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"Civil War" Sides Selected: "Blue" State Against "Red" State

Ed.'s note: We did a post on a potential "civil war" (wars are not civil) erupting in America and it appears the rhetoric is being ramped up intentionally to pit "blue" states against "red" states. As a "blue" state, New York state "values" aren't keeping people there and it shows: Over one million have fled the state over the past nine years with Bloomberg reporting 300 people leaving New York (tri-state area—which encompasses New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island) every day. Many are leaving for other states including to Texas, a "red" state. California is another "blue" state and Californians are leaving in droves for the "red" state of Texas. Look at Illinois as a "blue" state with the Jewish Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker who ignores the roughly 2,000 mostly blacks being gunned down in Chicago every year. The Jewish US Senator Chuck Schumer from the "blue" state of New York is not at all happy with President Trump's position on guns. Schumer wants to control what types of guns Americans should have.

Schumer 'not encouraged' by gun conversation with Trump 

Why are Americans even allowing states to be defined as either "red" or "blue"? The Jewish oligarch Michael Bloomberg announced his presidential 2020 campaign and his first campaign announcement was his gun control policy. Bloomberg wants to turn states from "red" to "blue." That is a recipe for violent confrontation. When sovereignty is pressured into slavery and freedom of speech is maligned as a medium of hate, than a recipe for civil war is a sure and settled fate. Look at all these invasive laws that are flowing out of Washington DC like water over Niagara Falls. What did Thomas Jefferson say? He said nullify. The states must act to nullify these tyrannical laws coming out of Washington DC. This is called "cut & slash" until the 2nd Amendment is trashed. Color them "blue": Schumer; Nadler; Schiff (Shifty); Feinstein; Raskin; Cohen; Blumenthal; Deutch (Judiciary Committee) are all Jewish US "representatives" who will strip Americans down to their very last gun one law after another. Equally, there are other Jewish representatives in the senate and congress who are for the 2nd Amendment, so lets not allow them to be co-opted. This isn't about "keeping American communities safe," this is about keeping Jews safe.

This can only go on so long, then.... Nadler needs to be removed from Washington. He has been in Washington as a representative for 27 years. Term limits now and these politicians removed. They are destroying America.

Rep. Gohmert Makes Nadler Slam Gavel in Rage as He Loses Control of Impeachment 

If you are concerned move to a county that is moving towards "sanctuary status" and just say no. Nullify these laws. Act locally. Nullify locally. The thing about this  though is that many state legislatures including like in Texas have been taken over by Jewish interests. For example, in Texas there is a move to make it illegal by government contractors to boycott Israel although it was blocked by a judge there.

Democrats Pushing For "Civil War" In America

Before this all gets out of hand and considering the seriousness of our circumstances, have we arrived at that point where military tribunals must take place in order to preserve domestic tranquillity?

The Case for Military Tribunals

Predictive Programming --- US Civil War?

December 11, 2019

Andrew follows up on his 2018, CIA-Controlled Media Pushing Civil War Narrative

"Let's remember that Civil Wars (like Revolutions) ARE NEVER SPONTANEOUS. The quiet elite plan them years ahead."

Do you think the US is headed for a civil war?

by Andrew

There are too many articles predicting America is in for another Civil War.

Since the beginning of 2019, there's a new one every week.

I've come to see these stories as PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING which is psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes.

When these changes are put through, the public is already be familiar with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening public resistance and commotion. For example, March 2, 2019, The Washington Post:
"At a moment when the country has never seemed angrier, two political commentators from opposite sides of the divide concurred recently on one point that was once nearly unthinkable: The country is on the verge of "civil war."
First came former U.S. attorney Joseph diGenova, a Fox News regular and ally of President Trump's. "We are in a civil war," he said. "The suggestion that there's ever going to be civil discourse in this country for the foreseeable future is over. . . . It's going to be total war."

The next day, Nicolle Wallace, a former Republican operative turned MSNBC commentator and Trump critic, played a clip of di­Genova's commentary on her show and agreed with him -- although she placed the blame squarely on the president. Trump, she said, "green-lit a war in this country around race. And if you think about the most dangerous thing he's done, that might be it."

Another is Andrew Millers How Close Is the U.S. to Civil War? says: "The push to remove the president is ripping the nation apart."Mr. Miiller sees the impeachment proceedings as the trigger:

"Former Vice President Joe Biden is a top Democratic candidate for president. While Biden was in office, his son was hired as a board member at a Ukrainian gas company. After President Trump took office, he asked the president of Ukraine to look into the matter for possible corruption. A Central Intelligence Agency whistle-blower, revealed to be Eric Ciaramella, accused President Trump of threatening to withhold aide to Ukraine to damage the Bidens and increase his own chances for reelection.

This set-off the impeachment clash. Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry by saying President Trump had violated the Constitution, betrayed his oath of office, and endangered national security by enlisting a foreign power to tarnish the reputation of a rival.

But Democrats are clearly motivated by other factors. After all, they raised no concern when, in 2018, Biden openly bragged that when he was vice president he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loans from Ukraine if the Ukrainian government did not fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son's dealings with the energy company.

To clear his name, President Trump released the transcript of his July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president, which showed that the whistle-blower's accusations were false: The president had not threatened the Ukrainian president."


In this context, it is well to remember that Civil Wars (like Revolutions) ARE NEVER SPONTANEOUS. The quiet elite plan them years ahead.

Let's review the real reasons for (1) The French Revolution, (2) The American Civil War and (3) The Bolshevik Revolution.

(1) Contrary to popular belief and mainstream history, the French Revolution beginning with the storming of the Bastille were not the spontaneous actions of the French downtrodden masses. According to Nesta Webster's The French Revolution, A Study in Democracy. "The brigands from the South were deliberately enticed to Paris in 1789, employed and paid by the revolutionary leaders, is a fact confirmed by authorities too numerous to quote at length... In other words, the importation of the contingent of hired brigands conclusively refutes the theory that the Revolution was an irrepressible rising of the people."

(2) Another false historical belief is that Abraham Lincoln fought the American Civil War to free the slaves. That wasn't the purpose of the war. Anton Chaitkin in Treason In America - From Aaron Burr To Averill Harriman devotes Chapter 12, entitled How The Eastern Establishment Ran Souther Secession to explain how the Civil War was engineered by The Eastern Establishment to take control of America economically. The Civil War was actually Britain's recolonization of America. The Eastern Establishment was their proxy.

(3) Our last example of a revolution taught as a spontaneous uprising was the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia; however, in 1974, Antony Sutton published Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists. Sutton documents how London and Wall Street bankers planned and financed non-Russian mercenaries to stage a secret war of plunder and economic colonization. While mainstream historians call it the Bolshevik or Russian Revolution; in reality, it was NOT a popular or Russian at all. It was a foreign backed and financed irregular military coup.

I doubt that there ever was such a thing as a spontaneous civil war or revolution. There are currently uprising and civil chaos from France, Lebanon to Bolivia, Chile, Hong Kong, etc. None of the is accidental. No one can say when and if this chaos will come to America, but everything is ready.

Ed.'s note: Now we are going to take you to the extreme end of potentialities happening in America if President Trump is impeached over the Washington Christmas and New Years break.


December 11-12, 2019


Even with America being the "better country" and a shining example of "quality" Mexicans DO NOT build wooden homes, they are all brick and concrete. Why? Ask yourself WHY. And wake up - your guns are not going to save you on the day the communists burn it all down, and the communists are not a rumor, they are impeaching Trump RIGHT NOW.

Let's be realistic here. If Trump is gone and nothing is cleaned up and you don't run, you are dead. You may be able to shoot a thug at the door, but you'll never take on a helicopter that flies over at 3 AM and burns an entire city down. That's possible in the U.S. and Canada, but no where else in the Americas.

WHY? the conspiracy is a lot older than you think.

December 8-9, 2019

Well, today there won't be a "fisa drop", if anything drops it will be watered down B.S. (prediction there) and they will proceed with "impeachment

I am confident the next election will be stolen if the coup succeeds, and that a "fair" election is one that goes the way the Bolshevik Jews dictate, because if you are not a Jew you are an animal in human form and there's no such thing as "your vote" in a "fair" election.

REMEMBER THIS AND PREPARE: If America gets a "fair" election in 2020, it will be followed by a genocide similar to Ukraine except with more people to wipe out, America is a far more populous country than Russia was, and the disaster will be that much worse. See the Deagel report, it only reflects a genocide but they went light on that aspect of it. And it will be 100 percent Jewish backed, let's not kid ourselves with this. And don't get caught up in "the Orthodox jews are not doing this, it is the leftists" - My own experience in that community proved without a doubt it is the Orthodox and Sephards spearheading it all, with the leftists simply being morally depracated losers who can only stage a tranny story time or gay pride parade or throw money at planned parenthood, the real damage is being done by the Orthodox community.

So what do you do about it? Here is reality: If they take the next election, don't pay attention to them screaming about how only losers won't accept the results (that's a classic with them) realize IN FULL it was stolen hook line and sinker and DO NOT HONOR THE ELECTION. Instead, PUT IT RIGHT. If you don't put it right, your kids are going to be wrecked on purpose both physically via shots (or whatever) and mentally via a social mind wipe, while you rot in a grave.

FACT: Though the detention facilities are large, they can't even come close to being enough to contain all the people the Jews have openly stated they want gone. They already accomplished killing off an enormous percentage of the white population via brainwashing of the women, who then sought abortions and subsequently destroyed their families in "divorce court" - courts of a type that never had a place in America's history and are an absolute tragedy for the country and especially the men who were totally blindsided by the vicious corruption those courts represent and how corruptible the women were - the damage has been severe - and even after that, the Jews did not get enough. They want total annihilation of the white race and total replacement and will keep being "progressive" toward that goal until it is accomplished. "Change" and "progress" are the words the enemy uses to trick people because people automatically accept "progress" as a step in a positive direction, not a progressive step toward their destruction. The ruse worked.

What to do if they successfully oust Trump and stage a "fair" election:

If you get your guns taken, you go around and tell EVERYONE, you don't sit there in shame and guilt over whatever they claimed you did to get them taken. Shame and guilt are weapons they use, with them everything is weaponized. Don't stay silent in shame. You go out and scream it to the world and warn EVERYONE. First they came for my brother's guns, and no one did anything because "my brother was a nutcase". Then they came for the neighbors guns, and no one did anything because a pathetic scamming spouse made it "necessary" to take them in "divorce court" and they were not sure he was not an abuser. Then they got the guns away from my buddy at work, and I wondered about that but still did nothing because I was worried about myself, THEN THEY GOT MY GUNS AND ALL OF US VANISHED ONE BY ONE, INCLUDING ME. Here I am, standing in front of a trench, waiting for the next volley of kill shots.

If you don't think that can happen in today's political climate, you are a totally useless pathetic disgusting whack job. Go to hell.

Yes, it is time to say it like it is.

Do not tolerate ANYONE losing their guns. They really are the last stand against the Jewish community, which deeply fears the gun. They have destroyed everything else. They shipped your jobs overseas, handed what jobs remained to H1-B outsiders and illegals, gave all America's tech to China via the takeover of all American companies which they accomplished via censored and compromised communications and not real skill, and THEN sent all the manufacturing overseas which made it "necessary" to tell them EVERYTHING. They destroyed 90 percent of the families and put an enormous number of women on antidepressants merely because the women got depressed and felt like shit over what they were tricked into doing and perhaps they don't even know why they feel that way - they destroyed your churches and badly damaged your children with tainted shots, rigged your elections, scammed you with obscene property costs and rents, hijacked and weaponized the medical system into a tool of financial destruction and THEN called you a loser when you ended up homeless, or suffered a similar disaster. I won't even get into 911 and their many other crimes -

The bottom line is that the Jews are responsible for it all, and then spew the tired old line: If you are not happy with your life, it is YOUR FAULT because of the decisions you made. OH REALLY.

Actually no. The average joe is not "happy with his life" because those bastards robbed him blind, wrecked his health where possible and sent his family into the shitter. They set up artificial scenarios that got the average joe buried in debt crying over family losses and jacking off to JEWISH PORN because there's no one there anyway. What a tragedy it is. Damn them.

Here are the rules for civil warfare:


DO NOT DO SUICIDE MISSIONS. This is highly advertised by the Jewish community because it ensures that anyone who is successful at warfare will be killed immediately. Make every action a repeatable action with an extremely high probability of survival.

Maybe that's all I need to say. That one thing is so important it prevails above all others. I guess the other rules would be to ignore curfews and only attack at night, with fire as the primary weapon. Don't go out warning everyone you're there with a 140 decibel wake up call and for God's sake don't be stupid enough to bring your cell phone. Slink in silently and leave immediately. Totally IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS leave a note saying why it was done. "I did this because you wrecked my family". "I did this, because no matter what I tried, I was forced into letting you jab my kid and now he's a mental midget". Always tell them WHY, and that you will return. Policies will suddenly change overnight.

It is time to start talking like this, because there's going to be 200 million Americans dead if we don't. It is THAT SERIOUS. If you don't think so, you're a useless eater.


Militarized Police: Coming to a Neighbor Near You

We As Americans Better Get a Grip on This 2nd Amendment

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