Thursday, May 19, 2022

Psychopaths Hire an Army to Protect Themselves

Editor's note: What we are witnessing here is the central banking apparatus exposing its iron fist. The WEF located in Switzerland with its attendees led by Schwabie are terrified. They need a small army to protect them at their big summit in Davos. This is what psychopaths fear most: retaliation and violence. They are terrified Russia under Vladimir Putin is going to bring the hammer down on their heads. 

Source: 21st Century Wire

Swiss Military Give Schwab 5,000 Troops and 'No-Fly Zone' for This Year's Davos Summit

MAY 17, 2022 | BY NEWS WIRE
The Swiss government has laid on its biggest military deployment in peace time – not for any war or overseas intervention, but rather to protect the global elite who are gathering in Davos for Klaus Schwab's annual World Economic Forum confab.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Shit on a Stick

Editor's note: The war on human consciousness is going to become unbearable. Read more about this vile human garbage here: Headlines for May 19 -- We're Dealing with the Devil

Removing M777 155mm Howitzers From the Ukraine Battlefield

Editor's note: Update on the basically useless M777 US-supplied 155mm Howitzers (about 100 supplied) sent to Ukraine. The Russian military has located and has started destroying these weapon systems moving into Ukraine. How? Russia has total ISR (Intelligence; Surveillance; Reconnaissance) battlefield awareness and knows where these weapon systems are moving. What's the point other than the US protracting this war in Ukraine (the EU are war mongers) for as long as possible?

Sitrep Operation Z: NATO surrenders in Azovstal

PSYOP2022: The UFO/Alien Agenda - Elon Musk for President in 2024

Editor's note: The global Covid 19 fake pandemic operation and the chaos that it brought including vaccine (injection) deaths (resources being redirected to space?) and injuries is going to pale in comparison to the next big PSYOP and that is the UFO/alien agenda rollout.

Economic Commercial Warfare Over Resources

Editor's note: Here is an interesting development. Apparently, the Russian military operating in Syria fired S-300 missiles at Israeli Air Force jets that have been regularly carrying out strikes on Syrian targets with impunity. Those targets are likely connected to Iran. Then it is announced that Europe will begin to accept natural gas from Israel over Russia. Where is Israel getting its natural gas from? From the Levant Basin as Israel becomes energy independent. That is the reason the Israelis want the Palestinians gone and Lebanon out of the way.

Israel boosting natural gas production for Europe – report

Source: South Front

Russian Military Fired S-300 Missiles At Israeli Fighter Jets During Last Attack On Syria

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

US, UK and NATO Ukrainian Military Cannon Fodder Crawling Out of the Azovstal Steel Plant

Editor's note: Colossal tragedy and waste of human life as 300 surrender: Evacuation Of Ukrainian Fighters From Azovstal Continues. No Promises Of Their Exchange (Videos)


1.5 Million "Useless People" in Donbass

Editor's note: It takes a Nazi-like mentality to kill off 1.5 million useless people and so the evidence indicates the US, UK and NATO set up, trained, financed and provided logistics for the neo-Nazi fascist Azov Battalion and the right sector in Ukraine. This story was sourced from: A Ukrainian Nazi Reveals Zelensky's Regime Plan for Donbass: '1.5 million people have to be exterminated' (Video)

President Vladimir Putin Offers a Deal

May 18, 2022
Moscow, Russia
On behalf of the Russian government, President Vladimir Putin has formally offered a deal with the United States.

He has pledged to not invade any American territory, and to recognize a new honest government that would replace, by whatever means necessary, the corrupted casino that is not America.

Is it an attempt to sabre rattle, or dick wag...or something else?

International Asymmetric Biowarfare Correspondent - not fooled or amused

Sir Oliver Klosov

Are the NATO countries conducting expensive war games during a societal crisis try to intimidate Russia?... or their own people that are seriously thinking about revolution to end the Brussel's experiment in neo feudalism?

NATO military bloc is kicking off its massive "Hedgehog 2022" exercise that is one of the largest in history involving some 15,000 troops from 14 nations, including both military bloc members and their partners—sees this joined with the

"Iron Wolf" war exercise, which involves 3,000 NATO troops and 1,000 pieces of military equipment, including Germany's Leopard 2 tanks FOR NO GOOD REASON

US and UK Commanding the Ukrainian Military Cannon Fodder

Source: The Saker

After the NATO War is Over

May 17, 2022 | 64 Comments

By Batiushka for the Saker Blog

Make no mistake about it: The tragic war that is currently taking place on Ukrainian battlefields is not between the Russian Federation and the Ukraine, but between the Russian Federation and the US-controlled NATO. The latter, also called 'the collective West', promotes an aggressive ideology of organised violence, a politically- economically- and militarily-enforced doctrine euphemistically known as 'Globalism'. This means hegemony by the Western world, which arrogantly calls itself 'the international community', over the whole planet. NATO is losing that war, which uses NATO-trained Ukrainians as its proxy cannon fodder, in three spheres, political, economic and military.

Firstly, politically, the West has finally understood that it cannot execute regime change in Moscow. Its pipedream of replacing the highly popular President Putin with is CIA stooge Navalny is not going to happen. As for the West's puppet-president in Kiev, he is only a creature of Washington and its oligarchs. A professional actor, he is unable to speak for himself, but is a spokesman for the NATO which he loves.

No One Does Propaganda (Black) Better Than the British

Editor's note: Why not start your day right with a Twinings tea and a little background into why propaganda put out by the British is always so devastatingly effective?

The British Hand 

Secret British Black Propaganda Campaign Exposed

May 17, 2022

A campaign led by the Information Research Department (IRD), which was established by the British Labour government to spread secret black propaganda, was recently exposed after some documents were declassified.

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