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Gunwalker Reporters Become Enemies - ATF's Operation Fast & Furious - 'Letting Guns Walk' - Some Follow The Money; Others Try To Follow The Weapon

Source: Examiner

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner
October 8, 2011

Hillary's enemies list now includes Gunwalker reporters

Nixon was not the only one with an 'enemies list.' It is well-documented that Bill Clinton had such a list. So did George W. Bush. And, by extension, due to her marriage to the former President, Hillary Clinton has such a list. And apparently the reporters who have exposed her involvement in the Gunwalker scandal are on it. One reporter in particular was informed today by sources inside the State Department that he is now on that list.

So far no one in the mainstream media has reported the bombshell information revealed over the past 2 days by Mike Vanderboegh that indicates Hillary was in the loop on the illegal scheme from Day One. Thus, the mainstream media has thus far avoided Hillary's ire.

This is no surprise. It took the media several months to begin to report the story of 'Operation Fast and Furious,' also known Project Gunwalker, in spite of the fact that this writer, Kurt Hofmann, David Codrea, and Mike Vanderboegh had been writing stories about it since December of 2010--Vanderboegh and Codrea being the first.

Abel Danger file:

Some try to follow the money; others try to follow the weapon.

Source: CBSNews

Deputy AG received detailed Fast and Furious briefing

Sharyl Attkisson

Documents recently turned over by the Justice Department to Congressional investigators indicate that then-Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler received a detailed briefing on Fast and Furious more than a year and a half ago.

"Deputy Attorney General" is the Justice Department's No. 2 figure, directly under Attorney General Eric Holder.

Grindler moved from Deputy Attorney General to a spot as Holder's chief of staff last January.

The briefing Grindler attended was on March 12, 2010, six months into ATF's Operation Fast and Furious, which allowed thousands of weapons on the street in an attempt to track down Mexican drug cartels. Portions of the documents are redacted.

In handwritten notes about Fast and Furious that are not all legible, Grindler writes about "seizures in Mexico" and "links to cartel." He also noted "seizures in Mexico" on a map of Phoenix, the home base for Fast and Furious, and Mexico locations where some guns ended up. And Grindler made notations on a photograph of several dozen rifles.

There is no specific mention of the controversial tactic known as "letting guns walk" which, law enforcement sources say, was the heart of the Fast and Furious case.

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    From X-Caliber's straw buying op from a few years prior. First sentence should raise an eyebrow.

    Have been wondering if Hope is one of Hillary's strong points.


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