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Stephen Schwarzman: China's Lobbyist, Trump's "Advisor"/Saboteur

Ed.'s note: Some back ground information would be helpful on Stephen A. Schwarzman, the Blackstone Group and the Schwarzman Scholars. What we can see is the Blackstone Group under Stephen Schwarzman are heavily invested in both Israel and China.

20 Things You Didn't Know about Stephen Schwarzman

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Blackstone in talks to buy 40 pct of Israel cyber firm NSO -report 

WhatsApp row: Company that backed Israeli cyber technology company NSO Group has an 'India connection'

Blackstone buys Shanghai office and mall project from Singapore’s Mapletree Investments for US$1.25 billion

Source: The New American

Thursday, 23 August 2018 | by William F. Jasper

President Donald Trump may be famously riled over China's "very unfair" trade practices and its "economic aggression" against the United States, but Stephen Schwarzman (shown), one of his former top business advisors, remains famously bullish on investment in China. While President Trump is attempting to block Beijing's "Made In China 2025" master plan for technology supremacy, Schwarzman is doing all within his power to help the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) successfully carry out its central-planning blueprint for global dominance.

Schwarzman is the CEO of the Blackstone Group, reportedly "the world's largest private equity firm and private real estate investor." When it comes to investment in China, Schwarzman is recognized as the dealmaker with unparalleled access. The Washington Post has referred to him as "the New York investor, who has one of the closest relationships to Beijing of any American executive."

Toxic Prescription

On August 15, Blackstone announced its latest China deal, a $400 million investment in YiChang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co. (HEC Pharma). In financial terms, the HEC deal is not huge, as Blackstone’s investments go. In June 2017, for example, it sold Logicor, a logistics company, for $13.8 billion to the China Investment Fund, which is but one of many investment entities controlled by the Chinese government. However, Blackstone's HEC Pharma investment should be sending danger signals to American political and business leaders, as well as to consumers and health professionals. For one thing, it is certain to provide assistance to Xi Jinping's "Made In China 2025" campaign, which specifically targets pharmaceutical production technology as one of the "core" technologies it is ramping up to dominate. More urgently important, however, is the danger that deals such as the Blackstone-HEC investment pose to the American public, which has become dependent on drugs made in China, a country notorious for contaminated food and drug products that have caused deaths and injuries worldwide. (See here, here, here, and here.)

According to Rosemary Gibson and Janardan Prasad Singh, co-authors of the newly-released book, China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America's Dependence on China for Medicine, 80 percent of the ingredients in U.S.-branded pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs originate in China or India, with the majority coming from China. This overwhelming dependence on a foreign hostile source not only compromises the health of millions of Americans, who are unsuspectingly at risk of consuming adulterated made-in-China drugs, but it also dangerously compromises our national security, warn Gibson and Singh.

Mike Osterholm agrees. He is director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota and an expert on biosecurity. "It's a major national security risk for us in two ways," said Osterholm, in a recent interview with NBC News. "We are very concerned about the quality of these drugs," he noted, but the national security implications are much more frightening. "Now we are caught up in an economic war in the sense of tariffs," Osterholm continued in the interview. "If we were ever in an international incident with China, they would literally have their hands around our necks in terms of critical drugs. They wouldn't even have to fire a shot."

The pharmaceutical field is one of the critical battlefields where China has been waging strategic economic warfare against America. “Food has been used as a weapon of war. Our medicines can be used like that, too," Ms. Gibson said, in an interview with NBC. She pointed to penicillin as Exhibit A. “Penicillin is a good example," she told NBC. "We don't make penicillin ingredients in this country anymore. That happened because Chinese companies came in and dumped it on the global market at a very low price. Now they are the largest producer of penicillin industrial ingredients in the whole world."

If the United States and China should ever go to war against each other — or even enter into confrontation short of outright war — our vulnerability on this front would be immense. However, an earthquake, tsunami, or other natural disaster or civil war in China could also disrupt America’s supply of critically-needed drugs. "It would be disastrous," says Gibson. “India still produces some of the drugs for us but most of the essential compounds for them come from China, so they would shut down too.”

"I can think of nothing that would make us more vulnerable than shutting off all these drugs we depend on every day," she said. "Hospitals would become centers of chaos and death. We are not talking about expensive designer drugs. You couldn’t do surgery. You wouldn’t have anesthesia. You couldn't provide dialysis."

Traders, Traitors, and "Scholars"

The drug safety and national security concerns of Gibson, Osterholm and other experts don't appear to perturb Schwarzman in the least. The Blackstone/HEC deal syncs up nicely with Schwarzman's big investment in Tsinghua University, which boasts one of China's premier pharmaceutical research centers. Schwarzman, who, according to Forbes' 2018 rating, has a personal net worth of $13.8 billion, donated $100 million toward building Schwarzman College at Tsinghua. Along with his namesake college, he is endowing the Schwarzman Scholars program at Tsinghua. To fund the college and scholars program, Schwarzman is reportedly on track to raise an additional $500 million from fellow billionaires in the U.S. and China. Beijing's Tsinghua University is one of China's most prestigious educational institutions and the alma mater of many of the country's top Communist Party leaders, including President Xi Jinping and former President Hu Jintao.

It is noteworthy that Schwarzman has explicitly modeled his Schwarzman Scholars program after the famous Rhodes Scholarship program. Cecil Rhodes, the legendary South African "diamond king" of fabled wealth, funded his scholarship program as a vehicle to advance his scheme for world government.

"The government of the world was Rhodes' simple desire," wrote Sarah G. Millin in her sympathetic biography, Cecil Rhodes: Empire Builder (1933). In his own words to his close confidant William Stead, Rhodes described his vision as a "scheme to take the government of the whole world." In an obituary/eulogy following Rhodes' death, the New York Times reported in 1902, that "Rhodes was indeed carried away by his tremendously exciting scheme to control the world. He wrote: 'What a scope! What a horizon of work for the next two centuries for the best energies of the best people in the world.'"
The Times further noted that toward achieving this goal of global control, "Mr. Rhodes believed the most important factor would be 'a secret society,'" to be "supported by the accumulated wealth of those whose aspiration is a desire to do something." The principle instruments of Rhodes "secret society" were (and remain) the Rhodes Scholarships, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York, and the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA, also known as Chatham House) in London. (We have reported extensively on Rhodes' scheme and the role of the Rhodes Scholarships in that scheme here, here, here, and here.)

Schwarzman is a leading member of the Rhodes-spawned CFR, and his Blackstone Group is a corporate sponsor of the Council. The Advisory Board of his Schwarzman Scholars reads like a list of the CFR's top luminaries: Henry Kissinger, Condoleezza Rice, Henry Paulson, Robert Rubin, John Thornton, Colin Powell, Richard Haass. Schwarzman College and the Schwarzman Scholars program, also include, of course, top Communist Party members of China's brutal totalitarian regime. Schwarzman's close personal relationship with President Xi Jinping, says the Washington Post's Michael Kranish, "is rooted in business: Until recently, the Chinese government had a significant stake in Blackstone, which does billions of dollars in business in China. Schwarzman has said others consider him an 'unofficial ambassador' between the countries."

The Post article by Kranish, titled "Trump's China whisperer," noted that Schwarzman's special "access was evident when, days after Trump's inauguration, Xi pulled Schwarzman aside at the 2017 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland" for "an animated conversation about Trump's perception of China."

Schwarzman was not a Trump supporter, either in the volatile 2016 Republican presidential primaries, or in the general election in November. During the 2016 primaries, he had poured $100,000 into Jeb Bush's campaign. Even after Trump won the Republican nomination, Schwarzman refused to help. However, after Trump defied establishment wisdom and defeated Hillary Clinton, the Blackstone wonderworker apparently saw the advantage of getting involved.

"Schwarzman called Trump to congratulate him on his victory and offered to help," Kranish wrote in the Post. "Trump lacked connections to corporate leaders outside of real estate, and he determined that Schwarzman would be the best person to help him develop relationships with some of the country's most influential chief executives. He asked Schwarzman to head a White House group of business advisers."

Please go to The New American to read the entire article.

Source: AIM

Cat Report

December 7, 2019

Patriots, make sure to download the links below. We found a huge rats' nest where the Pilgrims Society prepares its future "foot soldiers" who will hold positions in government and corporations around the world. This is really no different that finding the names of future ISIS fighters. This is their globalist training camp; they will be recruited for positions around the world where their "special training" is desired.

Their names and bios are put online so that globalist recruiters can find them. Our miners found it so everything you see below inside the links was available on a public platform. We preserved the website in PDF format. Thank those amazing miners at Americans for Innovation who cataloged, organized, and formatted the documents for easy searching.

Globalist recruiters know that the people presented on these pages would have been thoroughly indoctrinated in "the New World Order agenda." Schwarzman Scholars are akin to Rhodes Scholars who are also indoctrinated in Cecil Rhodes special 200-year plan to take over the world. These young men and women come from around the world. Notice how many of them have U.K and China connections. Take some time to go through the files to find bios of future bureaucrats, politicians, bankers, and corporatists for your country.

We will have plenty more to say about this group, but for now…save the records. It will become important intelligence for the patriot movement as these young globalists begin their careers as ground troops for the Pilgrims Society.


Schwarzman Scholars Awardees, all years. A Pilgrims Society, CIA, SES Rhodes Trust for China. (Accessed Dec. 08, 2019). Schwarzman Scholars. "The most significant program of its kind since the Rhodes Trust, Schwarzman Scholars is creating a historic new path for the next generation of global leaders." "Schwarzman Scholars is designed to prepare its graduates to build stronger relationships between China and a rapidly changing world and to address the most pressing challenges of the 21st Century."

Online version:

With Photos & Bios PDF

Without Photos; With University & Country List Only PDF

Without Photos; With University & Country List Only XSLX

And guess what their team colors are!

Notice the beehive logo…reminds us of other beehives we have seen with globalist indoctrination programs.

Remember Burroughs-Wellcome? What's up with the hive – are they trying to nudge us into becoming BORG with their evil hive mind, plugged into George Soros' brain and consciousness?



Jewish American billionaire Trump adviser donates £150m to Oxford University

Billionaire Trump adviser gives $10m to Israel's National Library

President Trump's 'Strategic and Policy Forum' Chairman, Jewish Billionaire, Skull & Bones' Member Stephen Schwarzman Created New World Order Scholarship Program In Communist China

Brendon O'Connell - China is Rothschild's Model for NWO

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