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General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 6

FARMERS declare moratorium on war 1 May 12

In the last chapter, Chips selected a song to remind RAdm Jay M. Cohen of the unsolved murders of Captain Gerald De Conto and Captain Chic Burlingame – Annapolis Classes of 1979 and 1971. He decides to give Chapter 6 a prologue ‘Since 11 September, 1776, European banks have foisted war and suffering upon the United States of America. He warns the enemy that – effective 0001 1 May, 2012 – Abel Danger Operation TURGID WATCHMEN will run concurrent to Operation ARDENT SENTRY. He challenges readers to google unrelated words and watch a Mormon and a Muslim get removed by a Marine on a cyber chessboard previously only seen in black and white. Chips began dishing out all that Agent Atomic Betty could handle as a Full Service Dangerette: she was always MR, mission ready and as a mature heterosexual who was an NSA Agent ( no strings attached, post menopausal, capeche?). He feels the first increment of speedbrakes being deployed. Atomic Betty gives him a tin of Smoked Oysters and whispers “Quickie authorized, make it a Grand Slam” and he understands she has picked up a KU band transmission indicating a HOME RUN attempt on the E4B has just been blocked. Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn sends an Immediate Clipper to Chips regarding his F4-D 64-0965 now on display at He notes that patent lawyer Hillary Clinton had arranged for the Tracor patent pool to be laundered through to BAE to GyroChip the Boeing drones on 9/11. Same scam with the Strangler's Suite on the F-35 Lightning II!!! Some call it treason! Atomic Betty collapses into a heap reminiscent of Leonard Cohen. Chips withdraws and hands her three NAPAWASHs like the one in the ladies latrine at 1455 K Street NW or at 1950 Old Gallows Road. He thinks of the soldiers at Fort Knox; how they knew they were screwed. He promises himself that Abel Danger will penetrate the OODAs: deep….and silent, capeche? He splashes on some ‘stink pretty’ after taking a Marine Corps shower. He dons his FCT in Pastel Manly Mocha and an Aloha shirt that would have made Tom Selleck retract internally. He blows Atomic Betty a kiss, and hangs the do not disturb sign on the aft CRF door as he goes forward to see where they were exiting the holding pattern to. Had he seen the ‘full text’ Immediate from Grapevine he would have known ST6 and Secret Service was likely to cooperate in Operation TURGID WATCHMEN as he receives a Full Service Dangerette Grapevine Immediate Clipper which declares ‘Chips, paydirt, ST6 and Secret Service Sullivan have the package’. He notes his doppelganger has begun to dismantle the Federal Diversity Bridge before the false-flag bombing attack on the NATO summit in Chicago. An inner voice tells him there may be a second, or alternate, target as the Pelindaba weapon assigned to 12-8-12 may be available as it is likely the London Olympic issue is being 'reworked'. Chips walks towards the cock pit, yea, that’s right, COCK PIT. Agent Atomic Betty hears the sound of four engines go quiet as a FADEC FADEOUT was apparently being attempted or achieved. Knowing it would be dark, she ran to the CRF door, whistled for Agent Chips in standard Abel Danger protocol whistle technique. His FCT is half masted by Atomic Betty: she notes he is not half masted, not in the least. Chips heard four dings as Atomic Betty observed one dong.

Prologue: Since 11 September, 1776, European banks have foisted war and suffering upon the United States of America. English ‘agents’ have attacked America on 11 September, 1776, 11 September, 1812, 11 September, 1864, 11 September, 1961 and 11 September, 2001. These same evil elitists have deployed US forces against innocent parties to kill, maim and destroy in attempts to profit while launching FALSE FLAGGED attacks, the next one expected 20-21 May, 2012 unless Agent Chips can stop them again.

Effective 0001 1 May, 2012 Abel Danger Operation TURGID WATCHMEN directed by persons familiar with 105-D Shawnee Road, Minot AFB, North Dakota and a communications ‘suite’ nearby as well as 740 Redwood Drive, Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota, will run in advance and then concurrent to Operation ARDENT SENTRY.

This is going to be a fact filled, fast paced chapter so google these unrelated words

[fbi mole john thomas + daniel frawley + citizen wells + obama + seamus ahern]

and then prepare to watch a Mormon and a Muslim get removed by a Marine who brings the color purple to a cyber chessboard previously only seen in black and white, capeche?

The video of 9 year old Kim Tran Phuc running from the napalm attack on her city should cause Americans to see why it is important to take war-fighting out of the control of angry women with lame husbands and end the City of London/Vatican City wars directed by evil parties in Europe killing innocent victims worldwide and sacrificing US soldiers, sailors, airman and Marines. It is time to bring the first three groups home to support the military coup initiated on 8 November, 2010, while the Marines can stay behind where deployed to ensure the embassies are secure, capeche? Guys my age didn’t all come home from Viet Nam although Lip Biter Clinton and Mormon cultist Romney did come home from Russian Education at Oxford and French pedophile education in Paris. Barry Soetoro would be sent home if the white hats in DoD, Secret Service, Seal Team 6 and the Marines could determine his home country or his paternal DNA.

When the Italians figured out Benito Musolini and Clara’s loyalties they halted their exit to Switzerland and encouraged them to ‘hang around’ in front of oppressed Italian citizens. Perhaps any persons determined to have committed Treason against America in 9/11, the staged capture of Osama Bin Laden and subsequent murder of Seal Team Six will join with recently entrapped USSS Agents, Ted Nugent and Abel Danger in inviting those who have endeavored to destroy America to hang around for a while and watch as God blesses the Peacemakers. While bought and paid for generals like the Pat Tillman Trio can deny soldiers at Fort Know of the musical genius of Ted Nugent, this vapid charlatans cannot deny the Marines of leadership that has penetrated the OODA loops of United States Senior Executive Service, NSAWW, NAPAWASH, USDOJ-Pride, Femme Comp Inc and those sissy boys named Clegg and Cameron, capeche? We are so far into their OODA loops when they yawn, we see from behind their lack of tonsils. That is to say, since February 14, 1967 Abel Danger has completed a JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THEIR MIND, capeche?

Hey Mittens, the Fat Lady is clearing her throat!


When we ended Chapter 5 a pair of pilots were busy as beavers. Up front in the cock, I say again cock pit, Agent Stone was impersonating his father with Agent 80W while Buck Naked snored in the Captain’s seat of the E4B not aware that two F15s from Otis ANGB, Massachusetts were on ‘battle stations’ in Cape Cod due to a third death threat against Agent Chips, Global Operations Director, AD Plum City. Agent Stone had selected KBOS27 in the FMS and entered direct. The E4B pointed directly at Boston and a flashing light “TOD” was missed by Stone who was performing an in depth debriefing of the lovely Abel Danger Agent 80W who dwells within, say, a six pack of Canton, Texas where Chips will be doing some videotaping on Memorial Day, 2012, if he succeeds in causing the three missing Pelindaba nukes not to blow at One Dearborn Street, Willis Tower or the John Hancock Building aka BIG JOHN.

Back in the aft CRF Chips had just selected a song that RAdm Jay M. Cohen would be hearing in his dreams, or nightmares, as he thought back to the murders of Captain Gerald De Conto and Captain Chic Burlingame of Annapolis Classes of 1979 and 1971.

Perhaps if Admiral Cohen had been true to his school rather than true to his ‘values’ as a Chertoff clone, Fish and Bugle Boy Chic would still be participating at Abel Danger instead of being unsolved murder case victims.

Big John in Chicago hopefully is not prerigged like WT 1, 2 and 7 were on 9/11 but on the other hand in May of 2012 we have the same scenario we had in NYC on the morning of 11 September, 2001. There are multiple exercises running while Samantha Cameron is in position to watch, live, as preplanned destruction is distributed to persons paying money to watch ….. well, lets say thermodynamics so as not to panic the 99% of Americans who do not know the linkage between Willis Insurance, the Titanic, 9/11, Willis Tower and the DIRTY DOZEN of Pelindaba who had to kill Berndt Carlsson to conceal the Cameron-Thatcher snatching, I say again SNATCHING, of three nukes from South Africa. Foolishly the took down Pan Am 103 to silence him. Then they had to kill Gaddaffi to silence him. Then they thought they could silent Agent Chips but they forgot the teachings of Philippians 1:6 and 1:20. By the way, the DIRTY DOZEN of Pelinda is:

3 missing nukes
3 dead friends of Cameron ( Robin Cook, Dr David Kelly, Christopher Shale)
4 heads of state ( Cameron, Thatcher, Zuma, Soetoro )
2 wicked women ( one a Murdoch, one a Cameron and neither a Rosemary M. Collyer )

Read all about it at the site where global commoners gather to share the Truth.

Rössing Uranium Mine and Stealing Billions of Pounds-Worth of Namibia's Natural Resources

For people in a hurry or with ADHD this snippet should suffice:

It has recently been reported that Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron concluded a secret nuclear deal with the apartheid regime during their visit in 1989 (see On 21 December 1988, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, was the most prominent of the 270 victims of the Lockerbie bombing. In the months leading up to his death, Carlsson had warned that he would start proceedings against the countries and firms which had been defying UN law over many years by stealing billions of pounds-worth of Namibia's natural resources. Among those facing huge UN compensation claims were Rio Tinto Group, the government of Iran, the diamond mining giant De Beers and the apartheid regime. Because the UN Commissioner for Namibia was killed at Lockerbie, none of those prosecutions ever took place see.

While the world reads along with you, here is a tribute to Evil Women containing the lyric “you made the wine now you drink a cup”.

Agent Chips had been dishing out all that Agent Atomic Betty could handle as a Full Service Dangerette who was always MR, mission ready and as a mature heterosexual who was an NSA Agent ( no strings attached, post menopausal, capeche?) she often accompanied Chips on missions where ‘strong arm protection’ was considered a possible need. As the E4B was descending into Boston to arrive on Runway 27, Chips felt the first increment of speedbrakes being deployed and Atomic Betty realized the full blown enduro was out of the question so she gave him a tin of Smoked Oysters and whispered “Quickie authorized, make it a Grand Slam” which Chips understood as a signal that she had just picked up a KU band transmission indicating a HOME RUN attempt on the E4B had just been blocked. Chips repositioned in ‘side oiler, jackhammer’ and doubled his stroke as she decreased her bore, to put it in terms a Chevy V-8 mechanic might understand. Chips turned to view his Clipper Squirt Gun which had 4 red lights flashing. He felt the speedbrakes being stowed as the four big high bypass turbofans accelerated the vertically rotating Boeing widebody on a climb vector directly towards Stewart International Airport, a random hold location prior to DRAFT orders from Agents Banzai Pipeline and Grapevine in the Command Bunker below Molly’s on Main in Plum City. Molly had declared Threat Level Pastel Popsicle so her patrons immediately exited to rejoin at JR’ to the north or Dean’ to the south. Agent Grapevine had alerted the Wisconsin and Michigan branches of the NRA and CCW crowds to be ‘ready’ to act, if necessary. Agent Ted Nugent was asked to cancel a show at Fort Knox incase civil tranquility became fragile as the Truth of 9/11 was being revealed prior to 21 May, 2012. Chips needed to see the FLASH CLIPPER so he whispered to Atomic Betty, “request pole sitter/bridgetopper” and Atomic Betty complied and remounted after Chips had rotated 90 degrees to read the Clipper.

Royal Crown Agent Bean FLASH Clipper to Chips, Stone, Hamish, Umbrellaman and Name Dropper, copy Mensa and Salsa of Biltmore Office: The Mormon Mafia tipped off some non-oathkeepers in Boston so we have diverted you back to Chicago land. Three Operations including ARDENT SENTRY, Red Zone and one that is still classified are set to ‘overlay’ on 21 and 22 May, 2012. Potential targets at moment include Big John, Willis and One Dearborn. Umbrellaman has executed Operation TURGID WATCHMEN to defeat ARDENT SENTRY if it goes bad like we experience with Vigilant Guardian on 9/11. Umbrellaman has executed Operation REDBONE to overlay Operation RED ZONE. Myself, Mensa and Salsa will meet you at BONG for Operation BOINK ( barak obama is not Kenyan ). Keep Atomic Betty and 80W with you, Aunt Maudie will join from Boston and the ‘three enchiladas’ will join you at BONG for a BOINK. Bean.

Agent Bean had sent an attachment that Chips reviewed as he played a musical selection that was sent to support Operation REDBONE. Chips understood the suggestion that McCain was being targeted for his Keating 5 caper and his capture by Cindy from Canada and the beer extortion involving Cardinal Stadium, capeche?

Atomic Betty seemed to be heading for the finish line early so Chips disconnected and whispered “we have at least 90 minutes, execute Slow Hand”. As a hyperventilating hunk of real Canadian woman smiled, Agent Chips assumed the position that the lady with the hour glass figure indicated to him in sign language. I would tell you more but that would not be gentlemanly. From his top vantage point in ‘rabbit ears’ he could read the notes sent by Agent Bean.

May 1-25 Operation RED ZONE
Red Team: Camerons, Soetoros, Clintons, Marcy, Cohen, Wheldon, Murdoch, S. M. O’Grady
Blue Team: National Guard (Air and Army) of Texas, Oregon, Connecticut, North Dakota and Texas monitored by Wisconsin. Secret Service, SEC, Abel Danger. SEAL TEAM ‘monitoring’ while ‘afloat’.
Potential targets: John Hancock Tower, Willis Tower, One Dearborn Avenue

Disinfo loosed: Chicago prepares for NATO Summit

May 1-11 Abel Danger Operation TURGID WATCHMEN
May 7-27 Abel Danger Operation LEON REDBONE

C4ISR briefing:

Chips, to relax after in depth debriefing for security purposes keep in mind that those we oppose are not real men of genius nor do they know how to wield a wild weiner, except in the case of Hillary whose Weiner Woman ran off with a younger lesbo, it appears.

A ‘green summons’ light illuminated over the crew rest facility bed and a gyrating TV antenna impersonator pushed the listen button as Chips continued hammering home his message in the interest of national security and achieving a mutual exploculation.

“Dad, it’s Stone, we just got an ACARS from Bean, Mensa and Salsa. They expect to be at the BONG IAP in two hours and request we hold there and await them so both jets land at once to maintain surprise element on arrival at the SAC base never finished not far for the Playboy Club at a certain lake. Is there something you can do while we hold for two hours and are you in favor of that, if so we will leave the anchor at Newburgh and establish an anchor between Milwaukee and Bong, capeche.”

Chips grabbed his hand mic while Agent Atomic Betty maintained his TI at 113% using negative pressure techniques. “Stone, yes, Agent Atomic Betty and I were just getting into to final strokes, scratch that, final stages of the security briefing so two hours is fine. Please ensure we have plenty of cold Grolsch for the ground crew. Keep up the good work, dad, out”. As Chips positioned his probe at ‘pre contact’, Agent Atomic Betty whispered “and you keep it up also” as Chips buried his purple tipped red champion in a project that was vital to stopping those who need to scare Americans and destroy three Pelindaba nukes all in one swell foop, no strike that, one fell swoop. As Atomic Betty swooped, the PTRC did not ‘fell’.

Chips was pleasing the Full Service Dangerette as he saw a routine Clipper come in from Agent Aunt Maudie who was aboard a CL604 like private jet enroute to Chicago land. Chips saw that Atomic Betty had her eyes closed so he took a sneak peek at Maudie’s message.

Full Service Dangerette Aunt Maudie routine Clipper to Agent Chips: Have received billeting briefing from Name Dropper which was copied to Agent Bean of the enchilada 3. Bean has taken the precaution of ordering a military ambulance from the Milwaukee ANG to meet your flight as we will be doing a rudimentary Twig and Berries inspection upon your arrival. Be ready. Max effort on the Smoked Oysters, capeche? Maudie, Pastel Lavendar.

Chips saw there was a musical link so he listened to AGN and he understood that the Attorney General of Nevada was aboard on the Constitutional issue raised by a good AZ Sheriff who was once an FBI Agent. Chips knew that Arizona also had a lot of closet cases such as the dog they sent east and a naughty boy hoping to serve with, or is it service, an Indonesian Muslim who cannot find his transcripts but is capable of finding a thrice dead Osama Bin Croakin.

Penile County Sheriff (tiny thong) and good friend Tiny Dancer

Chips continued banging away like a screen door in a hurricane, not to suggest that the Beale AFB 9th Strategic Recon Wing’s U-2R flying over Katrina necessarily indicated that Wade Rathke and Hillary LAFARGE BARGE Clinton had attempted genocide of blacks in New Orleans in 2005, however he recalled a Clipper he had gotten from Agent Rooster Cogburn of Global earlier in the day. Chips probably could have received it in a more timely fashion however with Agent Bean on FIELD duty Rooster had to break in Agent Grapevine from Texas and they apparently found each other mutually attractive as the decided to reconstruct the secret service Cartagena, Colombia scenario which was a trap set by an apparent lesbian who was well trusted by the squatters in the house that is white.

AD Agent Buck Bang, Cartagena AD Chief

Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn Immediate Clipper to Chips, Hamish, KP Cebu, copy JacMac and Boss Hawg of the Alabama-Louisiana AD cyber snipers: Regarding Chip’s F4-D 64-0965 now on display at we should note that patent lawyer Hillary Clinton arranged for Tracor's patent pool to be laundered through GEC-Marconi into the custody of BAE and her links to BEI’s QRS 11 GyroChip used in Raytheon and Boeing drones on morning of 9/11. Chips will remind USSS and ST6 that BAE was authorized by Darleen Druyun to equip the assets of NATO's Janus project with the Strangler's Suite of weapons fortElisabeth Murdoch's 9/11 OpenBet scam at a time when Snowy Sam Cam was in New York with Tricky for the MASSIVE ATTACK while Davy was fiddling with his ‘twig n’ berries’. BAE bribedr Kristine Marcy's cronies in the DOJ Asset Forfeiture Fund to get the Strangler's Suite of backdoor weapons installed on the F-35 Lightning II!!! Some call it treason! Regarding F4D 64-0965 flown by Agent Chips and the old Flint, Texas pilot named Robert, recall GEC's North American subsidiary announced its intention to acquire Tracor in April 1998. Following a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) (to ensure there were no national security implications) GEC completed the transaction in June 1998. The relatively quick decision, particularly for such an important defense contractor, was due to the relationship which already existed between GEC and the Defense Department. A condition of the purchase was that GEC must appoint a "proxy board". This is a mechanism where the company is run locally by American managers and was employed in this case due to the many sensitive projects which Tracor was involved in. The acquisition was as a major expansion of GEC's defence division, GEC-Marconi (later Marconi Electronic Systems), however seven months later GEC announced the demerger of Marconi Electronic Systems (including the North American defence businesses) which would then merge with British Aerospace (BAe) to form BAE Systems. This process was completed on November 30 1999. Commentators have described Tracor as the jewel in crown of GEC-Marconi North America." BAE Systems In the new company GEC's North American defense businesses were merged with BAe's U.S. interests to form BAE Systems North America. In the years since, BAE Systems has pursued growth in America more aggressively than any other area in order to take advantage of the large U.S. procurement and research budgets. Today BAE Systems Inc. (of which Tracor is a large part) is the largest foreign player in the U.S. defense market. Agent Chips, engage BAE, Rooster Cogburn, Global Hammer

Agent Atomic Betty noticed the ‘egg timer’ had been knocked off the head board by Agent Chips’ Thrust for the Truth so she called ‘switch, puppy style’ and reached for the egg timer as an and old rover drover with a redbone that was not Leon’s if you’re keeping score, capeche? As he impersonated a ‘big dog’ such as he had done in Perm, Siberia in 2009, he selected F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun to keep him in a big dog configuration, in a manner of speaking.

As Chips held up his end of the doggie deal, he saw a clipper come in illuminating just one green light. It was a routine Clipper from a disgruntled Abel Danger Agent who seemed to be going the way of Miss Prision, Mitch Stack, Abigail Chopsticks and Trance Dancer.


Chips would have responded earlier but he was busy getting Atomic Betty to howl like a coon hound that had treed a bear. Abel Danger Protocol mandated that there would be no Clippers or IMs within two hours of anticipated exploculation so Chips made a note to respond when he could get a round tuit. Even at the Plum City hardware store where Chips kept his ‘tool box’ stuffed, no catalog or website advertised the highly sought round tuit.

Chips shared ‘redacted’s’ frustration with the dichotomy of what is expected of U S citizens and what is expected of cultists like Mormon, Jeremiah Wright’s Muslim gays, or Vatican sponsored dopes like Freeh, Newt, Tony B. Liar and the wicked Georgetown Judge who is handled by Thomas Smolich and Kristine Marcy. While redacted was in Vietnam from June of ’69 to June of ’70, Hillary’s humper was smoking dope and biting lips at Oxford, Mittens the goofball was stirring Pardo’s pot in the kitchen of a mansion in Paris while Barry Soetoro was learning from a Gash Gourment how to disrespect women. In July 1966, Romney left for 30 months in France (some reports say starting in 1968?) as a Mormon missionary. While in France, Mittens Romney was apparently involved in what was described as a "tragic car accident" in the city of Bazas, France. Leola Anderson, was sitting in the front seat between Mitt Romney who was driving and her husband, Duane Anderson, with two passengers in the back of the car, a woman by the name of Suzann Farels and a man with the last name of Wood. Duane Anderson was the Mormon missionary leader in France at the time. His wife, Leola Anderson, died in the automobile 'accident.'

AD crashes Romney Cult Attack on White House

They were apparently hit by a drunk Catholic priest. Did the Catholic priest know of their pedophile network and plow into them purposely? Wouldn't it turn out to be really revealing if this Catholic priest, rather then being drunk, was tipped off or knew Romney and these Mormon leaders were involved in pedophilia or in destabilizing France's de Gaulle?

If George Soros succeeds in having Diebold’s Mike McConn election results report 53-47 in favor of the undocumented quadroon, Mittens would not only be, again, a loser politically but also in the manner he was a loser as a Mormon Cult Missionary. For his time as a Mormon missionary in France he only won over two converts to Mormonism. So what was he doing with all of his two years in France? Even for that poor recruiting track record he was designated as the assistant to the American leader of the Mormon mission in France, Duane Anderson. While in France, Romney described his stay in France as being poor and without a lot of necessities and without access to a refrigerator and clean water for showers. Witnesses have come forward saying they knew Romney in France and this wasn't the case at all. Jean Causse, a 72 year-old Mormon who met Romney in Bordeaux, was astonished to hear these stories Romney was describing of his conditions in France. Mitt Romney reportedly spent most of 1968 at a Parisian ‘palace for rich people’, which was staffed by a Spanish chef and a houseboy. This is an excerpt from one of the letters sent to Romney's friends from France which were given to the New York Times by his friend to publish:

Now, we weren’t all alike — else we’d have never had anything to laugh about. It was McBride’s eternal joint cracking, Ryan’s never ending comments on how we really shouldn’t, and Romney’s mumbling about strip tease [Mr. Romney’s friends say this was a wildly exaggerated joke about his relative irreverence] [wildly exaggerated or is there more to this including learning pedophile entrapment and was he desensitized?] that made four months of work and progress, four months of smiling chuckling friendship as well. Hours in cars traveling to conferences, [and going from mansion to mansion learning how to transport children?] reading a Christmas Carol, singing “hang down your head Eilander” in the halls [substituting a friend’s name for “Tom Dooley”] around the tape recording of Howard W. Hunter [A leader of the church who addressed the missionaries], and kneeling at the side of Elder Ryan’s bed — these things are a part of our missions and our lives. But there were private times too, [private times involved in what exactly?] times which cannot be described [indeed?!] — these were the times when we loved and appreciated each other the most. [nothing like bonds of lasting friendship and silence hey?]

It should be noted that even though Mitt Romney spent 30 months in France, probably speaks a bit of French, on his campaign for the White House he has denigrated France and Europe in general. Why would he be denigrating France now? Is it because of his failed attempts as a Mormon missionary in France when he failed to destabilize France's leaders in pedophile entrapments in the Charles de Gaulle Administration (1959-1969)? There was an attempt on de Gaulle's life earlier in the 60s and he was disgusted when he learned of the assassination of President Kennedy. As Chips kept up operation redbone, his attention was focused on an incoming FLASH CLIPPER as Atomic Betty clamped down on the PTRC. His TI elevated to 122% as they both raced to the finish line before answering the FLASH CLIPPER.

Always the gentleman, Agent Chips allowed Agent Atomic Betty to exploculate first and he followed her ‘by a nose’ to cross the finish line with THE EXPLOCULATION HERD ROUND THE WORLD ( misspelling of herd intentional to load a google search, per abel danger protocol). Atomic Betty collapsed into a heap reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and Chips withdrew and handed her three NAPAWASHs like the one in the ladies latrine at 1455 K Street NW or at 1950 Old Gallows Road where Jay M. Cohen is wishing he never heard of Micheal Chertoff or Zionism. As the soldiers at Fort Knox knew they were screwed, Ted Nugent’s JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE MIND reminded City of London, Vatican City, Deschert, Sidley Austin, DLA Piper, NSAWW and Femme Compe that the leakers at US Senior Executive Service and Femme Compe Inc had been compromised by BLBG Law, Wells Fargo, or both. When Abel Danger penetrates OODAs, we penetrate deep….and silent, capeche.

Chips splashed on some ‘stink pretty’ after taking a Marine Corps shower. Donning his FCT in Pastel Manly Mocha and an Aloha shirt that would have made Tom Selleck retract internally, he blew Atomic Betty a kiss, and hung the do not disturb sign on the aft CRF door as he went forward to see where they were exiting the holding pattern to. In his post enduro ‘love hangover’ he errantly left his Clipper Squirt Gun by the CRF bed where Atomic Betty was sleeping like a well serviced FSD who was always MR. Had Chips seen the ‘full text’ Immediate from Grapevine he would have felt even more satisfied as it appear ST6 and Secret Service wish to cooperate in Operation TURGID WATCHMEN in a ‘push back’ effort against the grotesque militant lesbians trying to destroy America prior to George Soros and David Cameron’s imposed deadline of 0800, 2 November, 2012, central time. He thought of the 1952 Ford disguise he would employ when driving up to Fargo to see the USSS and the Wells Fargo employee, let go, who’d been so helpful every step of the way.

1952 Ford and Plum One - AD Operation MAYDAY America

Full Service Dangerette Grapevine Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips, Hamish, Bean and Umbrellaman, copy 80W and Aunt Maudie: Chips, paydirt, ST6 and Secret Service Sullivan have the package. Safe journey assured in Plum One for May Day surprise in Operation MAYDAY AMERICA. Both counties, both State Patrols, the Patriot Guards and even someone in the Quentin Burdick Courthouse seek more input. As do I. Full text of the message responded to by SS. Their response was left on your answering machine in Navajo. Do me. Grapevine. One attach now showing****

Plum City – ( – April 26, 2012. Presidential Field McConnell has linked the Federal [Diversity] Bridge – staffed with diverse communities by his sister Kristine Marcy and Eric Holder – to the bogus continuity of government exercise on 9/11, the Fast and Furious murder of ATF agent Brian Terry and the ongoing attempts by the FBI to entrap patsies for a false-flag bomb attack on the Sears Tower during the NATO summit in May.

McConnell claims the Fast and Furious murders prove that his sister and Holder are trying to reconfigure the Federal Bridge by hiring lesbians and blacks and other diverse communities to eliminate the continuity of white, heterosexual governments in America.

See #1:
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Prequel 1:
Presidential Field Links Sister’s Silent Witness JABS To KSM Olympic Bombs

“G8/Nato Chicago Pre-Game”

“Obama to add 20,000 troops to US streets in the event of Civil unrest”

DoJ Pride coordinated Fast and Furious murder for hire over Federal [Diversity] Bridge

Marcy and Holder target DoJ Pride members with pedophile entrapment and extortion Diane Pathieu April 21, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Residents of a South Loop condo building are being told they should leave their homes during the NATO summit next month because planned protests in the area could put them in harm's way. Library Tower is on the 500-block of South State Street. That's part of the route of a protest planned for Sunday, May 20. So the property manager is recommending residents find another place to stay. A letter went out to residents this week advising them of the street closures and rerouted public transportation. MORE: ABC7 Coverage: NATO Summit The notice also said since protestors plan to march in front of their building, there may be the potential for violence and damage.”

“The Liberty City Seven were seven members of a small Miami, Florida-based religious group who called themselves the Universal Divine Saviors. Described as a "bizarre cult," the seven were arrested and charged with terrorism-related offenses in 2006 after a Federal Bureau of Investigation sting investigation. The members of the group operated out of a small warehouse in the Miami neighborhood of Liberty City. Indicted in federal court, three trials of the Liberty City Seven defendants took place. One defendant was acquitted in the first trial, but the jury deadlocked on the other six defendants and a mistrial occurred. The second trial also resulted in a deadlocked jury and a mistrial. On the third trial of the remaining six defendants, five were convicted on some of the counts, including the group's leader, Narseal Batiste, the only defendant to be convicted on all four charges. One more defendant was acquitted of all charges in the third trial. The charges centered around the group's belief that they were being offered money by someone in Yemen to help their mission in Liberty City provided they supported the Al Qeada jihad. The FBI agents represented themselves as representatives of al-Qaeda (but who were actually undercover FBI agents), and persuaded Batiste to provide plans for a stated intention to destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago, the FBI field office in Miami, and other targets. Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation John S. Pistole described the group's plot as more "aspirational than operational"; the group did not have the means to carry out attacks on such targets. The group had no weapons and did not seek weapons when they were offered. The group had no communication with any actual AlQaeda or other terrorist operatives.” ... Issued by DOJ 02/04/2010 Diversity at DOJ The Department of Justice recognizes that its employees are its most important asset. DOJ employees are the vital link that ensures that the ideals, mission, and values of the Department are fully realized. To this end, the Department strives to ensure that its workforce is drawn from the broadest segments of society so that it is poised to meet the present and future needs of our Nation. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., supports and encourages recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest citizens from every background and community in this country. He has made his commitment to embracing and fostering a diverse workforce clear. In accordance with Executive Orders and other executive directives, DOJ is developing a national outreach strategy that will provide a detailed approach to promoting greater access to employment opportunities and improving the delivery of programs and services of importance to this Nation’s diverse communities including the African American, American Indian, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Disabled, Hispanic and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered communities.”

Presidential Field invites readers to check the links and help him to dismantle the Federal Diversity Bridge before a false-flag bombing attack on the NATO summit in Chicago.

Presidential Mandate

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 39 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

=============== URGENT==============

There may be a second, or alternate, target as the Pelindaba weapon assigned (?) to 12-8-12 may be available as it is likely the London Olympic issue is being 'reworked'.

As Chips walked towards the cock pit, yea, that’s right, COCK PIT, Agent Atomic Betty heard the sound of four engines go quiet as a FADEC FADEOUT was apparently being attempted or achieved. Knowing it would be dark, she ran to the CRF door, whistled for Agent Chips in standard Abel Danger protocol whistle technique and shouted “Don’t bother Agent Stone and Buck Naked, come bother me as I am all hot but not bother and my groin yearns for was Pastel Manly Mocha mast of happiness, capeche?

As Chips repaired to the aft CRF he found it difficult to walk as his TI inched past 113% and the weave of his FCT in Pastel Manly Mocha was strained by the PTRC. As his FCT was half masted by Atomic Betty, she noted he was not half masted, not in the least. Chips heard four dings as Atomic Betty observed one dong.

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