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Executive Order: Securing 5G Technology - "War Has Been Declared On Coronavirus" - You Are The Virus

Ed.'s note: If you think "securing America's future" is all about watching movies, posting images and videos to Facebook and Instagram at faster broadband speeds, you would be doing yourself a favor to reconsider after reading this Executive Order (EO) signed by President Trump on March 12, 2020. Only private corporations can sign executive orders and so Trump signed this executive order as CEO of the United States Corporation (law merchants; black magicians of law). 5G is all about military technology and has been from when the technology first started being engineered. Americans will not be the benefactors of this technology. Correlate the symptoms and locations of those most effected by symptoms related to coronavirus with the intense narrow signals being emitted by 5G signals. Will a pattern emerge? The Russians know precisely what we are dealing with:


Fifth generation, or 5G operates between 6–100 GHz millimeter waves (MMW). You are wireless at 2.5 GHz. 5G is intended to be the intersection of communications, from virtual reality to autonomous vehicles to the industrial Internet and smart cities to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). In addition, 5G is considered the base technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), where machines communicate with machines (M2M communication). At 65 GHz the body looses its ability to absorb oxygen and if the body is prevented from producing hemoglobin from lack of oxygen there will be serious physical symptoms. Researchers have been warning that 5G technology will broadcast at between 60 and 65 GHz, the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules, which means it compromises the ability of blood hemoglobin to bind with oxygen. If blood cannot hold oxygen, the result is death by suffocation. It has been also suggested by researchers that 5G technology has the potential of being used as a weapon to quickly weaken, disable, or destroy individuals or populations.
"The promotional materials from Telecom companies brag that 5G messes with oxygen molecules. Oxygen is in the air we breathe, it comes from trees. Trees make it out of carbon dioxide. It's two oxygen molecules and they share electrons. When you hit oxygen molecules with 60 GHz millimeter wave emissions it affects the orbital properties of the electrons of the oxygen molecules. The 60 GHz range is known as the Oxygen Absorption Band. At 60GHz, 98% of electromagnetic energy is absorbed by O2. When 5G reaches the frequency band of 60 GHz, the ability for a person's blood hemoglobin to bind with oxygen is hindered and this might explain, in part, why people in Wuhan just fall down dead in the streets, which is not a normal thing we see with viral infections."
What we need now are objective scientific papers on the connection between oxygen and 5G 60 GHz  and any biological effects. Only the US is currently operating in the 60 GHz range. All other countries are below the 48 GHz range. Australia for example is 24 GHz. The significance of oxygen has to do with security. Oxygen shuts down the 60 GHz signal quickly for better security making the signal not travel which is suitable for "backbone" (fiber optic cables). 60 GHz will replace the fiber optic lines and has good security because it has "good line of sight." Sort of like a fire hose with direct concentration of water. The 60 GHz will quickly "fizzle out" as it hits oxygen. Oxygen absorption makes 60 GHz perfect for backhaul. Backhaul is the wireless communication and network infrastructure responsible for transporting communication data (this chart lays out the frequency range) from end users or nodes to the central network or infrastructure and vice versa. 5G stations use a lot more energy than its predecessor 4G. If 5G technology that is now being rolled out by various countries is causing serious physical symptoms in people including possibly even death, and if this is a corporation that an executive order was signed off on by its CEO, who is going to take liability for causing the sickness and possibly even death of who knows how many people related to 5G technology?

When the coronavirus broke out this executive order was immediately signed stating it was a matter of "national security."  President Trump also made a statement "declaring war on the coronavirus." All of us have coronavirus. Who did President Trump "declare war" on signing this executive order for the United States Corporation? If you are a carrier of the coronavirus this means that you are a "virus" and war has just been declared on you if you attempt to or interfere in the implementation of 5G technology. This 5G technology being secured is not being secured for you. This 5G technology is being secured for military purposes.

News update for this material dated 12 March 2020: What does Israel's future 5G network have to do with coronavirus?

Source: White House

President Donald J. Trump Is 
 Committed To Safeguarding 
 America's Vital Communications Networks
And Securing 5G Technology

INFRASTRUCTURE & TECHNOLOGY | Issued on: March 12, 2020 

*  *  * 

"The security and prosperity of the United States depend on high-speed, reliable, and secure communication networks."

President Donald J. Trump

RELIABLE AND SAFE NETWORKS: President Donald J. Trump signed new legislation to ensure that our Nation's communications networks are protected from foreign adversaries.
• Today, President Trump signed the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act, furthering his commitment to defend our networks from entities posing an unacceptable risk to national security.

• This legislation will help protect our telecommunications infrastructure by prohibiting the use of Federal funds to purchase equipment from companies that pose a national security threat.

• The Act creates a reimbursement program to remove and replace equipment in use that was manufactured by entities posing unacceptable national security risk.

• Provisions of this legislation also help ensure the Federal Government can share critical information about supply chain security with carriers.

• These reforms will help protect our Nation's vital communications network and also ensures the United States reaches its 5G potential.
PROTECTING VITAL INTERESTS: The security and prosperity of the United States depends on high-speed, reliable, and secure communications networks.
• The next generation of wireless technology—or 5G—is expected to have vast implications for the future of the United States.

• 5G has the potential to transform numerous parts of American society, ranging from artificial intelligence, to manufacturing, to public services.

• Using untrustworthy vendors to build communications infrastructure threatens our security by exposing our networks to actors who are potentially influenced by foreign entities.

• The stakes could not be higher—America's citizens and our foreign partners must be able to trust that our 5G networks are reliable, private, and secure.

• The Administration will not risk subjecting America's critical telecommunications infrastructure to companies that are controlled by authoritarian governments or foreign adversaries.
SECURING AMERICA'S FUTURE: President Trump is building upon his efforts to keep America at the forefront of achieving a safe and prosperous future.

• President Trump is committed to the development of reliable 5G and ensuring the United States remains the global leader in technology and innovation.

• The Trump Administration is working with allies and partners on telecommunications security principles that will foster reliable 5G networks.

• The Administration is working to ensure America's private sector has access to spectrum, including critical mid-band spectrum, to fuel the growth of our wireless industry 
• The President is committed to ensure that rural Americans are not left behind and that their communities have access to safe and reliable high-speed broadband.

• President Trump signed an Executive Order to secure our information and communications technology supply chains from foreign adversaries.

• The President signed legislation creating the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to protect our Nation's vital critical infrastructure.

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