Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Look What the Bolsheviks Are Doing In California: Disenfranchising Republicans (Conservatives)

Ed.'s note: There is unbelievable criminality going on in California. Look at these ballots in California when you register to vote. The ballots do not indicate being able to vote Republican. This ballot is for Shasta County, California. The ballot only indicates 4 parties and not the Republican Party. How is it even possible the Bolsheviks (Democrats) in California can get away with this kind of criminality? This is clearly a con and people in California who vote Republican are having their votes taken away from them especially if they live in Northern California. The County Clerk, a Cathy Darling Allen, for Shasta County, California is in charge of this and she didn't put the Republican Party on the ballot. She made it impossible to vote Republican or if you are a conservative. Then if you decide to vote by mail, you can only vote if you are an American Independent, Democrat or a Libertarian. The Democrats are setting up all kinds of hoops people have to jump through in order to vote.

News update on the liberal sh*thole state of California for 5 June 2020: Illusion Of Prosperity Shattered As California Makes Its Case For Federal Bailout

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