Thursday, December 5, 2019

"Low-Intellect Dinosaurs" Are Behind U.S. Foreign Policy

Ed.'s note: There is no longer any doubt. The people who are not elected and don't represent the American people are lunatics. Look at the hubris on display here with Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan. Is it any wonder that today in America university students are confused and compromised. It is probably true to a certain extent that what Kaplan is saying in public is probably to degrade President Trump on Ukraine, however, the Russians are paying very close attention. These are the kind of "low-intellect dinosaurs" behind U.S. foreign policy calling themselves "professors" who are responsible for "educating" American youth. With these low grade sub-standard people like Karlan it really is time to drain the swamp but make certain the drain isn't plugged. Keep in mind too that this impeachment movement against President Trump is being led by Jewish participants including Kaplan who is Jewish. This would make sense considering American Jewish oligarchs are working with Ukrainian Jewish oligarchs. It is pathological as to just how much Jews hate Russia.

News update for 5 December 2019: Clinton-Apparatchik, Lesbian, Jewish Academic Attacks Trump's 12-Year-Old Son

Source: RT News

The '80s called! Impeachment witness Karlan mocked for suggesting Ukrainians are helping prevent Russian invasion of US

4 Dec, 2019

© Reuters / Tom Brenner

Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan raised eyebrows online for suggesting during congressional impeachment hearings that the US must keep Ukraine strong "so they fight the Russians there and we don't have to fight them here."

Yes, you read that right. It seems in Karlan's mind, all that’s stopping “the Russians” from invading the US is the Ukrainian army, which must be kept strong to stave off the ultimate disaster. The law professor made the baffling comment during the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing on Wednesday.

Karlan's emphatic doomsday warning produced stunned reaction online, with conservative journalist Jack Posobiec describing the moment as one in which the respected professor went "full neocon."
"The students who are paying through the nose at Stanford are really not getting value for money," added author and commentator George Szamuely, referring to Karlan’s teaching role at the prestigious university.

"Anyone else would be laughed out of the pub," for making such a statement, Szamuely continued.

For most level-headed experts, it would be difficult to imagine a scenario in which Americans would need to be 'fighting the Russians' on US soil, regardless of US policy in Ukraine — but perhaps Karlan just took 'Red Dawn', a 1980s Soviet-invasion movie, a bit too seriously.

Some on Twitter also wondered where Karlan had been when the Obama administration was denying military aid to Ukraine — particularly as she herself worked at the Justice Department during his presidency.

"No wonder Russia is leary of the US — this is what is being taught to our children," another person said.

"Hey, the '80s called and wants its foreign policy back or something," wrote another.

During her testimony, the professor accused Trump of "violating his oath" to defend the Constitution and sacrificing the national interest "for his own private ends" in his communications with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, around which the impeachment hearings are centered.

Please go to RT News to read the entire article.


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