Friday, April 20, 2012

General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 4

Romney’s Al-Qaeda City Year 2001 – QEII Pelindaba Nukes
HRH Knight Field Slinger will expose the Bekenstein Deception with BoA WTC#7

Chips reaches back into Chapter 3. He remembers his POLICY SPEAR commitment as an Air Force fighter pilot to disrupt River Thames False Flag ‘event’ planned by St. Nick, Zuma, Cameron and Soetoro, or whoever he is. He worries about 3 Pelindaba missing nukes. He decides to reach out to QEII for a Knight FIELD READY SLINGER to out Wells Fargo’s FBCA. Royal Crown Agent Banzai Pipeline clippers Chips ‘The ‘red-dot’ Mrs has that reptile eyes look. Fluent Mandarin from a Mormon, what next, fluent Joseph Smith plural marriages for the one child Chinks? Contact from Waterford AD, mission change. Banzai Pipeline, The Plum. He messages Harper about Prince Philip’s role in GAPAN since 1953 through 9/11. He warns of the pedophile crimes linking Chicago to Canada thru City of London and Jane the Ripper. He notes Good Queen Bess wants separation from Canada re attack on America on 9/11 and has offered to give a knighthood to the world’s most accomplished thong-slinger, who is Field ready. Chips sees the Super Puma flash a Pastel Mint Green light three times. He understands that they are three minutes from Abbotsford but his concentration is shafted when Agent #9 finishes her ‘project’ and collapses into his arms just at JFK did on 22 November, 1963 when three shots were fired from single shooter deployed in 3 separate locations as evidenced in the movie THE LONE GUNMEN, plural, a Vancouver production that foretold the attack of 9/11. A little later the E4B shudders as it penetrates a thunderstorm blocked from the radar being relied upon by Stone and Buck Naked up front in the cockpit, déjà vu re AF447? As the aircraft emerged from the unseen turbulence, Agent Atomic Betty called ‘switch’ and Agent Chips wonders if Obambi’s Secret Service men got two mounts or if they ‘share’ as he penetrated target #2. Hamish sends clipper: ‘Chips check out Romney’s Bainies in Chicago re Al-Qaeda City Year 2001. Mitt ordered Gekko buddy Bekenstein to steer Bain’s hedgies through Amalgam Virgo and Global Guardian. The Bainies placed WTC#1, 2 and 7 pass-through certificates with Wells Fargo and Bank of America. They shared kickbacks with City Year 2001 spoliation crews who did mass deception with New York’s SOS pedophiles. N.B. Usual story – Cherchez la femme.’

Pawlenty, Cain, Santorum and some lightweights removed by by AD, next up?

Agent #9 and Chips were putting on their ‘war paint’ so they could appear more Indian like for the pickup by NIGHTWATCH 12, the E4B launched from Bellevue’s Offutt AFB, where on the morning of 9/11, Warren Buffett hosted 300 Goldman Sachs ‘voyeurs’ in the underground Command Post of the former SAC command post, to haul them over to Brize Norton RAF base to pickup the Prize, supposedly a ‘knighting’ of the world’s most prolific thong-slinger and consensus all around good guy. Agent #9 dressed in keeping with her Crow tradition while Chips dressed in keeping with his Cherokee ancestry. Meanwhile, acting on incomplete intel, a late bloomer to the Presidential Field and her limp beard got confused on the “Indian vote issue” and pretended to be sympathetic to those who lost loved ones on Air India 182 in 1985 just as GLAMOURBOY and his HAIRY MARMOT had tried to suck up to Canadian Natives on 11 June, 2011 thinking they could cover up the murder (link below) of William Combes, age 59 ( and in good health, I might opine laconically), who had exposed the deaths of native children during a Royal visit in 1964. Good luck HAIRY MARMOT, maybe the Chilean president will take you up the mountain and come home alone. Canada has some really queer political mis-servants; not to be confused with maid servants found in the 10th Commandment.

Agent #9 wondered if the senile sino-phile ‘red dot special’, another obvious loser positioned by Soros to compliment the Murderock-Fox News false good news on US economy certain to return 35% to certain funds carried largely in ALPA and DoD retirement funds; see also AIG ( aggressive inference of guilt? ) would ever get wind of what normal red blooded, not blue blooded nor red skinned, Americans thought regarding their shameless efforts to camouflage themselves as something they aren’t. Agent #9 and Chips watched as the results started rolling in, first from Agent Banzai Pipeline, who along with Agent Bean, had the hammer at Global in Plum City, population 599 while Chips was serving as a Cherokee Fiddler to Agent #9’s Black Crow, exchanging intel and DNA fluids in the interest of national security.

Agent #9 had been in contact with a woman full of wisdom in Alaska who knew the truth of Alaska Airlines flight 261, January 31, 2000, and oft wondered why that flight was not allowed to make an emergency landing at a Naval airbase at Pt. Mugu, CA. At the time the HAARP array at Gakona, Alaska needed more land and on board Flight 261 was Morris Thompson (Doyon Tribe leader), who would not sell them land at any price as his natives owned 12,500,000 acres at the time making his people the largest land holder in the United States.

Royal Crown Agent Banzai Pipeline Immediate Clipper to Chips, Hamish, #9 copy Atomic Betty and Agent 80W: The ‘red-dot’ Mrs has that reptile eyes look like Mrs McCain, Mrs Gingrich #3 and Mrs Bush but not Jeb’s? Fluent Mandarin from a Mormon, what next, fluent Joseph Smith plural marriages for Mo Strong’s one child Chinks? And how many adopted children in his flock? Who the hell are they impersonating; Angelina and Brad? Perhaps they should kick back, change their game, and get a life. Why are all the Indians dressing up like cowboys and the cowboys are putting leather and turquoise on while the music is being sold by ‘bull-shit lawyers’, pardon the redundancy. Update, just took an Immediate Clipper from Waterford AD, mission change imminent, crew swap at Glasgow, standby. Banzai Pipeline, Global Hammer, The Plum

Chips and Agent #9 had just finished dressing and packing the bare essentials for the CL604 flight from Abbotsford to KGGW, Glasgow, Montana, to join NIGHTWATCH 12 for the Translant to Brize Norton when the sound of Mineral Water spilling outside the door to Room 311 got their attention. Chips checked the peep hole while Agent #9 checked his TI, then let a much embarrassed Agent Hamish into the Room after #9 delicately stuffed his junk into his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Thong in Pastel Manly Mocha sporting and EHP (extra humongous pouch).

“Chips and Agent 10, we are being picked up in 4 minutes, service entrance, Rico Gambolino…”

“Hamish, it is Agent #9 and we have been waiting on you. Perhaps if you hadn’t spent 19 minutes on the step-stool trying to peep into our security de-briefing passion pit we could have stopped at the Lobby Bar for a quick bracer before Rico shows up to speed us out to Cascade Aerospace where the borrowed MoD CL604, painted white like Russell Williams 5th Wing (Goose) jet awaits as it did on the morning of 9/11 according to Beckwith and that flunky crash expert from ALPA named John. Let’s go.”

Agent #9 headed for the elevator while Diehard adjusted himself and grunted as he swallowed the last of his tiger meat. Hamish was next carrying a two suiter and pulling a steamer trunk on wheels. Chips brought up the rear with his Bombay Leather bag holding 3 each men and women’s Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Thongs, 24 tins of Smoked Oysters, 18 3 tab bubble wraps of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and a Six Pack of Alamo Beer, neither shaken nor stirred, capeche? In the elevator, Agent #9 briefed Hamish on Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

“Hamish, Bob Marley was lucid and became spiritually and morally conscious, as had John Lennon, Jim Morrison and Elvis Presley, before him, and Michael Jackson after him. Some believe that, toward the end, Michael Jackson was struggling to throw off music-industry demons, and that he had converted to Islam whatever that means these days, unlike Tony B. Liar and Nude Salamander who have converted to Roman Catholic in hopes the Pedophile Pope Rat Slinger doesn’t push their eject button, capeche? Some of his final recordings/videos are quite intriguing (check YouTube) – and I've never been a fan of his. However, just as Lennon indicated, MI6 and Vatican powers had positioned the Beatles to ‘soften up’ American youth so that when the Israelis resettle in Patagonia, the 4th Reich Remnants would be able to settle in what was once the United States of America unless Ted Nugent, Chips and the Michigan-Wisconsin posse gunners take them out as forecast by …” Agent #9 who had checked the TI of Chips and stopped in mid statement as she was amazed at his…….resilence, as well as the tensile strength of his full combat thong with EHP, in Pastel Manly Mocha.

“Hamish, listen to George Harrison explain it during the quick trip to Abbotsford” as he handed him an iPod with BRAINWASHED cued up. They exited the elevator and went to the service entrance where Diehard and Dwarf climbed into the back of Rico’s 1970 Convertible with the brand new 454/465 ‘crate motor’ for the short and fast ride over to Abbotsford.

Chips latched the electric pull down trunk deck lid as Diehard and Dwarf removed the ‘shooting holes’ where the back up lights had been originally and placed their M249 SAWs at the ready, each with one in the chamber as Agent #9 was looking forward to getting one in her chamber during the short flight to KGGW where the buffalo roam and the Crows fly free. As Rico pulled out of the brick circular employee’s entrance he noticed Agent #9 placing her head below the seat back level, apparently recalling the three lucky shots on JFK by the same Criminal Cabal that had done 9/11, Katrina, Deep Water Horizon, Fukushima, Haiti HAARP quake involving Arecibo and a U2-S from Beale’s 9th SRW, Murrah Building, Branch Davidian and now was trying to move SCUTTLEGATE 2012 forward to facilitate the protection of MARY ELIZABETH HARRIMAN and her ‘beard’ relationship to Russell Williams, the CANADIAN STALLION whose prison command post at Kingston was being closed so he and MARY ELIZABETH HARRIMAN could control the AOB ( air order of battle ) of the trilaminar False Flag to hit London Olympics, Chicago’s Willis Tower and (redacted) on 12 August, 2012, 68 years to the day after Colonel Elliott Roosevelt blew Joe Kennedy Jr. out of the sky over England and therefore out of the Presidential Field for 1948 not to be confused with Presidential FIELD who was born on 2 October, 1949, capeche? As Agent #9 kept her head down, Hamish in the front passenger seat handed Chips a copy of a message he had just sent to PM Stephen Harper, aka GLAMOURBOY, as well as Nick Clegg at #10 Dowdy Street where his arraigned marriage to FOGHORN LEGHORN bodes ill for Romney’s Bainies, whoever deployed Brussels’ two AWACS off the east coast on 9/11 and the Willis Tower in Chicago scheduled to go down during SCUTTLEGATE 2012 according to those in control of the 3 missing Pelindaba Nukes; see also this google combo: [ Christopher Shale, Dr. David Kelly, Robin Cook, David Cameron, Jacob Zuma ] and an undocumented worker who dreams that his father was Obama as opposed to Frank Marshall Davis who used ‘gash’ in a most disrespectful way, capeche?

Dear Prime Minister Harper: We at Abel Danger suggest you COME CLEAN before the Georgia Peaches have their way with LBS and that is not code for LDS or FDS. Just because Prince Philip has had Canada’s ‘lack of nuts’ in his grip since 1953 will not save you from Judgment over the attack of 9/11 or the 124 year history of pedophile crimes linking Chicago to Canada thru City of London, capeche? We believe the late Jayne the Ripper Addams of Chicago used Fairplay ciphers to hide messages carried for pimps by telegraph boys to the victims of man-in-the-middle pedophile traps – allegedly including the Edwardian-era police detectives and officials who were apparently ordered to drop their investigations into the 1888 Whitechapel murders attributed to a mythical Jack the Ripper. Good Queen Bess has signaled to Abel Danger that she’d like to gain separation from Canada’s attack on America on 9/11 and has offered to give a knighthood to the world’s most accomplished thong-slinger, who is Field ready and smells of Exotic Kiwi. Hamish the Hammer

Rico Gambolino had the 1970 Fleetwood ragtop doing 85 mph on the motorway to Abbottsford while Agent #9 was ‘bobbing for apples’ in the back with Agent Chips who noticed a blacked out Super Puma approaching from dead six and 1 mile, closing quickly. He could tell from the dual engine exhaust frequency that this was the model first FIELDed in 2000 just like the one operated in Almaty, Kazakhstan flown by a former RAF Harrier pilot named Tim who worked for the President of Kstan’s daughter in her fixed based operation a ‘stone’s throw’ from where Agent Chips was deployed from February to April, 2008, prior to secondment to Astana where he often met men in black at the Line Brew restaurant which is an old water utilities building that is decorated like a castle unlike the Line Brew in Almaty which is decorated like the sailing vessel in Pirates of Stone Castle Road by John Stewart which told the story of some old farts and dementia, think of Over-the Hillary and Slick Willy who shafted Kazakhstan in the Uranium swindle ( ) that made the president of Kazakhstan’s brother a persona non grata in his home country while making Clinton rich and Frank Giustra richer, capeche?

Agent #9 must have been aroused as the ‘apple bobbing’ was terminated unilaterally and she positioned herself on Agent Chips’….well, let’s say lap so we don’t get Over-the Hillary terminally frustrated by the Weiner removal involving a Pakistani Huma married to a short guy from New York. He wasn’t tall either, capeche? Agent #9 began a vertical cycling that made Chips hark back to the Otis Elevators that were maintained by Ace Elevator while their significance was obfuscated ( Hamish gave me that word ) by Jamie Gorelick who obstructed the 9/11 Commission Report while on the payroll of the City of London’s banking mob, see also Fannie May, Gorelick wall, Deepwater Horizon and BP and who had full knowledge of the 9th SRW Beale’s U2-S operating from Ramey AFB the days either side of the Haiti HAARPquake of 12 January, 2010 as written about in a classified document located here but imagine Prince Phartingham’s arousal at the sight of a Royal bum on the Edmonton tarmac, capeche?

On the subject of Royal bums, Chips ruminated concerning how many intelligence services in the world other that Abel Danger, MIT, BVD and ISI had linked Lord Timothy Garden to Prince Phartingham to GAPAN’s partnership with Abbotsford’s Cascade Aerospace and their relationship to the False Flag attack of 9/11 that would not have been possible without BAE’s FADEC which has resulted in FADEC FADEOUT FATALIES in these otherwise unrelated aviation mishaps.

RAF Chinook (1994), AA77, AA11, UA175, UA93 (all 4 on 9/11), Adam Air 574 (2007), Kenya 507 (2007, Colgan 3407 and Air France 447 (2009) as well as Speedbird 38, Turkish 1951, the CF18 ‘corrupted’ in July, 2010 at Lethbridge and the ‘payback’ F18 at Oceana, Virginia on 6 April, 2012. When Jay M. Cohen of 1950 OLD GALLOWS ROAD. SUITE 250. VIENNA, VIRGINIA 22182 finds out that the skullduggery he has been involved in since earlier than 2000 was leaked by FROGFACE TRUDEAU of NAPAWASH in a taped conversation with a draft dodger from McConnell International, he will probably find that this phone number 1.877.876.7299 gets a call or two from Director Sullivan at USSS who won’t appreciate the bad ink he is getting over what history will recall as $47 dollars worth of SLOPPY SECONDS. If the term sloppy seconds is unfamiliar google [ Chertoff + Jay Cohen + panty invaders + treason ] and you might find something like this gurgles up:

Chips noticed that the Super Puma flashed a Pastel Mint Green light three times so he understood that they were three minutes from Abbotsford where Nightwatch 12 was waiting so he whispered ‘giddy up’ to Agent #9 who, effectively, went from a trot to a gallop as Chips pictured John ‘Plumber Boy’ Profumo on a bad hair day to delay exploculation until Abel Danger’s ‘ladies first’ protocol was assured, if you know where my head’s at and where I’m groovin’.

Colonel Russell ‘THE CANADIAN STALLION’ Williams, Canada’s ‘rising star’

Chips needed to keep his mind off his pleasure so he wondered to himself what this google combo might do to Stephen ‘Glamourboy’ Harper’s sleep cycle: [ Jane Pellerin + Mary Elizabeth Harriman + David Johnston + Julian Fantino + Project HatFIELD + Judge Alban Garon ]. Chips knew that Pellerin’s photos had been manipulated and Williams’ DNA had been known to OPP in 2006 but if the name Judge Alban Garon is unfamiliar, he is the Tax Judge that suggested to Brian Mulroney that the million dollar bribe from Airbus related to 9/11 was a BONEHEAD MOVE. In his mind, Chips thought it might lead to the CANADIAN STALLION but his concentration was shafted when the delightful Agent #9 finished her ‘project’ and collapsed into his arms just at JFK did on 22 November, 1963 when three shots were fired from single shooter deployed in 3 separate locations. Perhaps the Hunt Brothers and GHWB thought that Lee Harvey Oswald was either triplets or three random shooters acting alone. A hint was included in the title of a TV special called THE LONE GUNMEN (plural). Tick tock Poppy, tick tock. Perhaps you were not aware the FIELD and FIDEL contain the same letters, an anagram as opposed to your anal retentiveness, refresh you database.

The Killing Machine
by Fidel Castro Ruz

Agent Chips nudged Agent #9 and handed her a trio of NAPAWASHs as the Cadillac slowed and the Super Puma overhead went to ‘bright and steady’ on the position lights and flew to the waiting E4B that was to take Chips and team to Brize Norton AFB while using 5 different callsigns; Nightwatch 12, Word 31, Venus 77, Vivi 36, Trout 99 all of which had been airborne on the morning of 9/11’s Failed False Flag attack paid for by the Asset Forfeiture Fund that Chips’ sister had created for benefit of USDOJ-Pride in 1994. A serious mistake for Kristine Marcy’s handler Thomas Smolich SJ was that they did not consider that Agent Chips was an aficionado of assets, add an s and split the word, and therefore they were once again bested by a man who later would shrink the Presidential FIELD of 2012 while making Judge Rosemary M. Collyer look like a good friend of Wells Fargo who sat on the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority on the morning of 9/11 right next to the only state also on the FBCA, Illinois. In an ironic twist, and be aware Agent Chips won the Twist Contest at South Hadley Intermediate School in 1962 dancing with Janet Leigh whose last name intrigued Chips, phonetically speaking, when Wells Fargo and Warren Buffett learned, too late, that Judge Rosemary M. Collyer was also the Judge who dismissed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) on 23 January, 2011, now in the hands of Motley Rice Law Firm, BEA, SNPL, Air France and Airbus, they realized they were walked into a trap just as some loyal and heterosexual SS Agents and military members would do someday in Cartagena, Colombia not to be confused with Columbia where Zbigniew Berzerkski allowed Barry Soetoro to skip classes when he was busy in Quetta, Pakistan or working with British Invisibles on Leveraged Leases with Insurance wraps and that is not some sissy sandwich which Sasquatch might wolf down by the dozen to add to her considerable girth rivaling Thunder Thighs, who is still livid regarding the Weiner removal after a ten year tryst paid for by the US taxpayers most of whom are not lesbian. As Wells Fargo focuses on the surname of the lady author of this story, linked below, they might become flatulent and Warren Buffett might go for the ‘cancer sympathy’ strategy on the same day that Dick Clark checked out of the Hotel California. Abigail Caplovitz married a FIELD just as Helen FIELD married a Tree. Research it later at Kelmarsh Gardens (

Rico Gambolino approached the stair truck provided by Cascade Aero as Dwarf and Diehard did PLFs while egressing the trunk leaving their M249s behind in favor or smaller sidearms and a pair of Arkansas toothpicks. Chips took a Flash Clipper just as the luggage was being placed on a scissor lift and engines 3 and 4 were idling as in the cockpit Agents Buck Naked and Stone were doing Sudukos after loading the flight plan into the Boeing FMS for the 8 hour and 53 minute trans-Lant to Brize Norton where Chips’ father had been on the first B47 to stand nuclear alert there in 1953 in the era before Sidi Slamane became available to the USAF. Chips turned his back to the idling Pratt FADEC engines and selected L1 on his Clipper Squirt Gun to read a message that was annuciated via vibrate mode.

Full Service Dangerette PMG to Agent Chips, copy Banzai Pipeline, Name Dropper and Umbrellaman: Chips, as you know Kingston Penitentiary in Ontario, which houses some of the baddest-ass serial killers in Canada is closing it’s doors after your exposures of Project Hatfield as it relates to DNA(timing) and Jane Pellerin’s camera manipulation. The Canadian government is looking for suggestions on a new ‘home’ for Russell Williams and Paul Bernardo and thought you were best positioned to advise on some new digs. Please keep in mind that the location must be within an (easy) 2 hour commute for Mary Elizabeth Harriman as the knuckleheads in the Canadian prison system consider weekly conjugal visits between a woman and her beard---er a man and his beard essential, capeche? Two more things, the first more important than the second. I am in the aft CRF with Agent 80W, we are ‘debriefed’ and secondly, Banzai Pipeline sends coded message as follow in brackets [ Atomic Betty and Chips, sorry for the late Dangerette swap. Marquis observed some FADEC tweaks on two of the engines. He reminds you to consider which two engines suffered FADEC FADEOUTS in Lethbridge in July, 2010 and Oceana inApril, 2012, do the math ], Agent Atomic Betty, FSD, Kingston, Ontario

Agent Chips arrived at Door 1L and turned to look at engines 1 and 2. He got the message from Banzai regarding which two engines were programmed to fail at ‘rotation’ so he selected three numbers and a symbol on his Clipper Squirt gun to interrupt the KU band trigger to the engines scheduled to kill Agent Chips and prevent him from tying Wells Fargo to 9/11 through the FBCA, google it lazybones, I don’t have all day to spoon feed you vapid pukes. As the door closed behind him Agent Stone handed him a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock martini, an 18 ounce tin of Smoked Oysters, and 4 Rodney Balding NDSU Extend-o-peters while whispering “Pastel Mint Green and Pastel Turquoise” to which Agent Chips responded “do not use auto throttles or TOGA and keep a sharp eye on numbers one and two” as he wandered back to the aft CRF. He could feel his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha strain as his PTRC prepared to find the target area as it passed 115% TI. Chips thought back to Brian Bew’s silken descent at Lethbridge and the payback of 6 April, 2012’s Oceana Hornet FADEC FADEOUT and knew that in both cases a FADEC had been corrupted by NSAWW and US SES working in concert with the Canadian Stallion who had moved his command post into KP, Kingston Penitentiary, where Agent KP Cebu kept a laptop monitoring conjugal visits of Mary Jane Boink’s client who was the camera operator for the 82 count fetish panty sniffer breakins who worked with Baril, Bouchard, Findley and Marr on 9/11. Chips finished the EOPS and Oysters and took a 4 ounce pull on his CSM as he gave the Abel Danger knock on the CRF door. “Come hither” was the seductive response in a Texas accent. As Chips adjusted his eyes to the darkened CRF, he noticed two full combat thongs draped of the 15 lamp near the moving map; one in pastel mint green and one in pastel turquoise. The four Abel Danger knockers on display almost caused him to forget about the KU band FADEC trigger. He selected CVR as Agents 80W and Atomic Betty prepared him for ‘knight action’. Over the speaker the three consensual heterosexuals heard “….thrust normal, 100 knots, V1”. Chips looked at the KU tracer using FESTIS software and saw the one second warning. He pressed ‘enter’ to block the FADEC fadeout as the E4B lifted off from KGGW enroute Brize Norton. Agent 80W pressed C4 enter and her signature song started playing indicating that she would be given the first 15 minutes.

As the guardian angels up above were taking care of the ones he loved, Chips was doing his best to take care of the primal urges of Agent 80W whom he would be working with on his next visit to the F4 on a pole in Texas. As Agent Atomic Betty rested her head on a pillow, she looked forward to a future ‘posting’ to Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, where Agent Chips had been recruited by the 72nd C4ISR Wing in late 1964. Fourteen minutes later, as Chips was expecting to change horses midstream, the E4B shuddered as it penetrated a thunderstorm that has been blocked from the radar being relied upon by Stone and Buck Naked up front in the cockpit and that is the proper word for where pilots sit and think about poles, posts and a sundry of other phallic symbols whilst saving a middle digit as a salute to the squatter at 1600, Fag 24 and Pelinda 10, think about it. As the aircraft emerged from the unseen turbulence, Agent Atomic Betty called ‘switch’ and Agent Chips wondered if Secret Service men get two mounts or if they ‘share’. As Atomic Betty positioned for ‘jack hammer, side oiler’ Chips was regarding his musings as the $47 dollar question and missed an incoming Immediate Clipper from Hamish Charles Watson who was overdoing the Mineral Water with lime slice, as was his custom.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips, Global Hammer, Name Dropper copy Agents 80W and Atomic Betty: ‘Chips check out Romney’s Bainies in Chicago re Al-Qaeda City Year 2001. Mitt ordered Gekko buddy Bekenstein to steer Bain’s hedgies through Amalgam Virgo and Global Guardian. The Bainies placed WTC#1, 2 and 7 pass-through certificates with Wells Fargo and Bank of America. They shared kickbacks with City Year 2001 spoliation crews who did mass deception with New York’s SOS pedophiles. N.B. Usual story – Cherchez la femme.’

As Hamish demonstrated his lack of self discipline by ordering a 4th mineral water with signature lime slice, Agent 80W (PPUC Pastel Turquoise) selected F4 on her Clipper Vibrator and tapped Atomic Betty on the should as if to cut in during a slow dance. As the melodious strains of Volare were permeating the CRF, all hell broke loose as…………………

In the cockpit Buck Naked continued resting in the Captain’s seat while Agent Stone, turned on the t-storm light, select ignition to override, check fuel flow following throttle movement and selected 7700 in the transponder as he started a shallow descent. In the aft CRF Chips came off target 2 and reattacked target one as Agent 80W whisphered ‘cleared to plug’. With all the mayhem in the cockpit, and all the precious bodily fluids in the CRF, an Immediate Clipper from Agent Bean in the emergency command post in the concrete bunker below Molly’s on Main in Plum City went unnoticed and into queue.

Full Service Dangerette Bean Immediate to Hamish, Chips, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, copy 80W and Atomic Betty: According to Sullivan, Cohen and Marcy suggest diversion to O’Hare or Logan as the Bain penny linking the Mormon to the Muslim pays rich dividends, see post sent by Banzai 4 minutes ago: Plum City – ( – April 20, 2012. Presidential Field McConnell has linked Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Bain & Company to the fraudulent creation of City Year network to camouflage the domestic base for al-Qaeda attacks on the United State during 2001 and remove evidence from crime scenes such as the debris field of World Trade Center Building# 7.

Presidential Field Links Romney's Common Purpose To SOS Jockey-Boy Clegg

The message was truncated as for a second time all four FADECs faded as a pair of QF-4Ds moved into ‘observation position’ behind the now darkened E4B. In the cockpit Buck Naked dozed, Agent Stone worked like a one-armed paper hanger and in the aft CRF, Agent Atomic Betty called ‘switch’.

Meanwhile, in Ellsworth, Wisconsin and Windsor Castle, England plans made to protect Agent Chips if he were to be subject of a contract killing due to Wells Fargo complicity to 9/11 were put in action as Banzai Pipeline and Agent Bean were led to believe Nightwatch 12 had become another victim of the FADEC FADEOUT initiated by FBCA when MI6 and Director Sullivan both transmitted “execute Kilt Sticker”.

Pierce County Patrol Car readied to respond to Death Threat


  1. UK Prime Minister Implicated In Tax Evasion Scandal
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