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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—23 December 2009 Hour 1

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Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumormill News
December 23, 2009 - Part 1 (Hour 1)

Rayelan: And so I want to welcome David Hawkins and Field McConnell, how are you guys doing today?

David Hawkins: Very well thanks Rayelan, nice to be with you

Field McConnell: And ah, I know that Field has some exciting information, ah, from his trip to Washington, Field are you on too?

Field: Yes, I’m on, and I’m at home with my family and looking forward to Christmas Eve, and ah I think it’s especially important at this time of the year to focus on positive things even though for the next three hours we’ll be talking about some unfortunate factors in our nation’s status and history ah, and yes, I spent Thursday morning of last week with an attorney in Washington D.C. and it was a very effective use of my time I believe.

Rayelan: And so this is your about case against ALPA, and you’re going to have to tell me again I know it’s the airline employees union?

Field: It’s the Airline Pilots Association International and that’s the organization to whom I first reported all this information that David and I and others have uncovered and I reported that information to them, and when I say ‘I’ reported it, I’m not excluding David, but it left from my email account and it left from my computer…

Rayelan: Sure.

Field: …simply because I was an airline pilot half the time and ah, so I sent it to the company I worked for which was Northwest Airlines which ah, evolved into Delta Airlines. And I sent it to ALPA and I sent it to the commanding admiral of the ah, what people would remember as NORAD, or Air Defense Command, it’s actually called Northern Command now, but ah, that is the branch of the military that has responsibility for the protection of North American Airspace from foreign vehicles whether they’re manned or unmanned, or they could also be ah, you know, missiles and rockets, those types of things.

So I did the job I was compelled to do under FAR which is the Federal Aviation Regulation, and if any of your master googlers in radio land want to jot this down, if they put in their search bar ‘far121 dot 533’ they will be guided to the regulation which states that no airline captain in the United States of America can cause his aircraft to move if he has any concern about the safety of that aircraft and in fact, three years ago, I was scheduled to become a Boeing 747-400 captain and so that’s why I immediately reported this ah, to the agencies which have the responsibility of providing safe air transportation in the United States of America.

And ah, the last thirty-six months of history have proven, ah I’ve delivered this credible, not only credible, but it’s already been accepted in a $615 million dollar lawsuit that was paid in June of 2007 by the Boeing Corporation ah, to shut down an investigation by the United States Department of Justice over this very issue, which is the illegal installation of military hardware into Boeing Aircraft and the subsequent export of these flying weapons to China.

And the last three years David and I and you of course, and a couple of other upper principled people, have been very busy trying to carry this message forward and it’s falling on the deaf ears of the Department of Justice, the Federal Aviation Administration, ALPA, ah, the airline companies and ah, its falling on their deaf ears because this is just the cracking open of a door that will shed a whole lot of light on the criminal cabal that’s been operating out of Chicago with impunity dating back one-hundred and fifty years.

So, ah, the good news is, and this is the thing for good news there is no bad or fear, ah, the good news is, on January 19th there will be a legal proceeding in the District of Columbia District Court, which is the United States Federal Court in the District of Columbia and the judge will hear from me and my attorney and the judge will also have in front of her, it’s a female judge named Rosemary Collyer, she’ll have representatives perhaps attorneys from the airline pilots association and ah, any question the judge may have of me you know, I have no problem recalling precisely what happened when and to whom ah, any question this judge may have of ALPA, ah, they’re going to have a hard time answering it because they have been absolutely irresponsible and I’d say criminally negligent in allowing modified airplanes to be flying around for three years and during that three year period subsequent to David and I warning these entities, Adam Air 574 was destroyed with a total loss of life, Kenya Airways 507 destroyed with total loss of life, Colgen 3407 destroyed with a total loss of life, and Air France 447 destroyed with a total loss of life and its my opinion and I don’t think this sounds terribly brazen or arrogant, but please excuse me, it’s my opinion that there’s no one in the United States of America who knows more about this subject than myself and there’s no one in North America that knows more about it than David Hawkins and if, and by the way, I’m working through the front door with the Department of Justice but simultaneously I’m working through the back door and also through a third door which would be an oblique attack through the internet.

I’m putting all this information out long in advance of the proceeding, but ah, a really powerful Google search for anyone out there who ventures in this, simply put in ‘Boeing uninterruptible auto pilot’ then the ‘+’ sign, then ‘QRS11’ then the ‘+’ sign, then ‘smacsonic’, that’s s-m-a-c-s-o-n-i-c plus the ‘+’ sign and then ‘KUBAND’ and if you press ‘ENTER’ you will find that there’s only four hits that come up and three of them go to Captain Sherlock, which I’m not he, and the fourth one goes to ah, James Delinpole’s blog over in the Daily Telegraph a paper in the United Kingdom, and if you were to Google Del N. Pole you would see he is one of our characters so, this ah this is going to come to a head I believe somewhere between now and the nineteenth of January and I’m certainly getting more encouraged that the good people are going to win this because the bad people are so overly exposed.

Rayelan: Now why do you say the nineteenth of January?

Field: Excuse me?

Rayelan: Why did you say the nineteenth of January?

Field: That’s the, that’s the next court visit. I will be in the Washington D.C. court room on the nineteenth of January of 2010.

Rayelan: Okay. Interesting that it comes so close to the state of the union address which is what I was wondering if this had anything to do with that?

Field: Well, I’m having a hard time hearing you Rayelan, and I think it’s simply that you’re such a quite lady that you’re not speaking loud enough for my old ears, but in addition -- I heard part of your question and part of it involved ALPA, but there’s a new defendant now and that’s Northwest Airlines, so there’s going to be at least two defendants on the lawsuit that goes forward.

Rayelan: Who are the two new defendants?

Field: No, ah, ALPA the Airline Pilots Association has been the defendant since it was first filed back in September of 2008 and it’s my belief right now today the twenty-third of December that when I appear in court on January nineteenth there will be a second named defendant and that will be Northwest Airlines ah, and that’s because of some discovery of some activity or lack of activity on the part of Northwest that’s not consistent with aviation safety.

Rayelan: Okay, well, this is getting more interesting all the time. It’s almost like your own private case is ah, what should I say, is ammunition for all of the work that you and David are working on?

Field: Well it certainly is and you’ll be interested in learning that the attorney that I’m using in Washington D.C. previously served in what is called the sovereign district of New York which is really the southern district of New York. This is the same court that heard the case against the blind sheik and is schedule to hear the case against Khalid Sheikh Muhammad who we call KSM, who is one of the three KSMs that Hawks Café and Captain Sherlock are pursuing, so my little case, and I say it’s little, the original lawsuit I filed which was not driven by vengeance or by greed was for ten million dollars and after a specific chapter which, is Chapter nine of book four, after that went up immediately after Senator Dorgan of North Dakota failed to address safety during two senate hearings, twelve hours and fifteen minutes after that chapter hit the internet, ah, ALPA had offered me a certain dollar figure, which ah, actually there is no reason to not identify it, $1.3 million dollars to ah, settle this case. And I’m so sure about you Uncle Ray, ah, $1.3 million is a lot of money for most of us but an eighty-seven percent discount to be quite is repugnant to me and knowing there is at least one judge in the system and that would be a guy whose name is Weidoff [not sure of spelling] in Chicago who had a forty million dollar bribe fun set up to take bankruptcy proceedings sideways including the United Airlines bankruptcy, you know, I ah, it’s not a matter of money, I wouldn’t be in this for $55 trillion or a nickel either way, I’m, it’s simply a matter of the truth has to come out because right now there’s a lot of airplanes flying around that can be remotely guided and ah, most airline pilots are not aware of this.

I’ve talked to…I’ve probably had this conversation with a hundred airline pilots in the last couple of years and, and nowhere in their training are any of them told about the Boeing uninterruptible auto pilot so rather than sound like someone who is anti-Boeing which I’m not as you know Rayelan, I may be doing some Boeing flying in the next month or two…ah, the part of the Boeing auto pilot that is sinister and rogue is crea…is produced by Thales, T-h-a-l-e-s, and Thales is a French corporation with its roots in England and they’re the people that put all the flight guidance systems in Airbuses so before anybody decides to just stay off Boeing and Airbuses, you’re also going to have to stay off Bombardier and Embraer regional jets and I want to point out something that’s rather chilling, and that is whether it’s a Boeing, an Airbus, a Bombardier or an Embraer these airplanes are either assembled or modified outside the reach of RICO and ah, until somebody proves to me they are not, I assume that they are all remotely guidable, and ostensibly for the safety of the traveling public, in other words, ah these mechanisms were originally, ah, conceived so as to overcome human hijackers, but just like there were no effective human hijackers on 911, yes there were some young men ah, of the Muslim faith who were seen on video cameras proceeding towards the gate, it was electronic technology that hijacked those airplanes and also guided the ah, drones that replaced the airliners and ah, so, what we’re talking about here, I believe, is three thousand cases of murder, ah however, the evidence has been foliated, so therefore, the best you can hope for is wrongful death and ah, we’re just hoping for justice in whatever form, and it’s not about money or vengeance, so I’ll give it back to you Ray before I get hoarse.

Rayelan: Okay, Field, my ah, board man said there is something wrong with your telephone and…

Field: Okay.

Rayelan: …if you can switch phones and if that’s not any better we’ll call you on your cell phone….and can you send me an email and have all of that, you know, smacsonic plus whatever because my guys in the chat room can’t get it to work, so if you would get it to me I will post it in the chat room and folks if you’re out there listening and you don’t know that we’ve got a chat room so that you don’t know you can go in there and “rub elbows” with a lot of, well, our junk yard dogs and tow dogs and things like that and Jim the Texas, ah you just go to ‘chat room dot the micro effect dot com’, and ah, I try to check in there every now and then, but sometimes I’m doing too many things to check in there pretty often, so ah, anyway, Field call us back or ahm, gosh how are we going to do this, change phones and if that doesn’t work then send me a cell phone number and we’ll…I’ll call you on your cell phone, how does that sound? And so, David, what are we going to be talking about today?

David: I want to play a game, Rayelan.

Rayelan: Okay, do I get to play?

David: Ya, you do, and your listeners get to play and Field, ah, one of the things that Field always says to me ah, when I get a little concerned about whether or not I am communicating successfully, he said, “It’s not our job to make it simple because it was complex, it’s our job to get people to think hard”, and a game whether it’s chess or bridge, a dictator game or whatever, involves people and if they’re going to win they’re going to have to think very hard.

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: So, on the morning of 911 there was a simulation game going on. It was a simulated attack on the United States and a simulated attempt to overthrow the government. And there were three people who thought and only one did, that they had control of the simulation administration and this is a computer game right?

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: So there’s one person in Calgary in Alberta, Canada who believes he’s got control of the simulation and his name is Robert Oxoby, he’s a professor in economics in the University of Calgary.

Rayelan: Ahm.

David: There’s another person on the morning of 911 who thinks he’s got control of the simulation exercise for trading in carbon dioxide and he’s working in the North Tower and his name is Carlton Bartels, and he is the inventor of the software that allows you to put a simulation story out on the mainstream media for example, and see what effect it has on the value put on carbon dioxide, because for example, if you don’t think breathing out carbon dioxide is worth very much, and the person beside you refuses to pay, and someone comes along and shoots the person beside you and then says to you, “Well, how much do you think carbon dioxide is worth now?” You have some very difficult decisions to make don’t you?

Rayelan: You certainly do.

David: And that was what was going on 911, they were playing a game where they were injecting simulated or virtual news stories into the mainstream media, and then various groups at various crime scenes were bidding on the right to breath out for the year ahead based on the amount of carbon dioxide they would produce.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And there were at six crime scenes. Now on the morning of 911 on the ground we know there were at least five crime scenes, there may have been more, but for the sake of this ah exercise and remember, ahh and let’s have your listeners if I may come to the Captain Sherlock website because I’m going to be talking of images that they can see on the front page of Captain Sherlock.

Rayelan: That’ll be great, so it’s captain sherlock dot com?

David: Yes, that’s right and there the people, and what I’m inviting you and your listeners and Field, is to go through the simulation training or trading exercise on 911 and I want to reverse engineer it.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: I want to identify what we know to be the five main ground based targets, there might have been as many as twenty planes up in the air that were to be destroyed. But there were five ground targets and enter the sixth and as we get into the third hour I’d like your listeners to think very hard about what I think the sixth target was and why I think it was hard, and see if they agree or disagree, and they are very welcome to come to Captain Sherlock and communicate with us through you or directly, and say that they think there was another ah, more important target. Now, the reason why I selected six targets is that there was a war game on ah, the first of June, excuse me I have a frog in my throat…

Rayelan: I certainly understand when we get frogs in our throats, it’s very hard to do radio because you always get a frog in your throat.

Daivd: Right…on the first of June there was a war game called Amalgam Virgo right, and in the fighter flow diagram of that war game which involved live flying exercises ah with ah, dummy threats coming out of Canada to attack targets in the United States, there’s a very odd drawing where, or a graph of time, that shows that the American Air Force was to be stood down for thirty hours during what they call a “blue air time” and control of the skies over America would be handed off to the Canadians, which I find ah, extremely odd.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: But in the ah, period if you will of those thirty hours there were six images of Budweiser beer cans. Now in games that men play and maybe women play as well, they’ll often say, “I’ll bet you a case of beer or a six pack.”

Raylen: Right.

David: Now I believe the six pack of beer are the six strategic targets which the, the bad guys, or if you will the red attack team as far as the war game is concerned is, we win this game if we take out six targets.

Rayelan: Okay, now wait a minute. We know there was a ah, you know, a simulated game going on, but are you saying that if we take out six targets we win, is that the game or is that the real stuff?

David: It was, the point was it was a simulated game, it can be a simulation or it can go real depending on the motives and objectives of the simulation administrator.

Rayelan: Right.

Davd: Right, remember they’re all hooked up by computers and they’re injecting into what is called the virtual news network a story or simulation…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …alright, and they’re getting the people who are participating in this game to bid on the right to live, if you will, right, so if you’re in the north Tower and you’re playing this game, right, what the virtual news network is doing is saying, “okay, how much do you think it’s worth to buy a years worth of carbon dioxide ahead of the fact if you are working above the sky lobby in the north Tower?” Now, when that game starts and people look at this they’ll say, “this is crazy, carbon dioxide is free.” Are you with me so far?

Rayelan: Oh yes, yes.

David: Okay, now what happens if this person who is selling the carbon…

Rayelan: David, David, hold your thought for a moment, Field, are you there on skype? No, I’m not talk..…

Field: *garbled*

David: Yes, there he is.

Rayelan: There he is, okay, great. David, go ahead.

David: Okay, so if you’re in the north Tower and if you’re Carlton Bartels and you invented this software and you think you’re the systems administrator, you’re saying to people in the North Tower, for example, the people who were working for Cantor-Fitzgerald , eSpeed, Co2e dot com above the sky lobby in the North Tower, and remember on 911 six-hundred and eighty-five of these people were killed, Rayelan…

Rayelan: That’s exactly right.

David: It’s a massacre.

Rayelan: I’m thinking to myself not all six-hundred plus were playing the game, who in the world was playing the game in their name?

David: Exactly, and this is what we are going to explore with the game, so I’m asking you and your audience to stay with this and let’s see if we can find out who were the real systems administrators who were let’s say were loyal Americans, or loyal Canadians, and who the system administrator was that appear to have hacked into the game, pulled the passwords of the legitimate systems administrators like Carlton Bartels in the North Tower and Professor Robert Oxoby at the University of Calgary and taken over the game and switched it from a simulated game, where people were bidding on the right to breath out carbon dioxide to a real game where the value of the carbon dioxide went up because the people who were playing the game suddenly realized that their friends were getting killed.

Rayelan: That is just amazing. So when they realized their friends were getting killed…

David: The price went up.

Rayelan: …the price went up. So what you are saying is some of the friends that were in, what’s the name of that company up there that everybody got killed in, Cantor-Fitzgerald?

David: Cantor-Fitzgerald, eSpeed, which is the electronic trading desk, ah, which incidentally, eSpeed was suing the people in Chicago for infringement of that patent and the simulation patent software that was invented by Carlton Bartels.

Rayelan: Ahhh.

David: And the other company was Co2e dot com, that is ‘Co2’ obviously for carbon dioxide, ‘e’ for, well you can say it either electronic, I sometimes like to think of it as extortion, dot com, and this is a company that ah, engages in global trading in carbon dioxide based on the value placed on for example, a ton of carbon dioxide connection [word is not clear].

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So they were playing that game on the top of the North Tower linked by computer and satellite, and remember Field has made that point, and on our home web page you can see on the bottom row, there’s four icons and the third from the left is the book that we’re currently working on now, can you see that?

Rayelan: Ahh, yes, right, The Olympic Debt…

David: Okay,

Rayelan: And the FCKU Crime Scene.

David: Right. FCKU Crime Scene, now the ‘KU’ is the KU band of frequency and it’s a frequency that’s very popular for what’s called as ‘backhauling’, i.e., if you have a news television ahh, team in ah Munich in 1972…

Rayelan: Ahmm.

David: And you’re filming the attack on the Olympic Village and the killing and murder of the Israeli athletes, if you are equipped correctly, you can take your film image and you can backhaul it in real time via an ATT satellite on the KU band which is 14-18 gigahurtz.

Raylen: Yes.

David: That comes into a production studio for example, at Northwestern University where it’s edited and quite possible some real bits of news are edited out…

Rayelan: Mhhmm.

David: And some unreal bits of simulation are put in…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and then it’s put out on for example, on PBS, or C-Span, or NBC, or ABC and it is presented to the public as real news.

Rayelan: Yes, I see what you’re saying.

David: So what you can do and what we believe the simulation administrator did on 911, is the mixed some real images with some simulated images in computers in Chicago.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So what the public got to see was what looks like going into a building ah, lot’s of people jumping up and down and getting very excited, very few actual scenes of people dying although there were people jumping, or theoretically there were jumping out of a plane, but very important within a few minutes of this simulated exercise, someone was saying, “the is Al Queda.”

Rayelan: That’s correct, that’s correct.

David: Just as Peter Jennings in 1972 at the Munich Olympics when he was backhauling the shots of the Olympic Village and the people getting killed, Peter Jennings, the Canadian said, “This looks like Black September.”

Rayelan: Right

David: Now my question to your audience and remember this is a game I want to find out what the sixth strategic target was, on what basis did anyone say that it was “Al Queda” a few minutes after flight 175 hit the north face of the North Tower and on what basis did Peter Jennings back in 1972 say, “It was Black September”, because forensically there is no justification for making that statement until you’ve done a proper analysis of the scene of the crime.

Rayelan: Okay, this comes from, well I’m not going to say who it comes from, “In all the film footage of planes hitting the towers it looks as though the planes slice through the buildings like a knife cutting into butter instead of crashing and crumbling on impact. I realize the jets that struck the buildings were not actual airliners, but was what we saw a hologram?” And I’m just going to add my two sense, I think everybody in the world wonders why the, why the wings didn’t fall off that plane?

David: Ya, it’s ahm, it’s ah, ah, an illusion called “pepper’s ghost”, it dates back to the Nineteenth Century, mid-nineteenth century in London.

Rayelan: Ahum.

David: And it’s set up so to create the illusion of one solid object going through another…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …and the place that was doing this ah, simulation was the Northwestern University in Chicago using a software package called ‘Video Furnace’, V-i-d-e-o Furnace, F-u-r-n-a-c-e, and I invite your readers and listeners to ah, look at the pack - capability of Video Furnace, but you can create that illusion with Video Furnace in near real time.

Rayelan: Amazing.

David: So coming back to…did, did I address that okay?

Rayelan: Well, I think you did. If you didn’t I am sure that I’ll get another email.

David: Okay, well it’s going to be part of this exercise because remember we are talking about a simulator dictator game where the dictator is playing for real and the dictator and his or her cronies, want to see if they can take over the key command centers, or destroy the key command centers, of the United States and establish a coup de tat which is the overthrow of the United States Government.

Rayelan: And so…

David: They’ve identified six targets and they’re starting and the first plane hits the north face of the North Tower at 8:46AM on the morning of 911.

Rayelan: And so you are saying this cabal out of, out of Chicago…they were playing for real…they were going to stage a coup and effectively put in who…they were going to get rid of Bush and Cheney and who was going to be put in?

David: Well you have to wait until the end of the game.

Rayelan: Oh, I can’t do that.

David: This is, this is getting…I, I want this to be very exciting and like I say, I want everyone to be thinking extremely hard…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …and in order to play any game whether…I’m a chess player, I use to be the captain of school chess, I wasn’t a particularly good chess player, but I always positioned myself on the five team…around the middle where I was always strategically better than the opponent because I like not to take any pieces in the early part of the game…when a game gets very crowded it gets extremely difficult unless you’re an extremely good player to realize a threats going to hit you.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Field is like that in fighter pilot terms, I think, and incidentally above that book Olympic Debt and the FCKU Crime Scene, and I’m just going to keep throwing out clues so your listeners can start to understand, or participate in this game, and the game, is actually a fight for your lives folks, because if you get this wrong, or if we are strate – strategically wrong, we won’t recognize collectively that the United States Government has already been taken over.

Rayelan: Well I think we realize that right now don’t we?

David: Okay, so the game is about what was that sixth target, now, immediately above that book Olympic Debt and the FCKU Crime Scene on our homepage Cap..Captain Sherlock is Hunter’s Wingman, and ah, we’ve got two hawks there, I, well I don’t know whether they’re hawks or not, but anyway, they are birds of prey…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …and they’re flying in a formation which allows one bird to say to another, “check six”, we have six sites scattered around the United States where the people are playing in a dictator game and the great majority of them are playing unwittingly and innocently in a game which is basically they’re bidding for the right to breath out carbon dioxide for the [air and head] (unclear during transcribing) in their place of work.

Rayelan: Extraordinary, hahaha…

David: And they start of course from the principle, why the hell should they pay anything?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: Right, because they don’t realize that this is a game of life and death. So let’s say there are six people at six work sites around the United States that are playing a simulated carbon dioxide trading game where they are being offered the opportunity to buy the right to use or produce carbon dioxide, and remember when you breathing out you’re breathing out at 40,000 parts per million?

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm…

David: And you are told that you are violating a cap set by the dictator. You don’t know who that dictator is, but you’re told that when you breath out at 40,000 parts per million in your place of work which is the North Tower and the South Tower, Building Number Seven, the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon and the Capital Building on 911, you are violating the dictators cap and the dictator wants money from you because you’ve violated his or her cap, right?

Rayelan: Ahah, I’m beginning to get it…

David: …and because you think…

Rayelan: …by the way, Field is back.

David: …okay.

Field: Can you hear me now Ray?

Rayelan: Yes.

Field: Okay, ah, the last question I had was, “What does check six mean?” And that ah, when fighter aircraft are deployed they seldom operate as a third aircraft and they’re generally deployed in groups of two or four, and “check six” is just one fighter pilot telling the other fighter pilot to look at what the threat is directly behind him ah, and that would be done visually, or it would be done with technology and its also sort of a flying greeting, or a lot of fighter pilots will just say “check six” for lot’s of different applications, but let’s…the root of this ah, phrase, is simply that there’s something behind you that you need to know about and the reason David likes this so much, this ah, fighter pilot jargon, is because in, in reality what happened to the United States of America on 911 was simply an unknown threat snuck up behind the Unites State of America with great effect. And it’s my opinion that had United 93 not been delayed forty-one minutes leaving Newark, this ah, conversation would not be taking place because the government that would have replaced the Bush-Cheney elected government, and I’m just about ready to send you an email, ah, ah Ray, regarding this, but ah, there’s a shadow government most people who listen to your show fully understand, the shadow government, but the thing that some people don’t understand is, there’s actually three governments, there’s the elected government, the shadow government and there’s a third leg of this and ah, consistently through this cabal they, they always have at least three legs. First there’s your very good question regarding the appearance of the airplane slipped through the building like butter, ah they would have explosives on the airplane which would be smacsonic, they would have explosives being fired forward from the airplane which would be a Ratheon bunker buster missile and they would have pre-placed explosives in the building, the World Trade One, Two and Seven which would be not only thermate charges ah, set to be detonated when they cut the steel beams at a 45 degree angle simultaneously, but also the fuel air bomb that would have permeated through the elevator shafts, so these guys leave nothing to chance ah, the only thing they’ve left to chance, they underestimated the ability American and other Anglo-sphere citizens to figure out how evil and corrupt they are and bring them to justice.

David: And to identify the threat from behind, you see, so on nine-eleven…remember I mentioned earlier that the Canadians and the Americans, again the great majority unwittingly, had arranged a thirty hour stand down of the United States Air Force.

Rayelan: Yes, that was absolutely correct.

David: Now, when you stand down the United States Air Force during a war game basically you eliminate the possibility of anyone saying, or recognizing a threat by “check six.”

Rayelan: Ahm, ahm

David: Because whose behind the Canadians and checking whether or not they are turning their maneuvers from a simulated exercise to a real attack?

Rayelan: Mhmmm.

David: Are you with me?

Rayelan: Ahhh…

David: Okay, so we have our six strategic sites that have to be either destroyed or controlled in order for the United States Government to be overthrown on the morning of 911. We’ve established that at 8:46, flight 175 went into the North Tower, or it appeared to go into the North tower, on a simulation that was being broadcast in near real time by a simulation administrator we think was in Chicago operating through the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Because they were and only they have the computer facilities to do, through Video Furnacing, a real time edit of some real news shots, mix in some phantom or ghostly effects or illusions ah, throw in a script and put it out internationally, as what appears to be an attack by Al Queda, who no one had really ever heard of, on the United States of America. Now…then whether they’re killed immediately or very soon after wards, you can image the reaction of the people playing the game where their being asked to bid for the right to breath out for the year ahead based on the weight of carbon dioxide monitored by sensors inside their offices, where previously they said, “we’re not giving you anything.” Suddenly, a bloody great explosion takes place and from the sky lobby up there’s a wall of fire, unbelievably hot, which is coming there way.

Rayelan: Oh boy, yes.

David: Right, so now they’re probably toast and we don’t know how quickly they died, ah, and we don’t know what was pumped through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts of that building from down in the basement using computers and sensors to place a combination of toxic and explosive gases inside their offices.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: What we do know is as they tried to evacuate the building the ADT dispatcher was telling them to go back in to their office.

Rayelan: I know, I remember that.

David: We also know that the ADT dispatcher, and we have a transcript of that, was saying, “go back in to your office we’re sending someone.”

Rayelan: Ya, I was horrified when I heard that.

David: I’m sorry.

Rayelan: I said I was horrified when I heard that on the news.

David: Right, because the, the dispatcher had been hacked…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Right, they’ve got some wireless devices that have got inside the, what is called the, “mass notification” system of the building and the real hack…the real dispatcher we believe, had his or her passport [I think David actually meant ‘password’] revoked.

Rayelan: Wow, okay.

David: And the simulation administrator had allowed a company called Airpatrol Research Corporation, which is here in Burnaby in British Columbia, not far from where I live…they got access to the codes used by the dispatcher, the legitimate dispatcher, they’ve hacked in by wireless in to the communication system and they’re telling the high value targets to stay in the room where they’re breathing out 40,000 parts per million of carbon dioxide and the sensor is showing to the dictator in Chicago, that these people have violated the dictators cap…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …so he’s going to kill ‘em…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …because by killing the people in the north…in the upper reaches of the North Tower, that goes back in to the dictator game as a message to the other people, the five groups of survivors…

Rayelan: Ahm.

David: …and they’re being asked the same question, “How much do you want to pay for the right to breath out carbon dioxide which we are monitoring in your office for the next year?”

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So what we’re saying of course is, the people who own the mortgage on the ninety-nine year lease of the World Trade Center, are saying to these people, “Instead of paying debt interest and principle for the mortgage, we’ll forgive you of the interest and principle of the debt in exchange for your purchase of right to breathe out.”

Rayelan: Yes.

David: You with me, from the lenders point of view they don’t care.

Rayelan: Ahm.

David: So who are the lenders who financed the mortgage on the Twin Towers which was issued by the General Motors Acceptance Corporation in June of 2001.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: It’s the New York Fire Fighters Pension Fund, it’s the New York Police Pension Fund, it’s the New York Teachers Pension Fund, where the members are unwittingly invested in the murder of their fellow countrymen.

Rayelan: This is unbelievable, so you are saying that, that the life insurance policies on these people were actually owned by these various pension funds?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: So these…

David: When the fire fighters went up in to that tower, the members of the New York Fire Fighters had an interest in the life insurance, it’s called “dead peasants life insurance”, of the people who went in to the building.

Rayelan: Okay, now how do, how did these ah, you know retirement policies…who bought these “dead peasants”, or is this something that just happens? Can you explain to me…

David: Well if you are a member of the pension fund ah, you pay your dues and the money accumulates in a pool, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: Ah, that pool is managed by pension fund managers, often they are private equity groups, or law firms if you will…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …and the law firm are given the job of managing that fund in the best interest of the members.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Now these union pension funds, and incidentally as far as I’m concerned they are all corrupt, they are run by incompetent scumbags.

Rayelan: Well, I don’t think, I don’t think…they’re scumbags, but I don’t think they are incompetent, I think what they’re doing is mismanaging so that they’re putting the money in their pocket rather than…

David: Exactly. So if you’re sitting at the top of the pension fund, such as the New York Fire Fighters, then your job as a senior officer of the New York Fire Fighter, ah, firefighter of New York, is to…in the event for example of a major catastrophe and you loose three-hundred and forty-three members of your…you’ve got a huge…amount of problem to hire and replace them, recruit them and train them and pay off the widows and widowers, that’s what the pension fund is for, it’s an insurance and pension, right?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: So if someone comes along within the union like Jimmy Hoffa and said, “Look, we think there’s going to be a huge accident, ah, ah, let’s simulate an exercise where over three-hundred firefighters get killed and see if the finances of the pension fund can cover the costs."

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now what you do if you’re managing the pension fund is, you go to what is called the “reinsurance market” where in the event of a catastrophe you don’t wipe out the pension fund.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Right, what you then is you go to Lloyd’s of London or whatever, and you buy reinsurance, for example, the possibility that more than three-hundred firefighters are killed on any one day.

Rayelan: Ya, who created…

David: Now if you create, if you create a spread it could be very profitable to kill three-hundred, or more than three-hundred firefighters.

Rayelan: Okay, so in other words the three-hundred firefighters, they were knowingly sent to their deaths by someone?

David: No, no, they weren’t knowingly sent to their deaths, they went in doing their job.

Rayelan: Okay, but, but, there was an opportunity for them all to be pulled out and they weren’t.

David: Because the evacuation wireless system had been hacked…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …by a company called Airpatrol Research Corporation, and do you know who the senior consultant to Airpatrol Research Corporation of Burnaby, British Columbia is?

Rayelan: I, I haven’t a clue.

Field: Nancy Pelosi.

David: Paul Pelosi Junior.

Rayelan: Nancy Pelosi…

David: Paul Pelosi Junior

Rayelan: Ya, shall we say the Speaker of the House’s son?

David: Absolutely.

Rayelan: Speaking of the Speaker of the Houses is, ah what about, you haven’t mentioned Dennis Hassard because…would he have had become president? He was from Illinois…lord knows if you was part of this thing or…

David: I, I don’t want to speculate on this, I want to get through the game.

Rayelan: Okay, go ahead.

David: Because until you get to the end of the game you don’t know, and, we, we will only know when we have these scumbags in court telling us what their plan was.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right, so I think we’ve got to get past…okay we’ve taken care of tower number one, the other five groups of survivors are now I would imagine starting to take this simulated game rather seriously because they’re seeing it on their screens wherever they are. So the people in the south face of the South tower are told, “Ah, well ah, it looks like the people in the North…in the top of the North Tower, they made the wrong decision, they didn’t offer a very high price and the dictator is angry.”

Rayelan: Yes, of course.

David: Right, so the say to the people in the South Tower, this is the two biggest insurance companies, AON Corporation and Marsh & McLennan [not sure this is the exact corporation name], where AON Corporation, very interestingly, they lost I think from memory one-hundred and seventy-five people in the South Tower. Their chairman is the chairman of Northwestern University in Chicago.

Rayelen: You mean right now?

David: No, he was on 911.

Rayelan: He was on 911, okay.

David: So Patrick Ryan who had the Chicago Olympic bid, the chairman of the Olympic bid, he was the founder and chairman of AON Corporation which is in the insurance business and apparently a whole bunch of his employees and vice-presidents including the husband of Beverly Eckart, it looks as though they were playing the simulated training exercise and being asked how much they would pay for the right to breathe out carbon dioxide for the year ahead based on the expected weight of the carbon dioxide they would breathe.

Rayelan: Ahm.

David: And they were presumably looking out of the window, or looking at a television screen as they were playing this game and they were told, “Well, ah, your friends across the ah, in the other tower, they didn’t pay enough, what will you pay?”

Rayelan: Ahh.

David: So what would you do Rayelan?

Rayelan : Ahh, I’d say, “how much do you want?”

David: Okay, now, and I think I would and perhaps Field would and there would be general terror and not a very clear understanding of what’s going on, and you’re in front of your computer, you know, and the game is being spelt out by an administrator, you don’t know where that simulation administrator is, right?

Rayelan: That’s correct, we don’t.

David: But we do know the week before it was a Robert Oxoby at the University of Calgary, because they put on a trading exercise with Carlton Bartels is dead, or
is about to die at the top of the North Tower, but Robert Oxobey, as the simulation administrator, doesn’t have to tell the players that it’s him, so they don’t know that it’s the…they also don’t know whether his password can be revoked right in the middle of the war [I think David actually meant ‘trading’] game and the role of the simulation administrator switched over to someone else.

End Part 1 Hour One

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