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How Modern Psychology Destroyed Traditional Christian Morality

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Can a Monkey Be a Mensch?

Source: Russian Faith

Dr. Sigmund Freud said it himself: "We Are Bringing Them the Plague . . ."

Vladislav Ershov (Orthodox Christianity) December 12, 2019

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

Sigmund Freud didn't confine himself to armchair research. He wasn't satisfied with activity only within his native country either. He wanted to "spread the light" to the whole world. In 1909, he visited America with his lectures for the first time. It was then, at an American port, that he said: "They don't realize that we're bringing them the plague." This is precisely what happened. Little by little the "plague of Freudism" spread far beyond the laboratory in Vienna.

At first the West didn't accept Freudism and even was formally opposed to it. But the "seeds" of the "plague" brought forth "shoots" as early as fifty years later; we are speaking of the so-called "sexual revolution", a socio-cultural phenomenon in the Western world that entailed the reappraisal of traditional (family) values.

To understand its origins we should refer to Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis, namely his method of treating patients with mental disorders. According to the theory, a patient has all the instruments for his cure—for this he can become a psychoanalyst himself.

Supposedly some members of the human community in return for "social good" develop neuroses as their desires, suppressed by the yoke of public morality, remain unsatisfied.

And here the question arises: What will a society, some members of which decide to disregard social and ethic norms for the sake of their "mental health" be like? A split in society becomes inevitable.

In the early 1960s the "sexual revolution" broke out in the West. True, Freud himself wasn’t its ideologue in the full sense, but the high priority he specifically gave to all that's sensual and sexual in human psychological life played its role. The Western world was inspired by the ideas of liberation.

Some agree and some disagree with the opinion that the ideas of Freud directly or indirectly triggered the "sexual revolution". Peter Lukimson, who studied Freud's biography, wrote that "the continuing processes of the liberalization of society unsealed the mouths of many and lifted the taboo on many forbidden subjects. Freudophobes often assert that the aggravation of this problem has to do with the 'sexual revolution', which was largely prepared by Freud. However, supporters of psychoanalysis parry this argument with a witty remark that in that case Galileo Galilei should be accused of the fact that the earth rotates."

Stefan Zweig in his work dedicated to the Freudian doctrine called Freud “the liberator of humanity."

At the same time, if we dig deeper into the history of the formation of psychoanalytical theory, many interesting facts await us that prove the link between the "sexual revolution" and Freudism. The need for changes in traditional cultural norms and sexual conduct in society runs through Freudian psychoanalysis theory. Specifically, during a discussion in February 1908 Freud expressed his idea that most women suffering from sexual anesthesia "were excessively well-bred girls." 2 Education, which at that age presupposed chastity (that is, sexual repression according to Freud) may have a negative impact on the mental state.

These ideas were presented to the public at large in a number of essays written between 1908 and 1913. These publications are mainly dedicated to the description of the social forces which, while being the bearers of cultural and civilizational origins, repress sexuality that in its turn has a destructive effect on people's mental health. The principal works on this subject are the following:
• "Civilized" Sexual Morality and Modern Nervous Illness (1908);

• A Special Type of "Choice of Object" Made by Men (1910);

• On the Humiliation of Sexual Life (1912).
In his works of 1912 Freud wrote that social norms and rules demand that people control their desires, turning their lives into fantasies. In this sense, according to him, cultural repression eventually diminishes the role of both sexes. Sigmund Freud really believed that "sexual repression" causes deviations in both personal and social spheres.

It should be noted that Freud's school of thought produced quite a few outstanding humanistic and existential psychotherapists: Erich Fromm, Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frankl and others. But there was Wilhelm Reich among them. It was his interpretation of Freudism that largely formed the ideological basis of the "sexual revolution". Freud was the first to expose the burning issue of the West—namely the repression of sexual desires because of the inability to meet the material requirements of a culture.

Reich calls on people to overcome it by returning to the sexual practices of primitive societies. We will consider the concept of this famous disciple of Freud at length in the next paragraph. The following point of view is close to the author of this article: it was the interpretation of Freudism rather than Freudism as such that influenced the "sexual revolution." This is what the U.S. Professor Robert Bruce McLaren, expert in Christian ethics and anthropology, writes on the consequences of the "sexual revolution" (the information is given on the basis of the analysis of the situation in the USA):

"The implications have gone so far that they cannot be compared to anything we have observed over many generations. For instance, we can take into account the fact that prior to 1915, seventy-five percent of the young women who entered into their first marriage were virgins; by 1982 , the percentage had shrunk to forty-three percent. Moreover, fifty-seven percent of unmarried women were in sexual relationships. About a third of them would get pregnant and only thirty-five percent of these married before the birth of their babies.

"Beginning from 1969, the number of extramarital births among American teenagers increased by 139 percent: it is twice as high as in the UK and seven times as high as in the Netherlands. Between 1938 and the mid-1960s the scale of the spread of premarital relations among young college students was quite stable: about fifty-five percent for male and about twenty-five percent for female students. Nine of fourteen studies conducted after 1955 revealed the scale of the spread of sexual life—to forty percent among representatives of the fair sex and to sixty percent among men.

"A poll of 1989 at the University of Georgia raised the last figure to seventy-seven percent. A survey at Ivy League [a group of long-established universities in the eastern US having high academic and social prestige. It includes Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia.—Trans.] showed that most students consider virginity as a deviation rather than a norm and a publication of 1992 reveals that around ninety-five percent of young men and eighty percent of women are engaged in sexual relations before marriage."

Now a few statistics from the aftermath of the "sexual revolution" in the modern USA: Nineteen million cases of venereal disease are registered annually. The age category of those infected is fifteen to twenty-five. As a result of delayed diagnoses and mistreatment of VD, 24,000 American women become infertile. Forty-seven percent of US high school students have sexual experience. The USA has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in the world. Only 42.2 percent of US citizens aged twenty-four to thirty-five formalize their relationships. The USA is the country with the highest divorce rate in the world as well. Thirty percent of internet traffic is spent viewing erotic materials. Every fourth American lives in a one-parent family. Forty-one percent of women in New York City have abortions.

Please go to Russian Faith to read the entire article.

Source: Europa


December 7, 2019 | by Mike Walsh

The Ethnic European REAL NEWS barely survives on donations from Michael Walsh and supporters. OUR AIMS: To enlighten, inspire and to educate and with your help to share our features as widely as possible.

Hungary's prime minister believes that the Christians, who are being protected from persecution today, may rise and save Europe tomorrow.

Hungarian PM Victor Orbán gave a powerful speech in Budapest during the Second International Conference on Christian Persecution.

Orbán declared: 'I'm convinced that in order to save Europe, those who could provide us with the biggest help are those whom we're helping right now. We're sowing a seed, giving the persecuted what they need and getting back from them the Christian faith, love, and persistence.'

Orbán argues that his country's Christian identity gives Hungary an obligation to help other Christian communities. 'Hungarians believe Christian values lead to peace and happiness, and this is why our Constitution states that protection of Christianity is an obligation for the Hungarian state,’ he said.

'It obligates us to protect Christian communities throughout the world who suffer persecution,' Mr Orbán added.

Orbán contrasted the large number of Christians among those who suffer for their faith with the indifference of most of Europe.

'Four out of five people persecuted for their faith are Christians and some 245 million Christians around the globe suffer extreme persecution, and yet Europe remains silent again and again.

European politicians seem paralyzed and unable to do anything, insisting that it is all a matter of human rights.'

The Hungarian Prime Minister argued that Christian persecution is not only an attack on people but on an entire culture, 'including here in Europe.'

This persecution is sometimes violent but sometimes more subtle, including population exchange through mass migration, stigmatization, mockery, and the muzzle of political correctness.

Orbán said also that Western Europe's indiscriminate acceptance of mass migration is a time bomb for the future.

'Western Europe has already provided dozens of militants to the Islamic State, and uncontrolled immigration has produced a radical change in the demographics of the population,' he said.

The Prime Minister said that the only solution is for Europe to discover its Christian roots and reaffirm its Christian identity.

By April this year, the Hungarian initiative had given the equivalent of $26,200,752 to Christians living and working in their home countries, which include five Middle Eastern and two sub-Saharan nations.

According to Breitbart, the Hungarian Prime Minister stressed the important role Christian Hungary has to play in the world. 'Hungarians make up only 0.02 percent of the world's population, so how much difference can it make? Is it worth it?' Orbán asked. He answered his own question by reflecting on the 12 apostles who, though small in number, changed the world with the Good News.

'Standing up for our persecuted brothers and sisters engenders courage in us and others,' Orbán continued. 'When we raised Aid to Persecuted Christians to the level of a government ministry, who would have known how it would grow and influence others?’

The Minister stated that during the past year 2,625 Christians have been wrongfully arrested and that over 1,200 Christian churches across the world have been attacked.

Szijjártó also criticised the UN Global Compact for Migration, saying that every country has the right not to be a source, transitional country, or object of migration.

'Every country has the right to decide whether it wants to be one or neither of these, just as everyone also has the right to live in the land of their birth and to live a secure life there in their own homeland. This is the foundation on which the Hungarian government is building its policy when it supports Christian communities abroad.'


MICHAEL WALSH is a worldwide journalist, broadcaster and author of 63 book titles with 36 years' experience. Like other journalists of integrity, he no longer writes for corporate media, opting instead for true journalism.

Please go to Europa to read and learn more.

"Amerika is a racial and cultural abortion. The scalpel of pop culture has performed a lobotomy on racial memory, with the full and eager endorsement of the patient." 
—Sebastian Ronin

"The Jewish-American entity is Jewish as respects its head, American as respects its body… [It] will not surrender, since the very existence of Jewry is at stake, and the whole United States and its population is there to secure the existence of Jewry."
—Francis Parker Yockey

"An awakened, recommencing Europe promises, thus, to repudiate America's betrayal of herself—America, this foolish European idea steeped in Enlightenment hubris, which is to be forgotten as a family skeleton once Europe reasserts herself." 
—Michael O'Meara

Freud turned us into animals:

The West's Darkest Hour: Sigmund Freud

Would anyone like some examples of the meaning of what Francis Parker Yockey in the quote above was referring to?

Jewish Activists Shut Down Border Patrol HQ In San Diego, Demand Illegals Be Given Free Flu Vaccines

The US as Israel's Colony

Revealed: Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib targeted in Israeli fake news operation

Israel bars Gaza's Christians from visiting Bethlehem and Jerusalem at Christmas

Thanks to the Jewish oligarch Michael Bloomberg who funded this:

With Demographic Change, Comes Consequences: Non-White Legal Immigrants Turned Virginia Blue, Now Democrats Threaten Deploying National Guard on Predominately White Counties Refusing Gun Control

Virginia Introduced A Bill That Terminates The Employment Of Any Public Safety Officer Who Refuses To Enforce Gun Control Laws

Who is going to step in today and help us turn this around?

Americans Are Lonely, Miserable, & Depressed: The Legacy Of A Society That Has Rejected Family, Faith, & Patriotism

Start reversing the damage:

Living Your Purpose and Becoming a Powerful Creator with Beth Martens 

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