Monday, October 31, 2011

Abel Danger Public Service - Worshipful Company of Security Professionals - Marine-Police Provocation - Provocateurs - Staged 'Conflicts'

Is the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals setting up a man-in-the-middle attack so different factions such as the Marines and NYPD (and the Oakland Police Department), start shooting at each other and make martyrs of the Occupy Wall Street provocateurs and then the politicians have to call in the private security guards of City & Guilds to defend the global supply chains of the 108 Livery Companies?

There is a sense here that these marines (veterans) are being provoked. If this is the case (Worshipful Company of Security Professionals) then the very real possibility of provoking violence between police and marines is being set up, and if it escalates (provocateurs), our concern is one of these marines might end up opening fire on these police in angered rage.

The Oakland officer who fired the canister directly at Scot Olsen knew Ohlsen was an ex-marine; and that Ohlsen was standing out in front of the Occupy demonstrators in the open exposing himself. The sheriff who fired the tear gas canister at Scott Ohlsen, is the same officer who threw a flash grenade into the crowd of protestors who came to Scott Ohlsen's aid after he was down.

It would also be useful to expose the staged "conflict" between "Marines" (provocateurs) and cops: who's driving this (Security Professionals, via Soros?), whose tactics these are (Saul Alinsky via Soros), who's financing the manipulative dialectic – and also the hammy acting involved. It seems that most people haven't clued in to this aspect of OWS yet.

Scot Ohlsen in critical condition

Marines to Police: 'You did this to my brother'

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