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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 19

The Chosen” Frozen In Abel Danger Diego Garcia Honeypot
Illumined Marine, Kylin Chips, Three Horse Race In Dead Heat

Welcome Back Malaysia 370, How Was Diego Garcia?
G-Spot: AWACS + MH370

Purple Reign II Limo Owner Suggests Elgibility Check
G-Spot: serco + mycroft + cat IIIc + sidley austin + abel danger

No Spanish Baby As Faux Royals Arrive 2 Days In Advance Of MH370
G-Spot: noonu atoll + 45 villas + maldives + April 7 + BOASTS

Chinese, Malay, U S Surviving Family Members Deceived Re: BUAP
G-Spot: Moore + Hylander + Campbell + Clear The Skies

Serco’s ZigBees STUNG In Abel Danger Honeypot
G-Spot: zigbees + SERCO + mh370 + FIELD MCCONNELL

Diego Garcia Airport Closed During MH370 Conversion To WMD
G-Spot: 30 hour stand down + 9/11 + FIELD MCCONNELL

Caption Voice Of Russia Interviews Expose BUAP To Asian Audience
G-Spot: 3 million + abel danger + mh370 + Voice of Russia

Vernon County Arrives Reindeer Station 43 Years Ahead Of MH370
G-Spot: Vernon County + Thomas E. Frame + Con Agra + Monfort + Abel Danger

Red Footed Boobies Of Danger Island Monitor MH370
G-Spot: Red Footed Boobies + Brown Noddys + Abel Danger

Abel Danger Island Listening Post
G-Spot: Abel Danger Island + westernmost + southernmost + Great Chagos Bank + largest coral atoll + Chagos Archipelago

NO CLASS: First Transgender And Three Unrelated Females
G-Spot: NO CLASS + Hotel China + FED UP + Michelle + Mother

Rogue Nuke Would Distract From Serco’s MH370 Failure
G-Spot: MCCONNELL + Putin + Assad + CRISP + Syria

Perhaps A Daylight Look At Northwest End Of Diego Garcia’s Runway
G-Spot: Kells Hetherington + Voice Of Russia + MH370 + Serco

Abel Danger Halts Movement of SERCO’s MH370

6 Dangerettes Adorn Official Plum Plunge 2014 Bar
G-Spot: adam air + Kenya + air france + sukhoi + FIELD MCCONNELL

Serco Trapped In Diego Garcia HONEYPOT; No Way Out
G-Spot: MCCONNELL + Diego Garcia + Pee Wees + MH370 + SERCO

Plum City Stud Suggests Rogue Nuke Would Distract From Serco’s Snatch MH370
G-Spot: SERCO + Sandy Hoax + Kiev Kills + Malaysian Float + MCCONNELL

City Of London Serco-Jesuits Roll SNAKE EYES To Abel Danger BOX CARS
G-Spot: ZigBee Hangar + Serco's MH370 + G4S BIOT + Field McConnell

Way back in Chapter 18 before Warren Buffett’s link to Sukhoi Superjet 100 was rationalized, Chips had closed his eyes to prevent himself for self-exploculation and pictured Lady Eagle who waited patiently for her mate whilst ensuring the integrity of the remains of those souls having flown, a courtesy that was not extended to Serco’s victims of Giuliani’s 9/11 decision to dump their body parts in FRESH KILLS 1 and 9. Chips said a silent prayer that the words of Umbrellaman would authorize Abel Danger to simultaneously expose Serco and G4S for financial crimes against the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and [redacted]. When he opened his eyes, a pile of clothes were at his feet and he heard the Jacuzzi running in the Grotto Bedroom of the Maiden Rock Inn. However, he also heard the sober words of Umbrellaman. “Ladies and Gentlemen of Abel Danger, our time has come. Serco, Soames and Soetoro have been drawn into our Honeypot. Maureen Baginsky and Kris Marcy have again fallen victim to poor aviation advice, this time from the horse shit union that replaced GAPAN just as Serco replaced Clinton Rubin who had replaced McConnell International. Brad King and Thomas Smolich have been exposed by the HARD DRIVE harvested at 832 Coach Way late evening 14 October, 2008.. As our 5th Hull loss has been reached, I am upgrading our current operation centered on Diego Garcia with Operation HULL LOSS ACE as Field McConnell has tied Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Air France 447, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and MH370 to Serco and notice for the record no mention of Warren Buffett, Bombardier and the GPWS button that was cycled and photographed to implicate the crew of the Sukhoi. No dice, Serco, no dice.

Scripture: Psalm 37:23, Proverbs 3:3-5, Ephesians 6:10-11

23 The Lord makes firm the steps
of the one who delights in him;

24 though he may stumble, he will not fall, 
 for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes

Gospel: Lead Me, Guide Me


Secular: Shadows In The Moon Light


Video: Black Child Chariot


  Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot

G-Spot: Serco-Soames-Soetoro + Exposed + SQ68’s Shadow

Chapter 19 Begins and Serco’s Snatch Ends HERE

Chapter 19

Toward the end of the last chapter, our ace of assymetrical cyber warfare had seen a pile of clothing laid at the foot of the bed in the Grotto Room of the Maiden Rock Inn where on 22 March, 2014 he would be receiving an uplink of any aviation activity from Diego Garcia in time frame 2311/21Mar14 to 1111/23Mar14 from the Pee Wee Agent posing as an electrical generation technician who would be wearing and Alison Brown approved Tidget GeoZigBee AQWB27X “snatch-tracker”. Chips felt certain that if they had invoked a 72 hour NO FLY WINDOW on 8 March, 2014 the perpetrators would need only a 24 hour NO FLY WINDOW once the paint had dried on what flew in looking like MH370. Well aware that Colorado’s Thomas E. Frame had worked on the Construction Battalion on Reindeer Station in timeframe 1971-1975, he wondered if FRONT MAN Vladimir Putin had linkage to the Clinton-enabled Chinese spies who had picked the carcass clean at Los Alamos. Before he could apply sufficient mental energy into recalling the history of the technological arming of China by CLINTON’S CHINKS, a half stick of Usinger’s Summer Sausage came flying out of the bathroom where a mystery girl would soon be a mystery no more. Chips understood that the Dangerette soaking in the Grotto Jacuzzi was thinking of sausage and Wisconsin which invariably leads to thoughts of the 2014 Plum Plunge where upon Larry and Linda would be toasted for being the 3 millionth visitor to Abel Danger and would see their 4 t-shirts, two Plum Plunge 16 ounce shot glasses and two officer Plum Plunge Koozies during the gripping 90 minute radio show beginning at 2pm on Monday, 24 March, 2014.

Chips ambulated in erect fashion towards the open door behind which awaited a warm and willing woman who was qualified CEMAW and possessing an hour glass figure. From the Pastel Mint Green IOC on the floor he realized it was either the Gatineau BRIDGETOPPER or someone trying to look like her just as on the morning of 9/11 the Boeing drones flown over the New York City skyline were painted to look like United and American which of course they were not according to the well informed professional from Nebraska who had sent Agent Chips a briefing fingering a pair of dispatchers who may have been NAUGHTY BOYS on morning of 9/11 just as some Soames-Soetoro-Baginsky-Serco Jerks did on 8 March, 2014 when they allowed a 53 year old to fly into Abel Danger’s REINDEER Station HONEYPOT 43 years after the CBs had preceded the ZigBees and the Pee Wees to the atoll east of Danger Island where American Heebie-geebies were quartered prior to 1971’s move to Diego Garcia aboard LST 1161, USS Vernon County, the only LST in the Navy painted white instead of haze gray and Abel Danger ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie, capeche?


“Chips, it seems some fine things have been laid upon your table. Please grab me a Barrelita Rum Cube Libra and grab yourself a Captain Sherlock Martini with two stuffed queens and then repair directly to the Jacuzzi where another pair of queens are hoping to be laid your table, the floor or the trunk of the 66 Crown droptop, capeche?”

Chips did an about-face, went to the portable bar and mixed the two COCKtails and saw the half a summer sausage and regardless the fact it was early spring in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, he presumed that his Dangerette du Jour might enjoy a longer sausage either as an appetizer or a stocking stuffer, lady’s choice. Knowing her penchant for meat sticks, Chips asked her if she had any idea what would come up if one were to google Sydney Leathers and Carlos Danger, no relation to Abel Danger but apparently a fan or the international man-about-town the laconic Agent Chips. He was stunned at her immediate and full breasted response as she blurted out “Anthony’s little weiner and just to add to Will’s and Kate news regarding their being near Diego Garcia on 8 March, 2014, much has been made in media of their hiring of a Spanish nanny for the CHANGLING and I suppose the child's grandfather Juan Carlos wants to ensure the petri-dish child speaks Spanish etc. Can you respond to that in Spanish oh meat stick tickler of the tonsils?”

Sería un placer belleza oh bien knockered. Los miembros de la realeza son falsos en serios como aparecieron Serco, Airbus y Sidley Austin haber intento de secuestro en vuelo Maylasia 370 y con la captura electrónica subsiguiente del Boeing ahora podría ser considerado y ACT OF WAR y los vigilantes a la vaca gorda en China para tratar de negociar un acuerdo favorable a Sidley Austin y Serco, mientras que el as de asimetría tiene los pies de ALPA al fuego en cuanto a la Boeing ininterrumpida del piloto automático. Ahora quisiera tener sexo contigo en la gruta?”

“Excellent Spanish your eminence and recall Huma’s humper has a short weiner and as you know that is not kosher with me. I’d be more interested in a Leonard Cohen portion if you are familiar with the Canadian troubadour” as she leaned out of the Jacuzzi and selected F4 and C+30 indicating that whatever song came up she’d like to listen for a full 30 minutes before whatever, or whoever, might come next. As she dragged her 44-D funbags over the tub’s wet edge, not to be confused with Johnny Carson’s THE EDGE OF WETNESS, she pointed at the costumes that she and Chips would be wearing as they would be shadowing, I say again SHADOWing, the faux royals in the Maldives from Danger Island just west of Diego Garcia where the AWACS prize awaits discovery ON THE SHELF.


"Chips, as you may know there's a little-mentioned side-story in the account of events, that I find hard to believe is coincidental. Please follow me for a moment: Prince William, a member of the RAF, and Duchess Kate went on a surprise, baby-free, vacation to the Maldives on Thursday, March 8th. It had been noted that they had a large security detail and departed to a nearby atoll upon landing. This unplanned vacation, for which Will missed classes, was supposed to last a week, but nowhere can I find a confirmed return date. If it is possible to hide in the radar signature of another plane, as is suspected with MH370 following SIA68, we should be able to infiltrate the Faux Royals 45 villa atoll if we dress in Pastel Mint Green versions of the Faux Royals ‘fairy’ clothes but remember to take the signature Navy Gold Wings off your blue blazer and I will duct tape down my mega-knockers so I will look more like the rather plain faux royal whose rental BABY BUMP was returned to the rental store after the nurse who squealed to the Aussie journalists got iced.”

Chips’ legendary turgidity was about 107% as he crossed the transom of the tub with a Cuba Libra in his left hand, a Captain Sherlock Martini in his right hand as Atomic 
Betty steadied the 64 year old thong slinger with her firm grip on the tiller bar, of sorts. As he settled in the Jacuzzi and gave her a quick BDE they were both upset that Chips had failed to place his Clipper Squirt Gun on FFO-BIP, flash festus only, boinking in progress, so that they would not suffer coitus interruptus prior to her signature triple followed by his voluminous return volley. As the lady leaned out of the Jacuzzi to grab Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun, Chips got a free and enjoyable look-see at the target area, suitably moist.

Operation HULL LOSS ACE Hammer MacCheese to Agents aBroad and aField as well as the MAIN BANG in Plum City AOO, copy Corazon Dulce, Rico Gamolino, Grave Digger and DBMT in reserve: Serco has been busy of late building a State-of-the-Practice Data Communications Network To create a state-of-the-practice data communications network required Serco to engineer different solutions for each of the AFSCN’s unique locations. Each ground station around the world had to be surveyed in order to develop detailed installation plans, project support agreements and testing plans. Furthermore, to assure communications reliability between the ground station and the operational control nodes, Serco also had to conduct a complete circuit testing exercise long after Yukla 27 was lost in an apparent accident. After completing the survey, Serco’s team continued with their due diligence, for developing and implementing a state-of-the-practice solution, by conducting circuit, system verification and integration, installation and checkout testing for each of the ground stations, including those located at Diego Garcia, in British Indian Ocean Territory, the Royal Air Force Base in Oakhanger, England and Anderson AFB, in Guam where in 1974 Agent Chips landed his KC130F from VMGR-352 assigned to KNZJ and after his father had investigated the ‘collison on the ground’ of a KC135 tanker and 4 F4 Phantoms not to be confused with the Boeing Phantom Works at 2515 ( redacted ) Street in Seal Beach, California. In developing this enhanced voice and data communications network, Serco’s team engineered and implemented an ATM backbone and secure voice system for each of the AFSCN ground stations. The installed network was based on a Wide Area Network (WAN) architecture utilizing IP based network capabilities and proprietary secure communication technologies such as KG-75s, KG-84S and KIV-7s. In addition, Serco ensured Defense Red Switch Network connectivity and operations throughout the AFSCN. We believe the compartmentalized Serco technicians did not understand that someday an ACT OF WAR might use Serco’s network to remotely snatch and land a Malaysian airliner on British territory while holding 239 citizens of Malaysia, China and the United States against their will. Our legal staff in Bremen will see if kidnapping or an act of war are more logical charges to bring if the passengers are not proven to be in good health by 1511/23Mar14 and returned to their home countries by the agreed to date of 7 April, 2014. MacCheese

“Chips, with all the surveillance available should we do a google earth shot of Diego Garcia and Midway Island and see if the B777 being repainted in Continental Airlines logo is visible due to its empennage poking out the back of the hangars at those stations?”

“Atomic Betty, we tried but the latest google map from 9600 feet above Diego Garcia was dated 2-2-2007 and anything lower with better resolution is dated prior to that. Our contacts at GRU and Wisconsin Avenue NW are takin’ care of business in that regard and it looks like the quest for Freescale’s Chips will favor China, Russia and the U S while exposing Serco and G4S for what they really are, capeche?”

Rather than answer verbally, the heavily knockered Bridgetopper leaned out a second time and selected C6 and C+15 before leaning back for a loading dose of her Barrelita Cuba Libra when a text message came into Chip’s Squirt Gun. As Atomic Betty had her hands full, Agent Chips read the incoming text message to himself and then a second time, aloud, as he was providing digital pleasure to the siren from Nova Scotia where once there was a P E teacher named Anne Murray. Atomic Betty watched Chips’ lips as they moved in keeping with his reading as she was an avid lip reader.


Hello Agent Chips, Thank you for reading one of my articles on Before It's News and for your comment. You'd asked about my readership. This month, I have well over one million. A couple of my articles went viral - both on MH307. I'd still like to interview you about your latest findings hopefully after Chapter 19 goes up and before Palm Sunday when ALPA is obligated to respond to your INTENT TO SUE letter. There are a few questions readers are asking. If you'd be so kind to explain, those, that, too, would be most appreciated. The first quarter moon occurs on 7 April so that was a wise deadline to set for Serco to repatriate the 239 hijacked passengers. I'm writing up something based on 4Key.Net's latest. Perhaps we could base an interview on it - or separately. I know you hold so many valuable answers to people in need of information right now, I'd be honored to publish it. Blessing and best courage, DD 44 @chaos

Chips started to read aloud and was cutoff after the ‘readership’ comment by Atomic Betty who had read his lips whilst he was also reading hers, in a manner of anatomically correct parlance.

“Chips, was that letter signed by Deborah Dupre by any chance?”

“Negative my juicy cumquat, it was signed DD 44@chaos. Are they perhaps the same party? If they are one and the same I hope that DD 44 is aware of the radio show planned for 2pm EDT Monday, 24 March, 2014.”

Serco-ZigBee Diego Garcia MH370 - Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:00pm EDT

“It may well be, she is the investigative reported who was attracted to your 1970 LS6 in Fathom Blue. Perhaps she is aware of the connection of that Lonestar Droptop with Raytheon 9/11 as it relates to Ft Collins-Loveland and Darryl Skurich. If so, give her an interview and watch the Malaysian and Chinese come pounding on your door for more info relating to your 10 December, 2006 exposure of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. However, let’s call this Jacuzzi enough and get into some serious salami stuffing Chips.”

“OK Atomic Betty, I understand your most base desire but while we dry off recell that the authenticity of this 1970 Chevelle SS454 LS6 convertible has been documented by collector Buddy Herin, who had the build sheet subjected to forensic analysis by a document conservator; it has also been verified by Mark Meekins of the National Chevelle Owners Association. Professionally restored by Car Connection in Waco, Texas, it is correctly finished in beautiful Fathom Blue with White SS stripes, Ivory bucket seat interior and a power operated White soft top. I ensured it had a high torque dipstick and chrome muffler bearings and the correct Ramey High School Class of ’67 graduation tassel and that pastel mint green I removed from your trembling left thigh on the night of 8 June, 1971 which we were making out in the rain, capeche?”


Before Atomic Betty could answer and before she had dried her schnauzer, another ill timed IMMEDIATE JASPAR came in to Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun, this one from Agent Bean in the Phoenix-Biltmore Office where a fellow known as ‘chopped liver’ sometimes hangs his hat which is also the office where Tactics Tillman is dispatched from when he is not busy connecting dots like a book titled after Chips’ pursuit of Annapolis Traitors and the Trident shaped “tail flash” that was on Uncle Ari’s B777 when he made the left hand turn before everyone was put to sleep and AWACS re-snatched the jet from Serco’s clutches using FESTUS LETHAL TALON encryption.

Operation HULL LOSS ACE Chief Dangerette Agent Bean IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hammers 3, Umbrellaman, Chips, Hamish, Notso and Barry M. Hall copy all Dangerettes in North America AOO, copy Dirty Driveway and Tugboat Twins: If anyone can get this HARD COPY to Agent Chips the Malaysians and Chinese will grant Chips an interview on Thursday, 30 March, 2014 according to June Wong at Malaysia. This message comes from a career Part 121 Dispatcher well aware of Abel Danger and I quote verbatim: [ Hello Field! I enjoyed your information on Uninterruptible Autopilot system. I"m a dispatcher of 33 years with an airline you interviewed with out of Dallas, Texas and some of my friends were dispatchers over at Cobra Airlines who you might have known like Giles (redacted), Al (redacted) , Pat (redacted), Bob (redacted) , Noah (redacted) and “Mike Charlie”. The reason I'm writing you is that since 911 I wanted to know the truth and like many of us who have had a desire for the truth that day when I was working has led me like others down the "Rabbit Hole". Recently I was watching an interview of Bob Fischer by former Chief of the Los Angeles Bureau of the FBI Ted Gunderson before he died. In the interview, Bob Fischer pointed out the serial numbers of AA Flights 77 and 11 assigned to those air craft that day. He said that those planes had to be assigned by someone in the know. After doing some research I discovered some circumstantial evidence of who that person might have been. I mentioned Dispatcher Carlos (redacted). His uncle was Capt. [ redacted ] who was in charge of AA SOC and he was also responsible for the acquisition of systems for new aircraft being acquired. His counter part in his job at UA was Capt. [ redacted ]. After 911, Redact A became the COO of the FAA in 2003. Later he was replaced by Redact B. Interestingly, I find these two guys both employed by NexaCapital in Washington, DC. You can go to the corporate website On that sight you will see their pictures and bios. The company is set up as an aircraft leasing company and both are pictured on the link above. I don't know much about Dyment, but perhaps you do. My question and hypothesis is this: Where these two men strategically placed in those respective positions at AA and UA for a reason? Did Redact A choose two aircraft leased from Wilmington Trust, a company in financial straits with the intent these two insured aircraft would benefit Wilmington Trust if they were lost? Were these lost aircraft equipped with Uninterruptible Autopilot systems at this early date on September 11, 2001? Are these two former heads of AA and UA SOC involved in Masonry? Did they stay on long enough at UA and AA to clean up loose ends? Did they then both move to the FAA to also clean up loose ends? And why are they both at NexaCapital right now? Is this a laundry operation to financially reward these two for doing a job they were instructed to do and now are being financially rewarded....perhaps for doing little or nothing today? At the very least, there seems to be something suspicious here, but I have no "smoking gun". But it might be a lead worth investigating. Or maybe you have already investigated this. Also as I pointed out that Dispatcher Noah (redacted) at your airline is a nephew of Redact A. In addition, in Dallas there is a Mason Dispatcher named Ken Vogt, who has dual citzenship with Israel. He is now a union representative at “brand x” and he has always avoided those dispatchers he knew distrusted him and seems to have too much knowledge of what might really being going on. I've been told he quietly goes around to discredit some of Abel Danger statements and as usual resorts to personal attacks that takes on the face of sarcastic laughter, which is usually a good indication of how they are trained to deal with guys like you and Mr. Hawkins. Sound familiar? They never want to discuss facts. They avoid the facts at all cost. Ok Field I appreciate all your work and just discovered you on Youtube and subscribed. Perhaps as a graduate of the Naval Academy your know of Commodore Adrian Raphael Marron, USNA 1914, who died on 3 June, 1964. He was from Hendersonville, Nebraska. I have a picture of him talking with Sec. of the Navy Forrestal in 1944 when he was in charge of the Boston Navy Yards and the building and training of the LST programs. His brother was Capt. Raymond Marron from the Coast Guard Academy and another brother was Lt. Col. Cyril Bud Marron a graduate of West Point, who fought on Bataan and died in 1944 aboard a Japanese troop ship. I'd write more, but thought I'd share some information and see what you think about Redact A and Redact B. Sincerely, John Connally’s Texas Waco mechanic previously with Raytheon and L-3. ] Chips, if you wish to send this fellow a short response I can be relay or you have his email at Standby for an IMMEDIATE from Agent James Galt who is connected to our Pee Wee on DG, Bean, Phoenix 
Chips understood that Atomic Betty was become impatient for his attention so he promised her that following the anticipated communication with Agent James Galt of the Biltmore cyber-crimes office he would turn off his Clipper Squirt Gun and provide her with an enduro beginning in any of her favored positions. While she had heard that before, she thought back to Johnny Carson’s the EDGE OF WETNESS and started sudsing like a Maytag. She had her eyes closed when the call came from Agent James Galt, fortunately in the form of a ‘vibrate’ TM.

HULL LOSS ACE Agent James Galt IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Tactics Tillman, Hammers Rooster Cogburn and MacCheese and Agents Chips and Hamish, FYEO: Per Halifax Trinity, Pine Gap, Oakhanger and C-Springs there is great concern now that Serco’s REACH may in fact be an ACT OF WAR. Therefore, the AWACS hijacking story HAS TO be subverted at all cost by the American Department of Defense. So they are having think tanks come up with every possible lie to throw out there to divert people away from the truth – that the plane was hijacked by America to allow the NSA to get the secrets about secure Chinese-made processors and operating systems. The lady reporter who is SMITTEN with Agent Chips’ Lonestar LS6 is a cover for Waco’s L-3. Recall Corporate history of L-3 Communications Integrated Systems Waco Aircraft Modification Center visited by Chips Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 following his speech at Canton’s Van Zandt County Memorial. The Waco aerospace giant L-3 Integrated Systems has been known by several names in its 20 years of operations. Originally, the facility was built in 1984 to serve as a one-hangar overflow facility for the Richardson, Texas-based Electrospace Systems, Inc. (ESI), which had been leasing space at Dallas' Love Field for aircraft modification. But with Love Field space-constrained and the company needing more hangar space, ESI looked for a site with air access and the potential of hangars. Electrospace Systems couldn't find a location with available hangars, but it did find the former Connally Air Force Base in Waco, now Texas State Technical College . The college had available land and ESI agreed to lease land and build its own hangar capable of housing a 747-sized aircraft. That building, known as Hangar 7400, was the first of what has become a large complex at the TSTC Airport.

ESI eventually was acquired by the Chrysler Corporation in 1987, and in 1989, the Waco facility became known as Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems, Inc., or CTAS. Where during the ESI days, many of the engineers who worked programs at Waco commuted from the Richardson or Love Field, all the employees who supported aircraft programs were assigned to the Waco site when CTAS was formed in 1989. It would be 1996 when, during a major merger and acquisition movement in the defense industry, Chrysler sold its defense assets to Raytheon Company, which eventually renamed the unit Raytheon Aircraft Integration Systems. Waco was paired with another Raytheon unit in Greenville, Texas and in March of 2002, that unit was sold to the growing defense company L-3 Communications. In the more than 20 years of operations, the Waco facility has modified hundreds of aircraft of many different types. From the nation's most advanced command-and-control aircraft to luxurious widebody jets for international heads-of-state, the L-3 facility in Waco has produced aircraft recognized throughout the world. The company employs more than 1,600 people, and also hosts several hundred other government and contractor employees who regularly work at the facility and live in the area. L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) is a Fortune 500 company and member of the S&P 500.

We are now processing the linkage between Canton’s F4D 64-0965 and its relationship to Mojave, Tracor and BAE which is now known as Airbus. If anyone comms with Chips tell him to press #311 on his cel phone before responding. Galt, Biltmore

Chips was good on his word, not to be confused with WORD 31, one of the five flights significant on morning of 9/11 [ Vivi 36, Venus 77, Word 31, Trout 99, Nodak 02 ] that seemed to tie Serco to Offutt to Goldman Sachs to Warren Buffett to Wells Fargo Pass Thru Certificates and the FBCA. As Atomic Betty assumed the pole position, Chips leaned back and selected F4 and C+240 to allow this very patient, wet and well knockered Dangerette to receive the pleasure she’d ached for since that night in June of 1971 when they were making out in the rain.


Chips was imagining how fucked ALPA would be when China and Malaysia came to Abel Danger and asked to see copies of the letter sent to ALPA on 10 December, 2006 and then ask ALPA attorneys Plunkett, Kalfus, Johnson and Janhunen if they were aware they were suppressing felony wrongful death and treason in the presenting a FRAUD UPON ROSEMARY M. COLLYER’S COURT. Chips was so engrossed in thinking about how totally fucked ALPA and Serco were, that he failed to see a raven haired beauty creep through the patio door of the Grotto Bedroom at Maiden Rock’s prestigious Maiden Rock Inn not far from the WISC sand minds where 33% of the militia gear for Wisconsin and Michigan may, or may not, be stored in climate controlled facilities pledged to both Connecticut 2nd Amendment folks and those in Texas supporting Cruz and Stockman.

Atomic Betty was pulsing on the pole while Chips was looking forward to the PALM DAY Olive Branch from ALPA President Lee Moak so neither noticed the long haired FREEPORT GIRL sneak into the room and drop her leopard skin dress onto the floor next to a Pastel Mint Green IOC pair and next to three empty tins of Smoked Oysters. As FREEPORT GIRL crawled under the covers in the Grotto Room and Chips dreamed of his engagement with Moak and Atomic Betty was cycling on Chips’ PTRC as a rate similar to the low PTO setting of his 1984 IH 284 with the 28 horse Mazda, none of them heard Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun vibrate as it took a FLASH FESTUS from Hamish who had stayed way too long at JR’s Mainstreet Junction where he polished off 7 Mineral Waters with signature lime slices while Atomic Betty was polishing a know, so to speak.

Chips was thinking of an unobserved face shot against ALPA as Serco-G4S was shitting bricks and Boeing was pleased that Abel Danger would help point out that the Belligerent Bovine pissing off the staff at the Starwood Hotel in China was there trying to protect Sidley Austin and Airbus-EADS against charges ranging from unlawfull detainment of 239 people for 15 days to wrongful death of any passengers not accounted for to Treason for those parties owing loyalty to the United States of America but serving satan as they watch Serco get it’s life blood sucked out by the affable and never flappable Agent Chips who has made no secret of the fact that he is the EYE IN THE SKY, looking at you, SERCO, Soetoro and Sandy Hook and posting THREAT WINDOW 140322 for period 0911/21Mar14 until 2311/07Apr14 or such earlier time as MH370 is found safely on the ground regardless the location. If on the other hand that airframe is painted in, say, Continental livery and flown into Washington DC from, say, South Carolina, ALL BETS ARE OFF.


In addition to posting Threat Window 140322 which should FREEZE MH370 in place, Agent Chips has communicated an offer to be a friend of the court in any action brought by Malaysian, Chinese, or American surviving family members of the passengers and crew of MH370 if Serco and Sidley are foolish enough to vaporize the evidence as was done in the case of United 175, American 11, United 93, American 77, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet 100 and now, sadly, MH370.

OK Serco, Sidley, Soetoro and ALPA, ball’s in your court. 4 against 1, McConnell against Serco, Sidley, Soetoro and ALPA, I like my odds. So much so that the Kiwi and Aussie Orions can start the outboards and cruise home for a beer while Chips continues stroking the pole sitter from New Scotland, capeche?

Because FREEPORT GIRL was wearing a GeoZigBee watch, MacCheese and Rooster knew that she was ‘in bed with’ Chips, Atomic Betty and global commoners not afraid of Serco’s BIG BAD WUSS. Umbrellaman had ordered the Hammers to ensure Chips had an opportunity to read Post 1897 before 2311/22Mar14. FREEPORT GIRL’s Clipper Udder Balm Tin vibrated and she read the text message from Hamish to Serco and the United States Department of Justice’s Paper-weight in Chief, Chris Hook:

#1897: Marine links MI-3 Mycroft ZigBee Hangar to Serco's MH 370 III C landing, G4S BIOT kidnap tags

Plum City – ( – 2311/March 22, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Nicholas ‘Mycroft’ Soames’ deployment of ZigBee Hangars to conceal illegal paint jobs and modifications of civil aircraft for the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company, to Serco director Maureen Baginski who allegedly authorized a Cat III C landing of MH Flight 370 on Diego Garcia and the G4S issue of British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) tags for its kidnapped passengers.

McConnell recognizes Mycroft Warrants as writs issued by a competent but blackmailed or extorted officer, usually a judge or magistrate, who permits otherwise illegal acts (spoliation of evidence; ultra vires authorization of kidnaps; spread bet body-bag counts; bypassing autopsies to conceal murder-for-hire and placing blackmailed pedophiles in decoy triage teams) and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.

MI-3 = Kristine Marcy (sister) + Norman Inkster + Interpol + Intrepid (William Stephenson)

McConnell claims Serco root companies extorted then Prince of Wales (Bullingdon alumnus, later Edward VII) to issue Mycroft warrants to a telegraph-betting center in London’s Langham Hotel – an alleged pedophile honeypot used to entrap and blackmail MI-3 Innholders’ guests and now a Serco virtual war room to guide and synchronize global deployments of Zigbee kidnap and contract-hit teams. (cf. Ian Fleming’s Target Force unit – a.k.a. T-Force – a lightly armed and highly mobile unit, tasked with capturing Nazi scientific and technical military material).

McConnell notes that while Serco’s pedophile blackmailers may have controlled hotel crime scenes and bookmaking frauds since 1888, MI-3's founder William “Intrepid” Stephenson appears to have made the first use of synchronized wireless photo transmissions for the BBC blackmail of Langham habitués including the late and treasonous Bullingdon Club alumnus, the Duke of Windsor, and the late Winston Churchill – the compulsive losing gambler who grandfathered the new Serco Chief Executive Officer Rupert Soames and his BBC Mycroft ZigBee brother Nicholas Soames.

McConnell claims that the BBC/Langham Hotel’s pedophile trapper Jimmy Savile blackmailed the late Duncan Sandys, Soames’s uncle and the former Secretary of State for the Colonies, into handing BIOT Diego Garcia military assets over to the late Gen. Alexander Haig, the alleged coordinator of “Five Eyes” SIGINT and the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy.

McConnell claims that after the 1979-1995 Unabomb campaign, Baginski and Soames, a former personal assistant to the late chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Mark Hatfield, hired former Serco Aerospace Operations Director Gordon McMillan to set up ZigBee Hangars to conceal illegal paint jobs and modifications of aircraft flying the decoy maneuvers of 9/11.

McConnell believes Baginski and Soames – a former Defence Minister under Langham habitué John Major and skilled practitioner of MI-3 Mycroft Qui tam frauds (cf. Serco tags, Skynet Wi-Fi Clock, FAA Contract Towers, USPTO) – had MH370 hidden in a ZigBee Hangar on Diego Garcia where G4S tagged 20 kidnapped Freescale passengers and prepped the plane for ditching.

Diagrams: Boeing patents anti-terrorism auto-land system for hijacked airliners
By: John Croft
Washington DC
This story is sourced from
12:42 1 Dec 2006

Boeing last week received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all control from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a predetermined landing location. The “uninterruptible” autopilot would be activated – either by pilots, by onboard sensors, or even remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies like theCentral Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of a flight deck.

Boeing says: "We are constantly studying ways we can enhance the safety, security and effiecency of the world's airline fleet."

“There is a need in the industry for a technique that conclusively prevents unauthorised persons for gaining access to the controls of the vehicle and therefore threatening the safety of the passengers onboard the vehicle, and/or other people in the path of travel of the vehicle, thereby decreasing the amount of destruction individuals onboard the vehicle would be capable of causing,” the patent authors write. “In particular, there is a need for a technique that ensures the continuation of the desired path of travel of a vehicle by removing any type of human decision process that may be influenced by the circumstances of the situation, including threats or further violence onboard the vehicle.”

According to the patent, existing preventative measures are less than fullproof – pilots can decide to open the lockable, bullet-proof cockpit doors and federal air marshals can be overpowered and de-armed. Boeing’s alternative has an onboard processor that once activated, disallows pilot inputs and prevents anyone on board from interrupting an emergency landing plan that can be predefined or radioed to the aircraft by airline or government controllers and carried out by the aircraft’s guidance and control system. To make it fully independent, the system has its own power supply, independent of the aircraft’s circuit breakers. The aircraft remains in automatic mode until after landing, when mechanics or government security operatives are called in to disengage the system. Boeing envisions several methods of activating the system. Options include manual switches for pilots to hit, or possibly force sensors on the cockpit door that would trip the anti-terror mode if a minimum force threshold were crossed, for instance if someone were trying to break down the door. Another option is a remote link whereby airline or government workers in ground facilities would monitor and aircraft and command the automatic control mode “once it is determined that the security of the air vehicle is in jeopardy.” Radio links could also be used to inform ground facilities and nearby aircraft that an aircraft has been placed in the automatic flight mode.

It’s unclear if the Boeing work is related to last week’s issuance of a $1.9 millionUS Federal Aviation Administration contract to Raytheon for an Advanced Route Evaluation System (ARES). According to Raytheon, ARES will perform risk analysis on aviation routes to help planners determine the best routes for aircraft to use during emergencies.”

Aside from the safety and security aspects of having such a system, Boeing sees it as a preventative measure: “Once the automatic control system provided by the present invention is initiated, no one on board the air vehicle is capable controlling the flight to the air vehicle, such that it would be useless for anyone to threaten violence in order to gain control the air vehicle.”

FREEPORT GIRL understood the urgency of Chips receiving this message but she didn’t want to commit COITUS INTERRUPTUS that would frustrate fellow Dangerette Atomic Betty or cause Agent Chips’ PTRC to droop, so she replied to the message with a simple “concur, 36 Stud, #311”. Seeing 6 frosty Grolsch beers on ice, she leaned over and grabbed a pair, hoping Chips would soon grab her pair and wondered if Agents Chips and Hamish would brief the world on the hastily arranged AMALGAM VIRGO PART DEUX that Lindsey Graham and Wetstart McCain might be naïve enough to think Agent Chips would not be light years ahead of them, again

Could the U.S. Face a Cruise Missile Threat from the Gulf of Mexico?

As she enjoyed the first of Chips’ Grolsch wide bodies, she thought how the Abel Danger crew had been laying in wait for Serco and Soetoro for a long, long time, and she smiled hoping that after Atomic Betty was satiated, she might be next up, so to speak.


Meanwhile, in Herndon, Virginia, Peter Janhunen had gone into hiding after the arrival of FIELD MCCONNELL’s LETTER OF INTENT which was signed for on 14 Mar 14 as can be proven by going to and searching letter #70111570000189992185

March 14, 2014 , 10:08 am

ALPA Presidents Randy Babbitt, Duane Woerth, John Prater and Lee Moak have suppressed the truth of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot for 8 years and have taken me the LONG WAY AROUND but now it is time for them to grab their ankles, capeche?


ALPA Attorneys Hiding From Field McConnell


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