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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—23 December 2009 Hour 2

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Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumormill News 
December 23, 2009 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

David Hawkins: Yes, thanks Ray, and on that note, ah perhaps I could say on your behalf and Field’s and ah, you know, mine, I believe your show Rayelan, is probably the best vehicle that we’ve ever come across for getting this story across, and I don’t make no bones about it, it’s not a simple story to tell, but you give us more time and space and energy than anyone else who I think interviews us and I urge your listeners to help ah, you succeed because if you succeed, we can succeed and if we succeed everyone succeeds, because we want to solve the threat of nine-one-one and an attempted and largely successful coup de’ ta where you lost your country.

Rayelan: That’s, that’s exactly correct and….

David: That’s a small price nine-hundred dollars, hahaha…

Rayelan: You know, one of the things that I have to, to say, so many...this radio network is unique among all radio networks every person he is genuine and is who they say they are which is what you can not find on a lot of the other networks. Some of the networks are just completely owned by the government, some of the people on the major, you know, web-based radio shows, they are government agents and the entire, in my opinion, the entire nine-eleven theory was created by the very same people that you are trying to expose, ah, you David you know that I have I have read and listened to every single theory on nine-eleven, you know, from the architects to Doctor Judy Woods, to the very first videos that came out of, came out of it, and at the time I thought they were right, but the very first time I was introduced to your work and Field’s work, I said to myself, “This is the only thing that makes sense, this is the only thing that makes sense.” And, and I continue to, to believe that no matter, no matter what so…

David: Thanks, thanks for saying that Rayelan, and you see, again, what you’ve just described is ah, ah, it’s called virtual news networks, where you pump virtual news into the mainstream media and the people sitting back home and looking at their televisions screens or whatever, they can’t differentiate to whether it’s coming from a simulation administrator who wants to spin them into thinking that carbon dioxide is going to cause the earth’s climate to collapse, or a real story from real scientists.

Rayelan: Ya, that’s, that’s exactly right and unfortunately…

David: And, and at Northwestern University that image that we have, and what we’ve done is, is take the image of Bernadine Dohrn, the Weather Underground terrorist leader, and her side view, and it’s a mug shot of nineteen sixty-nine, this was the days of rage.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And this woman is a pathological killer. She should be on death row.

Rayelan: And…

David: And I’m absolutely confident she’s not going to sue me.

Rayelan: And I’m wondering, was she born that way or was she made that way?

David: I, let’s not speculate. The fact remains is we’ve got a picture of this woman and in the book before which we call the Olympic Debt and the Tontine Death Squad, we replaced her front view on the head with a question mark because we didn’t understand at that time what it was that was behind her.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right. Now we have if you see on the Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene, a picture which is basically the antennae system of a logo above Northwestern University, so you can see the right leg, vertical keg of the end goes up to a little dot and then you’ve got those two rings, or half rings around it?

Rayelan: Sure, I see that.

David: Right, now what we’re saying there is, there is a wireless hub at Northwestern University which is capable of propagating a virtual news story, so you’re getting images coming back from New York on the morning of nine-eleven, it’s going into an extremely powerful video editing facility…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And they’re clipping in images of what they would like you to think was true…

Rayealan: Mhmm, mhmm.

David: And then they’re generating it to NBC, ABC, ah, ah, CBC, and CNN in particular because Ted Turner is one of the people who believes that the earth’s population should be brought down to about a hundred million people.

Rayelan: Ahh, yes, I know.

David: Now Ted Turner therefore, as far as I’m concerned, he wants to kill me…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …but he’s not operating in a uniform and he’s going around the back, so I believe he is operating as a terrorist out of uniform, outside of the Geneva Convention and do you know what the fate of those people should be?

Rayelan: Ah, I, well I know what I want the fate of them to be, that’s not what Barack Obama wants the fate of them to be though…

David: Okay, let’s proceed, so we’ve got the south tower, the south face of the South Tower is hit at 9:02, sixteen minutes after, and now we have four groups of survivors for the sake of our game ah, and presumably the price that they are willing to pay for the carbon dioxide is going up, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And the rate at which they start to violate the dictators cap for all we know may be going down…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Because the dictator through this antennae system at Northwestern University can tell these remaining four, “Well I’ve just lowered the rate from”, well I don’t know, from ah, “four-hundred and fifty to three-hundred and fifty”, and because we breath out at 40,000 parts per million because we didn’t exist in a room like the US Naval Command Center at the Pentagon, the background carbon dioxide in that room would be around 390 parts per million. So what the dictator can do electronically and by wireless, is tell the people playing the game, “I’ve just lowered the rate.”

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: “What are you going to pay?” Alright, let’s move on down to Washington D.C., alright, ah, enter the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon where Captain Gerald Decanto is the duty officer, and he is playing the game with his colleagues, they are commissioning some very advanced ah, command and control computers, ah, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems consistent with the upgrade to the ah, US Naval Command Center at the Pentagon which is linked to a systems administrator somewhere, but they don’t know where.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: And they’re being invited to bid for the right to live and violate the dictators cap, but they don’t know who the dictator is and they don’t know who the systems administrator was because by now, and we’re looking at, I think 9:37 in the morning of nine-eleven, Carlton Bartels is probably dead in the North Tower.

Rayelan: Ya, that’s right.

David: Robert Oxoby in the University of Calgary has had his password revoked so he’s not the systems, the ah, simulation administrator right? And remember just to remind your audience we are looking for the sixth strategic target on the morning of nine-eleven, and the name of the simulation administrator who was organizing and coordinating this game and the serial killing of its players because they didn’t pay enough for the right to breathe out.

Rayelan: Hmm.

David: So let say you were ah, Captain Gerald Decanto, the duty officer of the US Naval Command Center, his nick…his nickname I think was ‘fish’ [his Ford Explorer had the license plate name of 'FISH79'] wasn’t it, ah, Field?

Rayelan: I’m not sure Field is there. Field’s cell phone got cut off and I haven’t…I’m not sure if Joe got my note to call him right back, so ah…

David: Okay, while I’m talking I’ll just check my email to see if he is trying to communicate with us.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Okay, but again I think hypothetically I wan t your listeners and you to put yourself in the place of Captain Gerald Decanto, you’re the duty officer in the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon on the morning of nine-eleven, you are aware the South Tower and the North Tower have been hit, a lot of people have died and America is under attack, but you don’t know who is attacking you.

Rayelan: That’s correct, that’s right.

David: And you’re playing a game which is theoretically suppose to be a simulation exercise where you and your group are being asked to bid on the right to breathe out carbon dioxide for the year ahead, or if you don’t have the right bid ah, you’re going to get killed. Now, rightly or wrongly, you might not believe it, after all, you are the duty officer of the US Naval Command Center in the pentagon and you have the resources, or you believe you have access to all the resources including interceptors, missiles, ah, protective gear ah, where you should be able to defend yourself and your country against almost any attack.

Raylean: Yes, but when somebody has hacked in and taken everything over and you don’t even think that is possible, what do you do?

David: And no one is there to say, “check six.” Right, no one is saying, “Look there.” You’ve got someone coming up from behind you.

Rayelan: And we’ve got a “check six” so we’re doing ah, in other words, there was suppose to be six targets?

David: Right, we’re on the third now right, we’re on the the US Naval Command Center at the Pentagon, 9:37…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …ah, Captain Gerald Decanto was on the phone to Gordon England, the Secretary of the Navy presumably saying, “What the hell is going on here?”

Rayelan: Right.

David: I’m looking at my screens, the North Tower and the South Tower have been hit, whose hitting us?

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Right, what, where am I pointing my missiles, is this simulation real or has it gone rogue?

Rayelan: Who is he even able to com…communicate with?

David: Well, he was on cell…the phone with the communication system which had been hacked to Gordon England.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Now we should have had Gordon England in court and saying this. “What did he say to you?” Anyway, that’s another issue, at 9:37 the US Naval Command Center is taken out.

Rayelan: Oaky.

David: Now that’s a very low profile target and whatever it was that took us out, what they would like us to debate what took it out, it flew at a trajectory of five-hundred and forty miles an hour, a two-hundred and seventy degree descending turn, using missile gyroscopes from a company called BEI Industries in Little Rock, Arkansas whose patent lawyer, is Hillary Clinton.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: You gettin’ the picture.

Rayelan: Ya, I’m beginning to get the picture.

David: Right, so the US Naval Command Center is now gone, America has a problem, right, because US Naval Command Center is the connection between the President of the United States whose there parked there reading a goat story, and US Naval assets around the world that is the most ferocious and dangerous and effective navy in the world unless its command system has been corrupted.

Rayelan: Unbelievable.

David: So now we’ve got three targets, we’re looking at the fourth? The fourth target was the Capital Building where hun…hundreds of congressmen and senators are sitting there, working, and all their aids and assistants and Laura Bush. This is target number four.

Rayelan: Okay, ya, now isn’t Cheney with Laura Bush?

David: No, Cheney is in the emergency operating center, when he goes down there under the White House he finds two women, Condoleezza Rice...

Rayelan: Aha…

David: …and his wife.

Rayelan: And what do they tell him?

David: It looks like they were there in expectation that he wouldn’t be there.

Rayelan: So they thought that he was going to be taken out?

David: I think so.

Rayeylan: But…

Field: David, hey David, can you hear me?

David: Yes I can hear you?

Field: Ya, I think it’s very important that people consider the other option, and that is, there’s a remote command post, an old remote command post, ah, the name of which is “Braven” [this might not be the correct name of the facility], which is north and west of ah, Washington D.C., and it’s not the same as the current one which is the Weather Underground, which is in Virginia, and I don’t have notes in front of me but my recollection is, that the ah, Charlie government group wanted Bush up in , excuse me, wanted Cheney up at the Braven facility ostensibly for his protection which would actually further remove him from the chain of command like ah, President Bush had been removed ah, because he was in Sarasota and then subsequently Air Force One went to Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, Louisiana to put him on the flying command post which is an E4B which during Clinton ‘s Administration were turned over to ah, FEMA, and so here we come back to another Clinton rogue.

Rayelan: And so in other words, he took another plane up to Offut Air Force Base?

Field: Yes, simultaneously Air Force One departed Sarasota, Florida for Shreveport, which is Barksdale Air Force Base, and simultaneously that an E4B flying command post was departing Offut Air Force Base ah, to rendezvous with Air Force One at Barksdale Air Force Base at Shreveport, and this is not any ah, any new discovery, I called KFGO Radio in Fargo, North Dakota and told them of this as it was happening in real time and they at first basically hung up on me, when I called back after the media started putting up video of Bush at Barksdale. I called back to KFGO Radio which is the biggest radio in about, ah, well anywhere near Fargo, five states and two Canadian Provinces, they have quite a reach and I ah, asked them if they wanted to reconsider the information regarding Barksdale and they were flabbergasted, they, they had no idea how anybody would know where the president was going, and I told them that it was quite simple, the president has to get to the flying command post to get airborne as soon as possible possible, and if you draw a direct line between Offut Air Force Base, which is ah, just outside Omaha, if you draw a direct line between there and Sarasota, Florida where George Bush was reading a goat’s story, that line passes about thirty miles south of Memphis and the nearest SAC [Strategic Air Command] base would be Shreveport which is Barksdale, and the reason it needs to be a SAC base was simply because of ah, security, ramp space and runway to accommodate these two 747s, and so this isn’t rocket science, this is not rocket science and it’s not something we’ve been sittin’ on, we’ve shown all the this information, five-thousand pages of communications..

Rayelan: Why is Offut so different, why did Bush flee to Offut?

Field: Because Offut is the historic location of the stra…headquarters of the Strategic Air Command and the Strategic Air Command for all of the cold war had the ah, nuclear bombers and the nuclear ICBMs under their control…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

Field: …the third leg under their control was called the ‘triad’, the navy fleet ballistic missile submarines that could launch ah, multiple nuclear missiles from beneath the surface of the sea, but ah, I would ah, you know we would have to check and see when the Strategic Air Command was first at Offut, it would’ve been, I’m certain the very early fifties, if not the forties. But the significance of the Strategic Air Command was, that always thought to be our defense against the Russians and ah, on the morning of nine-eleven the former aircraft, they’re called ‘E4B’, that’s echo-four-bravo’…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

Field: There are four of them and they were maintained and stationed and ah, hangered at Offut Air Force Base therefore knowing that the flying command post would have to get whatever official government individuals would be responsible for trying to analyze the threat to America and deploy defense, that function would transfer to some senior person on the flying command post, and whether it was President Bush, at , some four star admiral or general , I don’t know, you raise a very good point Ray, if you’re going to have a great big highly visible target such as a seven-forty-seven, it might be prudent for the president to be on a much smaller and harder to locate ah, private type jet, or even a military jet fighter ah, and I’m not suggesting that’s the case, it’s just another option. The truth is, on nine-eleven there was talk of “angel is next”, meaning Air Force One had been targeted, ah, and I don’t like to speak about things I don’t know about so I’ll just stop right there, but it was not rocket science for me to call KFGO Radio on nine-eleven and suggest they focus on a direct line between Offut Air Force Base and Sarasota, that direct line, the closest SAC base, the mid-point of the direct line was Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport which is one of the two Air Force Bases that still had at that time, and to this day, still have the b fifty-two bombers and their nuclear missiles. One last item about Offut before you respond is that, there were three-hundred Goldman-Sachs bankers in the company of Warren Buffet on Offut Air Force Base that morning, and as some who has been around the military my entire life, I find that rather unusual.  

David: If I can…

Rayelan: I think that…excuse me…

David: I’d like to just make a comment there. I think those Goldman-Sachs people were participating in the simulation exercise.

Rayelan: And I know full well that Offut has underground installations that are so massive that it takes this gigantic golf coarse to cover them all up.

David: Right, now let me just jump in there. I think by then after 9:37 when the US Naval Command Center was taken out, Captain Gerald Decanto was killed by a missile coming straight between his eyes, he was on the phone to the Secretary of the Navy, Gordon England, I think by then the presidential chain-of-command knew that it had been totally infiltrated and they had a fight on their hands with an existential threat to the survival of the United States.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Now, the next plane United Ninety-three, and whether it was United ninety-three decoy or drone, it’s immaterial…okay I’m talking about now, this is after 9:37 in the morning of nine-eleven, the US Naval Command Center has been taken out, the chain-of-command between the President of the United States and US Naval assets around the world has been broken, and that control of those US Naval assets has been transferred to someone else.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Connected to the system…or simulation administrator and the dictator.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And basically America is in a fight for its life.

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: Now you put yourself in any position, let’s take Bush, he’s told after 9:37, “We’re going to kill your wife, she’s in the Capital Building….

Rayelan: Right.

,David …and we’re going to kill hundreds of senators and congressmen unless you surrender.”

Rayelan: Good lord.

David: So let’s ah, say to your listeners and say to you Rayelan, or Field, what are you going to do? Are you going to surrender the country of the Unites States of America to some unseen dictator and some unseen simulation administrator, or are you going to do what’s best for the country, well I think Bush mentally said, “I have to let my wife go.”

Rayelan: I think that’s what he did to. I think most presidents would do that…

David: Right.

Rayelan: …well, maybe not, but I think Bush would do that.

David: So, who is taking on Bush? Well this is the meaning coming back to Captain Sherlock’s website and the name of the book we’re working on now The Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene, ‘FC’ stands for Femme Comp Inc…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …and ‘Femme’ is the French word for woman and that tells us that the language of the conspirators is French.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: The ‘C’ stands for Comp and there’s been some debate about it but we’re fairly confident now it stands for the English word ‘compromised’ the English [I think David meant French] word compromis.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Meaning there compromised in some way. Let’s take Janet Reno, right, ah, a pedophile lesbian…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …so when she becomes attorney general because Hillary Clinton told Bill to make her the attorney general, who ever holds the tapes, possibly including snuff films of her disgusting behavior prior to becoming attorney general, they own Janet Reno.

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: She’s compromised. So if ah, Lynn Cheney writes books about lesbians, I’m not interested in her sex life, but there seems to be a flavor that she has been involved in some kinds of activities, maybe when she was much younger, that makes her compromised, that means that someone owns Lynn Cheney.

Rayelan: That sounds…

David: And remember, Lynn Cheney was a director of, what’s the name of the big defense contractor ah, Field?

Field: Martin? Martin?

David: Ya, Lockheed Martin which would have provided some of the technologies required for the attack, and also the resources for the crime scene investigation series.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Very interesting, anyway, so now Bush I think perhaps gets in a plane and goes off and tries to understand from where the threat is coming from, not knowing that Femme Comp Inc. has taken over the chain-of-command, and started doing so back in nineteen-seventy-nine by releasing those unabombs from the university - Northwestern University School of Management in Chicago.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So now you’ve got a plane, it’s heading for the Capital Building, Bush is doing what he’s doing trying to salvage his country, and do what is right, but that plane, possibly do to some involvement by one of our Captain Sherlock’s was forty-one minutes late, had it not been forty-one minutes late, I’m talking about United ninety-three…

Rayelan: Ya.

David: …it would have hit the Capital Building at the same time as seventy-seven hit the US Naval Command Center…

Rayelan: And…

David: …and there you have your four strategic targets out of the six.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So what was presumably was being asked after 9:37 of Bush and senior people in the administration around the White House area and congressmen and senators in the Capital Building is, “Are you ready to surrender yet?” And the, the new game is, you agree to pay whatever it is the cap set by the dictator, and remember they don’t know who the dictator is…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …in terms of the weight of the carbon dioxide you require to live through next year.

Rayelan: This is just incredible.

David: And that is instead of paying the interest and principle on the debt that was being used to finance for example, the upgrade to the US Naval Command Center, so what they’re doing is, there swapping interest and principle, for protection money, i.e., “we won’t kill you if you give us enough.” And everything is based on the weight of carbon dioxide that you produce above the dictators limit for the next year, times the value the dictator places on each ton of carbon dioxide you produce. So what you’re seeing…I see a question coming in, “What is the end game?” The end game is to have a global dictatorship where everyone including the Prime Minister of the United States – Kingdom, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Prime Minister of Canada, the President of the United States, they pay for the personal right to live based on the amount of, or weight of carbon dioxide they produce as measured in their private homes or their place of work, times the value placed on that ah, weight of carbon dioxide or the unit, let’s say it’s a ton, by the dictator who they do not yet know who he is, or she is. Now you see what that has given is total global power to one person, or a group of people.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Based on the controlling the price paid by people to live.

Rayelan: Boy, this, haha. You’re bringing up another aspect of it now that none of us have even thought about, I mean, who, who back in two-thousand-one was thinking of, you know, trading carbon credits on the Chicago Carbon Credit Exchange?

David: The man who gave a million dollars ah, from the Joyce Foundation to the Kellogg School of Management to develop the dictator game trading software…

Rayelan: And who was that?

David: …which translated the right to live to a price paid depending on the weight of carbon dioxide produced by the individual who bought the right to live. You know who that was?

Rayelan: I’m going to have to say Maurice Strong?

Field: I’m going to say probably from Kenya.

David: It was Obama.

Rayelan: Who? What?

David: It was Barack Obama.

Rayelan: You’ve got to be kidding?

Daivid: No. Barack Obama as director of the Joyce Foundation paid the Kellogg School of Management to develop the software, or put in the rules for a simulation trading game in carbon dioxide invented by Carlton Bartels who has just been killed in the top of the North Tower.

Rayelan: Where did, where did Barack Obama even get his money to be even able to do that because…

David: He got it from the Joyce Foundation, he was a director of the Joyce Foundation, so the Joyce Foundation spends the money that is being passed on from one or two generations of the Joyce Family, which I believe is a wealthy industrial family in Chicago.

Rayelan: That is just amazing.

David: And that’s you see where these scumbag lawyers get control because I often say to people who say to me, “It’s the Rockefellers.” I say no it’s not, the Rockefeller family has passed its money over to a Rockefeller trust, like the Rockefeller Grand-Children Trust and they’ve given it to a law firm.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So the Rockefeller grand-children wait for their monthly check.

Rayelan: That’s right, that’s right.

David: They don’t control where the Rockefeller Trust is invested…

Rayelan: They don’t…

David: The Rockefeller Trust is managed by the Sidley Austin Law Firm.

Rayelan: I know. Can you explain how they lost it? Because they lost it, you explained that once before and I can’t remember, how they lost control of their…

David: How they lost what?

Raywlan: Their trust, how they lost control of it?

David: That’s, that’s the nature, if you’re a wealthy family, let’s say Field came into a great fortunate and he’s got five kids…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …he wants to pass that money and property to the next generation, well he’s not going to be their to help them spend it, or control any aspect of it.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: He goes it to a law firm.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: The moment he puts the trust in the hands of the law firm he no longer controls what is given to the children or the grand-children.

Rayelan: That is just amazing, and so, but why in the world, I mean, I know that Chicago has been a Rothschild town forever and unless the Rockefellers are working for the Rothschilds, instead of competing with the Rothschilds, why in the world would the Rockefellers have a law firm in Chicago rather than new York?

David: Because if they didn’t give their business to the Sidley Austin Law firm one of their children or more would get killed.

Rayelan: And do you think that’s what happened to the guy who supposedly got eaten by the cannibals in Borneo?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: So they, now one of his sons who would have never been born if he was dead ah, communicated with me for a very long time and said, no, his father did not die, that, that his grandfather snuck him out and was able to keep him alive, but you’re saying Sidley Austin was going to murder the guy?

David: Well, ah, let’s, let’s be realistic, I can’t say specifically that Sidley Austin took him out, but if you look at the patent of criminality alright, which is embraced, endorsed and supported and pioneered by Sidley Austin, it includes hiring as a mentor of its female interns a woman who is the leader of the Weather Underground Terrorist Organization and you’re looking at her picture on our site.

Rayelan: That does seem kind of strange.

David: Now why isn’t she on death row?

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Why was she hired by the partner ah, Howard Trienens and put in charge of training interns including in nineteen-eighty-eight one Michelle LaVaughn Robinson who is now you first lady?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: She is a terrorist, she is and was a terrorist, and she always will be until we put her on death row. Right, so now she’s is the Northwestern University teaching in the School of Law subjects like, Torture, Paradigms & Practice in the Rwanda Genocide, she’s a killer, and some how she’s gone through the cracks, well we think we know she’s gone through the cracks, because they’re using this very powerful advanced military grade killing system.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm…

David: I mean what you’re looking at with that symbol is a command, control computers, communications, intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance system that literally takes over a crime scene before the killing is done…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …and it takes it over with debt, so they was a mortgage on building one and two, a ninety-nine year lease, there was a mortgage on the upgrade to the Pentagon, I assume there was a mortgagee on the upgrades to the Capital Building including for example, the evacuation procedure technology provided by ADT. So what they could have done, and, and there is an infinite number of ways these people can kill you, for example, it sounds pretty exotic, but ah, why wouldn’t they send letters with anthrax and sabotage score powder to keep people in the ah, the Capital Building to make sure that they understood who was in charge?

Rayelan: Ya.

David: They don’t have to fly planes to kill you, they can put the, the, anthrax vasolace [not sure of this word] inside the ventilation systems and blow it inside the Capital Building and kill everyone there.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Remember the exercise, and that’s why we shouldn’t get overly caught up in the technology, there are lot’s of ways of killing people and leaving very little evidence. The objective of this game is to take control through intimidation and fear and extortion of every government institution that ordinarily would be expected to defend the American citizen. Justice, commerce, transportation, whatever…

Rayelan: Wow, amazing…

David: So the fourth target was the Capital Building, but United ninety-three had left forty ah, three minutes late, forty-one minutes late and therefore it couldn’t be guaranteed to arrive at the same time as seventy-seven which had hit the US Capital Building [I think David meant the Pentagon] and if it arrived and flying in a manner where the pilots who by then had been scrambling could see it, an expert pilot like Field, would be able to look at a plane, or whatever it was, and say, “That is not being flown by a low time Muslim.”

Rayelan: Yes, well that is exactly right, I mean, any body in his right mind who saw that plane turned, there’s no way a pilot could have done that.

David: Right, so the plane United ninety-three, because it was late it had to be destroyed.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right, now how was it destroyed, well we think it was destroyed by a signal being sent by the Northwestern University antennae system on the roof, which is basically a command center for the Charlie ah, conspirators operating for and in behalf of a group of ah, ah, psychotic killers working for Femme Comp Inc, women primarily, not necessarily but very frequently lesbians or bisexual who hate men and they were engaged on a war with the government of the United States and have taken out four targets, right? And I’m sure they had impressed until no end the Chairmen of the Joints Chief of Staff, Henry Shelton was on a plane going to Europe…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …and the various line commanders and the various senior officers in the battle fleets around the world and basically I would suggest to you all was chaos. No one had a clue what was going on because the simulation administrator had got inside the encryption codes of the United States Government.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: And the man who would have given them those codes was Bruce McConnell who was Field McConnell’s sister’s ah, business partner, and the guy who stole it which was James ah, Robert Hanson, the alleged Soviet spy, who is an ex-alumnus of Kellogg, he stole the continuity of Government codes which allowed them to set up this exercise and fake an attack from inside he American Government check six.

Rayelan: Okay, check six…

David: What I’m saying to you now and what should have been said to the American people at the time is, “Look behind you, this isn’t an attack coming out of a cave in Afghanistan, it’s an cut - an attack coming from behind you.” It’s a knife in the back, this is treason from within.

Rayelan: Right, and that is what I have always believed from the very moment that I saw it…

David: So the American people were pointing in the wrong direction.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So now what was the fifth target? Well the fifth target turns out to be the ah, the building that contains the Securities and Exchange Commission investigations into fraud in New York. In particular this mortgage fraud at the FC-KU crime scenes.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And what we believe is, on file they had records and were about to launch an indictment against the ah, conspirators in New York and in Chicago for this business of selling a mortgage and then telling people instead of paying back interest and principle, we want you on a regular basis to play this dictator game, and ah, we’ll work out a nice cozy little arrangement where you buy, you buy the right to live next year based on the value that we place on you staying alive, and the amount of carbon dioxide you are producing as measured by the sensors that we’ll put in your office and your home.

Rayelan: Geez, this is so convoluted and sick. Humans couldn’t have thought this up?

David: Well that’s a dangerous mistake to make because if you go back to the idea of use gas to kill people in large numbers, all you need to do is go back to the gas chambers in world war two and realize these people had three choices of gases, cyanide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: And they were people selling insurance and trading in insurance on the Jews going into the gas chambers in the second word war, in particular there was a father and son pair and the son is called George Soros.

Rayelan: I remember reading about that. I remember reading that very story.

David: So he was selling, or his father was forging passports information…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …which gave the people the right to live if they paid the right amount of money.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: If they didn’t pay the right amount of money those people went into a closed room poorly ventilated, where they had three possible ways of killing them, they could take a truck and ah, put the exhaust into the room and kill them with carbon monoxide.

Ryaelan: They could pop some pills down into the chimney of a room – the people thought it was a shower and that would produce cyanide gas.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Or they just seal it off and kill them with carbon dioxide.

Rayelan: And that’s the cheapest and probably most efficient way of doing it, don’t you think? You don’t even have to…

David: Absolutely, so what I’ve just described to which you’ve said said, “How can anyone think of it?” It’s at least sixty years-old.

Rayelan: Ya, and dear George Soros watching it all, all be, being done and…

David: No, George Soros is fourteen years-old so he wasn’t watching it, but he was identifying the Jews that would have this question, which is very similar to the question, that I think these people faced on nine-eleven is, “How much money are you willing to pay for a passport?”

Rayelan: Ya.

David: In this particular case we’re saying how much money are you willing to pay for the right to breath out, and we will monitor the amount of breathing out you do, now this, this is very interesting, and let’s say we’re on ah, the target five, which is inside the ah, the ah, building number seven in New York, if you were a small family very wealthy living in a house, right, you’re not going to have much carbon dioxide in it.

Rayelan: Right.

David: If you’re a poor family in the slums of Chicago and you’re herded in with seven children in one room ah, place with no air-conditioning the level of carbon dioxide is going to climb.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: If you’re in the business of genocide and culling the ghetto as these people are, you have a beautiful way of favoring the Al Gore’s in the mansions, or the Obama in the mansion…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and culling the poor in the crowded rooms which are having babies, right? Producing carbon dioxide alright and normally with the American dream they would be coming out of the ghettos, bootstrapping the family along with them, and participating in the American Dream until you have dictator characters who herd the poor back into the ghettos and kill ‘em.

Rayelan: Ya, that’s exactly right.

David: And that’s what he is, a slum herder, Obama. He’s never produced anything useful in his life, and America has been asleep, anyway, so building number five… and so in the next hour we’re going to come unto the real stra – strategic target of ah, ah, the strategic target number six, and I think then we can just speculate and ah, see if my idea has resonance and ah, if not someone else can suggest the other target.

Rayelan: So in other words we’ve got ah, ah building one, two and seven ah, at the WTC, we’ve got, the Pentagon, and then, then there’s target five which was suppose to be the Capital Building…

David: Capital Building, but they missed it because the plane was late so they had to destroy the plane.

End Part 2 Hour 2

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