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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: December 2009

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30 Dec 09—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

23 Dec 09—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

16 Dec 09—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

9 Dec 09—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

2 Dec 09—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


30 Dec 09 interview—

Read the transcript—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
23 Dec 09 interview—

Read the transcript—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
David Hawkins Challenges the Listeners to Discover the Simulation Administrator & the 6th Target on 9/11

Dictator Game in experimental economics: A game between two players—a dictator and a serf. The task is for the dictator to split some amount of money (or whatever it is that the players have chosen) between herself and the serf. The serf cannot respond—the split decided upon by the dictator is the final allocation.

Dictators concerned only with their own economic well being, would allocate the entire good to themselves and give nothing to the serf. Experimental results have indicated that dictators often allocate some portion of the money to the serfs, reducing the amount of money the dictator receives.

Robert J. Oxoby (University of Calgary, Department of Economics) hosted a CO2e simulation game the week before 9/11 at the University of Calgary. He appears to have helped trigger a chain of events where CO2e founder Carlton Bartels died in the attack and the Entrust private key escrow, needed to operate the CO2e gas-chamber rules, was transferred to Northwestern and Kellogg trustees.

A key escrow system allows others besides the owners of private keys to access and use the keys. In a key escrow system, a third party holds copies of the private keys.

hawkscafe yahoo group post

Paretian Dictators: Constraining Choice in a Voluntary Contribution Game, by Robert Oxoby
We conduct public goods games in which participants can mandate the contributions of others or restrict choices to a subset of feasible contributions levels.

Increasing Compliance with Ambient Pollution Instrument, by Robert Oxoby
The literature on ambient pollution instruments suggests that these instruments are unable to induce individuals to choose socially optimal outcomes even when this choice is a dominant strategy.

Yours, Mine, and Ours: The Effect of Ersatz Property Rights on Outcome Based Fairness and Reciprocity, by Robert Oxoby
We report laboratory data on earned wealth effects in a series of anonymous dictator bargaining games.

On the morning of 9/11, the first plane appears to strike the north tower in a simulation that is being broadcast by the simulation administrator in near real-time. Hawks CAFE surmises that the broadcast is probably originating from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago using Video Furnace to mix in real-time shots with phantom ghostly effects, actors as eyewitnesses and a script that blames al-Qaeda for the attack.

The dictator notices that the CO2 monitoring sensors for Cantor-Fitzgerald in the south tower indicate that the firm has violated the dictator's cap for CO2 and Cantor-Fitzgerald is asked to bid for the right to breathe out.

The simulation has turned real and those playing the game in the north tower (Aon Corp) and are asked how much they will bid on the right to breathe out (CO2) for the next year based on the monitoring sensors inside their offices. If they do not meet the dictator's bid, they will die.

Patrick G. Ryan is the founder and executive chairman of Aon Corporation—the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance intermediary—and the outgoing chairman of the Board of Trustees of Northwestern University. Chairman Ryan appears to have taken out a CO2e catastrophe bond insurance on his 175 dead Aon colleagues in the South Tower.

Huge profits can be made in the cat bond reinsurance business if you have a wide enough spread to hire the best saboteurs and assassins. Bernardine Dohrn, Robert Hanssen and Andrew Fastor are as good as they get.

Beverly Eckert, activist and advocate for the creation of the 9/11 Commission, wouldn’t take the pay off for the loss of her husband Sean Rooney, an Aon V-P. She was whacked in the Bombardier of Colgan Air Flight 3407 (see notes for 4 Nov 09 interview).

The password for the actual ADT dispatcher in the south tower was revoked and the simulation administrator allowed Air Patrol Research Corp (Nancy Pelosi's son, Paul, is on their advisory board) to use the security codes for the communication system to hack the system and tell south tower workers to stay in their offices because firefighters are being sent to rescue them.

Members of the NYC Fire Department Pension Fund hold life insurance policies on the firefighters who are sent to their deaths in 9/11 and will benefit from the deaths.

At the time of 9/11, NYC Fire Department Pension Fund, NYC Police Pension Fund and NYC Teachers Retirement Fund (TIAA-CREF) hold the mortgage on the 99 year lease on the WTC issued by the General Motors Acceptance Corp in June 2001.

Those who hold the mortgage on the WTC may be offered a deal to exchange payment of interest and principal on the debt of the mortgage for payment on the right to breathe out.

While Barack Obama was a director on the board of the Joyce Foundation, the Foundation issued a grant to the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, working with Richard Sandor, to fund the design of the Carbon Climate Exchange. Richard Sandor wants the world's human inhabitants to pay for air.

Once you price CO2 and put a price on it, you find, as you would with any other product, it tends to be rationed. We as a people on this planet have lived under the false concept that air and water were free. And we've learned with a planet of 7 billion people, that we have to ration these precious goods. And the good old price system is the best way to do it. ~Richard Sandor
hawkscafe yahoo group post

On 9/11, alumni (Robert Hanssen and Peter Peterson) and faculty (Phillip Ginsberg and Richard Sandor) of the Kellogg School of Management used high-rise fuel air bombs triggered through Canada to demolish the World Trade Command Center, kill their New York rivals and take global control of the business.

In 2000 Obama asked the Kellogg School of Management’s Richard Sandor to develop online gaming software for a Maurice Strong dictator game insiders call “Zero”.

Players of Zero accept Strong’s basic rule that ALL CO2 generated by man is illegal and a violation allows the dictator and his loan-syndicate allies to either collect a fine depending on the size of the violation or kill the violator and collect from the insurance. “Your money or your life”

The Zero Game began officially with the murder of rebels in the North Tower on 9/11.

Zero continues today–nothing to do with science; but everything to do with genocide.

The CO2e Simulation and Cap and Kill trading desk operating out of the Chicago Climate Exchange has been set up primarily by female alumni of Sidley Austin, specifically Michelle Obama and her Weather Undergorund terrorist leader and mentor Bernardine Dohrn.

In the future, you will pay your CO2e creditors for the right to breathe out in your mortgaged residence or work place or else they bankrupt or kill you and collect the debt from insurance. ~David Hawkins

9 Dec 09 interview—
Nazi Connections to 9/11

John Shalikashvili, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Clinton and son of a Waffen SS major, was a director of the Boeing Corp on 9/11. (9 Dec, Part 3 above)

Boeing aircraft equipped with fuel-air bombs which can be detonated or ignited remotely using the Honeywell CO2 sensor systems inside the planes' ventilation system were used in the 9/11 exercise. The Nazis were very advanced in the development of fuel-air bombs (see Joseph Farrell's Reich of the Black Sun—Nazi secret weapons & the cold war allied legend).

Sidley-Austin was the primary legal firm responsible for documentation of the Germans in Operation Paperclip. These Germans are controlled by the law firm.

Clinton's secret "Stability Police Force" (similar to the Waffen SS) was used in the Branch Davidian operation in Waco and the Murrah Building bombing. The Stability Police Force is a combination of military and civilian police.

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