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Intel's $11 Billion Facility In Israel - Intel Moves To Jerusalem and So Does Israel's Capital - Understanding Russian Influence - Intelligence Briefing

Ed.'s note: Think about this seriously for a few minutes and let it sink in really deep. Here is an American bluechip company started by Robert Noyce (the "mayor of Silicon Valley") and his friends in Silicon Valley, California. Noyce co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 and Intel Corporation in 1968. He is also credited with the realization of the first "monolithic integrated circuit or microchip," that has fueled the personal computer revolution and gave Silicon Valley its name. This company was just as American as Ford Motor Company and Chevrolet only in the high tech industry. Here we are about 50 years later after Itel's founding in Silicon Valley, and who was Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich, sold off $24 million worth of stock and options in the company in late November, 2017 because of a "microprocessor design flaw." The vulnerability also affected AMD, and ARM and at the time could have "allowed malicious actors to steal passwords and other secret data."

It's not just Meltdown and Specter, but the entire Intel chip is flawed with probably something much worse. Isn't that interesting the quote in the Jerusalem Post article below of Intel's CEO at the time, Brian Krzanich stating: "I just want to say that it [Intel] will be centered here in Jerusalem." The key to Intel's future is in Israel and not in America as President Trump's trade war favors Intel located in Israel supplying microprocessors to China over Intel in America. Intel warned Chinese companies of chip flaws before it warned the US government.

Is Intel an American company or an Israeli company? In June, 2019 the plan for Intel to build a new $11 billion microprocessor manufacturing facility in Israel was uncertain. In this article out of an obscure tech journal, it looks as though the new Intel facility is going to be built in Israel. Mr. Trump, what was your suggestion about "making America great again?" Does this make sense, Mr. Trump, for Intel to hand $11 billion over to build a microprocessor plant in Israel that is in the hands of both China and Russia? There is absolutely no cost advantage to build this plant in Israel. BlackRock is the major investor in both TSMC and AMD. This is all probably part of the pivot to China. If you're wondering where your Intel shares went, ask Henry Kissinger.

Look What Happened When You Were Distracted With the Coronavirus Operation - "An Extremely Dangerous Company" - Danger Ahead

Intel Changes Direction, Plans to Move Ahead With New Israeli Plant

This is a national security issue and we want to know why Intel is not building this new microprocessor manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley, California or in Chandler, Arizona where Americans are out of work? Intel's Xeon microprocessors are going to run the "fourth industrial revolution" and Israel has destroyed the Intel microprocessor. Now AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) have taken it over and are streaking ahead. Intel's most advanced processors that will be used in A.I. are developed and manufactured in Haifa, Israel. Everything is being switched over to AMD now for cloud computing. It is just astonishing that all this technology is being handed over to Israel including Intel without so much as even a whimper in the US media.


Alternative Media Redundancy - Internet Critical Infrastructure and Control Over Cybersecurity - A.I. and High Speed Data Transmission - Essays On Israel Aren't Helping - Intelligence Briefing

Bunting's map and Israel on China's new silk road

Source: The Jerusalem Post

Intel CEO: We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a US company

"I just want to say that it will be centered here in Jerusalem."


PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu congratulates Intel CEO Brian Krzanich yesterday at his office on Intel's acquisition of Mobileye, as (from left) Mobileye CTO Amnon Shashua, Economy Minister Eli Cohen and Mobileye president Ziv Aviram look on. (photo credit: CHAIM ZACH / GPO)

Intel's $15 billion plans to acquire Jerusalem's Mobileye not only demonstrate the company's belief in Israeli innovation, but also position the country to become the global leader in autonomous driving, according to the chip giant's CEO, Brian Krzanich.

"We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a US company," Krzanich said at a Jerusalem press conference on Tuesday evening at the Prime Minister's Office.

The day before, Intel declared its intentions to acquire Israel's autonomous driving company Mobileye for about $15 billion – the biggest deal to hit the country's hi-tech industry. Alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Economy Minister Eli Cohen and Mobileye's leaders Ziv Aviram and Amnon Shashua, Krzanich stressed how the deal will enable Israel to accelerate and steer the international autonomous vehicle industry.

"This is one of the largest acquisitions in Israel, but it's also the second-largest acquisition effort that Intel has done in history of the company," he said.

The firms announced a definitive agreement on Monday for Intel to acquire Mobileye, a global leader in the development of computer vision and machine learning for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. According to the agreement, an Intel subsidiary will launch a tender to acquire all of the outstanding ordinary shares of Mobileye for $63.54 per share in cash, amounting to an equity value of about $15.3b. and an enterprise value of $14.7b.

Please go to The Jerusalem Post to read the entire article.

The following intelligence briefing includes:
• Cambridge Analytica
• Intel (Israel)
• TSMC (Taiwan)
• China and Russia
• China's Belt & Road Initiative
• RAD Group
• Technology juggernaut: Israel
• Internet control
• BIRD Foundation
• Iran and Israel deal (Jewish state and Iran state)
• Rothschild banking houses
• China's CCP
Intelligence briefing for 29 April 2020 (also on Bitchute linked below the YouTube):

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The European Union is a strategic deception operation. Masquerading as a means of institutionalizing "cooperation", it has been more accurately described by the cynical former President Mikhail Gorbachev as "the new European Soviet". Far from primarily representing a vehicle for furthering the various interests of its members, the European Union is in reality a Political Collective - modeled along classically Leninist lines.

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