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Bolsheviks Move on Virginia

Ed.'s note: The US media is not as to be expected reporting on the circumstances unfolding in Virginia concerning gun ownership. If the Bolsheviks get away with this in Virginia, they will take down one state after another next will be California where there is an alleged "secret army." The most alarming aspect of this is that it is now alleged the state of Virginia is contracting with PMCs to prepare to set up roadblocks in Virginia. This is going to lead to a shooting which is intentional if this is true. The time has arrived just like we all knew it would for over 40 years. The time to hit the streets so get off your keyboards. History shows that "tumult is a companion to democracy and when ordinary politics fails, the people must take to the streets." EXTREME CAUTION: The Bolsheviks (democrats) in control want violence and shooting ("kinetic engagement"). Take all necessary precautions to NOT provoke anyone or escalate circumstances while always advocating domestic tranquillity which is the purpose of state militias. Note the Jewish financial terrorist George Soros buying Virginia state prosecutor races.

Riot Acts

Source: Natural News

Virginia Gov. plans to use road blocks and UN troops to seize guns – Dave Hodges interviews Mike Adams – full interview

Friday, December 20, 2019 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) A nefarious scheme is under way in Virginia to provoke shooting conflicts as a justification to invoke martial law, seize all firearms from private citizens and maybe even call for the UN occupation of America.

I've been researching and writing about these treacherous scheme for several days, and yesterday, Dave Hodges asked me to join him for an audio interview to discuss the subject.

Here's Dave's full text and video, courtesy of

Anyone who knows me or follows my work understands the profound respect I have for Mike Adams. Mike, once again exceeded my expectations. I was recently given a task to investigate the possibility of California and Virginia imposing roadblocks to seize guns and force a violent series of confrontations culminating in civil war which is exactly what the desperate Deep State desires.

I was successful in gathering some data on California, but I really had nothing on Virginia beyond what was known, until Mike dropped his bombshell. Mike stunned the Patriot community with a bombshell revelation. I called Mike to thank him for his great work and we decided to do an interview. Here is the interview.

Isn't it interesting how Mike Adams, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Paul Martin, Paul Preston and all the rest of my friends and colleagues in the Independent media can perform such great and ground-breaking research and the MSM produces nothing by recycled propaganda?

As an aside, this interview with Mike Adams is earth-shattering because it lets people know what's coming so they can prepare to meet the challenges that are coming upon us. In this report, it is safe to say that Mike Adams is saving lives.

Before you listen to the following interview, please know that I am now finding confirming information on California, which matches Virginia, which somewhat matches what Mike is saying here. I will leave you with one teaser. Governor Newsome inherited a "secret army" from Governor Brown and they are going to be fully employed. I have much more but the findings will come in a later report.

Warning, this reports contains uncensored reality and every American should take this report as a direct threat on the welfare and lives of every American who opposes the communist takeover of our country.

Here is my interview with Mike Adams.

Governor of Virginia Vs the People of the United States 


Source: WTOP

Fauquier County latest in Virginia to pass resolution backing Second Amendment

By Teddy Gelman | December 24, 2019

The Fauquier County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Monday night to adopt a resolution designating the county as a "Constitutional County."

Though different in name from the "Second Amendment Sanctuary" designations adopted by neighboring Virginia counties over the past few weeks, Fauquier's resolution is effectively the same.

The county's board voted 5-0 to adopt the resolution, which states that the county strongly opposes any laws that restrict the right to keep and bear arms.

It also makes clear that the county's board condemns any threats from Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and other elected officials to withhold money from counties that have gone on record in support of the Second Amendment.

The resolution does not state that the county would block the enforcement of any gun laws taken up in 2020.

A wave of resolutions backing the Second Amendment have been passed by Virginia counties, including Prince William, Stafford, Spotsylvania and Culpeper counties, as Democrats prepare to take control of the General Assembly next month. Democratic party leaders in Virginia have signaled their intentions to take up gun control measures.

Fauquier's resolution also calls on the state to provide more money for gun safety research and mental health services.

Please go to WTOP to read the entire article.

Virginia Plans on Jailing Gun Owners, 2877 


It begins: Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws

Police officer to Virginia politicians: We took an oath, and real cops won't confiscate firearms.

When The Shooting Starts It Will Start In Virginia

Pennsylvania Being Sued Over "Ghost Gun" Rule

Ten things that could ignite a full-blown civil war in 2020… and any of these ten could happen AT ANY TIME

Wrong kind of record: 2019 was year of most US mass murders ever – study

Walter Williams: Gun rights endangered in Virginia

The Bolshevik Michael Bloomberg contaminates the discussion as usual.

Democrat presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg claims "21 students are shot every day" under President Trump.

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