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Op-Ed: Jewish Brilliance: Synthetic Like Zirconia

Ed.'s note: Making 2020 the year to make more explicit Jewish intent for America. And don't think these Chabad Lubavitch genocidal lunatics are going to make circumstances any better for us in America. They are so dangerous and out of their minds even Israelis in Israel have decided they have had enough of Chabad's self-destructive dangerous lunacy.

Chabad Plotted Slav Genocide in 1994

(Of coarse the Truth Movement can't understand Trump's moves. Trump is a genius) Many American Jews are worried Trump's executive order on anti-Semitism would do more harm than good


Source: National Justice

By Eric Striker | Dec 28, 2019

The New York Times recently published an opinion piece by its gun-grabbing, open borders in-house "conservative" columnist Bret Stephens asserting that Ashkenazi Jews are an elite race by nature of their superior hereditary, culture and soul.

For sure, there are Jews of exceptional intellect and ability, but this is true for most races. Stephen's dictation is an evacuation straight from the bowels of Zionist ideology into the minds of the liberal status quo beneath his feet. His inference is the contention that Jewish domination of Western cultural, economic and political choke points is a product of natural selection rather than nepotism and propaganda.

A cursory glance of history puts the Jews to shame.

When it comes to innovation, no nation has punched outside of its weight class like Scotland. With a modern population of 4.5 million and less than a million in England, Scots have gifted mankind with radar technology, Penicillin, the telephone, the vacuum flask and much more. Unlike abstractions like Marxism, Freudianism and Relativity, these inventions have drastically improved the lives of all human beings and taken civilization to new heights.

In the sciences, Stephens points to Jews winning Nobel prizes at a disproportionate rate as evidence of their genius. Yet it is Swedes, with a population smaller than Jewry, who have discovered 20 elements on the Periodic Table, only slightly trailing the United Kingdom (24) and America (21) in the race to understand the hidden nuances of the world around us.

As a complement to Nordic scientific prowess, the smallest branch of the Latin-Mediterranean race, Portugal - a nation which during the 1500s had a population of less than 2 million - rose to prominence in the Age of Discovery, helping man fill an otherwise blank map of the globe.

Despite being a tiny sliver of land off the Iberian peninsula surrounded by hostile powers, Portugal had by the 16th century developed ships that shattered European limitations in sea travel (the equivalent of going to space at the time) to circumnavigated Earth and split claims to much of the newly discovered world with Spain at the Treaty of Tordesillas. The plucky Portuguese had a presence seemingly everywhere, with holdings and ports as far as Japan and India, not to mention permanent cultural and racial imprints in Africa and Latin America.

What, in comparison, are the major achievements of the booming Ashkenazi Jewish population during this time period? They may have a presence on every continent today, but only thanks to infrastructure and discoveries by nations like Portugal.

The biggest hole in the contemporary race theories Stephens quotes, by delineating Ashkenazis from Sephardics, is that the rise and fall in prominence of the two groups coincides with the arc of their hosts. When Latins ruled the world, it was Sephardics (including those expelled from Spain) who composed the elite of world Jewry in Britain, Holland, and so on. With Anglo-Saxon powers, Germany and the ethnic go-between of France taking Spain and Portugal's place as superpowers, suddenly Ashkenazis woke up to find themselves in the driver's seat. This suggests civilizational parasitism, not independent genius.

We can see other examples of Jewish underachievement in the Classical world. New studies show that the Roman Empire at its peak had a citizen population of 5 million, while estimates of the Jewish population in times before Christ range from 3 to 8 million (Josephus claimed 1.1 million Jews died during the First Roman-Jewish War alone). Jews are purported to have had large armies and empires, but they were largely pastoralists who shared more in common with the Mongols in their violent disdain for high culture and intolerance, leaving behind few literary or technological achievements. Even the Western Wall, which Jews claim is their ancient Temple, is nothing more than the remnant of a Roman army fort.

Please go to National Justice to read the entire article.


Source: The Unz Review

The Year of War Against Anti-Semitism

Everyone is doing it


One might think that 2019 was the year war was declared against anti-Semitism judging from the pronouncements of politicians in Washington, London, Paris and Berlin. To be sure, Israel and its diaspora friends have continued to play the "anti-Semitism" card whenever their behavior is challenged but the international passion to extirpate the "new anti-Semitism" to include any and all criticism of Israel is something quite special that is being backed up by punitive legislation.

In one of its more recent victory laps, British Zionists are toasting Mazel Tov in their Hanukkah celebrations over their part in the defeat of Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn was demonized personally by the British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis shortly before the December election and was unfairly labeled an anti-Semite by the Jewish media over his antipathy towards Israeli actions and his willingness to recognize the suffering of the Palestinians. From now on, no British politician will be willing to challenge Jewish power in the U.K. Indeed, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who claims some Jewish ancestry and spent some time in his youth on a kibbutz, has already pledged to make any criticism of Israel illegal in Britain. Moving the British Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will no doubt soon follow.

Meanwhile, and as a direct result of the unwillingness to confront Israel in any meaningful way, war crimes committed by the Jewish state proliferate. Every Friday there is a shooting gallery along the fence with Gaza, where unarmed Palestinian protesters are targeted by Israeli snipers. And in November, Israel conducted a series of air strikes on the Gaza Strip after its assassination of a senior Islamic Jihad commander and his wife. At least 34 Palestinians were reported killed and more than 100 wounded in the two days of bombardment while no Israelis were killed. An attack on the makeshift home of the al-Sawarka family killed eight members of the family, including children. A week later, a ninth member of the family, Mohammed al-Sawarka, died from from his injuries.

The Israeli army carried out a perfunctory investigation of the deaths and concluded that that the army's intelligence section had made a mapping mistake that included the family home as part of an Islamic Jihad "compound." So a filing error led to the deaths of nine innocent civilians in one family and, of course, no one in the Israeli military was in any way punished or even reprimanded. Or even apologized.

And when it is pushed to do so, Israel uses the anti-Semitism weapon to render itself completely unaccountable in spite of its war crimes. The recent announcement by the International Criminal Court (ICC) that it is looking into possible crimes relating to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict has produced a quick response from Washington and Jerusalem. The Trump Administration, fearful lest one crime lead to investigation of another, is concerned lest atrocities committed by U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq become the fodder for a subsequent inquiry, has reiterated its claim that the ICC has no jurisdiction over it as the U.S. has never recognized its authority. Washington has also revoked a visa held by chief prosecutor of the ICC, has threatened more visa refusals, and is also threatening sanctions as reprisals, claiming that the court is "illegitimate" while also vowing that the Trump Administration would do everything "to protect [American] citizens".

In Israel meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sought to shore up his sputtering attempt to remain in office by denouncing the inquiry itself as "anti-Semitism." He made the claim while using Judaism's holy Western Wall as a backdrop during a candle-lighting ceremony marking the start of the eight-days of Hanukkah, saying "New edicts are being cast against the Jewish people – anti-Semitic edicts by the International Criminal Court telling us that we, the Jews standing here next to this wall … in this city, in this country, have no right to live here and that by doing so, we are committing a war crime." He called it "Pure anti-Semitism."

Back in the United States the war on anti-Semitism initiated by President Donald Trump and endorsed by both parties in Congress is running full speed ahead. The first lawsuit linked to the Trump executive order signed on Hanukkah that creates a mechanism for defunding universities that do not protect the "civil rights" of their Jewish students has been filed by a Israeli student at Columbia University. His lawyer Brooke Goldstein claims that the university is in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for “discrimination against Jews." He added that "We drafted and filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), which is, to my knowledge, the first action of its kind since Trump's executive order.”

Goldstein is the executive director of The Lawfare Project, which has been engaged in Jewish and Israeli advocacy. Her client, Jonathan Karten, a senior at Columbia University, alleges that he was on the receiving end of anti-Semitism on campus. The Trump executive order broadens the definition of discrimination by implying that "Jewish" is a nationality while also accepting that criticism of Israel constitutes anti-Semitism.

Goldstein claims that Karten "has been ridiculed and embarrassed because of his religion and his national identity" on campus, most particularly by members of the group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Karten claims that he was called "a Zionist pig" and other names. And Karten complains that even a professor was mean to him when he was speaking with other students at an event hosted by the Columbia chapter of Students Supporting Israel. A "Columbia professor of Arabic literature…interrupted the conversation, pointed at Jonathan and yelled, 'Don't believe a word he is saying. He is Mossad.'" According to the complaint, "Jonathan felt ridiculed and embarrassed due to someone in authority publicly targeting him, accusing him of being a spy for a foreign government because of his religion and national identity."

Karten decided to take action after a November 8th speech by a modern Arab politics and intellectual history professor named Joseph Massad. Massad reportedly gave a speech at the annual conference of the Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center, where he said that "The Oslo Accords inaugurated this process of liquidating the Palestinian national struggle while the 'Deal of the Century' plans and hopes to conclude it … The only thing standing in its way is the ongoing Palestinian resistance to Israeli settler colonialism and racism that continues inside Israel and Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza; the ongoing Marches of Return in Gaza; and the armed resistance of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades to Israeli invasions in Gaza."

Please go to The Unz Review to read the entire article.


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