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Britain Takes The Gloves Off On America

Ed.'s note: The City of London is setting us up for destruction. What are we as Americans going to do to prevent this?


MI5 informants DO have a 'Licence to KILL': Policy allowing moles to murder, kidnap and torture to maintain cover is LEGAL, tribunal rules

Source: LaRouche Pac

Recognize the Turning Point Before Us

New International Economic Order, London-Saudi Global Terror, Stop WWIII

Friday, December 27, 2019

President Donald J. Trump talks to visitors and White House staff members on the South Lawn of the White House Wed. Dec. 18, 2019, prior to boarding Marine One to begin his trip to Michigan. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

The very impeachment process unleashed by the United States' historic British enemy with the intent to destroy the U.S. Republic for all time, could well bring about instead the eradication of the British oligarchical system from the face of the Earth, and the rebirth of the United States as a beacon of hope and liberty for all mankind that American statesman Lyndon LaRouche spent his life fighting for.

LaRouchePAC organizers across the United States report that great numbers of the American people sense that a turning point in national affairs has been reached, in which they are called to act. Revulsion is sweeping the country against an impeachment so disgustingly fraudulent, rammed through by the war-mongering Establishment elite which has destroyed U.S. industry, agricultural, livelihoods and culture for decades, and at the beginning of the election year, to boot.

The dangers are real, and treachery abounds; that the Senate, where the immediate impeachment battlefield is about to shift, is no bastion of patriotism and guts is evident.

But, seen from the standpoint of Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the moment is reminiscent of the weeks of turmoil in 1989 which culminated in the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the subsequent collapse of the entire Soviet system. And not only within the United States.

The failed Establishment “elite” of the United States and Europe are like the East German leadership, blind to the processes of change underway, tolerating no dissent, who thought they and their system would rule forever, right up to the moment they were swept out of power, she pointed out in discussions today.

Going into 2020, we are at a momentous branching point for all humanity. If the coup d'état against the American Presidency is reversed; if the Americas and Europe can join with the Belt and Road Initiative; if, above all, we can return to the best Classical traditions of our thinking—as expressed in the living legacy of Lyndon LaRouche—then shall we resolve the fundamental questions of war and peace, of backwardness and development, that are before us.

LaRouche always urged his fellow Americans to recognize that "we in the United States are responsible, more than in other country," to crush that failed elite and their deadly policies. "Not because we committed the crime—the British created the crime," LaRouche said; "but because we were complicit; but also, because we have in our hands, in the United States, the means to create the possible cure, of the great suffering, which the trans-Atlantic region as a whole is suffering," as he put in his 2010 Christmas message.

"We have the principle which was contributed to our Constitution, the design of our Constitution, under the influence of Alexander Hamilton, who was then Treasury Secretary for the United States," to seize control of our economy back from Wall Street and the City of London. "If we apply the Glass-Steagall application, which is the echo of Hamilton's contribution to the U.S. Constitution, then we have in our hands the means to solve the problem in the United States, and by doing that, we have the means to assist Europe and other countries, from getting out of the mess, too."

Through LaRouche's now-famous "Four Laws," the United States can initiate the greatest recovery programs ever conceived, for itself, and for mankind. Once the U.S. starts in that direction, Europe can join it, LaRouche insisted. "And the recovery of Europe would mean that the dangers to Asia, are eliminated, because our getting Europe back into business will mean that China, which is already doing an excellent job, within its means, will be able to extend that; India will do things similarly. Other Asian nations will get in on it. We will have, before us, then, a 30- to 50-year period, of rebuilding the world, as a whole, to a real state of permanent prosperity, and to achievements which have been beyond the imagination of most people, today."

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