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A "Deviant Philosopher" - Coronavirus Big Data Collection - The "Shadow President" - You Will Never See Israel Again In the Same Light After This - Big Tech Data Mining and a Massive Transfer of Wealth

Ed. note: If readers absorb this material you will discover this is the only source reporting on this technocratic digital tyranny that is being built all connected to Israel. BlackRock runs the big data surveillance and they can do this because it has access to over $20 trillion in connected data. It also means that BlackRock is monitoring corona virus tracking how the data effects assets. BlackRock is now managing the Federal Reserve's bonds to cover the coronavirus operation, Intel and AMD shares and we bet that if we look deep enough (BlackRock is invested with China's Tencent), is handling assets for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We also have it that the CCP bought out Texas Instruments in 2010 for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Matt Danzeisen is the Vice President of BlackRock. One of the most high profile gay marriages is between Matt Danzeisen of BlackRock and Peter Thiel of Palantir who "tied the knot" back in 2017. That "tying the knot" is a whole lot more than a gay marriage, it is symbolic tying big data, $20 trillion in assets, cryptocurrencies and your health care all together under the COVID-19 (Certificate of Vaccination ID) operation. If you want to see how these tech ghouls celebrate read this: Event 201 "gave out stuffed souvenir coronavirus toys" to "commemorate" Novel coronavirus outbreak

Palantir, The Peter Thiel-Backed $20 Billion Big Data Cruncher, Scores $17 Million Coronavirus Emergency Relief Deal

Big Data Surveillance: The Case of Policing

The world's largest asset management firm Blackrock located in New York, is involved in investing in Israel's high tech sector and infrastructure boom. Israel gets to boom while the US economy is in lockdown with Americans out on the streets trying to end this coronavirus-induced reengineering of society and the US economy. Israel isn't in lockdown is it? The reason Peter Thiel moved his hedge fund to New York is for a number of reasons the most important to be financially connected to BlackRock through Thiel's hedge fund where his "partner," Matt Danzeisen is at BlackRock. Other reasons include Thiel's approaching $1 billion in break-even revenue to launch the IPO for Palantir. With Palantir we are beginning to see the outline of some type of social credit system based on good behavior linked to a cryptocurrency. Over the coming years New York and Israel are building a high tech future but the problem is, the City of New York is bringing in high tech firms from Israel to build the infrastructure. While at the same time the infrastructure development going on in Israel is phenomenal. One of the reasons for New York being the center of the coronavirus hotspot in America, may be related to this high tech infrastructure cooperation between Israel and New York. Maybe New York needs until this August until the infrastructure is built?

Thiel has been behind cryptocurrencies for a very long time connected to the dark web where mostly criminals used cryptocurrencies in criminal activities connected to bitcoin. That was a really clever idea to allow deviants and criminals use cryptocurrencies to test them out while the infrastructure was being built. Then they got all the libertarians onboard under the impression cryptocurrencies were going to free everyone from the central banks. Peter Thiel paid young tech savvy kids $100,000 a piece to develop business ideas and cryptocurrencies. An interesting article from Forbes pointing out Peter Thiel's partner at Palantir, Alex Karp as "deviant philosopher." To test and bring Palantir's data collection system online it was tested on the relatives of migrant children. This is the predecessor to Palantir's big data collection on potential crime and criminals using predictive analysis.

Both Thiel and the "deviant philosopher" Alex Karp were spawned out of Frankfurt, Germany or have connections there. Frankfurt, Germany is where the cult has historically resided, so whatever these two technologists are building for the rest of us, it comes out of a long history of the occult related to technology vomited out of Frankfurt. This is why Thiel's Palantir contacted German authorities to find a "virus-fighting tool." And it is connected to finance and banking. Palantir is absorbing massive amounts of data - your data including your response to coronavirus.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) that is registered as a corporation, plugged into Peter Thiel's $20 billion Palantir with a new app to track infrastructure on how COVID-19 is moving in the US. Palantir's web app is assisting the CDC in tracking coronavirus. Not only data on coronavirus, but all data including on Iran's nuclear deal. The "conceived in Israel and born in America" Breitbart News on 8 May 2018, published a news report saying how "Thiel's Palantir Technologies was a crucial element in Iran's nuclear deal." One of the reasons for being a "crucial element" is because the CIA funds and is behind Palantir. To what extent is not the focus of this information other than to suggest Palantir is predictively analyzing Iran's intent and activities.

Palantir, The $20 Billion, Peter Thiel-Backed Big Data Giant, Is Providing Coronavirus Monitoring To The CDC

As Trump Blows Up Iran Nuclear Deal, CIA-Funded Palantir Remains Key to IAEA Inspections

The crystal ball (Palantir; predictive analysis; A.I.) 

Who appointed or gave Peter Thiel and Alex Karp along with their $20 billion private corporation Palantir the authority to track every detail about you and your personal affairs using algorithms to put you into context and under scrutiny of their system? Also, disturbing, are Peter Thiel's links to Israel and a company known as Carbyne911 that is exploiting "mass shootings" to gather data. The data is being collected to analyze for "predictive analysis." The network Jeffrey Epstein was involved in (Israeli intelligence) is behind this data collection. Jeffrey Epstein is a close associate of the former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, and Peter Thiel who from what is described above is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Here's the problem: venture capital is flowing into Israel like an open fire hydrant spigot and regulators in the US aren't stopping it making Israel the "tech capital of the world."

Thiel is a prominent backer of President Trump. Israeli tech companies have the back doors to America's telecommunications sector. Whatever big data is being collected by Thiel's Palantir and the Israeli company Carbyne911, that data is being sent directly to Israel. There is absolutely no doubt about the now firmly established draconian totalitarian technology state that is being structure in America is being run by these tech firms closely connected to Israel. Despite all this, we haven't even begun to look at how Israel has been providing China with vacuumed up American technology. This include private equity investment firms run by their owners favorable to the Israeli high tech sector investments over America like for example Elliot Management.

To show how these private equity fund managers have access to intelligence the rest of us don't, Elliot Management's ($16 billion portfolio with a recent $2.5 billion stake in Japan's SoftBank) Paul Singer is alleged to have had access to knowledge of the coronavirus operation well in advance of officials. Elliot Management's Paul Singer is a full backer of rightwing pro-Israel (friends with Benjamin Netanyahu) in America. Some of America's wealthiest oligarchs back Israel which means they see no problem with investing in Israel's high tech sector over America.

Peter Thiel's data-mining company is using War on Terror tools to track American citizens. The scary thing? Palantir is desperate for new customers.

How the CIA, Mossad and "the Epstein Network" are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

Peter Thiel spends time between the White House where he consults with the Trump administration and Israel. In Israel, Thiel consults with Israeli tech firms on how to build successful startup tech firms for the "startup nation." MAGA3X is another Peter Thiel internet operation known by most as MAGA on the streets associated most with red baseball hats. MAGA3X was designed as a high tech support infrastructure leading up to the election of Donald Trump. It was built by encouraging people to sign into a group with MAGA3X sitting in the background running data collection on participants behavior and activities.

It is all based on how our physical interaction with each other in previous times has been negated and all transferred to the internet. Political engagements then become non-violent. Through the internet and through social media you can be "hostile" and even destroy people in a non-violent way. If you are a Trump supporter and you joined any one of these groups, you have been cynically used and your data pilfered. President Trump knew better than anyone the media despised his possible candidacy and later presidency, so Peter Thiel built this high tech MAGA3X structure to get Trump in the White House. Once Trump got in the White House, Peter Thiel became Donald Trump's "shadow president." So it is absurd to think that Peter Thiel was "hedging his bets for a Trump presidency," when all along Thiel was behind the high tech MAGA3X internet and social media operation to get Trump in as the president in 2016. Whatever these high tech companies and operations are, they are all tied back to Israel.

Exclusive: Jeffrey Epstein's investment in an Israeli start-up reveals a myriad of links to Donald Trump and Israeli spies.


The central banker Phillip Hildebrand who is a Swiss banker and BlackRock's vice chairman, fears "populist economics." Think seriously about everything that has been attempted to be explained above and you will understand why Hildebrand is uncomfortable with people learning of the obvious: BlackRock managing the Fed and its connections to these high tech networks with BlackRock assets under control of $20 trillion. The central banks stepping in to "save the global economy." Good luck, Phillip, the global economy just got tanked with coronavirus. BlackRock is the single biggest investor in some of the biggest companies on the globe including Citibank which has been ripping customers off, and now BlackRock is stepping into big data surveillance. Big data surveillance for BlockRock means extremely fast transactions and enormous profits off a global economy which is why the FED asked BlackRock to manage its bond portfolio (see an "extremely dangerous company").

Jacob Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild are connected to BlackRock. So right now politically, President Trump is in a balancing act between America and Israel:

Donald Trump: A Rothschild Puppet

Rothschild bank sanctioned for role in 1MDB scandal

Rothschild's Koch Connection Pays Off in Pursuit of Time Inc.

Rothschild & Co Adds Four Managing Directors to Consumer and Healthcare Teams in the U.S.

Rothschild & Co Names Homer Parkhill and Stephen Antinelli as Co-Heads of Restructuring in North America

Rothschild & Co Names James Neissa Head of North America


Trump Regime Immunity Certificates for Mass Vaxxing and Population Control

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