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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 21

Field McConnell v. Serco’s Obama
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Google: buap + mh370 + Chips + Serco
Serco-ALpa-Sidley Austin: SALSA

Wherever You Go No One Will Ever Know; Except FIELD MCCONNELL

Putin And McConnell Determine MH370 At DG 18 Mar 14
G-Spot: Sukhoi + May 2012 + GRU + McConnell + SERCO

Clinton-Rubin Leaker Exposes Serco-Soros ZigBees
G-Spot: SERCO + Baginsky + Diego Garcia + FIELD MCCONNELL

On 23rd Day CNN BSers Determines MH370 Tanks Dry; McConnell Exposes BUAP
G-Spot: SERCO + BUAP + MH370 + Voice of Russia + McConnell

Chips, NOTSO, Barry M. Hall, Atomic Betty; Troubled Guy Lake 2013
G-Spot: Atomic Betty + NOTSO + Maiden Rock + Chips + MH370 + Hall + SERCO

Sheik al-Faqir yur Buti And MYSTERY GIRL Operation COBRA GOLD
G-Spot: IMF + 57 + Lagarde + raid + SERCO

Cobra Gold Eagles Escort AWACS “Snatch” MH370
G-Spot: SERCO + Thailand + Red Switch + Field McConnell

C130 Drops Pingers Into Area Size Of Poland For Serco-Jerks To Find
G-Spot: SERCO + Baginsky + Pingers + FIELD MCCONNELL

Blue, Red, Red [ Phuket ] Red: COBRA GOLD 14
G-Spot: RATBATBLUE + Assumed + Friendly + Abel Danger

Marine Intelligence Privatized @ ABEL DANGER GLOBAL
G-Spot: global ops director + field mcconnell + marine + SERCO

The Gay Mulatto Who Never Was: Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79
G-Spot: Field McConnell Punahou ’67 v Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79

British Serco Gloats As Soros’ Monkey Proves SHIT FLOATS/FLOTUS
G-Spot: mh370 + SERCO + mi-3

Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot Gives Abel Danger Thrust
G-Spot: 21st Century Wire + SERCO + FIELD MCCONNELL + YouTube

This Picture Put In As I Am Tired Of Googling SERCO
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First VOICE OF RUSSIA, Then Tasmanian Times, And Now
G-Spot: Tas Times + Over To You Mr. Bond

Michelle Soetoro Christened HOO FLUNG POO In Chinese Year Of The Horse’s Ass
G-Spot: Chinese hotel + michelle obama + rude + pissed off

Something Very Fishy Regarding Inmarsat-Serco’s Vanished MH370
G-Spot: omafray + iron horse + suicide

WMDs: Wackos Of Mass Deception
G-Spot: disgusting clinton + jeffrey epstein + VIRGINia Roberts

McConnell BLACK FLAGS Riddick, Sidley, DLA Piper Race To Kill Boeing
G-Spot: Michelle Soetoro + HOO FLUNG POO + Sidley + DLA Piper

SKULL and BONER 9 November, 1989 Malta
G-Spot: 1989 News: Call boys in Bush Sr's Whitehouse

Mike Savage/Alex Jones Ask: Is FBI Again Moving On Abel Danger Intel Again?
G-Spot: Sen. Leland + "shrimp boy" chow + scarborough + Albany

Way back in Chapter 20 the OmniGlobe message from Rooster Cogburn had just finished when the Dangerette barked out, “Get Down On It, finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer!” The Dangerette who had been enjoying “pile driver, jack hammer” called ‘switch, rabbit ears, derrick pumper” when the OmniGlobe on the bed side table started blinking in red and the audio message was loud enough to wake the dead or gain the attention of someone with their head up their ass, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, or the ALPA Attorney pictured below and please note, for the record and the refiling of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) I did not mention Al Gore or ALPA’s trained seal Peter Janhunen who can neither balance a beach ball on his nose nor catch a Mackeral thrown to him. Chips recognized the voice of Hammer Rooster Cogburn transmitting from 401 Main Street, Plum City, Wisconsin. Chips repositioned to allow her air refueling receptacle, of sorts, to receive his air refueling probe, of sorts, not to be confused with the Raytheon A 3 Sky Warrior probe that was found inside Wedge 1 of the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11, immediately after AMEC had turned Wedge 1 over to the Navy, as well as a triangular Plexiglas window, a section of rectangular fuselage and a turbine wheel from a J52-P408 engine none of which would be parts of the B757 flown by Captain Chic Burlingame, Annapolis ’71, which had been vaporized in W386A airspace under control of Colonel Robert Marr and GIANTKILLER whilst ( how very English ) the three F16ADF Vipers from Detachment 1 of the 119th Fighter Wing, flown by Derrig, Borgstrom and Eckman and commanded by Det One Commander Kjelvik and Ops Officer Conner, were kept out of the airspace so they could not get visual contact with anything left floating after AA11, UA175 and American 77 were ‘wasted’ based on the droning intellectual property Field McConnell had shared with less intelligent sibling Kristine Marcy who shared it with radical lesbian Hillary Foul Taint, the piece of human excrement that is featured in this Pulitzer Prize winning video call Hillary’s Clinton’s Foul TAINT, yuk. No wonder Slick Willy asked to be stricken with Peronie’s disease after sampling VIRGINia Roberts at the urging of Jeffrey Epstein aka Hebdick.

Scripture: James 4:1,3

From whence come wars and fighting’s among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts. 

 1 Timothy 6:9-10

But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows...

Gospel: Lonely People By Dan Peek


Secular: Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing


Video: 21st Century Wire-MH370-McConnell


The Two Survivors


Captain Sherlock Solves MH370


G-Spot: Oath + 14 Feb 1967 + 28 June 1967 + 09 June 1971 + 5 July 1977

Chapter 21

Preamble: If Barack Obama can kiss Justin Beiber, Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 can kiss my ROSY RED RECTUM, capeche?


Back in Chapter 20, the Purple Limo stopped at the Studebaker Garage, Agent Barry M. Hall and Freeport Girl were there to deliver the sad news to Agent Chips regarding his fellow F16 pilot, Northwest pilot and Marine pilot Jim Maroney’s death in Goat Creek on the evening of 22 March, 2014. Chips could tell Freeport Girl had been crying and had tried to cover it up with Mascara not to be confused with Mariska. Chips visually accessed Barry M. Hall as either having recently cried or not completely recovered from a BONE CRUSHING hangover which seldom occurs in Wisconsin as the ‘beverage pros’ seldom take a day off, capeche? While Chips conversed with Freeport and Barry, Agent Julie Shirts and Mystery Girl walked up from the cold side of the Stud Barn with a dispatch that had just come the back door, literally, from GRU-Sukhoi and specifically Agents Natalya Antonov and Boris Cay, of ( redacted ) Russia Abel Danger Office. As Julie and Mystery Girl focused on Agent Chips’ bits n’ pieces, Agent Chips mentally undressed them as he read the IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Agent Boris Cay, originally from Perm where likely there is a Perm Bank.

Agent Boris Cay IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, Hamish, Hammer Rooster Cogburn or MacCheese copy Dangerettes aField and aBroad: Please get this message to Agent Chips, I’d like him to authorize my sending it on his behalf. [ Dear Malaysian Airlines and CNN, Out of respect for what Abel Danger is trying to accomplish, please do some research yourself, as this will engage you and lighten AD's load. I can start you off: ["The Sukhoi Superjet 100 (Russian: Сухой Суперджет 100) is a fly-by-wire regional jet in the 8 (VIP) to 108 (all Y) seat category.[7] With development starting in 2000, the airliner was designed by the civil aircraft division of the Russian aerospace company Sukhoi in co-operation with its main partner Boeing. NOTE: Fly-by-wire, and "main partner Boeing" Sukhoi is bound by patent law as is Boeing, and Boeing owns the patents: (US20030163232) Airliner irreversible-control anti-hijack system (granted Jan 2005) "...Support-system options include SmartCard®-interfacing, and automatic is engagement of AIRCIA™-system in event of natural-cause pilot-incapacitation, and ATI(automatic/tranquil-Infusion) which introduces tranquilizing-gas into the airliner's entire interior." NOW THAT IS SCARY - DO PILOTS KNOW THE WHOLE PLANE COULD BE REMOTELY TRANQUILIZED? (US20060032978) Method and system for controlling a hijacked aircraft (granted Nov 2011) (WO2012060942) AUTOMATIC CONTROL OF AN AIRCRAFT IN THE EVENT OF FLIGHT CREW INCAPACITY (published May 2012) US20130246574) Onboard Electronic Distribution System (pub Sept 2013 but there will be predecessors if you look) (US08589020) Updating identity information in aircraft network data processing systems (Allows remote software upload and reprogramming of systems, such as transponder information, aircraft identifiers etc) (US6675076) System, autopilot supplement assembly and method for increasing autopilot control authority Reading the detail and claims section of these patents is chilling in light of MH370 and keep in mind that on 14 March, 2014 ALPA President Lee Moak received this information, AND MORE, from Captain Field McConnell, Plaintiff of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). Having just scratched the surface with these and knowing that many years of testing leads to these patents, flight hasn't been "safe" for a very long time...according to Captain McConnell at least as early as 1995. Captain McConnell has suggested ALPA’s Lee Moak promulgate this safety sensitive information to the WORLD’S AIRLINE LEADERS meeting this week in ( redacted ), see press release below and let’s see if Lee Moak does the right thing. McConnell has set a deadline of 13 April, 2014 for ALPA to MEET HIS DEMAND. 

Yours in respect and truth

Boris Cay ] If any member of Abel Danger can get Agent Chips to sign off on this prior to 2311/30Mar14 it will go unedited. If Field McConnell, oops, I mean Agent Chips wishes to change anything contact me on Clipper 3 between 5 and 7 minutes after each hour. Boris

Chips finished reading the dispatch and nodded to MYSTERY GIRL and indicated he thought the letter should be signed by himself to keep Boris Cay’s head off the chopping block. As he handed the letter back to MYSTERY GIRL she intentionally dropped it so she could bend over and expose her massive bounty to Chips whose appreciation of 44DD fun bags was legend. Julie Shirts and Freeport Girl, an an effort to keep aBREAST of Mystery Girl bent over also. As Chips viewed the 6 Grand Tetons, he realized he also had ALPA bent over also and he wondered if he should use KY Jelly, Yes Yes personal lube, or sand paper [ coarse ] when he shoved the BUAP up the ass of ALPA. Barry M. Hall, a telepathic beer drinker from Milwaukee read his mind and whispered “coarse sandpaper” as he passed Chips a Grolsch and helped himself to one also from Hammer MacCheese’s tool box which doubled as a beer cooler.

The Abel Danger Agents needed to get inside the STUD BARN as an unseasonable rain developed at 2211, 30 March, 2014 while in Fargo, North Dakota Jim Maroney’s funeral at the Fargo Air Museum was postponed to April Fool’s Day due to a Monday blizzard.


Chips was immediately grabbed by VANILLA GORILLA and Tactics Tillman who dragged Chips away from all the Dangerettes and took him back to the cold storage section where the 5 Studs are parked and showed him a bulletin dated Saturday. He read it quickly while still harking back to the 6 ‘grand tetons’ that were falling at his feet.

Bulletin No. 1: Saturday, 29 March, 2014


The Office of the Chief Prosecutor (OCP) has compiled its evidence against the primary defendants BERGOGLIO, PACHON and WELBY, and filed its primary documentation with the Court. Our arguments to the Court will commence Monday, 7 April at 10 am.

The OCP has found considerable evidence linking the defendants with the operation and protection of a global child trafficking network involving the routine and systematic kidnapping, rape, torture and sacrificial murder of newborn infants and children up to age fourteen. The documented ring known as the NINTH CIRCLE involving the defendants and former Popes JOHN PAUL II and BENEDICT is one manifestation of this network. The CIRCLE operates according to a canon law statute designated as THE MAGISTERIAL PRIVILEGE, which is filed within the sealed archives of the Vatican library. An obtained copy of this statute is entered as evidence by the OCP.

The NINTH CIRCLE is globally based and centuries old, operating at Roman Catholic cathedrals in Montreal, New York, Rome, London and dozens of other locations, including at protected forest groves in America, Canada, France and Holland. It routinely utilizes children taken from Catholic orphanages, adoption agencies, hospitals and schools.

Update from The International Common Law Court of Justice — Trial of Pope Francis

I had a pretty much all day email discussion with a Sandy Hook 'hoax debunker', a man of evident fairness and objectivity. It came down to this comment by Agent Julie Shirts of Beaver Dam:

Perhaps being a decent human being makes it easier on the soul for you to believe that Sandy Hook was the work of a single madman, than that people could be how many levels of magnitude even more evil so as to rationally plan a horrible crime of deception on this scale (that of pedophiles and satanists). Because, unfortunately, that is what we would be dealing with.

This thought brought me some insight on your coping mechanism for dealing with these subjects day in and day out. Without faith and lots of goofiness, it could lead to insanity. The analogy which comes to mind is of a matador sidestepping an angry bull, eventually wearing it down, wounding and killing it.

From Agent Rimcheese, Urumqui, China:

Today at 9:38 PM IBM Engineer, Phillip Wood, is alive and apparently got this email out to the world confirming he is in captivity and plane was hijacked by rogue element of US Military and is in hangar on Diego Garcia..Heads are going to roll over this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over to you Abel Danger people...Rimcheese

Chips look confused and blurted out to VANILLA GORILLA and Tillman, “I don’t give a RAT’s ass about Circle 9 and black hearts in white robes, I have three Dangerettes trying to get a ride on the PTRC and you guys want to educate me on the Vatican deceivers. I need a Captain Sherlock Martini and a warm and willing woman like those three in the heated shop, capeche?” As Tactics and MacCheese seemed puzzled, Chips thought of Agent 80W who was the model for the 2012 Captain Sherlock Martini Glass who had had dinner with him in April, 2009 at the Brew Haus Pub in Astana, Kazakhstan when they had work with the President of Iran on the release of Roxana Saberi.

“Chips, the message is not about the Pope, that is chaff, did you see the bracketed item at the beginning of the letter” asked Tactics Tillman, “Don’t be ADHD like David, slow down just like you are always singing in the chorus of SWEET TALKING WOMAN, read the bracketed item again.”



As Chips reread the bracketed item, he realized that ALPA and SERCO may well be bankrupted and put into receivership if Abel Danger played their cards right. His mind wandered back to 1986 when he flew SWEET TALKIN’ WOMAN [ F4D 66-7478 ] in William Tell 1986 and took first place in every profile he and his Sweet Talkin’ Woman flew. The event is the reason why of all of the 40 F4s flown by the Happy Hooligan, the Sweet Talkin’ Woman 66-7478 is the only one in flyable storage at Davis Month. He thought of her picture and a short youTube Clip made by Agent Susie Q who no longer works for Qinetic, some thought the ‘Q’ of James Bond.

Hammer MacCheese had a FLASH FESTUS call so Agent Chips spoke briefly with Tactics Tillman. “Missed the brackets the first time and thought it odd you would want to waste my time on the last pope who will be going down due to Thomas J. Smolich’s inept handling of Kristine Marcy. If we get confirmation of the 18 March phone call and Philip Wood I will be hoping ALPA does not satisfy my demand by 13 April so I can kick it up to $36M as that is 8 times 3 times Lee Moak’s $1.28M salary paid in 2012 by ALPA. I was 10 years senior to him at Delta and because seniority is the basis for pay in airline and railroad jobs, and because RICO crimes are paid ‘trebled damages” a nice round 36 million would work for the Civil Case Pro Se and then we’d have the attorney in Massachusetts time the Criminal Case to best expose Barry Soetoro as the FAKE PRESIDENT who sent some SEALS to their murder in Extortion 17, found at Abel Danger by googling [ snookered chinook + chips + pastel + ioc + Hamish], capeche?

Because Barry Soetoro is posing as Barak Obama my attorney will be told to file a claim for $1M for each of the 1651 United States military members who had died during the Serco-Octopus-Obama mis-administration. That is 1.651 Billion but due to the RICO nature of Serco-Octopus-Obama capture of America I will be seeking 4.593 B rounded up to 5 billion due to lack of consortium. I want Soetoro’s ass even more that Larry Sinclair, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland, Donald Young or Alex Okrent did, with a side order of Reggie Love and his world famous CORN HOLE. I am going on the WARPATH…..”


A calmer Tactics Tillman urged moderation reminding Chips of the words of Romans 12:19, "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."

Chips realized that Tactics Tillman was correct and he decided to throw a GOING AWAY PARTY for ALPA and Obama. He checked his pocket calendar and selected 7pm 17 July, 2014 for the Victory Party at Vino in the Valley, Maiden Rock, Wisconsin so that they could celebrated before the Plum City Festival CAR PARADE which will feature the 5 Car Stud and some mighty fine Dangerettes, including Freeport Girl who was walking up with Barry M. Hall with a 3 x 5 index card, in salmon, with a joyful look on their faces unlike the serious look they displayed in Chapter 20.


“Chips, a fellow who knows Philip Woods just sent a message to 401 Main Street and we believe Rooster Cogburn is talking with the fellow at the moment from the BANK SAFE in Plum City. Before you read the message, I bet you cannot think of a song with BANK JOB IN THE CITY + Ivanhoe in it. I bet you a six pack of Old Style.”


Chips dialed F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun, select P1 and V7 and handed the phone to Barry M. Hall while suggesting “I’ll collect the Old Style at JR’s Mainstreet Junction during ABEL DANGER HAPPY HOUR during the Plum Plunge 2014. You should have known the song was the reason why ALPA tried to frame me with a psychiatrist name Dr. Elliott in March, 2007 due to my telling the truth regarding the BUAP which now, sadly, has been involved in Adam Air, Kenya Airways, Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet and MH370 with the first four HULL LOSSES and MH370 a LOST HULL known only by Agent Chips to have landed at Diego Garcia at 0657, 8 March, 2014 and landing to the north and then taxiing into the FARADAY HANGAR at the north end. The last jet to taxi into a hanger with engines running was the DRONE replacement for United 93 that landed after 11 a.m. at KCLE, Cleveland Hopkins Airport and taxiing into the NASA HANGAR at the northwest corner of the airFIELD after all passengers and employees had been forced to leave the Cleveland airport property so no one would see the drone 757 painted in United livery taxi into the hangar. Nobody except Agent James Crosby who was disguised and an AirFIELD Operations Electrician on that day in history when only the second time an attack was held on U S soil that last being Pearl Harbor. Serco did them both. They used Lord Mountbatten in Hawaii, and they used the three lesbian recipients of the Gore Hammer Award given on 22 October, 1996 to Serco’s Lesbos (redacted) Gorelick, Kristine (redacted) and Janet (redacted).” After finishing his right, proper response, Chips looked down and read what FREEPORT GIRL had written on the card in Pastel MOONLIGHT WHISPER.

Hi Captain McConnell, Greetings, sorry for disrupting you at this moment. I'm Mazien from Malaysia. Work as mechanical engineer and have some knowledge in aviation/ aerospace industry. I'm so excited when watched and heard your explanation of missing #MH370. (Project Camelot Interview with Field McConnell and David Hawkins - Malaysian Flight 370). I hope you can come out with more theories and crack-out the conspiracies. What they can do and does in flight #MH370. What do you think when the flight is reported flew to the northeast (NE) - heading to Beijing before missing from radar, then turned back to the north west (NW) - crossed the peninsular Malaysia to Andaman Sea and then reporting ended in the southern Indian ocean.? ( It seems like chaos flight movement, flew without track and why so far the flight crashed (south Indian ocean) as reported?.) Lets acting like a normal pilot with a sensible mind, I will landed the flight as closed as I can and as soon as possible if the flight system face the problem. Also, I don't think the system is totally down at the time where flight MH370 is reported missing from radar near IGARI waypoint. We can see that the plane was still able to fly long distances up to thousands of miles to the south. What do you think of this video? Does it make sense ?”


Chips handed the card back to Barry M. Hall and detected a faint hint of clover but an over active Skene’s gland. Looking around he noticed Agent 99, Atomic Betty, Freeport Girl and Julie Shirts were the only females in the STUD BARN. As Freeport Girl was the closest he decided to try and impress her hoping he could then get some hay for his donkey, in a matter of speaking that ‘farm people’ understand. Before he could offer her a gambit, she offered him one with a question.

“Chips, don’t you want to know what the YouTube is about?”

“Freeport Girl, I already know because the number following the = sign indicates it is related to Serco’s using automation to take things off course. The Code QN1tlqDeg indicates this youTube is about Serco’s hijack of MH370 at Point B……”

Chips was interrupted by a hearty “Blow it out you ass, Chips, how could you possibly know that?” issued by the 6 foot 3 280 pound former professional beer drinker whose day job is in the promotional items industry and whose NIGHT JOB was as Abel Danger Atlanta Regional Director who had helped block the DHS attack scheduled for 4 July, 2013 the exposure of which caused Janet Napolitano to get while the getting was good. For proof, google [ mona blue + obama's cooked goose + atlanta burns ]

Chips decided to play Vladimir to Barry M. Halls improve of Steven Seagall and he answered without a moment’s hesitation.

“Barry and Freeport, I am serious, notice the QN1tlqDeg after the equals sign, QN indicates Queen of the North, the ferry boat that Serco sunk in the Pacific Northwest. The 1Deg indicates an imputed azimuth error of 1 degree used on Ron Brown’s T43, in Queen of the North and in MH370. We can be certain the this is about the Diego Garcia landing of MH370 due to the tlq between the key words T is 20th letter, L is 12th, Q is 17th. 20 minus 12 is 8, 8 plus 17 is 25, and MH370 is the 25 known case of IMPUTED AZIMUTH ERROR resulted in Wrongful Deaths, capeche?”

Barry M. Hall and Freeport Girl were both feeling bad they had mist the clue always hidden after the = sign but were stopped in their thoughts while Agent Julie Shirts walked up with a video phone and asked Chips to read a message she had received on 18 March, 2014 from Diego Garcia. She turned the volume up to V9 and expanded the screen as the four Abel Danger sleuths would be trying to agree to what it might mean. It was supposedly sent from Aunt Maude but Chips had reason to believe it was actually sent by an Abel Danger MR FSD Agent from somewhere near the 49th parallel.

I understand, Field, and pray the world gets brighter and the masses continue to awake. Change is coming in April in a big way. April, Astrologically, has many abuzz for years now as there are significant events taking shape. As above, so below. (What happens in skies, collectively happens personally, too) we can clearly see and sense big things are imminent. There is a cardinal grand cross in April taking shape now which means four planets are fighting (your sign, Libra is very affected). This is a very, very rare occurrence. Change, in a big way is the nuts and bolts of the meaning. Structures will crumble and partnerships will fall apart (personal and collective), perhaps Serco and Inmarsat, perhaps the Soames brothers, perhaps Kristine Marcy, Maureen Baginsky and Eric Holder. On top of this there are TWO eclipses which intensify everything; things will be brought to light and old things will give way to the new. I truly believe all of the "light workers" such as we are will make great strides in April. Remember, collective and personal change is coming. The dates of eclipses are the 15th and 29th. The period of the 20-23 will be most intense, just like an orgasm, but different. I pray for the world and for us individually. Again, Librans are very, very affected in the area of the chart that governs home, family and committed partnerships (4th house). If you are thinking of buying a 4th house, April 22 is EARTH DAY so shoot the guy in Texas an offer. Aunt Maude.

Chips was thinking he knew who really sent it due to the 4th house comment but couldn’t ‘go there’ as Hammer Rooster Cogburn was rapidly approaching with his Clipper Rice Bowl glued to his left ear and involved in a rapid conversation in Japanese.

Rooster’s conversation ended with a curt 自分自身を性交に行くバリーSoetoroに知らせる before Rooster explained in English with subtitles in pig latin.

“Sorry you had to hear that vulgar language but I was talking to some woman claiming to have marketed Abel Danger from ‘the beginning’ and when I asked her when the beginning was for Abel Danger she did not know. She probably is one of the legion of tire kickers that see that Abel Danger is the ONLY GAME IN TOWN regarding MH370 and so she is probably a disinfo shill sent by Barrack Obama’s GIRL FRIDAY Valerie Jarrett or her handler, Kristine Marcy……”

Before Rooster Cogburn could finish apologizing, Chips said “No apology to the ladies, I am the only one here besides you that speaks NIPPER talk and you can rest assured I would not tell the ladies that you were saying “Tell Obama he can go fuck himself” which is rather Marine like for a fellow who spent 12 years in the USAF before he realized there were WHITE HAT and Black Hats. No problem Rooster but what is in the folder you are carrying?”

“Oh sorry, I always get pissed off when I think the Serco’s Octopus sending Crown Agent Barak Mounir Ubayd into the United States thinking a gay mulatto can defeat a Christian Marine. Hamish is tanked again down at JR’s Mainstreet Junction so while he sleeps it off, can you approve the deployment of this Post 1907, we want to timestamp it 2359/30March14 so it will be on Michael Huerta’s desk tomorrow when the Huerta-Tochen-Moak troop of monkeys shows up to again suppress the truth of the existence of the BUAP. Here you go, take a quick look see and let me know.”

#1907: Marine links MI-3 Mycroft Red Switch ZigBee MitM to Serco Flash and Crash or Cat IIIC Diego Garcia

Plum City – ( – March 30, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Red Switch Network ZigBee man-in-the-middle attacks apparently set up by Nicholas ‘Mycroft’ Soames for the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company, to Serco director Maureen Baginski who has allegedly had to choose between a Flash and Crash fate for the Boeing 777 of MH Flight 370 or a Cat III C landing on the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) of Diego Garcia.

McConnell recognizes Mycroft Warrants as writs issued by a competent but blackmailed or extorted officer, usually a judge or magistrate, who permits otherwise illegal acts (spoliation of evidence; ultra vires authorisation of kidnaps; spread bet body-bag counts; bypassing autopsies to conceal murder-for-hire and placing blackmailed pedophiles in decoy triage teams) and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.

MI-3 = Kristine Marcy (sister) + Norman Inkster + Interpol + Intrepid (William Stephenson)

McConnell claims Serco root companies extorted then Prince of Wales (Bullingdon alumnus, later Edward VII) to issue Mycroft warrants to a telegraph-betting center in London’s Langham Hotel – an alleged pedophile honeypot used to entrap and blackmail MI-3 Innholders’ guests and now a Serco virtual war room used to tag teams modeled on Ian Fleming’s Target Force – a lightly-armed tri-phibious unit, tasked with capturing Nazi scientific/technical military material.

McConnell claims that after the 1979-1995 Unabomb campaign Baginski and Soames had the Red Switch Network reconfigured so that their ZigBee agents could set up the Flash and Crash maneuvers of AA Flight 77 over the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center on 9/11 and abduct Freescale passengers after the Cat IIIC landing of MH 370 on Diego Garcia on March 8, 2014.

Having alerted the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) in Quantico VA, to Red Switch jamming by Baginski and Soames – a former Defence Minister under Langham habitué John Major – McConnell expects his erstwhile colleagues to honor their oaths when MH 370 is finally ditched – presumably just before its black box expires with a disconsolate ping on the 30th day.

Semper Fidelis

Hamish Charles Watson

The Real Sherlock Who Along With a Real Captain Solved 9/11

Chips read the post and handed it to Agent 99 who had just walked in from putting Cherokee Nose tobed thinking that maybe a squirt in the whiskers could be arranged at the shop which houses the Studebakers own by Plum City’s FIVE CAR STUD.

“Rooster and 99 can you take this down to JR’s bar and meet 80W there, she will then be able to post it from 401 Main Street after deleting the signature of Hamish and signing the letter Field McConnell, US Marine 0116513…”

“Chips, what makes you think Agent 80W is down at Global HQ? She is not in the tasking document for Operation PLUM SPRING.”

“I am well aware but the turquoise details on the CS Solves 9/11 disc cover is her PPUC, Pastel Turqouise so I believe OLD FAITHFUL is sending two messages, one in the open, and one in code. Anything else I need to know before I repair to the Purple Limo and knock off a hunk of ass?”


“Yes Chips, someone at the Tasmanian Times ‘down under’ has been posting your messages in the remarks section entitled OVER TO YOU MR. BOND. Would you like to debrief me while coming up to speed on the Tas Times coverage of MH370?”

Chips understood her emphasis on DOWN UNDER as he, too, was a cunning linguist. He replied with a simple question. “What time did you set Cherokee Nose’s alarm for?”

“He’s no problem, his cell phone is hidden in a boy cavity and the battery was removed prior to insertion. We would have 2 hours easy.” Chips picked up the ‘easy’ and turned to Freeport Girl and Barry M. Hall.

“Could you two get down to the Bank Building in the City and pretend like you are me and continue the dialogue with the Tas Times sleuths. Agent 99 and I need to do a three way call with Umbrellaman regarding upcoming Operation CHEROKEE KNOWS which is the next step in the exposure of what happened to MH370. Once we are debriefed, we can meet the rest of you at JR’s Mainstreet Junction for COCK TAILS and fill you in regarding Umbrellaman’s thoughts” as he hand back the folder for them to use in mimicking him while he had already captured the document on his iris cam and he thought he knew exactly where to look for Cherokee Nose’s cell phone as he got another major waft of clover scent indicating a very active Skene’s gland. to 73 and 71: On 27 Feb 2007 I filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 FIELD MCCONNELL v. ALPA AND BOEING. 4 days later Boeing satisfied me by published an acknowledgement of their possessing, and deploying, the BUAP [ ] So Boeing advised THE WORLD that the BUAP existed prior to 3 March, 2007. ALPA, the U S union Airline Pilots Association, not only has never shared the truth of BUAP with the airline pilots in the U S but neither ALPA nor IF ALPA ( international union ) have shared the information. I believe Boeing is exonerated and ALPA and IFALPA should be held accountable for not sharing the existence of the BUAP and, IN FACT, ALPA has suppressed it in Court in a FRAUD UPON THE COURT when they had my second suit, Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) dismissed fraudulently. The Court Case is entitled FIELD MCCONNELL v. ALPA and I have a 30 day window open 14Mar14 to 13Apr14 for ALPA to settle my original demand [September, 2008, $10M] or I will re-file the dismissed case as the worked by ALPA's lawyers [ Kalfus, Johnson, Plunkett ] was and is fraudulent and directly contributed to the loss of Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet and now MH370. The 4 four hull losses were lost in the CRASHED sense. It is my hope, belief and prayer that MH370 and her 239 souls are still in existence. But what is N105GT doing in Tel Aviv. Go to and in the registration search window that starts with N- fill int 105GT, N-105GT. It is also a Malaysian B777-200 and could be used for a false flag attack against a randomly chosen target such as New York City, Washington DC, Charleston SC or [ redacted ]. For #71 and #73 I am Field McConnell and am availbable via Anything myself, or Abel Danger Global Private Intel can do to resolve this, we will do in hopes of finding the airframe and more importantly, the humans, all 239 of them.

Before Agent 99 could squire her stud out to the Plum Purple Limo, Agent 80W came roaring up to the Stud barn with a message from a Malaysian government attorney. She stuffed it in Chips’ hands hoping he would stuff a big salami in a warm and wet receptacle not to focus totally or air refueling probes and receptacle. Chips read the incoming message. He jumped for joy knowing for certain that Umbrellaman would now be able to loose Operation CHEROKEE KNOWS. He grabbed a Grolsch, gave 80W a MI check, and dick-tated a response to the government attorney in Malaysia being careful not to blow oats thinking of 80W’s whisker biscuit. Julie Shirts, Agent 99 and 80w used their record devices to simultaneously convert Chips’ words into Thai, Malaysian and Mandarin Chinese from MAXIMUM IMPACT.

The dick-tated message, in English is posted below: 

Mr. Meta Ong Chung,

I am just finishing a 30 page chapter regarding MH370. I will forward a draft final in 30 minutes, it will be posted at within 3 hours from our office in Tokyo.

Here is a youtube, 6 minutes produced by Abel Danger:


Here is a 2 hour interview of me by Patrick Henningsen done earlier today, go to approximately 35-36 minute point to hear my two hours regarding the Serco Snatch of your jet.


I am BETTING MY LIFE that MH370 was landed safely on Diego Garcia but that opened a can of worms because the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot used on MH370 was the same illegal modification of Boeings used on 9/11 and the Airline Pilots Association now has there ass in a sling.

I, Field McConnell, and our Private Intel Group Abel Danger offer to be the best allies Malaysia, Malaysian Airlines, and Boeing could ever hope to find. I am the man who sued Boeing for keeping the BUAP a secret. A secret from the pilots, the airlines and the nation-states such as US and Malaysia. I am willing to travel to Malaysia and explain all this in person, or travel to an embassy or consulate to speak to any representative you designate. Boeing satisfied my demand four days after I filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 when they announced on 3 March, 2007 the existence and deployment of the BUAP.

After you have seen the video, listened to the 2 hour interview, and scanned the chapter sending soon, let us find a time to speak on the telephone. I can take the heat off Malaysia and put it squarely where it belongs: Serco, Inmarsat and the United States Department of Justice.

Best Regards

Field McConnell
+001 715 307 8222

Chips had just finished his Dick-tation of the verbal contract where Abel Danger committed to be a friend of the court favorable to Malaysia, Malaysian Airlines, and Boeing against Serco and ALPA in Civil Case 1:14-1600 (BFD) to be filed in District Court, District of Columbia. When a very weak and worried Hamish burst into the Stud barn asking if he could do something to help Agent Chips in his battle against ALPA and Serco’s RICO Frauds. Chips, ever the laconic opiner stole a line from the movie ARTHUR and he gave MI checks to the four Dangerettes, desiring to trade their babbles from a hot injection of his Oyster enhanced essence.


As Chips whipped out his beer money stash, a 3 by 5 card with 5 scriptural quotes fell to the floor and went unnoticed as Chips, et. al., repaired to JR’s Mainstreet Junction to get the party started.

Someone other than Field McConnell, U S Marine, titled the picture above BARRY FUCKING AMERICA. Field McConnell now invokes the POWER ASSIGNED HIM in Psalm 91:11-14 to ensure little Barry Boy suffers from COITUS INTERRUPTIS as the Malaysian Government has officially requested SUPPORTING FIRE from the World’s Most Potent FIGHTER PILOT.

11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
14 “Because he[a] loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

Isaiah 53:5-6 NIV

Field McConnell, Punahou ’67 exposes Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 and charges him with 1651 counts of wrongful deaths of U S military personnel killed during his two illegal administrations noting that at Punahou School he, Barry Soetoro, was registered as an Indonesian Muslim. Field McConnell versus No Where Man Obama; may the best man win.


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