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Procured Gov 2.0 Systems - Greek Life or Hull House Oath-Taking - U.S. Senior Executive Service - Hidden Matrix 5 Propaganda - Rippergate Contracts

The Abel Danger White House Group to those whom it may concern

October 30, 2011

Do Marcy Greek Life, Hull House oaths hide S.E.S. Rippergate contract hits?

We believe that Crown Agents’ Sister Kristine Marcy procured Gov 2.0 systems for Greek Life or Hull House oath-taking communities in the U.S. Senior Executive Service to hide Matrix 5 propaganda and evidence of Rippergate contract hits (cf. bin Laden, Gaddafi).

Greek Life Gov 2.0 Matrix 5 conceals SES Rippergate contract hits

Maurice Strong Binds Barack Obama to His Femme Comp Wife - Custody of Cannibal Oath Ceremony Images - Kenya 1954 - Mau Mau Grandfather - Hull House

See #1 and #72
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

janeaddams [Founded Hull House in 1891 alleged base for Greek Life Rippergate oath]

Jane Addams at Toynbee Hall with Ashbee & Son in June 1888 “Jack the Ripper Walk - Catherine Eddowes Murder Site”

“First Announcement Death of Osama Bin Laden 10:40pm Fox News Geraldo Rivera Live Breaking”

“Report: Muammar Qaddafi Killed in Hometown”
Report: Muammar Qaddafi Killed in Hometown

Hear Marcy’s pig-farm Greek Life oath taker, Lena Trudeau! “Gov 2.0 Summit 09: Lena Trudeau, "Strategies for Success: ..”

Fresh back from Rippergate 1888, Jane Addams waits for dinner at Hull House

Marcy Greeks buy Gov 2.0 Rippergate contract hits

Gov 2.0 Greek Life photoshoppers used 1998 image

[AD infers that Catherine Eddowes was murdered and butchered to collect materiel for cannibal oath ceremonies at Toynbee Hall, apparently planned in June 1888 by Henry Ashbee and his son Charles with Jane Adams, the late founder of Hull House in Chicago and various ‘Rippergate’ Greek Life sororities in America and Canada] Catherine Eddowes ... The body was on its back, the head turned to left shoulder. The arms by the side of the body as if they had fallen there. Both palms upwards, the fingers slightly bent. The left leg extended in a line with the body. The abdomen was exposed. Right leg bent at the thigh and knee. The throat cut across. ... The intestines were drawn out to a large extent and placed over the right shoulder -- they were smeared over with some feculent matter [oath ceremony]. A piece of about two feet was quite detached from the body and placed between the body and the left arm, apparently by design. The lobe and auricle of the right ear were cut obliquely through. ... There was a quantity of clotted blood on the pavement on the left side of the neck round the shoulder and upper part of arm, and fluid blood-coloured serum which had flowed under the neck to the right shoulder, the pavement sloping in that direction. ... Body was quite warm. No death stiffening had taken place. She must have been dead most likely within the half hour. We looked for superficial bruises and saw none. No blood on the skin of the abdomen or secretion of any kind on the thighs. No spurting of blood on the bricks or pavement around. No marks of blood below the middle of the body. Several buttons were found in the clotted blood after the body was removed. There was no blood on the front of the clothes. There were no traces of recent connexion. ... When the body arrived at Golden Lane, some of the blood was dispersed through the removal of the body to the mortuary. The clothes were taken off carefully from the body. A piece of deceased's ear dropped from the clothing. I made a post mortem examination at half past two on Sunday afternoon. Rigor mortis was well marked; body not quite cold. Green discoloration over the abdomen. After washing the left hand carefully, a bruise the size of a sixpence, recent and red, was discovered on the back of the left hand between the thumb and first finger. A few small bruises on right shin of older date. The hands and arms were bronzed. No bruises on the scalp, the back of the body, or the elbows. ... The face was very much mutilated. There was a cut about a quarter of an inch through the lower left eyelid, dividing the structures completely through. The upper eyelid on that side, there was a scratch through the skin on the left upper eyelid, near to the angle of the nose. The right eyelid was cut through to about half an inch. ... There was a deep cut over the bridge of the nose, extending from the left border of the nasal bone down near the angle of the jaw on the right side of the cheek. This cut went into the bone and divided all the structures of the cheek except the mucuous membrane of the mouth. ... The tip of the nose was quite detached by an oblique cut from the bottom of the nasal bone to where the wings of the nose join on to the face. A cut from this divided the upper lip and extended through the substance of the gum over the right upper lateral incisor tooth. ... About half an inch from the top of the nose was another oblique cut. There was a cut on the right angle of the mouth as if the cut of a point of a knife. The cut extended an inch and a half, parallel with the lower lip. ... There was on each side of cheek a cut which peeled up the skin, forming a triangular flap about an inch and a half. On the left cheek there were two abrasions of the epithelium under the left ear. The throat was cut across to the extent of about six or seven inches. A superficial cut commenced about an inch and a half below the lobe below, and about two and a half inches behind the left ear, and extended across the throat to about three inches below the lobe of the right ear. ... The big muscle across the throat was divided through on the left side. The large vessels on the left side of the neck were severed. The larynx was severed below the vocal chord. All the deep structures were severed to the bone, the knife marking intervertebral cartilages. The sheath of the vessels on the right side was just opened. ... The cartoid artery had a fine hole opening, the internal jugular vein was opened about an inch and a half -- not divided. The blood vessels contained clot. All these injuries were performed by a sharp instrument like a knife, and pointed. .. The cause of death was hemorrhage from the left common cartoid artery. The death was immediate and the mutilations were inflicted after death. .. We examined the abdomen. The front walls were laid open from the breast bones to the pubes. The cut commenced opposite the ensiform cartilage. The incision went upwards, not penetrating the skin that was over the sternum. It then divided the ensiform cartilage. The knife must have cut obliquely at the expense of that cartilage. .. Behind this, the liver was stabbed as if by the point of a sharp instrument. Below this was another incision into the liver of about two and a half inches, and below this the left lobe of the liver was slit through by a vertical cut. Two cuts were shewn by a jagging of the skin on the left side. .. The abdominal walls were divided in the middle line to within a quarter of an inch of the navel. The cut then took a horizontal course for two inches and a half towards the right side. It then divided round the navel on the left side, and made a parallel incision to the former horizontal incision, leaving the navel on a tongue of skin. Attached to the navel was two and a half inches of the lower part of the rectus muscle on the left side of the abdomen. The incision then took an oblique direction to the right and was shelving. The incision went down the right side of the vagina and rectum for half an inch behind the rectum. .. There was a stab of about an inch on the left groin. This was done by a pointed instrument. Below this was a cut of three inches going through all tissues making a wound of the peritoneum about the same extent. ... An inch below the crease of the thigh was a cut extending from the anterior spine of the ilium obliquely down the inner side of the left thigh and separating the left labium, forming a flap of skin up to the groin. The left rectus muscle was not detached. ... There was a flap of skin formed by the right thigh, attaching the right labium, and extending up to the spine of the ilium. The muscles on the right side inserted into the frontal ligaments were cut through. ... The skin was retracted through the whole of the cut through the abdomen, but the vessels were not clotted. Nor had there been any appreciable bleeding from the vessels. I draw the conclusion that the act was made after death, and there would not have been much blood on the murderer. The cut was made by someone on the right side of the body, kneeling below the middle of the body. .. I removed the content of the stomach and placed it in a jar for further examination. There seemed very little in it in the way of food or fluid, but from the cut end partly digested farinaceous food escaped. .. The intestines had been detached to a large extent from the mesentery. About two feet of the colon was cut away. The signoid flexure was invaginated into the rectum very tightly. .. Right kidney was pale, bloodless with slight congestion of the base of the pyramids. There was a cut from the upper part of the slit on the under surface of the liver to the left side, and another cut at right angles to this, which were about an inch and a half deep and two and a half inches long. Liver itself was healthy. ... The gall bladder contained bile. The pancreas was cut, but not through, on the left side of the spinal column. Three and a half inches of the lower border of the spleen by half an inch was attached only to the peritoneum. .. The peritoneal lining was cut through on the left side and the left kidney carefully taken out and removed. The left renal artery was cut through. I would say that someone who knew the position of the kidney must have done it. .. The lining membrane over the uterus was cut through. The womb was cut through horizontally, leaving a stump of three quarters of an inch. The rest of the womb had been taken away with some of the ligaments. The vagina and cervix of the womb was uninjured. .. The bladder was healthy and uninjured, and contained three or four ounces of water. There was a tongue-like cut through the anterior wall of the abdominal aorta. The other organs were healthy. There were no indications of connexion. .. I believe the wound in the throat was first inflicted. I believe she must have been lying on the ground. ... The wounds on the face and abdomen prove that they were inflicted by a sharp, pointed knife, and that in the abdomen by one six inches or longer. .. I believe the perpetrator of the act must have had considerable knowledge of the position of the organs in the abdominal cavity and the way of removing them. It required a great deal of medical knowledge to have removed the kidney and to know where it was placed. The parts removed would be of no use for any professional purpose. .. I think the perpetrator of this act had sufficient time, or he would not have nicked the lower eyelids. It would take at least five minutes. I cannot assign any reason for the parts being taken away. I feel sure that there was no struggle, and believe it was the act of one person. The throat had been so instantly severed that no noise could have been emitted. I should not expect much blood to have been found on the person who had inflicted these wounds. The wounds could not have been self-inflicted. ... My attention was called to the apron, particularly the corner of the apron with a string attached. The blood spots were of recent origin. I have seen the portion of an apron produced by Dr. Phillips and stated to have been found in Goulston Street. It is impossible to say that it is human blood on the apron. I fitted the piece of apron, which had a new piece of material on it (which had evidently been sewn on to the piece I have), the seams of the borders of the two actually corresponding. Some blood and apparently faecal matter was found on the portion that was found in Goulston Street.”

[The murder of the Osama bin Laden doppelganger was apparently planned, executed and ‘spun’ in near real time by the Hull House Greek Life oath-taking community using NewsGator Gov 2.0 systems procured by Kristine Marcy’s SES] New Delhi: A gruesome image, purportedly of the body of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden who was killed in a gunbattle with US forces in Pakistan on Monday, is a fake, according to media reports. .... The image that was initially carried by many of the mainstream news media organizations resurfaced soon after news got out that the glowering mastermind behind the September 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans, was slain in his luxury hideout in Pakistan in a firefight with US forces, ending a manhunt that spanned a decade. ... The image showed a dead Osama bin Laden with half open eyes and hair matted with blood. It was first broadcast on a Pakistani television channel and picked up by British newspaper websites after it appeared the fake picture was initially published by a Middle East online newspaper on 29 April 2009, The Guardian newspaper reported. ... The image was widely carried by many of the online newspapers and blogs to substantiate claims that the al Qaeda supreme was gunned down by American forces. ... The image is based on a genuine photograph of bin Laden taken in 1998 by the Reuters news agency. Associated Press also released the television screen grab of the bloodied image which it later retracted. The bottom half of the fake image (right) is identical to that of the Reuters photo (left). So far the US authorities have not released an official photo of the corpse of the man who was once the world's most wanted terrorist. (Follow on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube, and on Google+ for updates that you can share with your friends.)” Link
[The murder of Muammar Qaddafi was apparently planned, executed and ‘spun’ in near real time by the Hull House Greek Life oath-taking community using NewsGator Gov 2.0 systems procured through Kristine Marcy’s SES] MISRATA, Libya (CBS, AP) -- Muammar Qaddafi's blood-streaked body has been stashed in a commercial freezer at a shopping center as Libyans try to keep it away from crowds as they figure out where and when to bury the hated leader. An AP correspondent saw the body Friday at the shopping center in the coastal city of Misrata, home of the fighters who killed the ousted leader a day earlier in his hometown of Sirte. The body, stripped to the waist and wearing beige trousers, is laid on a bloodied mattress on the floor of a room-sized freezer where restaurants and stores in the center keep perishables. A bullet hole is visible on the left side of his head and in the center of his chest. Dried blood streaks his arms and head. Bloody images of Qaddafi's last moments in the hands of angry captors have raised questions over his treatment minutes before his death. The U.N. human rights office has called for an investigation into his death. Qaddafi's demise came as he and a band of loyalists tried to flee Sirte but were hit by a NATO airstrike consisting of French warplanes and a U.S. Predator drone. NATO officials have said they were unaware Qaddafi was in the convoy. After surviving the strike, Qaddafi and a group of bodyguards hid in a nearby drainage pipe where they were discovered by Libyan fighters. Qaddafi was wounded in an ensuing firefight, but who initially shot him is still unknown. According to one account, his own bodyguard fired on him to save him the disgrace of being captured, reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin. But Qaddafi didn't die in the initial struggle and bloody images of his subsequent final moments raise questions about the circumstances of his end. Video on Arab television stations showed a crowd of fighters shoving and pulling the goateed, balding Qaddafi, with blood splattered on his face and soaking his shirt. Qaddafi struggled against them, stumbling and shouting as the fighters pushed him onto the hood of a pickup truck. One fighter held him down, pressing on his thigh with a pair of shoes in a show of contempt. Fighters propped him on the hood as they drove for several moments, apparently to parade him around in victory. "We want him alive. We want him alive," one man shouted before Qaddafi was dragged off the hood, some fighters pulling his hair, toward an ambulance. According to a Sky News translation, Qaddafi shouted at the fighters, saying that "what you are doing is forbidden in Islam!" "Do you know right from wrong?" he also reportedly said before apparently losing consciousness. One of the fighters reportedly replied, "Shut up, dog." Later footage showed fighters rolling Qaddafi's lifeless body over on the pavement, stripped to the waist and a pool of blood under his head. His body was then paraded on a car through Misrata, a nearby city that suffered a brutal siege by regime forces during the eight-month civil war that eventually ousted Qaddafi. Crowds in the streets cheered, "The blood of martyrs will not go in vain."”

[The NewsGator Gov 2.0 systems procured by Marcy offer her SES Greek Life Hull House oath takers the weapons and opportunities to plan, execute and spin political murders in near real time and coordinate the spoliation of evidence at the associated crime scenes] NewsGator for Government & Military ... Enabling government & military agencies to build effective communities of practice that drive collaboration, knowledge management, e-learning, and professional networking and development .. Why NewsGator for Gov 2.0? NewsGator provides secure computing solutions designed specifically for federal government and military agencies including the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the armed forces, intelligence agencies and civilian agencies. Our Government 2.0 software suite - Social Sites and Tomoye - help these agencies better collaborate, manage knowledge, share intelligence, and find experts. The current administration’s Open Government Initiative mandates that federal organizations cooperate to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public cooperation, and collaboration. Inter- and intraagency solutions for communities of practice, learning, knowledge management, and professional development and networking are vital to improve the way federal organizations function .. Through the use of collaborative computing, online communities of practice, and professional networking, NewsGator’s Gov 2.0 software suite helps the government and military achieve the following types of benefits: Bridge silos between agencies or military branches .. Improve the safety of military personnel via increased collaboration .. Better share intelligence across departments and agencies .. Increase productivity of federal, state, and/or local employees .. Cut expenses during a time of declining tax revenue and increased public program costs .. Improve agency personnel’s access to experts and information .. Better manage stimulus programs .. Improve transparency and online access to government services .. Enhance and accelerate situational awareness and decision making .. Better serve citizens and other constituents .. Respond more rapidly during emergencies and natural disasters ... Capture and store knowledge from retiring subject-matter experts ... Decrease training and learning costs .. NewsGator has over 2.5 million paid government and enterprise .. In addition, NewsGator provides top-notch support and incorporates our feedback and feature requests into their product roadmap. - Jill Garcia, ACC Program Manager, Defense Acquisition University Gov 2.0 Software Suite Capabilities Our Government 2.0 software suite boosts any federal organization’s performance, both inside the entity and out, with the following capabilities: Communities of Practice: Easily collaborate with peers, other departments and agencies regardless of time & distance .. Microblogging & Activity Streams: Gain better visibility of peer contributions, internal and external community activities, new documents and videos, blogs, wikis, and the latest news .. Knowledge Explorer: Effortlessly find experts and uncover knowledge or intelligence data .. Innovation Management: Drive innovation via simplified generation, capture, and prioritization of ideas .. Expert Profiles: Boost efficiency with personal start pages (e.g. MySites) and public profiles that detail individual expertise & social actions .. Rich Desktop and Mobile Clients: Enable a distributed workforce to collaborate from anywhere .. Metrics and Social Insights: Measure the pulse, success, and expertise-level of a community by viewing activity metrics ... Security: Control access and protect confidential information with granular security controls .. Localization: Support country or region-specific needs with product localization .. NewsGator & Microsoft The strategic partnership between NewsGator and Microsoft was created in part by NewsGator’s decision to develop a unique and seamless integration of its enterprise social computing software suite into Microsoft SharePoint 2007 (MOSS), SharePoint 2010, and Windows SharePoint Services/Foundation (WSS/WSF). Unlike other software developers who merely connect to SharePoint, NewsGator’s Government 2.0 software suite is built directly into the SharePoint architecture, enabling customers to fully leverage and enhance the power of SharePoint with the most powerful social computing capabilities available. NewsGator customers do not have to worry about the connectivity, security, compliance, and authentication issues that must be addressed when a disparate point solution is deployed. NewsGator has been selected by Microsoft for inclusion in the exclusive circle of software providers working with the Microsoft Technology Centers Alliance Program to develop powerful solutions for Government and business customers around the world. NewsGator is the only social computing software provider within the alliance, and we are proud to be Microsoft’s “go-to” partner for social computing.”

“1. Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell) [Revised October 30, 2011: Kristine Marcy is a Matrix 5 principal and the 1979 founder and de facto President and alleged extortionist of man-in-the-middle members of the Senior Executive Service (‘SES’); she allegedly modified an EC135C Speckled Trout aircraft to stage a continuity of government exercise and hide a treasonous attempt by the SES to overthrow the United States government with force on 9/11; she allegedly equipped the Speckled Trout with In-Flight Network or VideoGuard pay-per-view devices to procure and conceal ‘ownerless’ images of the JonBenet Ramsey ‘Nutcracker’ murder in 1996 and the 3,000 wrongful deaths of 9/11; she allegedly set up a revolving fund (# 15X4275) with bona vacantia – ownerless goods – in a joint venture with the Treasury Solicitor, Permira (Schroder Salomon Smith Barney in WTC#7) and organized crime groups to finance modifications of aircraft for the 9/11 attacks and extort control over NDS and News Corp pay-per-view television technology of VideoGuard; she allegedly procured ‘Con Air’ Lear Jet aircraft for use by Bombardier's homicidal EW pilot, Russell Williams to support the SES Speckled Trout chain of command and the decoy-and-drone maneuvers of 911; she allegedly created virtual ‘al-Qaeda’ operatives for 9/11 with the help of ongoing USIS file frauds and various Canadian Privy Councilors, ‘advised’ by recently appointed NAPA vice president Lena Trudeau; she allegedly used the Speckled Trout to transfer ownerless images of the ‘liquidation’ of Captain Chic Burlingame on 9/11 into the custody of Treasury Solicitor Juliet Wheldon; she auctioned off SBA 8(a) CDOs just before the 9/11 attacks and assigned patented-device incendiary liquidation rights to D2 Banking and KPMG clients at Canary Wharf; she allegedly used images of torture and Greek Life cannibal oath ceremonies to extort 9/11 cooperation (?) from the likes of Lynn McNulty (who designed an ‘al-Qaeda’ Onion Router), Dr. David Finkleman (who relayed Onion Router messages to al-Qaeda gyroscopes), Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart (who commanded NORAD and USNORTHCOM in Cheyenne Mountain to stand down the U.S. Air Force), Rear Admiral Gordon Piche (who used U.S. Coast Guard in posse comitatus), Robert Mueller (who backdoored FBI crime scene investigations), Bruce McConnell (who stole the Entrust-beTRUSTed public keys for use by SES traitors), Robert Hanssen (who stole continuity of Speckled Trout government protocols from the office of the late Ron Brown); she is the de facto President and Chief Executive Officer of Washington D.C.-based NAPA (The National Academy of Public Administration); she allegedly ordered Robert Hanssen and his Femme Comp associates to administer VideoGuard cannibal oaths to entrap foreign diplomats in the United States and leaders of different orders of domestic government; she allegedly infiltrated cannibal Greek Life oath takers into George Washington University, University of Chicago and Northwestern University (she visited Chicago in July 1966 prior to the alleged contract killing of Valerie Percy by Rippergate oath takers hired through Jane Club diners at Hull House), University of Hawaii BA French and Georgetown University where she took an MFS, master foreign service; she is an alleged user of Tuvalu .tv root authority from Privy Council in Britain to support snuff films of cannibal oath taking and murder for hire; she allegedly entrapped and extorted Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Frank Carlucci in the Office of Economic Opportunity; she is allegedly extorting SES top officials in FBI, ICE USIS, DNS, Reduction in Recruitment (RIR) and ATF etc; she allegedly organized the theft of PROMIS from owners and translation into French for La Sûreté du Québec and Francophonie 9/11; she recently made a 'Mindless Breathers - Useless Breeders' comment, characteristic of a psychopath to her brother, Field McConnell; she appears to have exfiltrated U.S. Marshals from Murrah Building OKC before initiating bombs; she appears to have organized the execution of Timothy McVeigh as a cutout patsy; she appears to have used .tv snuff films to blackmail Office of Personnel Management; she appears to have prevented the timely release of `paperclip' passport files which would otherwise show Obama's status as CUKC alien and links to a Mau Mau oath taking family in Kenya; we infer from spoliation through pay-per-view encryption that she forced U.S. patent office to re-assign liquidation rights in patent pool devices including .tv to Crown Agents' Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers; she has allegedly procured Gov 2.0 systems for Greek Life or Hull House oath-taking communities in the U.S. Senior Executive Service to hide Matrix 5 propaganda and evidence of Rippergate contract hits (cf. bin Laden, Gaddafi)]"

Since Marcy offers SES insider access to Gov 2.0, Abel Danger demands that Grand Juries deal with all murders linked by spoliation of evidence to Rippergate contract hits.

Open Demand for a [Runaway] Grand Jury Investigation - Apparent Spoliation of Evidence - Destruction of Boeing 757–222 Aircraft - UA Flt 93 - 9/11

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