Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lesbian Cults, Pedophile Oaths and Guild of Patented Hits - Chapter 3

Big Sister’s Lesbian Bait – Pedophile Switch – Lear Jet 911 Agent Chips to FLUSH THE SPADE in Sigma Chi in Francophone Act of War

Agents Banzai Pipeline, Hamish C. Watson, and Chips
Disguised to infiltrate a ‘royal wedding’

Agent Chips is summonsed forward to the Hercules cockpit with such dispatch that he arrives behind the Flight Engineer wearing only ‘full tilt combat thong’ in Pastel Lemon Chiffon, hold the meringue. A retired aircraft carrier, thought to be in Bremerton, steams toward a position south of Lands End on orders from Brussels. Chips wonders who is more ignorant, Boeing Hiebert or dupes who may waste a vote on Hiebert on 2 May, 2011, a day after the last SHUTTLE MAYDAY and hopefully not a Fault Fatal at New Madrid. SBA Marcy orders GLAMOUR BOY to give CANADIAN STALLION a leave chit for Francophone BS ( bait and switch?).

Chips ordered by Banzai Pipeline to BALL THE GROOVE, much to delight of SuzieQ who lost a man in a boat and wants Him back. FAA Babbitt and ALPA Moak reach for the RED GUARDED HANDLE but fumbling fingers pickle their load. Canada Sidley Austin Operation Pig Phucer backfires during Operaton Spade Flush, 2011. CROSS AND SWORD awards by Dangerettes implicate Panetta, Petraeus and the Princeton Pricks. Crocodile Watson wears Aussie hat in Baker Street purge on Rona Ambrose and Jamie Gorelick, fingering them both. Chips realizes he’s been electronically buggered by Pelosi’s Air Patrol, Luke Dunlap tosses him out the back of Spooky71 wearing only his FULL TILT COMBAT THONG, in Pastel Lemon Chiffon. After landing in a pile of clean straw, Chips is tracked done at Exhibition Pub by Agent Fox, of Astana, Kazakhstan and she demands a vertical pole stabilization probe in the 36 Stud enroute…(redacted) as the 6 disc CD player is remotely tuned to 4 Tenors and Braveheart on Bagpipes oysters flow.

From soup to nuts the only motivation to press on against SES-VC- COL is THE TRUTH as seen from the SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS by AD Agent Standing Tall/Golden Balls.

Glamour Boy, City of London, Vatican City, France and US Senior Executive Service, checkmate! Mighty mouse comes to save the day bringing charges of MISPRISION

As Spooky 71 had all 4 T56 Allisons at 1071 TIT (turbine inlet temperature) , the aircraft commander contacted Chips with a concern and an ACARS message from Banzai Pipeline who was Global at the Plum City HQ in the back room of Molly’s on Main in Plum City, Wisconsin.

Chips left Agent SueLou in the CRF and donned his customary FULT TILT COMBAT Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Lemon Chiffon, a steganographic hint to SueLou of Bellevue to contact the color coded Dangerette on her Clipper Oat Bag. Chips had always thought that when he checked SueLou’s status it was like feeding oats to a horse and SueLou always loved it when Chips blew oats hence the Clipper Oat Bag Phone using the Clipper technology that Panetta, “Fat Boy” Hubbell and “Sissy Girl” Gore sent north of the 49th parallel in 1993 as the Evil Clintons, both CIA twirps since 1968 having become drunk on Quigley Alinsky Kool Aid ( ca ca ), prepared to sell out America to the Chinese for benefit of City of London and Vatican City as enabled by the United States Senior Executive Service, known in French speaking (loser) circles as “ignorant, radical, comme des morceaux de porc lesbienne de merde”, or simply ‘loser’.

Chips arrived behind the Flight Engineer of the C130 and held up the message from the AC, aircraft commander.

"Major, I understand that you've received a warning from Abel Danger Global that all of UK property is unsafe to land on due to the fact that Abel Danger Agents are aboard and two of them are ‘a broad’ and I have been aboard the broad in the CRF. I fully understand the problem with remotely detonated C4 devices such as the furniture placed in the WTC towers just prior to the failed CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT fiasco of 9/11 based on the British COG during WWII which England would have failed if not for US led salvation. Let me propose a solution. Agent SueLue from Bellevue just contacted Skybird 311.0 at Offutt AFB, Nebraska and they have directed that I land your aircraft on the USS Kittyhawk that has been transferred to the Indian Navy for the upcoming masturbate and swith PAKISTANI PACKER where a force from Wisconsin intervenes to block the force from Chicago in switching from Iran to Pakistan after Libya is mopped up not to be confused with the Soetero Administration that is mobbed up. It is steaming direct to our rendezvous point of 49N, 5.42.58W and they have an ETA of 0+37 from right now. What’s our fuel state skipper ?'

We got 1+23 fuel on board at saunter, do you wish to settle into the left seat now ?’

'Negative skipper, I will be in the CRF debriefing Agent SueLou of Bellevue regarding Operation Rina 2011, but I will be up for the last 7 minutes and the landing aboard Kittyhawk. In the meantime while I perform security probes, please review the carrier ops I performed when attached to VMGR-352 in KC130F (bureau number 149798) which was NOT the haunted KC130 that was at El Toro MCAS at the same time as my tour with Quebec Bravo or the illegal C130F 149806 that later became Fat Albert with the Blue Angels who twice tried to hire me in 1975.’

In the CRF SueLou from Bellevue heard the good news and removed her IOC to capitalize on the extra 30 minutes of pole sitting, to borrow a term from NASCAR. Chips could feel his turgidity index passing 107% as he entered the encryption code in the cyber lock of the CRF. As he stepped in, locking the door behind him, Agent SueLou removed his IOC in Pastel Lemon Chiffon and commenced wetstart procedures but not like those that John McCain did in the summer of ’67 while Chips was sweating his ass off at Annapolis. As the crew up front reviewed C130 carrier ops, Chips switched from wetstart to moist insert and SueLou liked it alot. Chips found it pleasant, as well.

C-130 Carrier Landing

Agent Chips is summonsed forward to the Hercules COCKpit with such dispatch that he arrives behind Flight Engineer Luke Dunlap, USMC, wearing only his ‘full tilt combat thong, with humongous pouch, in Pastel Lemon Chiffon, hold the meringue. An aircraft carrier thought to be mothballed at Bremerton steams toward The Dhamra Port, which Pakistan was told was 50% for benefit of Tata builder of the Nano,but was dredged on instructions from Brussels with their eyes on Pakistan. Chips wonders who is more ignorant, Boeing Hiebert or dupes who may waist a vote on the CANADIAN STALLION’S fellow air pirate whose candidacy should end on 2 May after SHUTTLE MAYDAY and hopefully not a Fault Fatal at New Madrid. SBA-NAPAWASH-SES-SERCO-CLINTON RUBIN-MCCONNELL INTERNATIONAL Marcy orders GLAMOUR BOY to give CANADIAN STALLION an overnight pass for pilot service in Francophone BS (bait and switch?) Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline orders Chips to BALL THE GROOVE, much to delight of SuzieQ who lost a man in a boat and want Him back. FAA Babbitt and ALPA Moak reach for the RED GUARDED HANDLE but fumbling fingers pickle their load. Sidley Austin braces for backlash from disgruntled losers of lawsuits involving disbarred Sasquatch and her husband who surrendered without a fight; to Illinois Bar not in Larry Sinclair’s car or sitting on Donald Youngs man-biddette. Col. Ted Westhusing awarded first Abel Danger Cross and Sword Award by Dangerettes who admire his integrity but bring added illumination on Panetta, Petraeus and the Princeton Pricks. Crocodile Watson wears Aussie bush hat in Baker Street purgo of Rona Ambrose and Jamie Gorelick, fingering them both in Operation FOWL BVR. Chips realizes he’s been electronically buggered by Pelosi’s Air Patrol, Luke Dunlap tosses him out the back of Spooky71 wearing only his FULL TILT COMBAT THONG, in Pastel Lemon Chiffon. After landing in a pile of clean straw, Chips is tracked down at Exhibition Pub in Over, Cambridgeshire by PWA Agent Fox, of Astana, Kazakhstan and she demands a vertical pole stabilization probe in the 36 Stud enroute to RAF (redacted) as the 6 disc CD player is remotely tuned to 4 Tenors and Braveheart on Bagpipes as high volume oysters flow.

Agent Fox, Abel Danger Bureau Chief, Astana, Kazakhstan!/photo.php?fbid=1787456179378&set=a.1492125316291.70203.1628782056&type=1&theater

Chips was still at full mission readiness with an observed TI or 107% as Agent SueLou of Bellevue reminded him of the upcoming Victory Party at Branson, Missouri set for 21 May, 2011 to mark the ‘scrubbing’ of the HAARP QUAKE mission at New Madrid Fault as FEMA and DHS realized they have ‘leakers amongst ‘em’ just like the BVR Leaker in the Kristine Marcy-Jamie Gorelick-Hillary Clinton TRIAD OF EVIL BVR. SueLou had come up with a new position she called ZIPLINE COITUS(*) which she and Chips had practiced during Fulton Extractions as well as Straight Probe Insertations, all in the interest of security unlike the SEXUAL ASSAULTS of young Mexican Americans by the TSA ..(* COITUS clearly obama is threatening United States)

... simply because the ugly women at DHS, FEMA, Supreme Court and SES wanted to humiliate pretty, heterosexual woman whom any straight male would find WOODY WORTHY unlike the beligerant porcine sweathogs especially those from Princeton. As Chips inserted while SueLou was suspended from the rotating jig, Agent SueLou lowered herself to gain FULL INSERT while commenting to Chips ‘Stud 36, you are an incredible sport. Bone me.’

‘SueLou, of course it’s my pleasure to bone you. But regarding incredible sport hark back to 1980 when Limp Jimmy’s Air Force ‘wannabe fighter pilots’ pranged a perfectly good YMC-130H simply because they fired the thrusters too early “

'Chips, that’s what all the Dangerettes think is so remarkable about you, how can you possibly stave off an oyster launch when you have a stable of beautiful mounts who want nothing more than to receive your essence while providing you pleasure.’

'SueLou, whenever a Dangerette starts to quiver and dilate down, I picture the DHS dog or the Lesbo appointed to the Court and suddenly any chance of a premature ejaculation is hours off......‘

As Agent SueLou from Bellevue was bouncing up and down while turning round and round Chips saw an Immediate Clipper come in from Abel Danger Global where Banzai Pipeline was probably knee deep in a security evolution with his favored co-Agent Bean who works closely with Juan from Puerto Rico and John Galt, the Arizona Ranger with the BIG IRON on his hip not to be confused with the Wisconsin Militia Commander with the big iron behind his zip.

SPADE FLUSH Hammer Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Abigail Chopstick, Belfast Mike, Suky Slicer, Braveheart, Fanny Galore, copy Chips, SuzieQ and Atomic Betty: “The FBI backdoor got the BS out yesterday in DC and our man Tango Whiskey is all over it : I will be switching all of Abel Danger over to CARNIVORE as Panetta-Petraeus seem to be listening more as the end game draws near in SPADE FLUSH. Check Russ Hiebert’s links to Canadian Governor General David Johnston and pedophile pilot Canadian Forces Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams; they appear to have used Bombardier’s virtual floating matrix (‘VFM’) communications to co-ordinate the London Underground bombing on 7/7; they appear to have used the same Bombardier VFM to co-ordinate construction of a Taliban escape tunnel by francophone double agents, embedded with Correctional Services Canada and transported by Queen Hornet, the former Deputy Director of the Office of Construction Management and the founder of Con Air. HAMMER Global encourages VFM blocking Virile Fucking Marine, pardon the double redundancy. Dangerette Hammer Ginger Cookie has dispatched SuzieQ and Atomic Betty to join aboard Kitty Hawk. SuzieQ will brief you on MAN IN THE BOAT event of 1950. Atomic Betty is ‘inside USIS’ but for security purposes code USELESS applies. Switch from Clipper to Carnivore upon un-arrested landing aboard Kittyhawk. Banzai, The Plum”
Chips was reviewing the Ops Plan SMEAC for Operation FOWL BVR which was to take out Gorelick, Marcy, Rodham, Janet and the Penguin when he almost lost his mojo. Sensing his drop in TI to under his resting turgidity of 93% Agent SueLou terminated ZIPLINE COITUS and resumed Operation Wetstart. Chips withdrew and inserted as his TI passed 107%, as per Abel Danger Protocol as expressed in the Abel Body mantra: nous ne seront jamais insérer le pénis avant, il est difficile contrairement à ceux à court chie dans le pays qui sera bientôt agitent leurs drapeaux blancs après une attaque à ING la Libye de l'air

Once satisfactory plugged into Agent SueLou of Bellevue Chips realized that this young maven was robbing him of his energy. He wished he had on of those energy bars that THE CANADIAN STALLION and GLAMOUR BOY always inserted before a difficult mission like attacking the USA on 9/11, The Christmas trip to Jon Benet Ramsey’s house or hauling the Hiebert Mechanized Wheelchairs to Afghanization as part of a GREAT ESCAPE. However, they’d wet their panties when the ARCHER COCKS HIS BOW, if you don’t believe me listen to BC, Burton Cummings not OXFORD RAPIST.


Revealed: Double life of Queen's pilot who killed two women and broke into girls' bedrooms to steal their underwear

Chips felt the dilation down of the cervix and saw SueLou reach for the tube sock so he finished her off with a rim-shot at the buzzer. As the buzzer signaled 7 minutes from landing Chips withdrew from MUFF operations (Marine uncover false flags), stuffed his junk in a Pastel Lemon Chiffon Combat Thong unlike what Canadian Transport Pilots wear under their flight suits to please GLAMOUR BOY, put on some Foo Foo juice and strode with adequate aplomb to the left seat of the C130, Spooky 71. As Agent SueLou fell into REM sleep she dreamed of the next time she might provide ANGEL WINGS to Agent Chips. She knew that as he, SuzieQ and Atomic Betty were inserted into Milton Keynes, they would be going in HARM’S WAY but with the protections of Psalm 91:11, 12 as they carried out their ORDAINED MISSION stated in Matthew 10:27 after having been CALLED according to Psalm 94:16:

11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;

12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

27 What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.

16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers?
Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

As the diminutive AF pilot removed himself from the left seat, Chips who first flew BuNo 149798 in December, 1973 called for the approach check while reminding all except Agent SueLou to lock their shoulder straps. Back at the CRF SueLou was dreaming of MOIST INSERT with her 44Ds becoming firmer as she slept. As Chips lined up IN THE GROOVE and ON THE BALL the Air Force co-pilot was wishing he’d been a Naval Aviator and Marine like Chips who’d been BALLING THE GROVE since 1972 when he was NBQ in the T2 Buckeye launched from McCain FIELD and the Master of the ONE WIRE on 20 and 21 June, 1973 when he did two touch and goes and 6 traps in an A4 Sky Hawk on the Lady Lex and won his Gold Wings on 22 June, 1973 at Chase FIELD, Texas.

As the co-pilot in the right seat puckered up, Chips deftly went to full reverse when the LSO gave him the cut lights at 5 feet above the deck. As Chips set the parking brake and joined Agent SueLou at the lowered ramp at the C130 tail, he suggested to the co-pilot that ‘once chocked release the parking brakes so they can cool off before we depart.’

As the Air Force co-pilot realized that what he thought had been methane was actually not, he thought of DHS Janet as he released the parking brake when given the chock sign by a ‘green shirt’ on the flight deck.

Chips and Agent SueLou of Bellevue helped SuzieQ and Atomic Betty aboard as the Loadmaster, not Chips, but the aircraft Loadmaster, raised the ramp while up front the Air Force co-pilot tentatively released his manual braking as the greenshirt signaled the tug was going to push them back to the rounddown for the upcoming launch. As Chips took two NDSU BISON athletic bags he asked the Dangerettes what was in the heavy bag.

“Six days worth of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters, Chips, what a foolish question” responded SuzieQ as she gave him a free shot of Pastel Lemon Chiffon, fairly moist but not like meringue but equally dreamy none the less.

"My bags lighter as I just have the Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and 6 Pastel Lemon Chiffon and 6 Pastel Mint Green combat BVR thongs” as she gave him a triple flutter shot of Pastel Mint Green with an apparent MI exceeding 100%. Chips found it hard, I say again, hard to ambulate in a fully erect fashion as he told the girls to sit on the Nav table for launch, hoping they be sitting on something else for lunch, as he settled into the left seat. Seeing that the carrier was only doing 15 knots and there was only 22 knots of wind over the deck he called the Air Boss to push the plane back to where the rear bogeys we beyond the round down. F/E Luke Dunlap estimated they were still 900# over MTOW so Chips instructed the loadmaster to throw the three life sized mannequins of Sasquatch, Thunder Thighs and Gorillawoman over the fantail using the left paratroop door. As the tentative copilot started to pucker up again an odor wafted through the flight deck and both Dangerettes exclaimed ‘Not me Chips'.

Chips asked the Flight Engineer if the engines were the A7A variant limited to 3995 shaft horsepower. The F/E SSgt Luke Dunlap, USMC, of Montana indicated that was correct. Chips directed him to disconnect the generators and 50% of the engine driven hydraulic pumps for added thrust, I say again, thrust. Luke took care of business and gave Chips the good to go signal and Chips relayed it to the yellow shirt to the left of the herky bird. Moments later he received the ‘clear to go’ signal as the launch controller touched the flight deck with his extended right index finger, advanced the power to 4100 SHP, got a ‘good’ glance from Luke and released the brakes. As the C130 leapt into the air the acceleration was such that both SuzieQ’s and Atomic Betty’s racks were reduced in size from 44 to 40 but with and increase from D to huge. Once out of 1000 feet on the radar altimeter, Chips noticed that Luke was restoring the electrical and hydraulic systems to normal. He also noticed a free shot of Pastel Mint Green and an interesting sign from Atomic Betty involving her lips, but not all 6 of them. He understood her intent, to allow SuzieQ to be serviced first deny her the opportunity TO BE WATCHING YOU, hence SuzieQ’s reference to ‘back door’ as pertaining to MAN OVERBOARD.

Chips released his shoulder harness and left the left seat indicating fluffy the Major could take over as PF, pilot flying. He indicated to Luke Dunlap that he’d be in the CRF with SuzieQ and Atomic Betty and wasn’t to be disturbed until arriving RAF Duxford. As the Moist Mavens followed him to the CRF both were in ‘auto drench’ in anticipation of Operation WET WILLY. As the CRF door was bolted and the IOCs draped on the rabbit ears and left lamp, SuzieQ assumed the MAN OVERBOARD position for a man overboard drill and master driller Chips was pleased to do his BIT. Atomic Betty stuck her business near Chips nose as she loved it when he had his nose in her business. All Abel Danger Agents globally heard a TUNING KEY on HF to indicate HF was now switched from Clipper to Carnivore also as Umbrellaman began his SPADE FLUSH topoff briefing but not like the TOPOFF Operation running on 9/11 when the EVIL TRIAD thought they would finish off the elected US government not aware that Agent Vani in the Mahwah-Paramus Abel Danger Office was married to the ATC Tower Chief at Newark’s Liberty Airport where Vani imputed a 41 minute delay, thus saving America on 9/11. Chips thought how foolish those little girl lesbos were and he harked back to what Fargo’s Bobby Velline had recorded in the summer of ’67 when Chips was practicing MUFF BONER(*) with a young lady from Ramey who later married an F14 RIO.

(* Marine Uncovers False Flag/Block Obama’s New Escape Route)

As he thought back to Bobby Vee’s song lyrics, he heard the incoming CARNIVORE call from Umbrellaman on 123.45, HF5606 and 311.0 Uniform and he felt great compassion for little girls who never had the chance to grow up, like Jon Benet Ramsey and Maddy McCann and Hollie Grieg. Chips acknowledged God’s Amazing Grace in allowing his own 4 daughters to ‘gracefully’ navigate the years from birth to age 18.

SPADE FLUSH Courtesy Flusher Kui Longboard Priority Clipper to Global Hammer Banzai, Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier, Name Dropper, Copy Chips and Agent Bean: “Operation RECALICTRANT PUSHBACK to honor Col. Ted Westhusing who was assassinated at the hands of Carlyle’s USIS, code ‘useless’. The Pantywaist Pissants trying to take down the US Military agrees with Abel Danger in believing Crown Agents’ Sister Kristine Marcy has engaged in serial identity thefts by faking a supposedly US-citizen document trail for the apparent man carrying a passport in the name of Barack Hussein Obama; our spoliation inference from the emerging trail of fake documents associated with Obama passport frauds, links Crown Sisters (see link) to the corruption or extortion of senior executives in the Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Federal Investigations, now privatized into the Carlyle-owned U.S. Investigations Services (USIS), which dishes out ‘marching orders to Carlyle Canada’s redheaded stepchild, CSIS. Agent Bean will forward a Routine Clipper via CARNIVORE regarding Cross and Sword Awards (3), Lambs Lost Honor Roll, and Vatican Crown SES Hit List. Military morgues at Travis, Dover and Hickam have ordered vastly increased supplies of body bags. Kui Longboard, MD, Hickam.”
Chips really didn’t like getting Routine or Priority CARNIVORES especially when engaging a 3D enduro-Dangerette Daily Double.

Chips realized his CARNIVORE Squirt Gun could filter unessential calls and he had just selected ‘immediate-flash only’ when an Immediate from Skymaster came in from Abel Danger Legal PR run out of office space in Perkins Coie in Seattle and Vogel Law in Fargo, North Dakota.

SPADE FLUSH Aviation Legal/PR Skymaster Immediate CARNIVORE to Agent Chips, Umbrellaman and Global Hammer, copy Agent Crusher: “I will be writing to PM Harper, President Undetermined, and PM Cameron and will respectfully request NO MORE BODY BAGS as England and US have committed troops to a United Nations effort without consent of Parliament or Congress. And it is for benefit of France and Canada. France and Canada's last major action was when they spearheaded the attack on America on 9/11; France provided Thales Flight Guidance to Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilots, SMACsonic insulation, and KU band trigger antennae and arranged through French American Foundation’s Intellectual Property Attorney Hillary Roadhog Clinton (Rose Law, Joe Gigiore, BEI, Little Rock) to misapply QRS11 technology through Raytheon Douglas A 3 Sky Warriors N870RS and N874RS if the smudgey paper work is more clear that Soetero’s second fraudulent short form BC. MG Maurice SEAHORSE Baril (CF) was running NORAD in Colorado and Charles ERRAND BOY Bouchard (CF) was at Tyndall AFB where 1st AF Assets are HQed. It was not just France and French Speaking Canada but also City of London and elements within the US including members of the US Senior Executive Service, such as Field McConnell’s former sibling. I would suggest England and US withdraw immediately from the UN-Banker No Fly Zone in Libya intended to halt Sharia Central Banks from displacing the Rothschild Goons and withdraw from the City of London effort to protect the flow of opium and heroin from Afghanistan. Perhaps if our alleged leaders refuse to recall future BBBs, Body Bag Boys, we, THE PEOPLE, should recall the failed leaders starting with GLAMOUR BOY Stephen Harper, what a twit, if I was his wife I’d stay away from #24 and find a nice hotel a VF Marine. For those among you who did serve in Viet Nam and did survive, I thank God for your lives. And America, or at least the Patriot Americans, thank you for your service. While Agent Chips probes tunnel like intel rich spaces, I will craft a message to the shills of the elitist bankers, pardon the redundancy, who have placed their pawns and puppets in charge our nations’ militarys causing them to fight false and illegal wars to ensure profits from arm sales, and expensive body bags. Stronger message to follow. Skymaster, Perkins and Coie.”

Chips, ever the chivalrous non-denier of his essence locked and loaded while Atomic Betty converted to a ‘frontal presentation’ to keep Chips’ eyes on the target area. As Atomic Betty did some things Chips had never heard about in the locker room, he upgraded his knowledge of the anatomy of the reciprocal gender, in a manner of speaking. Chips was enjoying his Womb with a View when an Immediate Clipper came into his CARNIVORE enabled Clipper Squirt Gun.

Agent Chips posing as Agent Jade Green to SATISFY Agent Bean

SPADE FLUSHER Agent Bean, Pastel Jade Green, Immediate Clipper to Agent Banzai Pipeline, copy Hamish, Kui Longboard and Chips: “Gentleman, pursuant to the suggestion of Global Hammer Banzai, the Dangerettes have announced the first three awardees of the Abel Danger CROSS AND SWORD AWARDS (3) to Ted Westhusing, Pat Tillman and Chic Burlingame. That caused our Agent SuzieQ to mention the impact when a young female has her world stolen from her by a discretionary act of violence so we Dangerettes, in keeping with the instruction of John 21:15-19 where Jesus admonished mankind to FEED MY LAMBS, knew that if all children were allowed to freely develop a heart for God who I think is in the children naturally and the adults learn from the children, we would have the answer to all this mess in one generation. Therefore, we Dangerettes have awarded 4 Lost Lambs to the Lambs Lost Honor Roll and they are Jon Benet Ramsey, Maddy McCann, Jacob Wetterling and Johnny Gosch. demonstrates Abel Danger OPERATION RESCUE

We are considering posting a Vatican Crown SES hit list also at some later date to honor William Coombes, Eagle Thunder Rolls (targeted?) and all the native Lambs in Canada such as those that went missing in 1964 before William Coombes went flatline in 2011.

Speaking only for we Dangerettes, we think we need to get the truth on the Birth Certificate so we can prosecute Pelosi, Reid and the DNC before some Indonesian Muslim is as long gone as a wild goose in winter or Obama’s CUKC passport, paternal DNA and attendance records at Columbia where he got a hall pass from Zbigniew Bezerkski in 1981. Good thing we have a copy of the Punahou’s OAHUAN yearbook from 1979. Gotcha bozo. Agent Bean, wet and willing, PHX.”

Rev. Kevin Annett - Genocide of Canadian aboriginals at 25 million; 50,000 children now missing; Key witness William Coombes assassinated by Crown and Vatican agents

Politicos' best yearbook pics

While the photo of this NO WHERE MAN is useful, what is contained in the inscription of our copy, signed by Barry Soetero as Barry Soetero ‘79, is more useful to our intel effort, now nearly ‘wrapping’. Name of the Hospital Obama was supposedly born at should have been Kauikeolani Children's Hospital until 1978. Then they merged with the Kapi‘olani Maternity Home in 1978 and became Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children. The name provided on the Trump’s second COLB is non existent just like his records at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard (lack of ) Law School???

Obama’s Birth Certificate:Top 20 Conspiracy Theories That Have Already Sprung Up

Chips was keeping SuzieQ feeling like a Natural Woman while observing the Monde Venus of a willowy blonde with an hour glass figure and a four hour libido, not unlike himself in that regard. Agent SuzieQ was employing her ‘undulating squeeze’ technique so Chips was picturing that DHS woman so as not to suffer the humiliation of an ‘ill timed shot’. As he thought how easily dupable or exploitable ugly lesbians, pardon the redundancy, had proven themselves to be going back to Bernardette Dohrn he wondered to himself why they just didn’t commit hari kari and do the heterosexual, or normal, world and even the happy gay lesbian world a huge favor. Then it dawned on him, if ugly lesbos committed hari-kari the Senior Executive Service, Femme Compe Inc, FLQ, and much of the ‘shadow government’ would be lost overnight. And that made Chips smile and engage his ‘jackhammer mode’ to which a delightful girl named SQ, who once had considered herself an ‘everyday housewife’ thought back to her childhood and her first lover, Agent Chips 4 minutes after she reached 18. Timing is everything, such as the timing of the two showings of the Edge Media Show on Sky TV on 28 and 29 April, 2011. Or the release of Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11 immediately prior to the BEA Trial involving words like Manslaughter, Air France and Airbus. Randy Babbitt of FAA and Lee Moak of ALPA, we are awaiting ACTION gentleman, get it in gear, capeche?

Abel Danger Agent Chips (SBA) Declares Aviation Threat Level PASTEL PINK

As Chips was considering when to announce his ‘stipend’ from Boeing given 3 March, 2007, he realized he could hire a lot of attorneys and buy a few more LT1 Limousines. He was picturing himself in the back of the Purple Limo having his way with Suzie Q when he was distracted by a Flash Clipper.

SPADE FLUSH Agent Ginger Cookie FLASH CARNIVORE CLIPPER to Agent Chips FYEO: “Chips I have an eager Pastel Ginger Snap FLASH for you at your earliest convenience. In the meantime I know of your Cherokee DNA and thought you should see this: True religion undefiled is this: To make restitution of the earth which has been taken and held from the common people by the power of Conquests, and so set the oppressed free by placing all land in common." - Gerrard Winstanley, 1650 (see also Luke 4:18) See also "We will bring to light the hidden works of darkness and drive falsity to the bottomless pit. For all doctrines founded in fraud or nursed by fear shall be confounded by Truth.” Peter Annett, writing in The Free Inquirer, October 17, 1761, just before being imprisoned by the English crown for "blasphemous libel”. I see a synergistic effect with regards to Matthew 10:27, Ephesians 5:11 and the words of Peter Annett. Suggest you give the Royals a Marine Corps portion of BLASPHEMOUS LIBEL which is Royal-speak for TRUTH. I cannot wet until you return to me. No, misprint, I cannot ‘wait’ until we are joined once again, capeche?”
As SuzieQ grabbed the Minnesota Vikings tubesock, Agent Chips finished her off in style and got a 9.8 on his dismount by the Canadian Judge who also served as his next remount. As Chips was dishing out all that Atomic Betty could dream of he noticed an Immediate Clipper come in but fortunately Agent SuzieQ handled it for him as she really enjoyed ‘handling it’ as well as applying negative pressure to it before enduros. It was SuzieQ who pointed out to Agent Chips that WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS, ANYTHING GOES as is printed on the Album Cover Art on SQ’s favored album.

SPADE FLUSHER Agent Abigail Chopsticks Immediate Clipper to Global Hammer, Hamish, Chips, Name Dropper, copy Braveheart and Fanny Galore: “Agents Afield and Abroad, we have evidence that Reed Elsevier’s phony London Underground bombing exercise was back-doored by man-in-the-middle investors in Bombardier’s virtual floating matrix who triggered patented dial-a-yield munitions and simulated an al-Qaeda attack. Remember the 7 July 2005 London bombings (referred to often as 7/7) were a series of coordinated suicide attacks upon Londoners using the public transport system during the morning "RUSH HOUR". During that morning, four Bombardier or Martec agents detonated four bombs, three on London Underground trains in quick succession, a fourth bomb exploding an hour later in a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square. The then French Interior Minister Psycho’SHORTSTUFF’ Sarkozy, a Desmarais bagman told us that one of the names had been described the previous year at an Anglo-French security meeting as an asset of British Intelligence. Peter Power of Visor Consultants was running an exercise for Reed Elsevier, a Rothschild controlled company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where the 7/7 bombings occurred. The Rothschilds’ mercenaries at Reed Elsevier asked Visor Consultants to prepare an effective crisis management plan and rehearse and the crisis team themselves set the exercise date and time: 9.00am on 7 July. Remember Crown Sister Ariane de Rothschild uses Reed Elsevier as a front to disseminate propaganda through the likes of LexisNexis to Gray’s Anatomy and New Scientist magazine; usual mindless Rothschild crap including support for United Nations Global Compact, funding medical facilities in the developing world to spread AIDS and hosting meetings to discuss designing a transatlantic agenda where Queen Hornet gets her rocks off in French. I believe Umbrellaman should invoke FOWL BVR on Ariane dR, ASAP. PS, how come Queen Hornet’s lesbo buddy is so ugly. Abigail, Crawley?”
As Chips was doing some master pipe fitting he recalled an Abel Danger briefing suggesting AD believes Crown Agents’ Sister Kristine Marcy has engaged in serial identity thefts by faking a supposedly US-citizen document trail for the man carrying a passport in the name of Barack Hussein Obama; our spoliation inference from the emerging trail of fake documents associated with Obama passport frauds, links Crown Sisters (see link) to the corruption or extortion of senior executives in the Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Federal Investigations, now privatized into the Carlyle-owned U.S. Investigations Services (USIS). As Chips was hammering Atomic Betty and groping SuzieQ, at her behest, he harked back to an article that had appeared in the DC Examiner which he thought stood for ‘Darling Chips Examiner’…as well as most of the Dangerettes.

Who's fixing that airplane while you're getting groped?

He wondered when FAA Administrator or ALPA President might start doing some heavy lifting now that Agent Chips had done all the discovery, videotaping as well as female body cavity searches, just to keep his hand in. It was also Abel Danger who provided the interpretation of the BOMB ARDIER youTube to FAA and ALPA, to finger Hiebert & THE CANADIAN STALLION. To forestall an early exploculation he thought back to a communiqué from Banzai Pipeline who had been embedded in Iraq as a Chinaman working in the Base Laundry outside the Green Zone in 2005 so he could KEEP HIS EYE ON THE SPARROW, Ted Westhusing. Banzai was not an indigenous Oriental but his father, Odd Job, worked with James Bond prior to upgrading to Abel Danger in late 1964 after a shocking revelation about the Rockefellers in Arkansas.

Agent Chips who traveled as JAWS ( Jesuits Are Worried Sick ) recalled Banzai relating “This is one person I cannot forget and have followed Lt. Col. Ted Westhusing's case ever since he was murdered in June of 2005 during my rotation back to Subic Bay, a 7 day R & R. Chips and I had been told to broker a deal where US Forces could return to Subic Bay in the event the Globalist were to strike Japan or Guam as was rumoured. He was assassinated at the hands of USIS when he was preparing to return to the US from Iraq with a dossier on USIS's treachery and fraud being perpetrated in Iraq.

Colonel Theodore S. Westhusing (November 17, 1960 – June 5, 2005)

Later Banzai Pipeline had read a brief bio indicating Colonel Theodore S. Westhusing (November 17, 1960 – June 5, 2005), a West Point professor of English and Philosophy, [military ethics] volunteered to serve in Iraq in late 2004 and died in Baghdad from an allegedly self-inflicted gunshot wound in June 2005. ( See also Bill Clinton’s victim Keith McCaskle who was adamant about suicide and stabbed himself 113 times. ) At the time he was the highest ranked American to die violently in Iraq since the start of the March 2003 United States-led invasion. He was 44 years old, married with three young children. Perhaps the CIA Clinton tandem did not respect heterosexuals who created offspring, not in a Petri dish, but rather in Bone and Moan procedures hence the outbreak of ARKANCIDE as reported to Agent Chips on a DC10 between AMS and MEM by a Director of WINROCK who predicted a HARPS store explosion involving a magazine whose front cover had a ‘perverted family photo’ of Elton John, his husband and son would not be shown the light of day in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

How Would You Like To Be Bill Clinton's Friend?

Chips was musing over how to cause both SuzieQ and Atomic to climax simultaneously for a coveted TRIPLE CROWD when an incoming from Marquis d’Cartier, AIR BOSS OF W386 Airspace where GIANTKILLER ensured AA11, AA77, and UA175 were vaporized with no witnesses, signaled some support of Abigail Chopsticks’ line of inquiry in Operation FOWL BVR ( Field Observes Wicked Lesbos, Beyond Visual Range).

Canadian SPADE FLUSHER Marquis d’Cartier Immediate Clipper to all French Speakers at Abel Danger plus Laconic Opiner with Cherokee DNA: “Frogs and Chips check out this transaction in re Reed Elsevier’s phony London Underground bombing exercise; this pre-dates 911 and 7/7 and shows that the Rothschild’s were back-dooring man-in-the-middle investors in Bombardier’s virtual floating matrix; it has the signature of Ariane de Rothschild and her lesbo cronies in the Sisters. RNS Number:8990U Reed International PLC Elsevier NV 29 November 2000 NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION OR TRANSMISSION INTO THE UNITED STATES, CANADA OR JAPAN Issued by Reed International P.L.C. and Elsevier NV International Offering of shares by Reed International P.L.C. and Elsevier NV Reed International P.L.C. ("Reed International") and Elsevier NV ("Elsevier") today announce an International Offering ("the Offering") of up to 98.87 million new ordinary shares in Reed International (representing approximately 8.6%) of its issued ordinary share capital and up to 57.61 million new ordinary shares in Elsevier (representing approximately 8.6%) of its issued ordinary share capital). Reed International and Elsevier have granted to ABN AMRO Rothschild, Cazenove & Co. ("Cazenove") and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, in their capacity as joint bookrunners, joint lead managers and underwriters of the Offering, over-allotment options of up to 14.83 million additional new ordinary shares in Reed International and up to 8.65 million additional new ordinary shares in Elsevier. These Wicked Women make Bernie Madoff look like a Tosser or Wanker, dare I suggest ‘shirt lifter?” Marquis d’Cartier, Canadian Hammer in absence of Hamish.”
Atomic Betty had whispered in Chips good ear, “How about a squirt in the whiskers from the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot” and while Chips was trying to figure out how to blow oats on command, another Immediate Clipper was handled by SuzieQ who had just peeled a banana and dipped it in Redi Whip.

Agents SuzieQ and Atomic Betty anticipate the essence of Chips

SPADE FLUSHER Dr. Nano al Umina Immediate CARNIVORE Banzai, Hamish, Name Dropper, Dwarf and Chips: “Chips et. al., check role of Correctional Services Canada double agents as overseen by former parliamentary secretary to Minister of Defence Russ Hiebert, and the Canadian Governor General David Johnston. My sense is that they were back-doored by the men-in-the-middle of Bombardier’s virtual floating matrix who dug into the jail. Hundreds of Taliban prisoners broke out of a prison on Sunday night, 24 April. Remember Hiebert delivered the phony wheelchairs to Kandahar with the help of Bombardier’s homicidal pedophile pilot Canada Forces Poster Boy Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams, PSE(*). The escape tunnel was started in a house located to the north-east of the prison in the city's Sarfooza area and continued to the entrance of the prison's political block about 300 metres away. The prison supervisor, Ghulam Dastagir Mayar, put the number of inmates who got out at 476, and said many were insurgent militants and commanders. The escape is reminiscent of one in 2008, when 900 prisoners broke out of the Sarposa prison following a Taliban attack on the facility, which was under Canada's oversight with that crony, phony Equity of Canada fundswoman, the former Governor General, Michaelle Jean. She is linked to the Canadian correctional services officers who spent years training guards at the prison in a francophonie conspiracy with Queen Hornet and her Con Air paramilitaries.” 28 April 2011. In your opinion, are pilots smart enough to operate an electrically powered wheelchair? My Hawks CAFE colleagues are investigating Russ Hiebert’s apparent use of Bombardier aircraft to fly through Camp Mirage to pick up SWAT teams allegedly trained by the homicidal pedophile Russell Williams to support great escapes and Taliban contract hits in Afghanistan just down the street from your old haunt, the Taldykorgan Office of Abel Danger, Eurasia.” Nano, the Ponderoso”
(*) Panty Sniffer Extraordinaire

Abel Danger Agent Lily, Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan PWA!/photo.php?fbid=1787456179378&set=a.1492125316291.70203.1628782056&type=1&theater

As Chips withdrew from Atomic Betty and then put his fingers on their triggers he succeeded in ‘detonating’ multiples in each Dangerette just before they bumped heads trying to PROVIDE PLEASURE for Agent ‘the customers come first’ Chips.

After taking care of his needs, Atomic Betty went to brush her teeth while SuzieQ was brushing her teeth, in a manner of speaking. During SuzieQ’s Provide Pleasure technique

Chips saw another Immediate Clipper come in to his CARNIVORE CLIPPER, this one from Agent Hamish whom he was to meet on Baker Street some 14 hours hence.

On Guard For You

SPADE FLUSHER LEAD WITNESS Hamish ‘Crocodile’ Watson Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips and his moist Dangerettes du Jour: “Chips and ladies not in waiting, keep hammering away for a re-instatement of the Canadian Grand Jury rights. These were abolished by the late Pierre “Fairy” Elliot Trudeau in 1984; we need GJ access to pre-trial evidence to distinguish between victims of murder-for-hire or wrongful deaths. Our Petit Jury can then determine if Russ Hiebert’s Canadian Governor General and his pedophile pilot Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams are the principals or the victims of the Bombardier virtual floating matrix as allegedly used by Correctional Services Canada operatives for the 7/7 bombing and Taliban escape tunnel. RE RED ALERT; glad to hear you quarantined Bombardier's virtual floating matrix assets, including any patented PKI/Onion Router devices, which might have triggered underground bombs at the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William on Friday, April 29th. Perhaps ABEL DANGER Milton Keynes and CAMERA 2 can get that March 31 video tape up now that the nuptials and the DNA are exchanged, capeche. Hamish”
Atomic Betty rushed back from the biddette with a worried look. She held up a message she had just received as a Flash from Agent Telstar on the top of a tall building in Austin, Texas, that looked like and owl at night.

SPADE FLUSHER Telstar FLASH CARNIVORE to SuzieQ, SueLou from Bellevue, and SuzieQ: “Whoever is doing Chips warn him that the HAARPO GROUCH has targeted his farm that sits HIGH ON THE HILL. I know Chips is ‘enroute’ but he needs to ensure Abel Danger Global ‘redirects’ the I OF THE STORM. See this video of what is bearing down on Plum City: Telstar.”
SuzieQ had just triggered a ‘near release’ and as she backed off to reposition Chips dictated, I say again, dictated an Immediate response to Telstar via Atomic Betty who enjoyed dictating, receiving or delivering. She returned a phone call while Chips kept probing SuzieQ for intel vital to the saving of America.

Agent SuzieQ Penetrates Arecibo HAARP 23 March, 2011

"Agent Telstar, Chips thanks for the head's up. Maybe they don't like the visit to Arecibo Haarp (3/23/11) and photos of the HAARP U2, photo sent via Clipper,or maybe they didn't like his TV show in England on 28 and 29 but if 'they' try to HAARP Field, oops I meant Chips, they will find the limit of their power at the HEM OF HIS GARMENT. If only one of you prays protection for the HOME ON THE HILL at Plum City, this storm WILL BE DIVERTED sparing his 100 acre property and home. The HAARP Meisters cannot get Chips or other Saints, see Psalms 91:11,12 and besides, Chips is nearly at RAF Duxford for culmination of AMALGAM VIRGO REDUX, Spade Flush. I have included the FBI Minnapolis Office so they can follow this HAARP HIT REAL TIME. Chips sends his best regards. Atomic Betty, ‘switch’.”

As Chips continued hammering SuzieQ he asked Atomic Betty to patch him through to Tango Whiskey, the Phantom Phixer who served at Danang and once worked on a Pony Express A 3 Sky Warrior with a straight probe like Chips’ who placed his straight probe into Atomic Betty’s ‘recharge receptacle’ so her CARNIVORE RCMP FIELD KIT would not lack power for the call to Vancouver, BC.

Picking up on the first ring Tango Whiskey responded “Don’t worry, I see the weather, and if God doesn’t turn it by a 30 mile radius of Plum City, our HAARP refractor will, guaranteed. Done deal, “White Hats” Otto Pilot, Uncle Ray and Global Banzai will assume control of HAARP. Chips we need to get your sister and her LGBT associates in DOJ Pride in front of a Grand Jury; until then we won’t know whether they are pedophiles by entrapment, by extortion or by inclination. The longer she stays silent however, the less favorable the outcome and, in a worst case scenario, she could find herself in a cell next to Barry and Hillary on Death Row. It is evident to the OODA loop insiders that Sis procured an illegally-modified Lear Jet from the Bombardier EW pilot Russell Williams and she used Onion Router encryption to conceal a lesbian bait and pedophile switch during the phony continuity of government exercise on 911. IMO she should be dragged before the nearest Grand Jury to answer questions related to the 3,000 wrongful deaths that resulted from her role as the war-game maitresse, or is it mattress, in the aforesaid continuity of government exercise. Note she ordered Robert Hanssen to steal the COG protocols from Ron Brown's office the day after she had Brown whacked over Yugoslavia in Operation ADF RESLAVE. You need to investigate Russ Hiebert as an unwitting sponsor of the fast-track career of Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams, the former Bombardier electronic-warfare pilot and 911 war-game maestro; we infer that he, was co-producer with his wife of a snuff film of the torture killing of JonBenet on Christmas Day 1996; we infer that he was planning an airborne attack on the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics up to the time of his arrest a few days before the opening ceremony on a tip from Pierre from the 5th and Chips from the 72nd. I have a TU2S now diverting from Whiteman AFB to Volk FIELD to block HAARP PLUM if God doesn’t cause a 30 mile offset. While Dr. Nano and Agent CRUSHER saunter up to Wisconsin at FL710, please recall that Barry still could not get a real job, because he was always a fraud, even with his Harvard degree in hand he could lie and take the Bar exam, but he could not work as a lawyer for a major law firm without a back ground investigation and he would never pass one due to homosexual, drug, and Pakistan issues none more burdensome than his HOOKY RECORD AT COLUMBIA. So, Michelle got Barry a job at her law firm. Barry never filed a case alone and never filed a motion. He wrote lots of memos according to the law firm where Barry worked. Sidley Austin knows Barry is a fraud and they don’t want to be sued by previous clients but our plant at DLA Piper assures me the suits are ready. Barry rescinded his law licenses, so as not to be disbarred for fraud whereas the Porcine of Princeton would lose hers for stupity and excessive girth rivaling OPRAH. The Bar knows Barry lied on his application. Michelle also had to turn over her law license for her involvement in corruption with the Chicago mayors office, pardon the redundancy. Update from Dr. Nano in Crusher’s pit and Nano says AGENT CHIPS, IT IS BASEBALL SEASON, HOMEPLATE SAFE, Live, Not Livery. Chips, looks like the storm is turned by the Hammers and BASH 71 will stay on it while you stay on SuzieQ, or is it Atomic Betty?

Tango, 321466 WCS.”

Chips smiled while he continued operation RED BONE as he realized the subliminal message in “our plant at DLA Piper” meaning that Abel Danger had an Australian Exchange pilot in Dragon Lady Assoc. RAAF Exhange Pilot “Crusher”, Beale AFB

Chips was relieved to think that BASH 71 would SOS (stay on station) until the Plum City HQ was known spared and the pair of Abel Danger Agents named SuzieQ and Atomic Betty were known speared, as it were. To forestall premature exploculation Chips considered a recent email from Agent Roughrider in the Fargo Abel Danger Office inside, I say again, inside the MicroSoft Campus in Fargo.

“Chips, there was an article in the US World Report regarding the orderly behavior of the Japanese citizens and the absence of looting after the Stuxnet/HAARP earthquake and the nuclear nightmare. Social scientists are baffled by the total non-existence of looting and savage behavior in Japan considering the magnitude of this catastrophe. They conferred with human study organizations as well as sociology experts throughout the United States . Finally, after days and days of studies and meetings, they came to a conclusion ......there are no democrats in Japan. Roughrider, MSF AD

Chips had responded previously but would thank Roughrider again and intended to do so as an Immediate CARNIVORE came in from Global Hammer, The Plum.

SPADE FLUSH One Man Wrecking Crew Plum City, Immediate CARNIVORE TO AGENT Chips. “More details emerge on Col. Ted Westhusing's "suiciding" in Iraq. Days before his supposed suicide by a "self-inflicted" gunshot wound in a Camp Dublin, Iraq trailer, West Point Honor Board member and Iraqi police and security forces trainer Col. Ted Westhusing reported in e-mail to the United States that "terrible things were going on Iraq." He also said he hoped he would make it back to the United States alive. Westhusing had three weeks left on his tour of duty in Iraq when he allegedly shot himself in June 2005 in a manner similar to Clintons victim Keith McCaskle, 113 stab wounds.It is noteworthy that after Westhusing's death, two top Army generals, both responsible for training Iraqi forces, General Dave Petraeus, the Commander of the Multi National Security Transition Command Iraq (MNSTCI), and Maj. Gen. Joseph Fil, the Commander of the 1st Cavalry Division, were quickly transferred without much fanfare to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and Fort Hood, Texas, respectively. Petraeus, which rhymes with BETRAY U S, was ‘turned’ at Princeton, aka Sasquatch, Mueller FBIand Gorelick. But only Petraeus would have linkage to both Pat Tillman’s execution and U.S. Army cover-up of Colonel Westhusing's death: Highlighted by fabricated evidence and quick transfers of senior complicit officers, none of which fall outside the purview of Matthew 10:26-28. Chips, rip ‘em a new one on May 5th. Rick Shaw, Laundryboy.”
Chips understood that Westhusing was prepared to blow the whistle on fraud involving US Investigations Services (USIS), a Carlyle Group company, when he died. He had also discovered links between USIS principals and clandestine events involving the Iran-Contra scandal of the Reagan-Bush I administrations. Westhusing has also linked USIS to the illegal killing and torture of Iraqis. USIS personnel whom Westhusing was investigating had the keys to his trailer. In addition, Westhusing's personal bodyguard, posing as Rick Shaw, Chinese Laundryboy, was given a leave of absence shortly before the colonel's death. The U.S. Army's official report on Westhusing's death contained a number of falsehoods, according to those close to the case. Most importantly, the Army report stated that Westhusing had electronically communicated an interest in obtaining hollow point bullets. The bullet which killed Westhusing was a hollow point. However, the Army's statement was false, according to an informed source. In addition, the Army combed Westhusing's service record and interviewed a number of colleagues in order to concoct a story that would make suicide appear plausible. California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer is reportedly trying to get the Senate to investigate Westhusing's death. However, with the Republicans in firm control, it appears that murder of senior U.S. military officers is also something the GOP is more than willing to cover up, see also John Phosgene Wheeler and Ron ‘Squealer’ Brown.

Chips saw a routine CARNIVORE from Dr. Nano al-Umina come in as he saw Atomic Betty reach for the Minnesota Vikings Tube Sock: Chips, just got off the RT with Scott Stevens. We had Tom Bearden dialed into a three way, sort of like you and the girls, I imagine. He told us what RF to employ to turn the storm and we gave it a ‘mini stroke’ and it worked. REST ASSURED SAFE AT HOMEPLATE. Nano, BASH 71.”

Chips pulled out to prevent Atomic Betty from firing a vocal multiple as he saw an Immediate incoming from Hamish CROCODILE Watson. Atomic Betty calmed herself with PROVIDE PLEASURE while SuzieQ depleted the contents of the Redi Whip can.

Baker Street SPADE FLUSHER Hamish CROCODILE Watson Immediate CARNIVORE to Agent Chips and the Boinkettes: “Chips; keep hammering away for a re-instatement of the Canadian Grand Jury rights. These were abolished by the late Pierre “Fairy” Elliot Trudeau in 1984; we need GJ access to pre-trial evidence to distinguish between victims of murder-for-hire or wrongful deaths. Our Petit Jury can then determine if Russ Hiebert’s Canadian Governor General and his pedophile pilot Russell Williams are the principals or the victims of the Bombardier virtual floating matrix as allegedly used by Correctional Services Canada operatives for the 7/7 bombing and Taliban escape tunnel. RED ALERT; pass it on; you must quarantine Bombardier's virtual floating matrix assets, including any patented PKI/Onion Router devices capable of triggering underground bombs, before the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William on Friday, April 29th. My election campaign includes a proposal to re-instate Grand Jury rights – abolished by Pierre Elliott Trudeau – so We, The English Speaking Peoples can eliminate the culture of political corruption which appears to link Bombardier investors to ‘false-flag’ Taliban attacks, orchestrated by government insiders such as Hiebert and his Governor General and senior bureaucrats in military procurement agencies. My Hawks CAFE colleagues are investigating Russ Hiebert’s apparent use of Bombardier aircraft to fly through Camp Mirage ( see Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams ) to pick up SWAT teams allegedly trained by the homicidal pedophile Russell Williams to support great escapes and Taliban contract hits in Afghanistan. Rona Ambrose and Jamie Gorelick are both WINKING. Crocodile.”
Chips resolved mentally that his campaign would include a proposal to re-instate Grand Jury rights – abolished by Pierre Elliott Trudeau – back into Canada and other English speaking US Trading partners so We, The English Speaking Peoples can eliminate the culture of political corruption which appears to link Bombardier investors to ‘false-flag’ Taliban attacks, orchestrated by government insiders such as Hiebert and his Governor General and senior bureaucrats in military procurement agencies not to mention that City of London caused Canada, the US’s biggest foreign trade trading partner to attack America on 9/11 what was then, but not now, the longest undefended border in the world.

Chips saw the moving map on the wall indicate 15 minutes from RAF Duxford so he caused another TRIPLE PLAY, digitally, and left the girls in a satisfied, perspiration rich, lung heaving heap. He had just caged the monster in his FULL TILT COMBAT Oscar

De La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Lemon Chiffon when an urgent call for Chips to report to the paratroop door behind the left wheel well. Chips splashed on some Foo Foo juice, gave both Dangerettes an MI check, then left them as he ran to the paratroop door.

“Agent Chips, what time does your watch say?”

Chips didn’t ever wear a watch on combat missions so he smelled a rat. He looked at his Clipper Squirt Gun and read 0708 on the digital time display and saw code 3000 in red, blinking.

He turned to Luke Dunlap and told him “Luke, someone has wired me to BLOW if I am not below 3000 AGL in next 2 minutes”.

“God Speed and God Bless” urged Luke as he pushed Chips into the airstream which was diverted somewhat by the extended paratroop blast deflector doors and the fact that Fluffy the pilot had slowed to 140 knots. As he free fell he exposed himself so he could measure the atmospheric pressure and ensure he was well below 3000 feet before he pulled the first ripcord. Judging by his TI he saw his timer indicated 60 seconds to go passing 7000 feet. He started a countdown in cadence with the clock and at “40” he pulled the main chute and somehow was not surprised by the streamer. Fearing the worst he began parasailing his body toward a large straw stack behind a cattle barn south of Ely but north of Over, at 0 + 52 he pulled the reserve chute and his descent was arrested about 300 feet over what was apparently ALBANY FARM. He maneuvered towards the straw pile hoping it was clean and free of pitchforks. A man driving a Land Rover and wearing Wellingtons came to his aid.

“Reminds me of D-Day mate, can I buy you a pint at the Exibition Pub”.

“That would be lovely mate, let me get out of this parachute harness, please, and if you drive I will buy the pints.”

As the cattleman and Agent Chips drove into Over to have a pint or ten at the Exhibition Pub, in the CRF of Spooky 71 the Dangerettes were advised that Les Cook had retrieved the package. Immediately behind that CARNIVORE CALL from Umbrellaman, an incoming Clipper went unnoticed in Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun as he wished he had been wearing more that a Lemon Chiffon Thong when he bailed out.

Chips, thanks for taking my call. Re Chapter 3: “My reading of this doc shows that at 1933 period the grand jury process was being nobbled. Section 1025 of the Revised Statutes must have been implemented for some practical reason.1933 was part of a period when the bankruptcy of the U.S. commenced.The American people suffered the next phase of the theft of their inheritance during those years of forced servitude to foreign bankers and merchants as designed in Banker’s Manifesto of 1892. They were placed under the International credit scheme after being compelled to hand over their gold/ silver for Notes of a private Trust system.The Americans could no longer lawfully pay for their goods once the credit line was introduced. Bankruptcy on the international level runs 70 years to the day, to the hour apparently. The year be the default and then further credit, or a war of some magnitude soon to follow.The exact day I cannot recall at present, and it repeated again in 2001, perhaps 11 September, 2001 . It is a mechanism of high deception.Your country has been at the centre of a great deal of deception, as against what was originally provided for in the 1780s. As David remarked in his conversation with me tonight ( Aust. E.S.T ), that the ‘runaway grand jury’ cannot have a lawyer in that room. The broader implication is connected to what General Tiberius Franklin - WESCOM ANR has written about. What is the best postal address you have for receiving that Video-CD of which the presenter David-Wynn: Miller explains about how the twin towers were destroyed internally by the use of C4 encased in the replacement Office furniture and set off by some kind of pulse device. Miller’s in depth explanation with examples of equations given on a white board seems feasible and may have been overlooked by the investigators at FBI and other agencies. I am no expert in physics and mathematics, so it goes just a bit beyond my comprehension as to how concrete, glass, steel can be turned into nano dust when it did to each of the 110 storey towers. If it helps to nail the perpetrators that did 911 then it ought be looked at. The 2800 people who lost their lives on that day deserve this and it is necessary to rest their souls. PS, Dr Nano did not need to turn the storm, God did. CPA 31 miles NNW on a NE track. God is Amazing. Crusher, Nosegunner BASH 41.”

Adepto Perfectus = dutchsinse

Chips reviewed the PWA tape (predictive weather agent) from Abel Danger Global and watch how God’s weather could be manipulated by Ungodly men such as Rothschilds or Rockefellers or other vermin. Chips smiled thinking how foolish they were to try and go against God. Chips knew who ruled wind and water and it was not some Princeton Prick or Georgetown Queer.

Chips was enjoying his first frothy mouthful of John Smith’s Lager when a voluptuous lady with a Russian accent noticed his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Lemon Chiffon and whispered into his good ear in flawless Turkish: Pardon oh takan sana zevk sağlamak için RAF Duxford gönderilmiş Agent Chips ise, tanga dolması. Eğer Chips% 107 TI ulaşmak ve hedef bölge de bu noktada lütfen iseniz.

Abel Danger PWA Agent Fox Lily, Astana, Kazakhstan, age 22!/photo.php?fbid=1564665369747&set=a.1492125316291.70203.1628782056&type=1&theater

Chips could feel the caged monster prepare to break confinement so to obstruct auto extension he turned Agent Fox from Astana, Kazakhstan and held her tight against himself as she stood on her tippy toes to align the plumbing, at least vertically and horizontally. Chips noticed the proper Pastel bustier was about ready to bust out all over the place so he left a 20 pound note on the bar and followed Agent Fox out the back of the Pub observing she exhibited no VPLs, and he smiled as he detected the scent of a woman. As they reached the car park, a 1936 Studebaker pulled up and stopped, idly like it had a mild cam. Chips sat in the passenger seat, uncaged the monster and Fox hiked her grey loose fitting combat skirt and settled on to the stabilizing unit taking no pleasure from Project Insert. Agent Chips did, a lot, but only for security purposes. As Courtly Stonewall headed east, Agent Chips selected C4 and 240 on the 6 disc CD player in front of him and got in the groove while Jerry Reed kept Courtly Stonewalls mind on the music, and eyes on the road. As Courtly buried the speedometer, Agent Chips was burying the bone, if you know where my head’s at. Agent Fox was enjoyed the bumpy road, a lot. So bumpy she was worried of a premature climax such as she suffered during splendor on the grass near the gold ball of Astana in September, 2008, when a shy 19 year old ‘newbie’ at Abel Danger, Astana, Kazakhstan was initiated by the Marine STANDING TALL WITH THE GOLDEN BALLS.

Splendor in the Grass view of GOLDEN BALL, Operation BONER, 4/29/11

September 11, 2008 ‘Splendor in the Grass’, Eurasian Film Festival, Richard Dreyfus!/photo.php?fbid=1461365627318&set=a.1492125316291.70203.1628782056&type=1&theater

As Courtly Stonewall approached the main gate to RAF Duxford, Agent Fox finished up and dismounted. Chips mentally acknowledged the Amazing Grace of God that He, God, would protect not only his children but his home and property while Chips was after the bad guys and “gettin’ er done”. As Courtly Stonewall, Fox and Chips entered the WWII Air Force Museum amphitheater they saw it window-dressed to look like a Roman tourist destination, perhaps the Coliseum. Chips recognized Hamish, Banzai Pipeline, Dr. Nano and Marquis d’Cartier who, as a non-queer quartet, summarized Chips’ thoughts towards his Creator and Saviour. Towards the end, Agent Braveheat joined the mix as Cameron-Harper-Obama became the ‘rabbits on the run’ on MayDay, 2011 and the world saw HAARP in a different light as Abel Danger impact on the SHUTTLE LAUNCH and NEW MADRID FAULT was made known, capeche?

AMAZING GRACE Sung by 4 Men Beautifully!

CLONE DRONE A3D N870RS and N874RS in service USN 1969-W386?

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