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Zionists Train Whites and Christians to Hate Muslims

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"All the News That Sulzberger's Propaganda Rag Saw Fit to Distort"

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NY Times: Without Calming Voice, G.O.P. Is Letting Divisive Ones Speak on Muslims


When Ben Carson said that he would not want to see a Muslim elected president, he exposed a fissure between many Republican leaders and elements of the party's grass roots.


The Anti-New York Times 

This story represents a 4-ring circus of idiocy involving imitation conservatism, imitation Christianity, imitation Islam and, of course, imitation journalism. Rested and ready after three days spent at Cape May (NJ), the staff of The Anti-New York Times is more than up to the challenge of taking on these four groups of hypocritical posers at the same time.


Rebuttals to selected excerpts:

Slimes: In the years since President George W. Bush sought to separate the Islamic extremists behind the Sept. 11 attacks from the millions of practitioners of what he called a religion of peace …

Analysis: Fallacy of prior assumption! Over the course of the 14 years that have passed since the 9/11 attacks, not one shred of evidence has been presented to show that "Islamic extremists" were the ones "behind the Sept. 11 attacks". However, the stack of evidence implicating Israel and the Globalists stands as high as the Twin Towers once did.

The false anti-Muslim accusation underpinning the official narrative of 9/11 must not go unchallenged. Books like Stranger Than Fiction by Albert D. Pastore and 9-11 Evil by Victor Thorn (and many others) do an excellent job of destroying the myth.

Slimes: … many in his party (GOP) have come to reject the distinction [between terrorists and peaceful Muslims].

Analysis: That's only because the Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the left–right piranha press continue to blame false-flag attack after false-flag attack after false-flag attack on Islam. It's only natural for the "distinction" to become blurred after so many years of slander against Islam.

Slimes: … the debate over Islam is particularly worrisome for Republicans because it so vividly highlights the vacuum that has been created by the absence of a unifying leader who can temper the impulses of the rank and file.

Analysis: The Slimes can instantly "temper the impulses" of the gullible mob by telling the truth about false-flag attacks! Of course, that won't ever happen because when it comes to framing Islam, Sulzberger's kosher Slimes is "in on it".

Slimes: "The conservative movement needs a pope," said Matt Lewis, a conservative writer. “Whether it was William F. Buckley writing the Birchers out of the movement …

Analysis: Though not directly related to the subject, we would like to point out that Bill Buckley's dirty attack on the John Birch Society was a Globalist hit-job. The "conservative" Buckley was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the "Birchers" openly spoke about conspiracies and the New World Order.
CIA–CFR "conservative" stabbed Robert Welch, the anti-New World Order leader of the John Birch Society, in the back. Buckley would not allow "conspiracy theories" in the conservative movement.

* The Anti-New York Times does not endorse the John Birch Society; mainly because of its own refusal to mention the Zionist role in the world conspiracy.

Slimes: … or George W. Bush using his voice and office to speak out about Islam, we need people who, like them, will take leadership positions."

Analysis: Ah yes. For George W. Bush so loved the "good Muslims" that he caused the deaths of 1 million of them in Afghanistan and Iraq!

Slimes: But with many conservatives in the Obama years now seeing themselves as under siege, there are significant incentives for would-be leaders to cater to what Mr. Lewis called "their sense of victimhood."

Analysis: There is a bit of truth to this notion of GOP voters having a "sense of victimhood". The War on Whites – being waged by Jewish Supremacists and their controlled Black & Brown agents, is indeed very real and getting scarier by the day. But because GOP Whites are forbidden by the gods of political correctness to talk about those groups, Muslims/Arabs become an easy target for those Whites too afraid to speak against the "protected groups". In the field of psychology, this phenomenon is referred to as "displaced aggression".

Slimes: For Democrats, there is an opening to use the criticism of Islam to portray Republicans as intolerant, reinforcing an image that has damaged the party's brand.

"I call on every Republican to denounce Dr. Carson's disgusting remarks," Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, said on the Senate floor Monday, posting a photograph on Twitter of the star-and-crescent-bedecked headstone of a Muslim American soldier who died in Iraq.

Analysis: This strategic point is also correct. By taking the Left's bait and engaging in Muslim-bashing, the Republican'ts alienate socially and fiscally conservative Muslims – driving them in droves to a Demonrat Party which they really have no business being in.

The unwritten laws of liberal "Political Correctness" protect Blacks, Browns, Asians, Jews, women, queers, handicapped, and now, trannies. Muslims, on the other hand, in spite of the Slimes' phony show of compassion, are not protected by the invisible Jewish shield of "PC". Victimized Whites and Christians can therefore take out ALL of their frustrations against Muslims and Arabs.

Slimes: Muslim leaders also denounced Mr. Carson. "My heart was so saddened to hear those words come out of the mouth of an individual who is seeking the highest office in our land," said Mahdi Bray, an imam and director of the American Muslim Alliance, at a news conference in Washington.

Analysis: Imam Bray, you shouldn't be surprised that a Christian-Zionist bigot like Carson would trash Islam. The putrid pastors of these fake churches have never explained to their flocks that Islam reveres Jesus as a Holy Prophet and commands its followers to respect both Christianity and true Judaism. But frankly, Imam, you're not all that much better of a religious leader than the portly pastors of hate are.

You see, Imam, you and many of your Imam colleagues have failed your own flocks by refusing to organize and shout from the rooftops that "9/11 was an inside job!" You know it's the truth; and yet, as one false-flag after another after another continues to play out, you sit quietly by and allow the slander of your religion and race to go uncorrected. Don't worry about Ben Carson. Put some faith in Allah and grow a frickin' pair!

Slimes: "Not only because it's inconsistent with the United States Constitution, but what do I tell my kids?"

Analysis: Tell your kids that when your people were being slandered and falsely blamed for mass murder, mass rape, and faked beheadings, you and your fellow "Muslim leaders" chose to whine about corny Carson's careless one-liner instead.

Instead of SHOUTING from the rooftops about what they KNOW are false-flag terror attacks designed to frame them, millions of mousy Muslims prefer to whine about "Muslim bashing" or to express their opposition to things like "domestic violence." Gee, fellas – it sure is nice to know you all are against wife-beating. Thanks for sharing that with us!

Slimes: While Muslims are viewed more skeptically by the American public than are members of any other faith, Republicans are especially uneasy about Islam.

Analysis: Again, this is only because of Sulzberger's Slimes and the piranha press falsely accusing Muslims for every atrocity from A-Z.

Slimes: Evangelical Christians, in particular, are wary about Muslims, according to the research. Mr. Carson is an evangelical and has found appeal among this constituency in his presidential bid.

Analysis: For the most part, these are Christian-Zionist crazies who pray for the terrorist "State of Israel" to kick-off Armageddon so that they can be "raptured" up, up and away.

Slimes: Despite President Obama's release of his birth certificate, false claims about his place of birth and faith persist among some conservatives.

Analysis: The claims about Obongo's place of birth are not false. He released a fake birth certificate, partially to conceal the fact he was born in Kenya, and also to hide the identity of his real father, the openly Communist sex pervert, Frank Marshall Davis.

As for claims about Obongo's "Muslim faith" – those are indeed false. Obongo is an atheist, not a Muslim.

Slimes: Those views were on display last week in New Hampshire when … a man attending a Trump town hall meeting called Mr. Obama a Muslim and said the country needs to "get rid of them."

Analysis: That raving fool really seemed like a plant – intended to embarrass Trump.

The Birth Certificate is fake, and the raving man in the audience – who Trump did not correct when he said that Obongo was a Muslim – is probably fake as well.

Slimes: Mr. Trump's reaction was strikingly different from that of Senator John McCain, who, in the 2008 presidential campaign, was confronted by a similar voter. "He's a decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues," Mr. McCain said to a woman who called Mr. Obama "an Arab."

Analysis: It is not the responsibility of Donald Trump to come to the defense of Obongo. Only the questioner can be held accountable for the question, not Trump.

Slimes: It was also far removed from Mr. Bush's response in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks. … Mr. Bush, in an address to a joint session of Congress, drew a distinction between adherents of radical Islam and peaceful Muslims.

Analysis: Yes. Bush the Merciful and Cheney the Tolerant "drew a distinction" between good & bad Muslims – and then proceeded to murder 1 million of them and torture hundreds of others in torture camps. Good golly, Jonathan Martin of The Slimes! With "friends" like Bush & Cheney, the Muslims sure don't need enemies!

Bush's "respect" for Muslims was quite evident in 2003, and beyond. Evidently, it's OK to slaughter, rape and torture Muslims and Arabs – just don't say nasty things about them.

Slimes: He was, aides recall, concerned about the safety of American Muslims in the tumultuous days after the assault on New York and the Pentagon.

Analysis: If Bush was so "concerned" about the safety of Muslims, then why did his Feds round up 1400 innocent Muslims and throw them in jail for weeks? Answer: So that the ONLY arrests of 9/11 – "The Five Dancing Israelis" – would not look so conspicuous because the Feds could say the Israelis were just caught up in the same dragnet as everyone else was.

Slimes: Mr. Carson's remark undermines that effort, former Bush aides said.

Analysis: Quoting aides to George W. Bush, eh? Carson, as goofy as he is, did not launch the never-ending and disastrous "War on Terror". Bush did!

Slimes: … the videotaped beheadings by the Islamic State abroad, the jihadist attacks in world capitals like Paris … had significant effects on views of Islam.

Analysis: Beheadings = Fake / Attack in Paris = Fake

The headlines tell the tale!

1- "Five Men Detained as Suspected Co-Conspirators" – The ONLY five men arrested on 9/11 all turned out to be Israeli army veterans.

2- 1000-1400 innocent Muslims were later arrested for petty visa overstays. This slick move by the Bush–Cheney–Chertoff gang allowed the 5 Israelis (and later, up to 100 more) to blend into "the sweep" of "minor visa violators."


Boobus Americanus 1: Ben Carson's bigotry towards Muslims is totally uncalled for. He should apologize immediately.

Boobus Americanus 2: Agreed. One thing about George Bush and John McCain – they always made it a point to differentiate between peaceful Muslims and the radical terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11.


"Tell me, Boobussess: How did the big bad Muslimss bring down Building 7, the Twins'ss 600-foot neighbor acrosss the sstreet, on 9/11? Were you two &$#*%@ss even aware that a THIRD sskysscraper came down later that day?"

(Well, you see, Sugar – the falling debris and fire from the Twins crossed the street, 300 feet away, ignited Building 7, and so it came down in a perfect free-fall because it had so many broken windows.)

Mike King - Hour 1 - Planet Rothschild & The Lie of Democracy

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