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Brown-Balls Pachauri Cat Bonds


Numerical Algorithms Group LTD (NAG) applies its expertise in numerical engineering to deliver high performance computing services and high-quality computational software that underpin thousands of programs and applications around the globe in industries as diverse as finance, science, engineering, academia, and research.

Hawks CAFE alleges that Gordon Brown (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Ed Balls (Member of Parliament and adviser to Gordon Brown) and Rajendra Pachauri (the chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change—IPCC) have used the assets of the Universities Superanuation Scheme (USS) and Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association—College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) to sponsor catastrophe bond frauds.

We allege that what appears to be the catastrophic destruction of life and property is being intentionally carried out to trigger the release of catastrophe bonds sponsored by Brown, Balls, Pachauri and Numerical Algorithms Group in partnership with USS and TIAA-CREF and/or other large pension funds. We call these financial instruments—Brown-Balls Pachauri Cat Bonds.

On 4 December 2000, Brown-Balls Pachauri launched the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), now a $56 trillion credit pool, with an algorithmic agenda designed to depopulate the earth to a cap of 500 million inhabitants achieved by using a cap in CO2 of 350 ppm (parts per million).

We believe that a dictator game is being played where CO2 caps are set by the dictator. Anyone exceeding the dictator's cap can be eliminated.

In order to protect the dictator and not trace loss of property and life back to the dictator, sophisticated technology is used to destroy property and kill individuals in a manner where evidence is often destroyed.

To fund these projects, catastrophe bonds are written using the extensive assets of large pension and retirement funds usually related to education, labor, police or firefighters. The individuals (teachers, laborers, police, firefighters) who contribute to these funds and depend on them for them retirement annuities are probably not aware that their financial contributions are being used in RICO operations.

Software developed by NAG is used to run computer programs monitoring CO2 sensors in buildings, transportation and other applications where humans work and live.

Hawks CAFE alleges that when CO2 sensors reach a predetermined cap, a series of events is set into motion which are programmed to create a catastrophe which destroys property and life and triggers Brown-Balls Pachauri  Cat Bond frauds.

The NAG Library (not to be confused with The Nag Hammadi Library) is the largest commercially available collection of numerical and statistical algorithms in the world.

Because algorithms (a logic process written into software to tell machines to do something) are written for the software which runs the applications for these events, we call this “Murder by Algorithm”. We also refer to this algorithmic operation as Al Gore Rhythm.

These cat bonds have been used since 1970 when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safe working limit (swl) for CO2 in passenger planes was 30,000 ppm.

30,000 ppm was the level during the “Murder by Algorithm” in the “UNABOM” (UNiversity and Airline BOMber) attacks on Air India 182 and Pan Am 103, but as ventilation systems improved the limit had to be lowered.

In 1994/5, Bill Clinton had the FAA lower the swl of CO2 to 5,000 ppm and allowed the cap and kill algorithm to be adjusted downwards to kill more high-value targets—especially Anthropogenic (manmade) Global Warming (AWG) deniers—through the mid to late ’90s.

Bill Clinton used a First Lady with a background in intellectual property law as custodian of the algorithmic NewRuleSets which triggers the kill signal at the crime scene. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are both Alinskyite IP lawyers married to charismatic thieves.

In 2000/2001, Brown-Balls Pachauri instructed Barack Obama at the Joyce Foundation to bring the CO2 levels down even more to a 350 ppm cap. This was the real agenda at Copenhagen.

Those individuals or institutions that do not voluntarily participate in cap and trade could be the target of a cap and kill operation.

In the run up to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, Brown-Balls Pachauri structured a Twin Towers catastrophe bond using a NewRuleSets algorithm developed for signatory investors in the now-$55 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) at 10 Downing Street.

This Brown-Balls Pachauri Twin Towers Cat Bond Fraud was structured with CDP friends and enemies placed either side of the trigger held by Sidley Austin lawyers acting for the escrow.

Following the collapse of both towers on the same day, the CDP escrow (Rockefeller trust lawyers Sidley Austin) transferred cat bond money from CDP ‘denier’ investors (enemies) to CDP sponsor investors (Teachers’ pet TIAA-CREF a.k.a. friendly Warmists).

Much of the loss of life and destruction of property that we experience on an ongoing basis is not the result of the failure of systems or idealistically or politically minded terrorists, but instead, is a massive insurance fraud.


  1. I think you guys do a lot of good work, but frankly this idea of a CO2 trigger is absurd. These people are not gamblers in the same way joe six-pack buys a lottery ticket. These people rig the game. They bet on sure things.

    But you are both too bright not to know that so I'm wondering what caused this deviation from the game theory via network. Was the idea of the use of Bloombergs proprietary network for blackmail - pay or play - too close to the truth?

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