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The Ohio State v. Clemson Game Was FIXED

by Miles Mathis

December 29, 2019

This will be very short, since it isn't my area of expertise. But I happened to catch the game yesterday when I went out for a burger and beer. I think this was the first and only game I have watched this year. The town was very crowded, and I couldn't get into the first three restaurants I went to. But I managed to snag a bar seat at the fourth place, snuggling in between other holiday revelers. I have to admit it was rather cozy, with a pretty waitress to look at, good food, and a touted game on the bigscreen. I felt slightly social for the first time in many months. Most of that was due to the incredibly beautiful girl, but we won't get into that. I also managed to follow the game. Although I have no ties to either team and couldn't really care less, I found myself pulling for Clemson. Maybe I liked their uniforms better. I didn't even know Clemson won last year's National Championship until I got home and looked it up. Anyway, when Clemson's quarterback Trevor Lawrence (above) got mauled in the second period, I really began rooting for them. The hits were vicious and both linemen should have been ejected, not just the first. When Clemson scored twice after that in quick succession, I think everyone thought they had it coming.

I couldn't sit at that bar for another hour and a half, though, so after I finished eating I went home to get back to work. I forgot about the game until just before I went to bed, when I looked up the final score. At first I was happy to see Clemson had won, but then I took a peek at a highlight reel. That pretty much ruined it for me, since it was glaringly obvious the game was fixed. Ohio State had not one but two touchdowns called back on play reviews, and the replays showed incontrovertibly that the judges in the box had been paid off. I find it hard to believe they now steal games with so little finesse. Scratch that. I don't find anything hard to believe anymore, but I find it strange that they don't hide these things better. No one on either side can be in doubt the game was fixed, and that should make Clemson feel as bad as Ohio State. Clemson and its fans should feel icky, and many of them probably do. Some people still don't like winning that way, or so I assume.

I find these games hugely unimportant as a matter of outcome, but I think it is important that they are fixed right out in the open like this. Because it is another sign of the sort of world we are living in. Match fixing has been going on forever, but I think in the past it was limited. Now it appears everything is fixed in all arenas all the time. Some people think it is the gambling syndicates doing it in sports, but I don't think so. This is happening across the board, in science, art, literature, the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer, the MacArthur grants, the stock market, all elections. . . everything. EVERYTHING IS RIGGED.

So it isn't the betting syndicates rigging them. It is the people who own the betting syndicates, which would be the people who own everything else. Not only do they not want to miss a dollar, they don't want to miss an opportunity to promote their kids. I could be wrong, but in watching this game yesterday, I got the creeping feeling this story was being built around Trevor Lawrence. If I gave a shit, he is the one I would research. Except for his mauling, which I admit did not look scripted, some of the rest of the game did look scripted. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some of the missed tackles on him were missed on purpose. The coverage looked strange to me. I am also suspicious of Ohio State's running back Dobbins, who left the game with an injury. He was running over Clemson early on, gaining more yardage against them in the first quarter than anyone had gained all year against them in an entire game. So his injury at about the same time Lawrence caught fire is suspicious. Also remember that Dobbins dropped a ball when wide open at the 10-yard-line, with a clear path to the endzone. That didn't look so suspicious at the time, in isolation; but looking back on the game, it does.

This isn't going to stop until the fans stop it. They have to power to do it, and I wish they would use it. What can they do? Stop going to the games. That's it. Stop buying tickets, stop rooting for the teams, stop buying merchandise, stop talking about the players. Cut them off until they start playing clean games again. You, as fans, aren't there to watch fixed games. That isn't any fun, is it? No, it just makes you feel slimed. That isn't why you are there. You are there to be entertained, and watching fixed games is the opposite of entertaining. So quit going. Turn off the effing TV. Find something better to do. Believe me, the governors will get the message very fast. After just a season or two they will clean up these sports. . .

. . . or figure out how to fix them without you noticing. That's the least they can do, right? If they are going to fool you for your money, they should at least have the courtesy to fool you. Watching yesterday's game was like watching a magic show with no magic in it. It was like paying big money to watch a Vegas magician who kept dropping the rabbit. There was no magic yesterday, just 22 guys on steroids stealing your money in plain sight and spitting in your face.

I said I wasn't going to get into it, but I took a quick look at Trevor Lawrence's bio. We are told he is a devout Christian, but this may be part of the story. His name and face indicate to me he is Jewish. He looks eerily like a bigger Adam Driver (Star Wars), doesn't he? Also see pictures of his brother, who is named Chase Lawrence. Weird that Chase and Trevor look alike, but they look nothing like either parent. Also see this article at, where we are given a clue right out in the open. They give us a quote from Chase's art website, and part of it is in Hebrew. I will be told these Southern Baptists are so devout they quote Hebrew scripture, but that isn't the way I read it.

I went to Chase Lawrence's website, to check out his art. It doesn't look devout Christian to me. In fact, it is a bit frightening. Lots of scary monks with skulls, horseheads with skulls, Virgin Marys with horseheads and skulls. Like a mockery of Christianity, if anything. But go there and decide for yourself. For me, that was all the proof I needed that I was right about these people.

Also notice Chase's CV, where we find he has had a recent show in Latvia. What connections do these Lawrences of Tennessee have to Latvia? Also take the link to Chase's interview at VoyageATL, where we learn he grew up on a "Rocky Mountain show horse farm in Tennessee". So, just as I expected, this family is very wealthy. Chase says he modeled his art after the macabre art of Alex Pardee. So I recommend you look that up as well. Warning: it is not devout Christian art. Chase also admits in the interview he was a drug addict—doing lots of acid and abusing alcohol—and hated his Christian upbringing. He claims to have found Jesus later, but the story is not very convincing. Neither is the art. Chase does not show at traditional galleries, he shows at Modern galleries—which, I can tell you, do not promote any sort of faith, Christian least of all. Just the opposite: they mock it, denigrate it, and revile it, in the open. If you don't believe me, look into it. We also see Chase being heavily promoted from an early age in the Atlanta area and other parts of the South, which I can tell you doesn't happen for most artists, especially artists painting in a realist style. Only Jewish kids are promoted like this, since all these galleries are owned by Jews. They are promoting their own kids. [Note who wrote that last article: Lily Tischner.] I am now 56 and have never been promoted like that. My experience in the field of art has been almost entirely negative, having seen contests rigged against me, galleries preying on me, the media indifferent or hostile, and the top end of the field closed off to those such as me completely.

But back to the matter at hand. You may also remind yourself of the second most highly touted quarterback of the past decade, behind Trevor Lawrence: Josh Rosen. They don't even try to hide the fact he is Jewish, but if they admit all these guys are Jewish, people start to get suspicious. Rosen is a Lippincott. And I guess you remember Tucker Israel.

Where am I going with this? Yes, the usual place, unfortunately. I would guess that even if we took the least Jewish-looking quarterback of all, we would find the usual story. In my opinion, that would be Tom Brady. We look first in his maternal line, but guess what, Tim Dowling at Geneanet scrubs it. We aren't given his maternal grandmother. Geni scrubs everything, having a page but not even giving parents. As usual, it is Ethnicelebs that gives up the farm, since they have no respect for your intelligence. They think you won't recognize a clue when given it. There, the maternal grandfather is given as a Lund, supposed to be Norwegian. Except that many of the Lunds in Norway are Jewish. Even better, we are given Brady's recent German and Polish lines, which happen to be those of his maternal grandmother, and which include the surnames Obitz/Opitz, Stish, Ulik, and Koslicki. These lines came over recently, in the 20th century. Ethnicelebs links out to for this information, but the link is broken. They saw me coming. The FamilySearch link on the maternal grandmother is also broken. The link to Findagrave is still functioning though, and there we find Brady's great-aunt married a Steinmetz. Another married a Plotnik. Another married a Stepaniak. We also find the name Krajewski, which is pretty self-explanatory. Also Sobota, Beliel, and Sittig. Findagrave scrubs the name Koslicki, which is informative. That is the maternal line.

So am I saying Tom Brady is not a good quarterback? No. He is obviously a very good passer. But I picked him for this quick demonstration not only because he is a pretty boy with a small nose, but because the Patriots are notorious for having games fixed in their favor. Someone likes Tom Brady. I assume that someone is not God or Jesus, who I assume are not fixing football games. Which tells you how I knew what I would find here before I even looked.

The problem is, due to drugs in sports and fixing of games, we will never know how good Tom Brady is, compared to his fellow Jewish quarterbacks. Oh, that reminds me, remember this guy?

Alabama quarterback in the 1960s. Here is what he looks like now.

So it amazing they are still trying to pass off Joe Namath as Catholic. His mother's maiden name is Juhasz, for criminy's sake! Say it outloud! Her mother's name is Simon. Remember Paul Simon? Neil Simon? Carly Simon? Oivay, wake up. And I mention Namath for another reason, which you can probably see coming. His Super Bowl against the Colts is one of the most famous fixed games in history. Bubba Smith later admitted in print the game was fixed, pointing the finger at Rupert Murdoch (Jewish) and his own Colts team owner Carroll Rosenbloom (Jewish). He says the Colt's owner bet $3 million on the Jets. So I am not making this stuff up to suit myself, and it didn't start yesterday.

Anyway, what is even sadder is that we will never know how good Tom Brady and these guys are compared to non-Jewish players, who get passed over because they lack the connections. What you watch on TV is only Jew versus Jew, but everyone else has already been weeded out long before. The Jews who own TV and sports won't allow anyone else on TV. I don't know that firsthand as far as sports goes, but in my own fields I know it firsthand. Up close and personal. Like sports, art is also tightly controlled by Jewish billionaires and trillionaires. If you aren't connected, you have no path to the top. Everything you try will be blocked. Science, ditto. Literature and poetry, ditto.

Does this mean I think all of sport is faked, or even that all of football is faked? No. I just watched a highlight reel of Barry Sanders, and I don't think his runs are faked just because his name is Sanders (same as Ben Franklin). The name is a red flag, but in his case I don't think it goes anywhere. As I have said before, people do have talent, some of them are Jewish, and I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is lying and cheating, which have always been a problem, but which in the past few decades have gone into overdrive. The governors really have to find some way to rein it in. It is just embarrassing, for them most of all. Why would anyone want to win on a fix? How is that self- affirming? Isn't it just the opposite? The answer is. . . yes, it is just the opposite, which is why these people end up rich and miserable. It is why they have kids like Chase Lawrence, strung out on drugs and painting scary people with skulls. They create their own nightmares. Trevor Lawrence's nightmare just started last night, disguised as a beautiful dream.

Challenge: See if you can discern the fixing.

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