Monday, January 11, 2010


Teachers Cat Swats Cana-CIA Sherlock Bites Dorgan Dodd
Challenge across a Pond to stop CO2e at Serco RAF Menwith Hill/Flyingdales

Above: Chips sleeping like a baby in the arms of Jesus.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalms 91:1 911?


As Chips looked forward to the upcoming enduro he mentally played Garth Brook’s rodeo song in his head while M. Thrasher powdered her nose in the lavish bathroom adjoining the master bedroom on the Airbus A319BJ. He always liked the phrase at 2:06 where it says “tougher broads I can’t recall”. Chips knew that M. Thrasher was one tough cookie but with a heart of gold and globes to inspire Columbus to go on another voyage hoping to find the New World. Not to mention her ability to lurk inside the mortgage software of Wells Fargo and ‘keep track’ of some interesting accounting, especially as it pertains to mortgages which trace back to foreign banks.

Chips and Mattress Thrasher had snuggled into their king size bed in the Head of State Bedroom at the aft end of the brand new Airbus A319BJ, which Chips thought was an appropriate name. M. Thrasher had timed it just right from her offering of 3 18 packs of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters, and 3 gel-tabs of the Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters. M. Thrasher was feeling especially naughty and had suggested that they initially start off with ‘rodeo sex’. Chips recalled that during visits in Southern California he and Thrasher often drove over to Prescott, Arizona where Jr. Bonner had been filmed in 1972.

They would rent a room in the hotel on the city square, the same hotel that Ida Lupino and Robert Preston’s characters had used for their ‘last slow dance’ and in the room Chips and Thrasher would engage in competitive rodeo sex while shy little Agent Bean would video tape it with a Bell and Howell Super 8 while Chips would saddle up, call M. Thrasher by another girl’s name and try to stay in the saddle for 8 seconds. Chips always felt that Thrasher loved his Super 8 and he referred not to a 1950 Buick, capeche? Shy little Agent Bean was good with the camera, but secretly hoped to be in the view finder in the next go round, to borrow a term for rodeo jargon. Agent Bean had decided that she would work hard to overcome the shyness she possessed in 1969 when Englebert sang about her between 0:23 and 0:27. Chips was willing to lend a hand, and more.

On the best film ever shot Chips had saddled up, tightened up his synch, put a piggin’ string in his teeth, nodded to Agent Bean to roll the camera and then shouted ‘Corazon’. Thrasher went wild and tried to buck even harder than that Sunshine Bull in the Junior Bonner rodeo movie as Chips hung in their while driving his message home. Thrasher was snorting fire like the red-eyed cows in ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ as Chips did his version of ‘Great Rider in the Thigh’. At the end of the 8 seconds Chips was still ‘aboard’ and when Agent Bean rang the bell signaling the end of a successful ride, Chips hung in there and asked Bean to hit F4 on his Clipper and said to Thrasher, ‘Let ‘er rip, Potato Chip’. As Earl Thomas Conlee’s ballad about Chip’s first 44 years played continuously for 4 hours, Chips proved to Thrasher and Bean that this was not his first rodeo.

Agent Bean was taking mental notes of what she might try if she ever played Rodeo with Chips and almost missed the fact that after 2 hours the film in the Bell & Howell Super 8 needed to be replaced. Not being a male, she considered Chips’ plight and offered him 2 more 18 pack tins of Smoked Oysters and 2 gel tabs of Extend-o-peters much to the delight of M. Thrasher who had come to the conclusion that being an all day Pony Express mare was more pleasing than being an 8 second bucker. Chips was reading her mind and doubled his stroke just like the man from Eau Claire.

There once was a man from Eau Claire,
Who serviced his wife on the stair,
The banister broke, he doubled his stroke,
And finished her off in mid-air.

The fire of the mare and the strength of the stud was just coming around the club house turn in the Head of State Bedroom as Chips was mentally reviewing their first rodeo in Prescott when his Clipper went off just after exploculation was achieved, uninhibited by any KU band shroud, ADT Security bonehead, or Air Patrol corruption.

“KSM Marquis d‘Cartier Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Uncle Ray, Dwarf, Nano and Chips: evidence Obama authorized use of CO2e cap and drug trade network for hits of Nick Rizzuto in Montreal and the five Canadians murdered in Kandahar city and the eight CIA agents killed in Khost Province, Afghanistan. Obama has joint ventured with Kellogg and the Libranos; their CO2e network gives contract killers access to RADARSAT ground moving target indicators to ambush victims at FC-KU crime scenes anywhere in the world.”

As M. Thrasher saw the words ‘joint venture’ she decided another good round would be enjoyable and positioned herself to receive. Chips, ever the dedicated professional, signaled with four fingers, indicating foreplay so while Thrasher got things cranked up, pardon the expression, Chips handled another 3 inbound Clippers knowing full well that the 8 most recent ‘Khost Riders in the Sky’ were being cheated out of a Christmas at home with their families by a RICO organization that had displaced the Alpha channel of the US government.

From all appearances if the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the General and Flag officers were going to continue to ignore the Quo Warranto violation, it was up the Chips and the Captain Sherlock Flying Circus to come up to 100% quickly and execute both AMALGAM Harp Lager and CORONET Blue Lightning. Judging from Thrasher's manual mastery of his mast of Marine manliness Chips would have to read faster as the Turgidity Index was well past ‘sufficient’ and racing towards ‘splendid’.

“KSM Hamish Immediate Clipper to Mr. Bigg, Nano, Umbrellaman and Chips; Latest definition of an FC-KU crime scene. Femme Comp Inc using KU-band C4 technology to move CO2e cap and drug trade assets through secure tunnel into a Northwestern University Transportation Center (1954) supply chain. Victims are guided and ambushed by crowd-dynamics expert Hani Mahmassani. FC-KU links patented CO2e-Fannie Mae gas chambers into VPNs built by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Kristine ‘SES’ or ‘Serco’ or ‘Supermax’ Marcy and Kellogg School of Management. KSM VPNs move dirty money (hawala), snuff-film cameras and SWAT teams.”

Chips considered for a moment that the blood rushing to his head, i.e. purple tipped red champion, must be making his thinker not work correctly. Then he realized that when Hamish didn’t take his medication at proper intervals he sometimes repeated himself, just as Chips was about ready to repeat himself by launching another salvo into the wet and willing M. Thrasher as she how now restored him to a ‘mission ready’ status. He was about to assume the position when another clipper postponed round two of the rodeo du jour.

“KSM Hamish Priority Clipper to Rico, Jam Umbrellaman, Corazon Dulce and Chips: Remember that, on Jul 1, 2004, 83 kilograms of cocaine were found on the “Sheila Ann” a cargo ship named after Paul Martin’s wife and operated by organized crime through Canada Steamship Lines, the company Prime Minister Paul Martin transferred control of to his three sons last year. Two duffel bags stuffed with 83 kilograms of cocaine were found during a random search of the vessel, which was carrying coal from Venezuela to Sydney for Nova Scotia Power. We estimate the street value between $12 - $14 million and believe the packages were smuggled in from Maracaibo, Venezuela with the help of Chavez’s goons. Canada Steamship Lines is headquartered in Montreal with offices in Halifax, Winnipeg, Burlington, Ont., Boston, Singapore and Sydney, Australia. Martin transferred control of the company to his three adult sons, Paul, James and David but we think he continues to operate the CO2e cap and drug trade through Lansdowne Technologies virtual war rooms and SWAT teams.”

Chips realized that Hamish must be having a slow day at the office as Captain Sherlock’s Flying Circus had not only been all over the Sheila Ann issue years prior but when it comes to hauling coke, Paul Martin was a piker, not to be confused with Albert Pike Gore, who also was a piker but of greater girth and less grey matter.

Chips was feeling rather dismissive of Hamish’s ‘yesterday’s news’ contribution until he considered that even though it was ‘old hat’ to Hamish and Chips, RCMP, FBI and DOJ still had not acted on these issues and US and Canadian servicemen were still dying on foreign soil in endless combat that had no military objective, no exit strategy, no importance to the United States of America or Canada and is of questionable legality if Quo Warranto is not addressed.

Chips expected to hear from RCMP, in a favorable way, no later than 7 January. Simply because the USA had been a corporation run by the global bankers for sometime now was no excuse for loyal Patriots to lay down and do nothing. To wit as M. Thrasher laid down, Chips did something. He saddled up, nodded to a non-existent Beanie and said “Corazon Dulce”. The fire snortin’ and red eyes soon gave way to a more steady pace as the Pony Express Mare and the Captain Sherlock stud looked like a ’60-something’ pair acting out Dan Fogelberg’s ‘Run for the Roses’, a run that lasted almost 3 hours:

As they crossed the finish line with Thrasher beating Chips by a nose, another ill-timed Clipper came in from the KU antenna on the center spine of the brand new, and apparently, remote controllable A319BJ. This one was another of the ad-nauseam series by Hamish Charles Watson who was still at the Fur and Feather Pub in Norwich, presumably with Agents Del N. Pole and Slade Lane.

“KSM Hamish routine Clipper to Chips, copy Marquis, Rico, Tango and Uncle Ray: Remember how we first met at the Foggy Dew; how you bought me a beer because I knew something about virtual-news, WMD and drug-trafficking and snuff-film networks operated for global clients of the Montreal mafia. We discussed RADARSAT, [ operationnel en avril 1996, le Canada et le monde entier ont acces au premier systeme de satellite radar capable de produire et de livrer rapidement d'innombrables donnees ]. Well that Italian guy from Montreal that was with the Arab, al-Zaibek, from Toronto is on a slab. We need to get Tango Whiskey into Florence, Colorado Supermax to keep the elder Rizzuto from paying the same price for boycotting Whistler.”

Chips understood that it was a dummy transmission to him from Hamish and was really intended for Marquis, Rico and Uncle Ray, the French speakers, as well as Tango Whiskey who had been a high-end finish carpenter in Colorado for 30 years before becoming a persona-non-grata and seeking shelter in Richmond, BC. Due to his history in Colorado and his knowing the players without a program it was logical to think Tango could be put inside Florence to monitor the elder Rizzuto and in the worst case witness who was ‘near him’ if he passed. Chips had a feeling if elder Rizzuto were to expire of natural causes, a representative of Clinton Rubin or Serco would be in the field of view of any B & H camera filming the moneyshot. Pardon the redundancy of Clinton Rubin and Serco; two wings of the same bird. A gooney bird or vulture, 19 January looms.

M. Thrasher, who had made a visit to the bathroom to ‘freshen up’ returned and asked Chips if a tri-fecta was asking too much of a 60 year old.

‘Not this 60 year old, sugar britches, but before we start something we’d hate not to finish let’s take a look at the moving display and ensure Buck Naked and Stone are reasonably on course.’ Chips hit a remote and what had been a French Impressionist painting, a Monet, morphed into a moving map and showed that they were west of 50 West and so Chips suggested it was only about 45 minutes to Accomac so it’s hardly worth it to saddle up for less than two hours.

‘Speak for yourself, Chips, this mare doesn’t trot out into the arena for less than 4, capeche?’ Before he could answer the sound of Buck’s voice came over the PA with an unexpected change to their flight plan.

‘Due to security issues in Accomac, we will be overflying our destination and Umbrellaman and Dwarf have just changed our flight plan and call sign. Note if you are following our progress on the moving map we are 'Ascot 2010' as we are mimicking a VC-10 out of Brize Norton Air Base, England, so instead of 40 minutes we have about 3 hours to go. Our destination has been changed to Amarillo, Texas. Push the FA call button if you two need anything during your extensive ‘security and tactics’ briefing.’

Before Chips could respond to Buck and Stone, M. Thrasher rolled over him, smothering him with her ample bounty that would make Tempest Storm or Blaze Starr look like lightweights, and while he was smothered and therefore effectively gagged Thrasher responded ‘Buck and Stone, Chips is on a Flash message with Umbrellaman but I would appreciate a split of Merlot and Chips would like a split of me and a quart-size Captain Sherlock Martini, stirred, not shakin’ as once he gets off the Clipper I will be doing the shakin’ prior to his doing the stirrin’, so to speak.’

‘Understood Thrasher, Mary Anne MATS is on her way with the CSM and the split. Stone wants to know if you have a daughter around his age?’

‘Thanks, we will look forward to Mary Anne’s delivery. And yes I have a daughter, from the same state that ‘Run For the Roses’ was set in.’ Up in the forward galley Mary Anne couldn’t find the recipe for a CSM in the Bar Tender’s Guide so, not wanting to disturb Buck and Stone in the cock-pit, I say again, cock-pit, she went online and googled ‘captain sherlock martini’ and was regaled with this response :

“ .. and a Captain Sherlock Martini. Due to wide coverage of on every bartender in Holland was well aware of how to create a Captain Sherlock, the ... o

Mary Anne then recalled the 50-50 mix or Russian Standard or Ukrainian Vodka with Absolut Vodka, the waving of a vermouth bottle in the vicinity of the quart size vessel and two twin pimento stuffed queens, not to be confused with the mare who was about to become a palomino stuffed princess, for 3 hours. Chips came up for air as the Abel Danger knock came of the ‘security/intel office’ door. As Chips covered himself making the King size bed resemble a pup-tent, Thrasher answered the door in the buff and thanked Mary Anne for the two drinks.

‘Thrasher, you should thank God for the two items front and center, enjoy the debriefing, Buck says we’ll be in Amarillo by morning.’

As she closed the door and handed the quart size CSM to Chips, she selected D8 on her Clipper 46EE brassiere and postured so that Chips could saddle up as George Strait started a 3 hour version of one of his most loved standards, as Thrasher was receiving a standard she loved also. Standard as in flagpole shaped, above standard in girth and endurance, capeche?

As the rodeo ride was approaching 3 hours Chips saw the green LED light on his Clipper Squirt Gun flash 4 times so he knew that one of his ‘close people’ had a Flash Clipper for him, he rolled inverted so Thrasher could take over as he lipped ‘sorry, flash clipper’ although she didn’t read his lips as he was digitally reading hers, so to speak.

“KSM Rico Gambolino FLASH Clipper to Hamish, Dwarf, Chips, Corazon and Uncle Ray: police are continuing to probe hit of Nick, the eldest son of Vito Rizzuto. Vito is the head of the Montreal Mafia, he is serving a sentence in Supermax (?) courtesy of Jamie and QH for racketeering related to three Mafia murders, he may attend his son's funeral; you have to be there to tell ‘em who whacked the son. We need them to go after the Obamarxists, Femme Comp bitcherettes and Fannie Mae patenteats and defend the good ol’ Italian Family so that they will honor their promise to take down the perps who iced 343 firefighters on 9/11.

Chips hit the acknowledge button plus the digits 1 and 5 so that Rico would expect a response within 15 minutes. As a breathless but certainly not breastless Thrasher was cycling at about 540 rpm, which is the same as the low speed PTO on Chips’ Versatile S150 articulated tractor she gasped ‘are we still on for Amarillo?’

‘Keep on keepin’ on Thrasher and give me 5 minutes.’

After pushing the cockpit call button Stone answered his father’s call “Nose gunner, speaking."

‘Stone, check the MCDU and see if we have the fuel to get to Peterson Field, Colorado Springs. Something big has just come up’. As Thrasher keep on with the Pony Express routine she nodded in agreement and went from a canter to a gallop while the ever vigilant Chips kept his mind on his mission and his eyes on her geography teaching aids as their 'jiggle index' reached "incredible". He hadn't seen globes this size moving that fast since Meadowlark Lemon was in his prime.

Chips answered the PA handset that flashed in yellow beside the bed.


‘MCDU, Buck and I all agree we will arrive at Pete in 57 minutes and will have 3200# of fuel at arrival, weather CAVOK, landing northwest. Buck generated a PPR number and listed ‘Code 10’ but we requested that no officials greet the jet for ‘security purposes’.’

‘Excellent work Stone, you and Buck enjoy a Grolsch or two while I get back to finishing off an in depth briefing that will probe some sensitive tissues, oops, I mean sensitive issues regarding the next Clipper which is coming in now.’

‘Dad, how can you anticipate incoming Clippers, you are sort of like Radar on Mash in that regard.’

‘Yes and I am sort of like John Dillinger in another regard, according to our heterosexual and unhappily married snitch at Sidley-Austin in Chicago. Now get back to work but have Buck work with Dwarf to position Agent Bean into Pete Field ASAP.’

‘You are more than prescient; she just ACARSed us that she is boarding a commercial flight at Phoenix Skyharbor. She added a cryptic comment ‘Dwight Yoakam, Thrasher on to LA-Wells Fargo’.

‘Gotta run Stone, but I understand all, have the Broadmoor Hotel at 1 Lake Boulevard have the standard Abel Danger ‘de-briefing’ supplies plus whatever the crew wants. Cancel Agent Bean's reservation and ensure the Concierge has the Bridal Suite with the heart shaped Jacuzzi available for my HQ. Use the gold American Express card that reads ‘Avalon British Cattle’ and not 'Avalon Irish Moiled Cattle' ."

As he called ‘switch’ and rolled Thrasher over to drive her home he picked up the tempo sensing she was again approaching the finish line. He was right. As she trembled and shook he was glad she had put a Minnesota Viking tube sock in her mouth or the cockpit crew would have thought they were getting an overspeed clacker as she always howled like a trumpeter swan at the end of a triple play, or trifecta if you prefer the race horse motif. As Chips followed her across the finish line his Clipper took an immediate Clipper. Thrasher excused herself to the biffy as Chips read the incoming:

“KSM Rico immediate clipper to Chips,Umbrellaman, Moose, Uncle Ray, Dwarf copy Mr. BIGG: CO2e operatives whacked four Canadian soldiers and a Michelle Lang, a former Moose Jaw Times-Herald reporter, in Kandahar city in Afghanistan. She had been in Afghanistan for just over two weeks on her first assignment in the country for Canwest News Service. The deaths occurred as the group drove through a supposedly safe part of the city on a regular patrol and into a CO2e ambush. The four soldiers were based at the Canadian military-civilian outreach compound in Kandahar.”

Chips had seen enough; he immediately Clippered his ‘handler’, the only party who knew of his ‘duties’ and the only American to whom he reported or sought permission from. He knew it was early morning in Wasilla, but this could not continue. Hamish, Chips, Uncle Ray, Skymaster and Umbrellaman had been informing both Prime Minister Harper and Joint Chiefs of Staff regarding RADARSAT and other traitorous technologies deployed beyond the reach of RICO and north of the 49th parallel. He took a long pull on his quart-size CSM as Thrasher came out wearing pastel flamingo and handing him a matching Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster with humongous pouch. His hands began shaking as he typed a Flash Clipper to his handler:

“Abel Danger Chips to Moose via Flash Clipper: Moose: Harper and Obama have not responded to repeated warnings.. Allied losses just passed our line in the sand. Request authority to invoke AMALGAM Copperhead Charlie Mort if RADARSAT comes live between now and 19 January, 2010. Request authority to go full time with KU-REFRACT, request Name Dropper’s ‘top twenty’ start dropping immediately after next mort involving RADARSAT, ADT, Air Patrol, Goose or ‘ITEM 5’. I need to talk on a secure landline from Schriever AFB ASAP regarding my retirement. I am willing to revoke my retirement papers for 19 Jan 2010 and stay until the mission is complete at your option. Chips, standing by.”

Chips was visibly shaken as he transmitted the message to Moose knowing it would be read by two headquarters between him and the de-facto VPOTUS. Thrasher could see that Chips was tense and Chips could hear the V2500 engines roll back to flight idle.

‘Chips, you look nervous, anything I can do to help?’

Chips could see she was sincere so he said, ‘We have ten minutes’ as she draped her pastel flamingo over the bedside lamp. As they started in earnest, not to be confused with Ernest P. Worl of Ernest Goes to Camp, the genuinely concerned Thrasher asked. ‘If the shit’s gonna hit the fan, give me a guesstimate regarding time.’

Chips was always concerned with loose lips sinking ships so as she ensured hers were not loose, Chips hit F4 on his Clipper Squirt gun and selected 6 so that only 6 minutes of Someday Soon would play, allowing them time to ‘pretty up’ and get ready to get off. Get off the airplane, get your head out of the gutter.

The slats and flaps were being extended as Thrasher and Chips heard the engines spool up. Having achieved their objective simultaneously they hurriedly made themselves presentable both in matching items of pastel flamingo. Chips dressed in a nice open necked dress shirt, blue jeans and his signature Dubai blue blazer fully aware that the Barj Dubai would be finished early in 2010 and eclipse the radio tower at Clifford-Galesberg, ND, as the tallest man made structure in the world. Thrasher wore a dark pantsuit that made her look ready for a day at the office although both of them would prefer two days in the hotel. However, that might be a little cumbersome as Agent Bean was to be in town and in charge of Chips’ security on a 24 hour, arm-length basis. As the landing gear was extended, the Clipper in the left bay of Thrasher’s 46EE Clipper took a priority Clipper.

“KSM Uncle Ray priority Clipper to Thrasher, Dwarf, Rico, Hamish, Fenton Mole: Thrasher, CO2e operatives have significantly increased the number of stars on the CIA’s Memorial Wall at the Agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Femme Comp infiltrated the supposedly ultra-secure Forward Operating Base Robinson in Khost in eastern Afghanistan and detonated a bomb in the gym; we’re checking to see if the ADT/Honeywell surveillance cameras were used for the snuff film. Eight CIA officers or contractors killed. Remember when Barry was setting up the CO2e networks in 1983, that eight CIA personnel were killed when the US Embassy in Beirut was hit by a Hezbollah suicide bomb. Remember that in October, five members of the Grenadier Guards battle group based at Nad-e-Ali in central Helmand were killed inside their patrol base by an Afghan policemen. We know these CIA guys were focused mainly on recruiting local operatives and identifying targets so they would have been easy to backdoor for the Femme Comp hit teams recruiting for Teachers’ in Jordan”

Chips had been reading Thrasher’s incoming and she was unsure of what he was really focused on. To determine his interest she referred to the incoming Clipper on the LED panel of her left bay and asked “anything of interest strike you Chips”. As he unclasped her over the shoulder boulder holder and loosed her ample bounty Chips responded.

“Two things actually”, as he searched the two globes before placing them over his ears as if to ‘make the world go away’. Thrasher was thinking that another enduro might be possible depending on her departure arrangements from Colorado Springs to LA. That line of thinking ended as Stone made a PA from the cockpit.

“We will be at the Transient Alert ramp in 5 minutes. In a fortunate coincidence there is a C21 from 119th Wing in Fargo, ND that is set to depart for Burbank near Los Angeles in 15 minutes, there will be a staff car meeting out jet to transfer Thrasher to the C21 if she wishes to go direct instead of through Phoenix. As Thrasher looked to Chips as if seeking his counsel he pressed the talk button on the ‘broadcast PA’.

“Stone, see if you can talk to the Fargo Command Post and check for any ‘friendlies’ on the jet please.”

“Dad, I thought you may ask and I have determined that the AC in String Bean but of more interest may be that James Crosby is the only passenger. He appears to have been on business at both Cheyenne Mountain and the underground facility at Shriever. I have contacted him and he made it quite clear that M. Thrasher would be well served if she joined him on the Lear Jet and he wanted you to know he was on official business with AMARC project to inventory the Sky Warrior fleet at Raytheon Burbank. He further mentioned Project F4D was still on for early March in Tuscon. We are in the chocks and the staff car awaits, I can now see James and his moustache crawling out of the back seat.”
“We’ll be right there Stone, thanks”. As Stone and Thrasher tidied up the State Room an incoming Clipper came in on Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun:

“KSM Chatterbox Rico priority Clipper to Hamish, Slade Lane, Barmy Badger copy Chips and Uncle Ray: CO2e operatives are trying to scare England out of next year’s Commonwealth Games in India over fears its athletes will be victims of a terrorist attack like Munich ‘72. In Ottawa, a spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office said Tuesday evening that Canada is still planning to send athletes to the sports event in Delhi. Ujjal Dosanjh, Liberal really an Obamaraxist MP for Vancouver South, said “There is no question that U.K. athletes would be higher at risk ... There were the July attacks on the Underground. The U.K. has more troops in Afghanistan and has a higher profile [than Canada] in Iraq” Terrorist attacks in Mumbai out of Chicago and Canada last November killed 166 people. “If I was in India and dealing with the security I would be worried and I would take all the security issues I could.” Dosanjh said Canada would likely send an RCMP team to investigate the security measures in Delhi. The RCMP did not return phone calls Tuesday evening. If England did pull out, it would be the first time the country has not competed in the 80-year Games. What a prick!”

As Chips let the message sink in he mentioned to Thrasher “these boneheads keep going back to the same old play book: create a threat, announce a similar threat to the public, suggest a vulnerability to such a threat, then tighten security after their engineered victimization by the threat attributed to a patsied and innocent party. Munich Olympics ’72 and the supposed ‘Red Brigade’ according to Peter Jennings, September 11th and the supposed Al Qaeda according to BBC and VNN who were so clumsy they announced the fall of Building 7 20 minutes prior to it’s detonation, and the recent dog and pony show on NW 253 between Amsterdam and Detroit. Seems they realize they have been infiltrated and their only option is to move up the schedule. Look for something big to occur at Whistler. If it hinges on KU transmission we can stop it. It AMEC or others have pre-rigged the venue, Harper may have a lot of blood on his hands. Please discuss AMEC, Honeywell HVAC Vulcain, Raytheon, Thales and ‘Item 5’ with James Crosby enroute to Burbank. Have James focus on SERCO and Clinton Rubin, that is the Achilles heel to the Octopus.”

“No problem Chips, anything else before you kiss me goodbye. And when can we meet again for an ‘intel debriefing’?”

“Yes, two things Thrasher. You are an amazing woman and I think we might be able to cross paths in LA or AMARC soon. Let me carry your things to the staff car” and as he picked up her carryon bag he added “Wow, you travel light for a woman of your means.”

“Actually don’t give me too much credit, I simply forgot to pack my jammies but I appreciate your packing my lack of jammies.”

“My pleasure, as always”. As they embraced at the forward door of the A319BJ, an incoming Clipper prevented the embrace from becoming something more:

“KSM Agent Bent-RCMP to Rico, Tango, Hamish, Dwarf, Umbrellaman and Chips: Chips, CO2e operatives are preparing to hit the Vancouver 2010 Olympics through the Honeywell security umbrella – what a joke! Have written to Harper who prorogued our parliamentary watchdog to help his fellow privy councilors neutralize Obama’s CO2e network and thwart a planned the 2010 attack. Enroute today to Churchill to meet Dwarf, Skymaster and Dr. Nano al-Umina reference AMEC-Honeywell, Bent.”

James Crosby met Thrasher and Chips at the bottom of the portable steps mounted on a Ford pickup frame. James handed Chips a 3 x 5 card and adjusted himself, then twirled the left half of his stache. Chips looked over the card, adjusted himself and pointed at Thrasher's left breast. James took Thrasher's carryon and they got in the sedan to travel the 100 yards or less to the C21 from Fargo which had both engines idling. Behind them the airstair was withdrawn and the chocks were pulled at NODAK 03 taxiied out to depart for Burbank, Raytheon and the research involving mortgage fraud that would make Gorillawoman's trashing of Fannie Mae looked like a tea dance. Chips had attended more tea dances than he wished in 67-68 hosted by 'Thunder Thighs' predecessor. Chips was starting to think that Thunder Thighs, Sasquatch and Gorillawoman were about ready to go down faster than their prom dresses.

Chips was just going back into the Airbus BJ when Buck Naked pointed at a KC135R in the flare and commented "Agent Bean snagged a ride with the guard. She has a company car coming for she and you. Stone and I will get over to the hotel and ensure the party supplies are sufficient in quantity and quality. Stone got a car from a motor pool friend so we're outta here and will catch you and Bean when you get done at Shriever. She also mentioned that 'Mercury Man' was tracking your mission 24/7 via her Boringuen Brooch. See you too at the hotel. One last thing, Agent Feather Boa called Stone's Clipper, he has a mission for you to go to Brainerd ASAP. His TV show needs a boost and he wants a 30 minute demo tape from Abel Danger, reference 9-11. He wants the video in his hand before the Democratic Tsunami sweeps over Dorgan, Dodd and the rest of the suspects. TTFN".

As Stone and Buck left, Stone gave Chips a 'Bro hug double back bump' and handed him a Grolsch Widebody. Chips had just popped the porcelain stopper and took a 4 ounce pull when an Immediate Clipper came in from Rico Gambolino in British Columbia:

“KSM Chatterbox Rico Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Tango, Dwarf, Umbrellaman and Chips: Vancouver just alerted Harper to our suspicions about his erstwhile colleagues at the University of Calgary; they appear to have helped the Teachers’ hedge fund managers populate the CO2e cat-bond rule set which triggered a virtual authorization to kill the Canadians in Kabul last Wednesday. We have now completed a forensic analysis of the Teachers’ Unabomb campaign launched in 1979 out of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. We have exposed the Teachers’ as a virtual criminal organization, engaged in racketeering, murder for hire and money laundering through CO2e cap and drug-trade transactions. RCMP ready to move on 'escrow' while in the US Jim Fester and Ron Paul are blocking, capeche?”

Chips had just finished that Clipper and hadn't been able to respond prior to a piggy-back Clipper again from Rico. Chips wondered if Rico was getting old and forgetful or just forgetful:

“KSM Chatterbox Rico Routine Clipper to Chips: FYEO, we warned Harper that victim funds such as University of Calgary’s are being positioned on either side of bogus cat bonds. We have noted that the Teachers’ preferred M.O. is to hedge with CO2e mortgages on the FC-KU crime scene. Teachers place friendly (pro CO2 cap) pension funds such as U. of Calgary on the winning side and enemy funds such as those of Canadian soldiers on the losing side of the cat. Please have James Crosby to continue Operation KU refraction if Moose will sign off on it. Get Agent Kui 'Cat Bond' Longboard to sniff around Hawaii.”

Chips could see a pattern emerging. The Disinfo Movie 2012 was put out prior to the Christmas Holiday to suggest to those who could be hornswaggled that the second shoe of 9/11 would not fall until 2012. Chips, Umbrellaman and the Canadian Abel Danger HQ fellows Hamish, Rico, Tango and Dwarf agree with Chips, Bean and Umbrellaman that the bad guys were going up tempo in hopes of have Round 2 succeed at Whistler. AMEC from Montreal had rigged the venue, ADT and Air Pelosi thought they could send the detonation signals according to the crowd dynamics pervert from Northwestern University although to use pervert and Northwestern in the same sentence is, academically speaking, redundant. Not to mention redundant.

Chips had learned to recognize redundancy from his old friend Agent Homi who had once been assigned to penetrate the US Department of Redundancy Department. Chips was watching the KC135R as it arrived in the Transient Alert chocks and the AC stop cocked engines 2 and 3, having shut down 1 and 4 after a 5 minute cool down to lessen the chance of blowing FOD onto the taxiway or ramp behind the tanker, a tanker much like the Salt Lake City ANG KC135E that had air refueled Chips and Trashman in the Sweet Talkin' Woman at the Bozeman, Montana Airshow in 1985 where they had met with Bo Gritz and Skymaster from what would evolve into NWTTor CCW.

He was just reminiscing about the girl from Fargo named Mary and the orange flight suit she 'earned' in 1985 at Bozeman's Holiday Inn when another pesky Clipper came in from Hamish who was apparently still comparing wits with Fenton Mole, Slade Lane and Del N. Pole at the Fur and Feather Pub near Norwich. The same Norwich located near the University that Peva Pravda and her Ruskie friends had hacked for Chips and Abel Danger.

“KSM Blabbermouth Hamish Routine Clipper to Abel Danger VBC, Dwarf and Chips; Teachers be they at MIT or in Canada are extorting protection money in the form of CO2e carbon credits. If victims refuse to pay, Teachers agents’ hire assassins to trigger the CO2e ‘cat’ and then move money through Sidley/Cisco escrow from enemies to CO2e friends in the never-ending mates diversity game where victim life & property insurance claims are transferred though CO2e cat bonds to groups based on claimed disadvantages of sex, sexual orientation, race, color and creed – anything but white and straight!!!. Usual bullshit .. ‘Women, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minorities make up over 60 percent of Canada's labour force, and their numbers continue to rise. These designated groups constitute a vital resource to the Canadian labour pool and their participation in the workplace will be fundamental to the University's ability to understand and respond to the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace. The University of Calgary is committed to providing equal opportunity for employment to these four groups through the Federal Contractors Program, and utilizing the synergy of a diverse workforce to deliver a culturally sensitive service to our diverse student population.”

Chips read the incoming and realized it really must be a slow day in Norwich. He looked at his $10 Walmart watch as a company car, a silver Mercury Grand Marquis with G-plates slithered up to the Airbus. Chips could see Agent Bean in the back seat. She gave Chips a flash of pastel cactus green and stroked her Borinquen Brooch. Chips adjusted himself, pulled his right ear lobe, held 2 fingers in the air and went back into the forward galley ostensibly to put the Grolsch bottle into the garbage. While out of view of Beanie, he whammoed 4 tins of Smoked Oysters, swallowed 3 gel tabbed Rodney Baldinger extend-o-peters, and put a splash of Dewars Scotch behind both ears. Beanie, shy as she might be, always felt warmed by the smell of Dewars Scotch between her ample bounty. Chips put a wintergreen Altoid in his mouth and went down to join Beanie and the driver in the company car.

As Chips joined Beanie in the back seat he caught another glimpse of Pastel Cactus as his recent self medication started to become active as the monster began putting tension on his Slingshot Rumpmaster, unfortunately still in Pastel Flamingo. He came up with a plan as he settled in beside his love muffin.

"Excuse me driver, you look familiar, have you ever been to Destin, Florida, Texas, Annapolis, or Ramey AFB?"

Without saying a word the driver put the Mercury in drive and fell in behind an Air Police Humvee and a Colorado Highway Patrol Car, neither with lights flashing. He reached down to his Clipper capable company radio and played a short reel from a popular 1961 TV show. Then he whinnied as they left the main gate of Pete Field heading over to Shriever AFB to take advantage of the underground global telecommunications installed after Cheyenne Mountain was shuttered. Beanie placed Chips right hand between her thighs where a 3 x 5 index card awaited him. He also digitally reconned the area to make sure all was it order. It was.

The index card seemed a little moister than he had expected, which did not displease him. He read the notes on the 3 x 5 card, memorized the items, and went searching for more 3 x 5 cards which did not displease Agent Bean who cooed in Chips' right ear "Call me Beanie". Fortunately the driver could not hear the cooing or see what her right hand was doing. To take his mind of the pleasure she was providing manually he focused on the front of the 3 x 5 card and saw her hand written message: If your big woody is available tonight I'd be open to seeing what you have for a motor. Beanie.

Knowing full well that Agent Bean understood his 1946 Ford Woody was being repainted he deduced her real message, she'd like to be rolled over in the clover. So her rolled the index card over and was impressed with what he read. 'Wasilla and Jackson await us in Shriever's Intel Office for a face to face'. Chips was surprised and pleased, and, wanting to share the pleasure, he immediately initiated another index card search near an item in Pastel Cactus.

Once at the gate to Schriever the CHP Crown Vic left the Humvee and the Mercury as the Air Police escort was joined by another Air Force Staff car with 3 silver stars on the license plate. The silver star car lead the other 2 to the Intel Office. Once there 'the driver' opened the right rear door and Agent Bean, of Phoenix, Marana, and AMARC Abel Danger led Chips as they followed the driver who seemed to know his way around the Intel Office. At the Security Door a Lieutenant Colonel with a brick met them and led the driver, Agent Bean and Chips through a full body scanner that was turned off and directly to a stairwell leading down. As they approached the solenoid activated steel doors a video camera scanned the 3 as they heard the metallic clank of a deadbolt being withdrawn. The opposing doors opened and the driver, Agent Bean and Chips were introduced by Moose and Jackson to General Major Wood.

"Chips and Agent Bean, General Wood has arranged for us to have a VPN audio visual with the Norwich Trio as well as Uncle Ray and Nano at Churchill. We have taken the liberty of imputing a technical glitch in ADT and Femme Comps Clinton Rubin so security is assured. However, when ever Item 5 is discussed, we will have Chips speak Navajo." After Chips and Agent Bean indicated they understood the General used a large remote, not unlike a Direct TV remote, as Jackson whipped his bull neck around as Moose applied more lipstick, but not on a pit bull such as the Femme Comp Bitcherettes or the Sidley SES Sows. Two of the 20 or so monitors came alive and Chips, Agent Bean and the Driver saw Hamish, Agent Del N. Pole, Fenton Mole and Slade Lane at the Fur and Feather near Norwich, and Nano, Dwarf both appeared on the second monitor.

General Wood told Jackson he had the hammer and he deferred to VPOTUS 44 Moose who addressed those in Churchill, Manitoba and Norwich, England. "Thanks for making yourselves available. We have Chips, Agent Bean, General Major Wood and The Driver here at Shriever with Jackson and myself. Pleased to see the 4 Brits and hope the fact that Uncle Ray and Skymaster are not 'in the picture' is not bad news...."

Nano put the groups at ease "Negative, Moose, Uncle Ray and Skymaster are doing some hangar flying with a gentleman who remembers the 1929 monoplane that Chips will be bidding on in Arizona following kickoff of AMALGAM Blue Lightning. They are listening in via Clipper repeater from the windsock in front of Churchill Base Ops. Earlier they had a FIELD day looking at old photos of USAF KC97s that were on alert up here to support B47 and later B52s flying over the pole to our friends in the USSR. They also found some photos of the F4Ds deployed from the 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron that last visited during AMALGAM Polar Bear, 1982."

"Abel Danger, I will make this brief as Agent Bean and Chips need to be off to a debriefing at the Broadmoor. The threshold of RADARSAT victims has been exceeded. At 0000 GMT, this date, Jackson has loosed AMALGAM Blue Lightning. If Quo Warranto cannot be answered by 19 January, or if another Canadian or American GI is taken out with RADARSAT we will once again consider Coronet Swamp Drain encouraging a 100% removal from office of all incumbents at both Houses in DC who do not accept Social Security and Health Care equal to their constituents. North Dakota voters are set to take the lead on this as they only have 3 to remove. Abel Danger Agent Feather Boa has encouraged a Minnesota State Initiative Operation Jack Pine Savage. He has sent Agent Chips to meet with 31 county leaders of the Operation in Brainerd, Minnesota. As most of you must be aware, Brainerd is next door to Baxter, and Baxter's CB Savage who will not answer Quo Warranto must be caused to move. Thank you all for attending, give our collective regards to Uncle Ray and Skymaster and Godspeed and God Bless America. That is all, Moose."

As General Major Wood shut down the video monitors, the driver got up and shook hands with Jackson and Moose, as did Agent Bean and Chips before they left the secure Intel Briefing room and returned to their G-car. The Air Police led them on their way to the main gate from where the driver opened the right rear door and Bean got in first giving a free shot of Pastel Cactus to Our Man Chips who was doing the math to ensure the EOPs and Oysters would be at max potency shortly after arriving at the Broadmoor where he hoped to enjoy some more broad, meaning no disrespect to his Abel Danger fellow asset, and what an ass and set it was.

Enroute to the Broadmoor, shy Agent Bean asked the driver and Chips the difference between a Jack Pine Savage and a CB Savage.

"Jack Pine Savages are one of the large militias FIELDed out the armories in Minnesota. CB Savage is a play on words for the Queer trying to ensure our Constitution remains broken, Constitution Broken, CB. The song CB Savage was very popular around the time that Barry Soetero went to Pakistan with his grandmommy on a UK passport. Here, listen to the song on my Clipper, it is item Q1 and I think Q1 is the perfect number for Larry Sinclair's ADS, capeche?"

As the song finished up, the driver pulled up to the main entrance of the Broadmoor and a Bellman opened the right rear door allowing Chips to help sky little Agent Bean join him as a second Bellman went to the open trunk and gathered two suitcases, both rather light in weight. As the trunk lid was closed and 'the driver' went to underground parking, Chips and Bean were led to the elevator not far from check in. The First Bellman held the Door Open button allowing Bean, Chips and Bellman 2 to join in the elevator car. As they were led to The Bridal Suite, the lead Bellman opened the door, handed two keys to Chips as the other Bellman placed their bags on an item of furniture. Chips was leading them out as Bellman 1 said "Buck and Stone are touring the Air Force Academy but expect to join you for dinner at 1930 if your plans allow."

Chips nodded and thanked the Bellmen handing the Lead Bellman a pair of $20 bills. As Chips turned towards his suitcase after closing and chaining the door he saw Pastel Cactus adorning the bed side lamp. As Beanie in the buff was attempting to hop into the Jacuzzi Chips handed her a glass of Merlot and whispered "Not just yet my little love muffin. Do you remember what we did after seeing the Phantom on the Pole in Fargo?" Chips handed Beanie a photo they had had taken several years earlier.

"Chips, yes I remember well and it was wonderful, but I am still a little shy, you understand don't you?”

As Chips uncaged the monster which was fully mission ready he replied, "Yes my little butter cup I do, but you understand this don't you" as he removed a Redi-Whip aerosol can from his suitcase, and a trio of maraschino cherries and hung up his Abel Danger 72nd C4ISR Wing ID card next to the Pastel Cactus.

As Beanie reclined and applied some Redi-Whip, she cooed "My shyness has been cured oh champion of the hard wood". As she turned out the light and put her Clipper Medical Bag on vibrate. Chips, thinking back to Prescott, Arizona, saddled up, hit his stopwatch and said "You look as lovely as ever, Corazon".

As Chips hit his Clipper for C6 and 4 hours bucking and snorting of a red eyed rodeo girl gave way to less resistance and more cooperations as the pleasant song droned on for the next 240 minutes. And when it comes to Drones, our man Chips is no slouch, capeche? And one more thing, Chips never started a fire on the USS Forrestal like the other 9-11 Raytheon Sky Warrior 'droneman' had done. Google it.

Chips saw 3 green LED lights flash but disregarded the incoming Immediate from Hamish thinking he was still having a slow day. He was wrong.

“KSM Chatterbox Hamish to Umbrellaman, Slade Lane, Fenton Mole, Barmey Badger, Del N. Pole and Chips: We’ve del n poled a challenge across the pond. We are taking on a Chicago-based racketeering influenced and corrupt organization. RICO now controls the White House, 10 Downing Street and 24 Sussex Drive. We want a Harrogate lawyer to bring an action in the local courts for injunctive relief to stop CO2e-Fannie Mae owners of patents from emissions trading based on causal link between ‘Mann-Made’ CO2 emissions and catastrophic climate change. We want RAF Menwith Hill and RAF Flyingdales contractors (Serco) as defendants; they are allegedly using patented C4ISR technologies to identify targets to be destroyed for failing to participate in patented CO2e-Fannie Mae emissions trading. Contractors are linked to escrow associates of Clinton Rubin LLC, including QH, Chuck Burns and Brad King. RAF Menwith Hill is a Royal Air Force station near Harrogate, North Yorkshire which provides communications and intelligence support services to the United Kingdom and the United States of America, majority of support services are provided by the United States Air Force, 421st Air Base Group. The site acts as a ground station for US National Reconnaissance Office, on behalf of the US National Security Agency and ECHELON system. RAF Fylingdales is part of the UK’s contribution to counter a military threat. Menwith Hill, is also located in Yorkshire and has a close arrangement with the United States. While the base remains a British asset operated and commanded by the Royal Air Force, it also forms one of three stations in the United States BMEWS network (the United States also funds the cost of the radar units). The other two stations in the network are Thule Air Base, Greenland and Clear Air Force Station, Alaska. The data grab obtained by Fylingdales is shared fully and freely with the United States, where it feeds into the US-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. Have asked JD for help; study Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals; it’s what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama used to get where they got. 100 injunctions around the world plus shovel loads of ridicule will be the end of them.”

Had Chips not been 'knee deep' in Beanie he would have seen several other Flash Clippers come in as things were getting hot in DC, Canada and other locales.

"KSM Blabbermouth Bravo Hotel in the Beltway Swamp Flash Clipper to Chips, Agent Bean, Hamish, Gadget Bent and 'the driver': Chips, looking forward to Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) on 19 Jan 2010. A 'bluebird' tells me Dorgan, Dodd and 'a host of others' will bail out before the Final Shootout at the FM Corral. Keep your powder dry. See you in DC, let's do lunch, again, same place, my time, your dime, capeche?”

Chips, the DO of Abel Danger would have been able to mentally googe the fact that Dorgan, Dodd and doorknob all start with DO.

After 2 hours of playing hide the salami shy little Beanie called 'switch'. As Chips positioned for a 'stern shot' as suggested by Beanie who barked 3 times, he caught a glimpse of his Clipper Squirt Gun. He could read the LED of a Flash message from Tango Whiskey followed by a Flash from Bravo Hotel in 'the swamp'.

“KSM Blabbermouth Tango Whiskey Flash Clipper to Chips: FYEO, Chips in attached photo note ALL THE PARKED JETS are older models that cannot be inexpensively modified to utilize the 'four items' [ boeing uninterruptible autopilot + QRS 11 + SMACsonic + KU band ]. Ensure 'the world' knows of this before you go to Court on 1-19-2010 ref Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). Tango.”
“KSM Blabbermouth Bravo Hotel Flash Clipper to Chips, Agent Bean, Thrasher and Corazon Dulce: A blue bird tells me the weasels are running. If Captain Sherlock could be convinced to throw his hat in the ring for VPOTUS at the MIDTERM ELECTION, no one could stop him. See proposed voting booth. BH”
“KSM Blabbermouth Kui Longboard Immediate Clipper to Skymaster, Uncle Ray, Agent Bean, Hamish and Chips: Count me in. THE COMPANY is behind your efforts. Keep it up, push it up, we have your to Intel Blotter: Chips authenticate Elvis + Kui in song. f ridicule will be the end of them.”

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