were opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour. The vast majority of Americans find the idea of drag queens reading to children in public libraries somewhere between morally repugnant and absurd.

The grassroots organizations Mass Resistance and 500 Moms Strong have been established to fight this astroturfed cultural attack around the country. Why then, if the vast majority of the public is so opposed to such a program, is it not only allowed to continue but to flourish? Why when local mothers gather to protest drag queens in Spokane Washington libraries are the police snipers trained on the quietly praying mothers? Why is it that despite public opinion and organized grass root resistance, that you may soon see a drag queen at a library near you?

The Rise of the Political Library

Very wealthy people want men in pink wigs with fake eyelashes and glitter in their beards spending time with your children.

To find out why Drag Queen Story Hour has become so ubiquitous and successful one need look no further than the lavishly funded non-profit, the American Library Association. On the surface the ALA sounds like an innocuous, administrative governmental agency overseeing American public libraries. This is not the case, the ALA is an opportunistic, agenda driven political vehicle, hiding behind it’s historically good reputation, used by wealthy elites to disseminate poisonous ideologies to children under the cloak of education.

With more than 57,000 dues paying members, the ALA was founded in 1876 to promote public literacy through libraries. Within 100 years of its humble and noble beginnings, the association was corrupted and utilized as a vehicle to push anti-social agendas. In the 1930's due to pressure from within, the ALA began to be more responsive to issues put forth by young members involved with issues such as peace, segregation, library unions and intellectual freedom.

By 1969 the ALA`had formed a number of notable social justice oriented sub-organizations. Established in 1969, the Social Responsibilities Round Table currently oversees a number of task forces including the 'Feminist Task Force,' the 'International Responsibilities Task Force,' the 'Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Task Force (MLKTF),' 'The Rainbow Project Task Force,' and the 'Task Force on the Environment.'

According to their website, the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) has worked to make the American Library Association (ALA) more "democratic." Their primary focus is to promote social responsibility as a core value in librarianship and to ensure that libraries and librarians work to recognize and solve social problems in their community.

In 1970, the ALA founded the first "LGBT" professional organization, called the "Task Force on Gay Liberation", now known as the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Round Table.

Israel David Fishman, the son of a Rabbi, came up with the idea to use the ALA and library system to promote "gay liberation," which in the 1970s and 80s included pedophilia.

Barbara Gittings became its coordinator in 1971. During this time, the Task Force on Gay Liberation became very active, with pressure campaigns to have books about the gay liberation movement at the Library of Congress reclassified from their original status HQ 71–471 ("Abnormal Sexual Relations, Including Sexual Crimes").

The ALA has a long history of imposing social engineering and unpopular political activism, and Drag Queen Story Hour is no different.

Please go to National Justice to read the entire article.

Source: Winter Watch

Who's Behind Drag Queen Story Hour?

December 5, 2019 | Thomas Müller

It's been well publicized that the Houston Public Library in Texas hosted two registered sex offenders for Drag Queen Story Hour. Soon after, a Texas library in Austin did the same. It was later revealed that Austin Public Library, as a matter of policy, does not conduct background checks on its guest performers for children's programs, according to a January 2019 resolution passed by the city's LGBTQ Quality of Life Advisory Commission.

Anyone who works with children — whether nurses, teachers, librarians, coaches or bus drivers -should go through a screening process. Prior to interacting with children, they should pass an FBI background check, fingerprint check, drug screening and child abuse training. But apparently there are no rules for adult men who want to read books to children about so-called diversity — provided that man is in a garish drag costume.

A recent poll conducted by Sonia Poulton found that 88% of respondents were opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour. The vast majority of Americans felt the very idea of drag queens reading to children in public libraries falls somewhere on the spectrum between morally repugnant and absurd.

Infestation and Capture of the American Library Association

The American Library Association (ALA) was founded in 1876 to promote public literacy. It has around 57,000 dues-paying members. People who could not afford books or formal schooling could educate themselves for free via their local library. It liberated knowledge in much the same way the Internet does today.

Enter Israel David Fishman (1938– 2006), the founder of the Task Force on Gay Liberation. His father was an ordained rabbi. At the age of 8, Fishman entered Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in Williamsburg, New York. At age 15, he was hospitalized and treated with electric shock therapy. He struggled with mental illness that he attributed to child abuse and incest throughout his life. Regardless, he was still a highly functioning activist and instrumental in establishing a homosexual agenda within libraries and among the hiring of librarians.

In May 1966, Fishman received a master's degree in library science from Columbia. In 1970, he became the circulation librarian at Upsala College in East Orange, New Jersey. That same year, he attended an ALA meeting in Detroit and conceived the idea of a homosexual "liberation" group within the library profession.

Thereafter, Fishman became the founder of Task Force on Gay Liberation (TFGL) — a name that was later changed to the Gay and Lesbian Task Force Round Table (GLBTRT). His group then instituted the Social Responsibilities Round Table. Ultimately, these movements were formed within the ALA itself.

The Social Responsibilities Round Table currently oversees a number of task forces, including the Feminist Task Force, the International Responsibilities Task Force, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Task Force (MLKTF), the Rainbow Project Task Force, the Task Force on the Environment, and the Over the Rainbow Committee.

In 2007, the Rainbow Project Task Force began within the ALA to promote the introduction of LGBTQ literature for children and young-adults into library collections. The group now maintains an annotated bibliography of LGBTQ titles for youth and teens, as well the yearly "Rainbow List," featuring the best of LGBTQ young-adult and children's titles.

In 2010, the GLBTRT announced a new committee: the Over the Rainbow Committee. This committee annually compiles a bibliography of books that show the GLBT community in a favorable light. The bibliographies provide guidance to libraries in the selection of positive GLBT materials. The bibliographies are split by age with the "Rainbow Book List" providing material for children and teens, and the "Over the Rainbow Book List" supplying titles for adults.

According to their website, the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) has worked to make the ALA more "democratic." Their primary focus is activism to ensure that libraries and librarians work to recognize and solve social problems in their community.

In 1992 American Libraries magazine Gay and Lesbian Task ForceIn 1992, American Libraries magazine published a photo of the GLBTRT (then known as the Gay and Lesbian Task Force) on the cover of its July/August issue, drawing both criticism and praise from the library world. Some commenters called the cover "in poor taste" and accused American Libraries of "glorifying homosexuality," while others were supportive of the move.

The round table also serves library professionals who are LGBT. One of the core values of the ALA is to to "provide a full spectrum of resources and services to the communities [they] serve." Accordingly, the GLBTRT provides an online toolkit for library professionals who want to promote or display LGBT materials. The toolkit also explains how to deal with complaints from the public.

The book "Liberating Minds" described the movers and shakers behind LGBT library infiltration. To give you some context and perspective, this small vocal LGBT minority, according to Gallup, makes up only 4.5% of the U.S. population. Furthermore, we are informed by a regular loyal Winter Watch reader, who identifies as gay, that a good segment in that community sees no good coming out of this activist agenda at this stage.

The stereotype of librarians often being gay is so strong that the ALA felt compelled not to deny it. Rather, it addressed the reality in the article "Gender Stereotypes Male Librarians Face Today."

The ALA now has more than a 50-year history of imposing social engineering. Of late, it's moved far far beyond dealing with the stereotype of the gay librarian. Yes, one of their latest attempts to push the envelope toward "inclusiveness" is Drag Queen Story Hour, which simply involves strange queer men in drag reading "Rainbow List" stories to small children.

Please go to Winter Watch to read the entire article.

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Sort of have to ask ourselves what is it with this hang-up over sex with Jews?

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