Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” - Book 11 Chapter 12

In 2013 War Is Too Important To Be Left To The Samesex Politicians; See Also Pat Tillman and Benghazi’s Tyrone
Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 Washes Bloody Hands Of Hillary?

Pre-Chapter Listening Assignment:


Liar, Liar, Lesbian FAT ASSED, Titless Pants-Suit on Fire
Hillary Diane Roadhog Shithead Receives CRUNT Award

Hillary Diane Roadhog Clinton Is Officially Invited To Lick My Balls
Hillary The Ugliest Of Five Jane Does Fingered By Man With Big Green Balls

Punahou 1967, Noted Initials F M Outboard Of Numbers

No Aircraft Carrier In Mediterranean on 9-11-2012, First Time Since 20 January, 1981

Man With BIG GREEN BALLS Give Hillary Kiss Of Death

This fake arm takes shots and gives blood

Cruz-Amash-Paul-Inhofe-Abel Danger Impeach?
  Agent Hamish and Dr. Nano al-Umina Arrive At Mill Creek Ranch Resort

On 9 May, 2013, TREASON CHARGES Were Sent To Two Governors

Agent Mona Blue (aka Sandy Schlitz) On Shore Of Troubled Guy Lake, 20 July, 2012

October 22nd, 1996 ; Five Jane Does One Being Jane Rodham Doe

On 22 October, 1996 Five JANE DOES Planned This
( Jamie Gorelick, HILLARY CLINTON, Kristine Marcy and Two Limpwads )
Bean Spiller, 9 May, 2013, Mill Creek Ranch Resort Texas, 72ndC4ISR

Annapolis Class of ‘71 Has Provided 5 Mascots, Bills 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 Three Lapua Magnums Deployed At Troubled Guy Lake 
1,500 metres (1,640 yd) (.338 Lapua Magnum)

Abel Danger Agent Nico Toratora Tracks Pothole
Water Must Mean Gay Ass In French?

  Smug Lord Gelding and Daft Lady Chatterbox Breeders of Barry Soetoro?
Pu Pu Bear Loves Punahou Mulatto’s Stern Delivery

Barack Punahou al-Quantico, Background Unestablished
[ Bland-Spencer-Young-Okrent-Wone ? ]
Too Much Prune Juice, Don’t Pull My Finger!!

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes For 2nd Biggest Jerk in USA


Way back in the previous chapter Agent Chips had been ‘honey-trapped’ into believing two constitutionally loyal sheriffs wished to brief him in the RV. Chips found out that the ‘two sheriffs’ were actually a pair of melons hidden under Agent Bean Spiller’s well stuffed shirt; one marked Mo and the other marked Tex. Adjusting his eyes to the darkness inside the RV Chips asked if the two Sheriff’s were in the room as Bean Spiller locked and latched the door to the RV. She demurely responded in the affirmative as she half masted Chips’ Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha. Chips was doubting that the two Sheriffs, on from Patterson, Missouri the other from Wintergreen, Texas were in the RV so he asked Agent Bean Spiller to show them to him. 

Jersey Milker and Probeman Prior to DNA Launch 

Bean Spiller lifted her well stuffed Abel Danger T-shirt in bone and as her 44D ‘accoutrements’ stood at rigid attention, Chips saw Tex on the left knocker and Mo on the right knocker. He recalled she was from the SHOW ME STATE as she selected F4 and C15 on here Clipper Spelunking helmet and assumed her favored position, side oiler which is similar to sidewinder but involving a larger warhead, as the music started. Chips had been tricked by Bean Spiller into sharing his ‘essence’ with the queen of the Jersey milking parlor, not to suggest that the British Isles of Jersey, Guernsey and Man are havens of international financial frauds including a CCX money man called Sandor from a sewer called Chicago where Richard Sandor and Henry Bienen had helped Minow (aka Fig Newton ) recruit Sasquatch, the female ‘baby killer’ who sent the dead fetuses to Mitt Romney’s STERICYLE all the while helping Bank of America and John Stumpf’s Wells Fargo into milking America in MERS MDA Mindbox Mortgage Frauds, see also Judge Rosemary M. Collyer who let Wells Fargo off the hook, capeche? Chips had been serving the quim when Hamish showed up, late, as the athletic rack artist from Patterson, Missouri was getting ready to receive a massive offload of protein rich fluid from the fellow who set the world record for low jet to jet air refueling using the PROBE SEEN ROUND THE WORLD and as the JERSEY MILKER neared exploculation she was confident she would not be denied the ESSENCE OF CHIPS.


Agent Hamish Patrols Tyler, Texas In Advance of Nano al-Umina’s OMNIGLOBE

Kosher al-Qaeda Stalks EASY MONEY On Wall Street, Canada Square, 1455 K St NW

Soetoro Throws Thunder Thighs Under Bus; Chips Throws Soetoro Out Of The USA 

An incoming Routine Clipper arrived on Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun just as his target was penetrated sufficiently to complete the act according to UCMJ but not sufficient according to Bean Spiller whose mastery of the milking parlor was legend at Abel Danger even among the younger studs like Nico Toratora of Canada. Agent Chips had saddled up for the 15 minute quickie not aware that Bean Spiller had removed the battery from her 15 minute EGG TIMER. As he dished out something best served hot, he realized how the 5 Jane Does had created a Monster they could now not survive as Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Texas, Seal Team 6 and oath keeping elements of FBI, notice no mention made of Houston and Phoenix, were telling the Queer Feds to fuck off. As the music played on and coitus continued between one heterosexual and turgid man and one CEMAW warm and willing woman with a rack to die for, he harked back to Marine Corps Base Quantico and the underground facility where the FBI “FIELD” Operations Office was located. Chips had settled into sync with Bean Spiller’s quivering vulva as outside the RV Agent Hamish arrived at the picnic with a case of Perrier and a dozen limes for slicing with Agent Nano al-Umina hiding under a pile of DIRTY LAUNDRY in the back of Hamish’s rolling gynecology lab. Bean Spiller was enjoying a lengthy arrow in her petite quiver as Agent Chips was planning to BURN FIVE WITCHES as a Red Man should, before they could initiate the RING OF FIRE utilizing the PELINDABA PICKLES and the 3M WMD ( missing Minot munition ) not to be confused with Agent Chips’ PTRC, WMD ( weapon of massive dilation ).


Abel Danger’s Virtual Office at 1501 K Street NW Monitors 1455 K Street Via JABS 

Chapter 12 

Five Little Lesbo Girls Get Burned In Ring Of Fire Treason Of ( redacted ) of May, 2013


MacCheese, Rooster Cogburn, Corazon Dulce, Ginger Cookie, Agent Tillman and Agent Bean Wait Patiently as Chips Probes Bean Spiller In Interest Of National Security  

Scripture of the Day: Psalm 139:13-14 NKJV 

For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.
I will praise You,
for I am fearfully andwonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well. 

Gospel Song of the Day: Where The Soul Never Dies, Oak Ridge Boys

Secular Song of the Day: Broken Hearted Melody, Sarah Vaughan


Agent 80W Prepares For Duty aField in Operation LEMONPIPER 2013

Hamish parked his 1996 super trick, piss wicked Fleetwood Stretch disguised as a 1931 rolling gynecological lab next to a 1966 Ford TBird and told Nano al-Umina it was safe to come out from the pile of dirty laundry. However Nano was in a conference call with Dana R., Justin A., Rand P., Ted C., Marco R., Nico T. and some weapons manufacturers looking at Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri (*) and Wisconsin as logical locations to move corporations currently ‘unnamed’ but keep in mind that Abel Danger uses personal defense weapons made by Colt, Remington, Mossberg, Sig Sauer, Ruger, HK, Weatherby and Lapua. (*) When Governor Nixon is removed.


Hamish carried a twelve pack of Perrier Mineral Water and a bag of limes to the picnic table and sat next to Corazon Dulce, of Abel Danger Aguadilla in Puerto Rico where she had worked with Juan Elguapo and Chips before Elguapo went to work with Ronald Reagan in the “pre Al Haig era” and Chips went to work for (redacted) beginning on 14 February, 1967 in the pre “PTRC” era. At that time Chips’ father was working at PacAf Headquarters on Hickam AFB and the building still had ordnance damage from the Tora Tora event of 7 December, 1941 and notice, for the record, I did not mention Dianne Finedickcheesestine or Whale Vagina, pardon the non-mentioned redundancy, nor the fact that her husband, a Blum, had contrived with Al Checchi and Gary Wilson to rape Northwest Airlines in 1989. As Hamish sat down next to Corazon Dulce he was stunned by the firmness of her fun bags and had he been a decade younger, he may have enjoyed an elevation of his TI. He was brought into the here and now when Agent MacCheese called the PICNIC to order, while wiping Grolsch suds of he upper lip.

“We cannot wait for Chips to join us as Bean Spiller pulled the 4 double A batteries from her EGG TIMER so my brief comments will be followed by Hammer Rooster and Ranger Tillman prior to the LEMONPIPER brief by Umbrellaman which should start in 15 minutes at 0932 15 May 13 Pine Gap, Australia time. Let’s hack our Clippers, Alice Springs time now 0917 straight up, hack hack.”

“Hillary is to be thrown under the bus by the FOUR TWISTED SISTERS and the unknown quanity from Punahou, 1979 who has been protected by Anwar Awlaki, the AR15 toting robo-jew and elements of the FBI at Quantico who have been writing the scipts for Crisis Actors and Redtree Productions including Aurora, Cudahy, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and the Pennsylvania Amusement Park. We have ‘electronic tracks’ from our virtual office on the (redacted)th floor of the building at 1501 K Street NW, Washington DC where we have a ‘coffee maid’ wired at the Starbucks under the Tomoye Office at 1455 K Street where lobbyist Mark Andrews of Casselton, North Dakota frequently stops to get cream. Our ‘coffee maid’ is Rhonda but to confuse FBI, SES and Tomoye she wears a name tag emblazoned ‘Rhonda-3years’ as if being a minimum wage employee for 3 years is something considered gratifying in this economy that Barry Soetoro has been commissioned by the Geriatric Goosestepping fluff-bonnet, married to the flaccid and flatulent Prince Phartingham, to destroy. Let me give you the five bullet statements regarding Barry and his background:

1) recruited while a boy at Punahou and trained by Frank Marshal Davis who boned his ma.

2) registered at Punahou School as Barry Soetoro, Indonesia Muslim, leader of the CHOOM GANG

3) given Fulbright Scholarship to Occidental. Fulbrights only for foreign students. He boned a skinny Pakistani

4) administratively at Columbia while physically in Quetta, Pakistan in 1981 where he was boning a Pakistani

5) was a ‘special guest’ at Harvard as arranged by David Johnston ( aka Lord Gelding ) for purpose of planning the City of London/Vatican sponsored Canadian attack on America which was possible as early as 22 October, 1996 but delayed to occur during Bush administration not to be confused with Obama Regime. 6) Was ‘put in play’ by five treasonous Jane Does at a meeting at the U S D o (q)Q on October 22nd, 1996 which was the 43rd birthday of someone special. 7) Has been encouraged to launch RING OF FIRE by Vatican and Queenie Breath but he is losing his nerve as he realizes that Jarrett and Reid are pawning him. He sees a BMR in his immediate future. This is not related to the losses of 149809 and 149813 in Viet Nam. However, 149813 appears in a certain video tape shot at Khe Sanh on 10 Feb 68.


Agent Chips and Bean Spiller Listening To Any Old Wind That Blows

Chips, Ginger Cookie, Operation BONER(*) 1969
(*) Barak Obama Needs Early Removal
Agent Chips and Ginger Cookie, 11 May, 1969, Loring AFB, Maine 

Meanwhile, back at the Picnic table Agent MacCheese concluded his opening remarks and gave the floor to Agent Rooster Cogburn who would be Global Hammer if Umbrellaman were to invoke Operation LEMONPIPER.

“MacCheese, thank you, however I am downloading a file from Umbrellaman and I need to call him briefly so I yield the floor to Agent Tillman for a briefing from the military side of the house, or in this case, picnic table. I will be right back in five.”

“Thank you Rooster, and for the rest of you please look at the citation printed on page 3 of the LEMONPIPER briefing guide. It is the Abel Danger nomination of General Ham to receive the Distinguished Service Cross for his bold initive at AFRICOM during the treasonous ANAL RAPE of America where 4 Americans were wrongfully murdered by Thunder Thighs, Barry Soetoro and the resident ape, Panhead. I will give you a moment to read the citation.”

Distinguished Service Cross

Awarded for actions during the Domestically Contrived GWOT Benghazi Anal Rape

The Global Operations Director of Abel Danger Intelligence Agency, authorized by unanimous acclamation of WE THE PEOPLE, takes great pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to General Carter F. Ham, United States Army, for distinguished service and heroism with AFRICOM on 11 September, 2012. General Ham’s actions in the face of adversity, homosexual leadership and a domestic enemy with a wide beam and flat chest are in keeping with the finest traditions of military valor. His dedication and commitment to duty undoubtedly could have saved the lives of two of his fellow combat personnel and two United States civilians, while his leadership and distinguished service were instrumental to his unit's attempted response to a domestically ordered pre-meditated attack involving Hillary’s U.S. State contracted British Mercenary force BLUE MOUNTAIN assets arranged with complicity of BBA and BBC. General Ham’s actions reflect great credit upon himself, AFRICOM, the non 23 Star Fragger Graduates of West Point, a Marine from Annapolis, SEAL Team veterans and the United States Army, especially its Ranger such as Pat Tillman. General Ham distinguished himself with heroism and exceptionally meritorious service on 11 September 2012, while under heavy enemy administrative fire, all of it being deployed from the PEOC with full knowledge and real time audio visual intelligence by State Department senior traitors who take their ‘marching orders’ from Europe according to Al Gore’s Clipper enabler Panhead Panetta . General Ham was aware of urgent pleas for Fire Support for U S property in Benghazi and had AC130s, F16s and Marines on alert to respond with response time of 60 minutes even thought for the first time since 21 January, 1981, the United States Navy had NFC (*) afloat in the Med. [ no fucking carrier, treason ] For the next seven hours, while Hillary and Panetta had their thumbs up their asses, two SEALs, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, upheld the highest tradition of U. S. military service ( prior to the 1979 deployment of traitorous Senior Executive Service ) in opposing a numerically overwhelming force of ‘temporary actors’ arranged by U.S. Secretary of State and provided by BLUE MOUNTAIN. While Doherty and Woods struggled to gain situational awareness, the enemy initiated a complex ambush, firing on the BMZ, ‘ Benghazi murder zone’, from an estimated seven fighting positions with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades. The last six hours of the lives of Doherty and Woods are punctuated by General Ham’s detainment by a junior officer, abject and treasonous failures of Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and the Commander in Jammies putting on his Doctor Denton’s and heading for bed, early, where Kal Pend wondered when his Okrent moment would be necessary not to mention the 14 Hellfire missiles on the MQ9 Reaper flying offset from the Predator drone directly overhead Benghazi giving the HILLARY CLINTON VOYEURS a view to the kill. With little regard for his own professional future, General Ham ordered his personel to ‘screw it’ and protect American lives with a vastly overwhelming package of Gunships, F16s and Marines. General Ham had the forces necessary, the obligation, duty and opportunity to save Americans on foreign soil under attack arranged by U S (shadow) Government involving mercenary forces from United Kingdom but was ordered to join Hillary and Leon in sticking his finger up his butt. General Ham had been ordered detained by an illegitimate Commander in Jammies aided by a Secretary of State who loathes (**) the military and a Defense Department (mis) leader whose participation in the A T & T Clippergate of 1995 paved the way for the Canadian attack on America on 9/11. After having the Commander in Jammies and the Loather of the Military blow off AFRICOM’s request, General Ham resigned himself to being unable to save the four victims of pre-meditated murder arranged by a homosexual who loathes the military and enjoys viewing anal rapes such as Stevens and Saddam and head removals like Barzan al-Takriti. General Ham’s intended actions of 9/11/12 are what define heroes. He is truly a professional who understands his commitment to duty and his fellow Soldiers despite great odds, risk of life and horseshit persons floating in the chain of command like so many ‘solid wastes’ of elitists on high roughage diets, capeche.”

Action Date: September 11, 2012 (*)
Service: Army
Rank: General
Sponsors: Field McConnell, U S Marine 0116513
Pat Tillman, U S Army Ranger ( redacted )

(**)Excerpts from Dereliction of Duty
by Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson USAF (Ret.)(loathe derelict

see also other English attacks on America of 11 September in years gone by

(*) England ’s attacks on America on September, 11


“Although our affable and never flappable Agent Chips asked for an RSVP no later than 1659 on 12 November, 2012 the three floaters ( Soetoro-Thunder Thighs-Panhead ) haven’t said a peep. Chicken shit sissies. I yield the floor back to Rooster Cogburn.”

Rooster approached the picnic table to continue the prebriefing while in the RV the debriefing continued unabated as Agent Bean Spiller barked out, “Switch, pleasure pick me up, piledriver, quickie authorized, finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer!!” to which our man Chips did as instructed in the interest of national security and blocking Eric Holder and Eric B. Marcy’s “LESBO’s GONE CRAZY” from deploying their RING OF FIRE Fall Flag scheduled for ( redacted ) days before June 25th, 2013 when the John Whitehead expose of these rat bastards goes to #1 on both the Amazon and NYT’s bestseller list. Chips was hoping not to exploculate early as Bean Spiller squeezed her thighs around his waist, locking her hands behind his neck, then carefully arching her back so her pelvic region ( target area ) nestled firmly with his Purple Tipped Red Champion. This wanton whimsical pose uped the erotic ante for both of the 1967 high schools graduates who had first exchanged precious bodily fluids in the SHOW ME state in the late spring of 1967 in the year Smokey and the Miracles sang MORE LOVE while a blossom was plucked out by a Jersey milking barn.



“Thank you Agents Tillman and MacCheese, I see the OMNI GLOBE starting its BIT checks so I will make my comments brief. As we all know the terror events occurring in the waning days of the Obama Regime are planned by elements of the FBI at their underground facility at MCB Quantico where in 1971 John Kretsinger’s F11F Tiger graced the front of O’Bannon Hall where our Agent Chips was quartered from 17 July, 1971 to 11 February, 1972. As we dig deeper into the October 22nd, 1996 ‘launch’ of President Barry Soetoro’s regime, we find that Kristine Marcy is not really the one who has worked closely with Eric Holder since 1984 but rather her beard, Eric Bruce Marcy, the treason artist trained by Carl B. Marcy, known communist sympathizer and all around weak dick not to be confused with Bill Clinton’s Peronie’s syndrome. In forming our conclusions we listened to wires of Schuyler Baab, Russ Maring, Wick Corwin and Mike Bullinger as the Vogel Law Firm across from Davey Bee’s Beehive was under financial attack for the 2003 Fraud Upon Dennis D. O’Brien’s Bankruptcy Court when Vogel “pithbull” Brakke tried to act heterosexual while facilitating a Fraud directed by Michael Oberle who represented the Northwest Airline Federal Credit Union in a botched case of courtroom fraud, pardon the rendundancy. Also from our ‘eavesdrop’ location on South Shore Drive, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota we have gleaned information regarding Mary Maring’s brother in law Russ who was being watched by US DEA in time frame 1983 to at least 1987 see also Kost, Corwin and one of Mary Maring’s nannies and I refer not to goats like those 5 Mascot Goats Agent Chips gave to Annapolis in return for having the #71 on the human mascot’s costume. As we ‘cleanse’ the Everett Dirksen Courthouse prior to Agent Chips’ upcoming filing we notice that the two good attorneys at Vogel have left the stinking ship of that corrupt law firm and found greener pastures at Frederickson Byron, a Minneapolis firm with the Fargo Office that Agent Chips may be working with on a ‘pro bono’ basis in Civil Case 3:13-cv-69 and notice, for the record, I made no mention of F. John Williams III or William Guy III or Baby Jon-Jon Brakke’s powder blue Miata and certainly never put the two words ‘cocaine’ and Wick Corwin extortion into Chapter 11. Oops, gotta go, incoming call regarding Wick Corwin’s sexual molestation charges in Fargo, Agent 80W over to you, we have 3 minutes before Umbrellaman goes live.”
     Capt John Kretsinger is second from left; 4 gauges from his F11F left MCBQ with Chips

Agent 80W Prepares For Duty aField in Operation LEMONPIPER 2013 

“Thank you Rooster I will be brief because I just got a text from Chips that he wishes to debrief me while the main bang listen to the Umbrellaman brieifing not to hark back to the Dangerette from the BANGME Office which, of course, in in Bangor, Maine which recently had an RSAF AWACS E3D Sentry stop in for some lobster and pork. We in the Lone Star State look forward to Agent Chips’ speaking opportunity at the Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial which takes place 27 May, 2013, by which time he will have filed Treason Charges against five Jane Does and their ‘creature’ as well as filing wrongful death charges against 12 Does. I would encourage all to revisit the heroism of Dietrich Bonhoeffer which can be found on page C8 of Volume 4, Issue 3 of the U S Journal, proud sponsor of the Constitutional Sheriffs Lecture Series that Agent Chips has twice spoken to. [ www.usjournalonline.com ] If one were to google [ moral coral + Dietrich Bonhoeffer + Dohnanyi + Chips + May, 26, 1996 ] one might find the point at which the Obama Ships of Fools is scuttled assuming the RING OF FIRE doesn’t get ignited prior to 26 May, 2013. If it does, Jamie S. Gorelick, Hillary R. Clinton, Kristine A. Marcy, Janet W. Reno, and Michelle LaVaughan Soetoro will come to learn of the Dick Act of 1902 regardless the fact they are dickless not to mention chicken shit. Further, Operation Bullfinch ignored the man who was victimized for protecting white youths from white abusers but it is written in the UK Column of October, 2012 and the name of the story is A GOOD SAMARITAN [ www.ukcolumn.org ]. Agent Chips has authorized me to name the date and courthouse where his Civil Case will be filed, as well as the two governors and two chief justices to whom his Treason charges will be filed with and they are……….excuse me, Chips has just summonsed me to the RV which is timely as I see that Umbrellam has placed the BIG GREEN BUTTON in the countdown mode. More later.”

Agent 80W was removing her lemon wrap as she stepped into the RV for a three way with Bean Spiller and Chips. The door was closed but not locked behind her as Umbrellaman voice but not his image were seen on the AQWB-27X OMNIGLOBE. Where his face might be expected to be visible was the face of Barack Punahou al-Quantico, deployed of ‘false ghosts’ for Operations including Gabrielle Giffords, Aurora, Cudahy, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and the Pennsylvanic amusement park charade cancelled by last minute exposure by Abel Danger Global Ops on 13 May, 2013. Agent Bean Spiller turned up the volume in the RV as 80W hung her lemon wrap and Pastel Turquoise IOCs on the coffee table while Chips administered a BDE and she returned the favor with a TI assessment.

Barack Punahou al-Quantico, Background Unestablished
[ Bland-Spencer-Young-Okrent-Wone ? ] 

Abel Bodies and Dangerettes assigned to serial Operations Queen’s Pussy through Lemonpiper, if I elect to authorize deployment of that today. The plot thickens! The criminal cabal associated with the Boston Bombings has links to Buckingham Palace where a shaken, but not stirred or probed, geriatric goosestepper and her consort, the flaccid and flatulent Prince Phartingham, have deployed too little too late by sending their red haired Spanish sired ‘randy dandy’ to Denver to play with amputee survivors of the British revenue generating Poppy Operation for which Pat Tillman gave his life. Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of the accused Boston bombers, is under an international criminal investigation for his links to Russian billionaire Timur Kulibayev who has links to Queen Elizabeth's son, Prince Andrew and to other members of the British royal family as we first learned whilst Agent Chips sniffed around Kazakhstan from 6 February, 2008 to 6 August, 2009 posing as an Airbus Captain for Air Astana with a markedly unusual employee badge numbered 6186A. Whilst in Astana, Kazakhstan, Agent Chips had determined that the Russian Mob was alive and well and aligned in southern ops Almaty and north ops Astana. Chips often dined within ear shot of Timur Kulibayev at a restaurant called LINE BREW. Chips understood that at that time Timur was one of the richest and most powerful mobsters in mineral-rich, oil-rich, gas-rich Kazakhstan. He is married to Dinara, the daughter of Kazakhstan's President who has been accused of stealing $6 billion from the Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank. Kulibayev is being investigated by the country's financial police for a series of corruption allegations in which he is accused of garnering hundreds of millions of dollars with a group of exiled opponents in Britain which, we understand, includes the brother of Kazakhstan’s President who ripped off Kazakhstan in some bogus concrete and cement frauds which brought to a screeching halt the construction boom of DUBAI OF THE NORTH as Kazaks referred to their capitol city. Kulibayev's family have also been investigated in Liechtenstein for money laundering. The real link between Kazakhstan and the Bunglers of Benghazi is the Clinton’s uranium swindling friend, Frank Giustra who didn’t fully vet all the pilots who flew a certain MD80 between Canada and Kazakhstan, capeche? Please look at the image now on the OMNIGLOBE while I get a glass of water.”
   Panetta’s Procto-Probe and Villain-ess’s Vaginosis Stink Up Soetoro Regime

Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton is guilty of "dereliction of duty" on Benghazi

“Chips has brokered his Kazakhstan flying experience into a movie deal with some wealthy Russians and a trio of Hollywood heavies where the true nature of the 9 May, 2012 downing of the Sukhoi Superjet 150 will be explained for all the world to see and for Warren Buffet to refute. I must take my leave now but consider the promise of Isaiah 54:17. Cheers.”

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, 
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment 
You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, 
And their righteousness is from Me,” 
Says the Lord. 

Umbrellaman’s voice was replaced with Agent MacCheese dismissing everyone to get a ‘sociable’ and the folks in Nova Scotia might say as a special guest appearance was about ready to occur at the picnic table while in the RV Agent 80W assumed her favored position ‘sneak-a-peak’ to entice her consort to console her not to be confused with Barry Soetoro and his cornhole preference, capeche? 80W always enjoyed this position as she got to see all the action and the delight on Chips’ face as he admired her beautiful package - face, breasts, tummy, and privates - from head to toe. If he was a good agent she’d often give him something to really drool over by occasionally throwing her head back and arching, so even more of her was in view. Chips and 80W both heard the door being latched and locked by the departing Bean Spiller after using 17 NAPAwashes for her post boinking protocols as per Abel Danger standard. To keep Chips on time and according to a master cesium clock located at 1501 K Street NW in Washington DC, 80W arched back and selected F4 on her Clipper cattle dehorner while Chips was doing his best to de-horn the faithful lass from the Lone Star state.



Chips and 80W were enjoying some ‘synergistic CEMAW heterosexual comparative anatomy’ while out by the picnic table MacCheese was dinging his spoon against his Abel Danger cocktail glass while in the dark Chips was doing some dinging of a different sort if you know where his head’s at.

Abel Danger Agent Nico Toratora Tracks Pothole
Pothole Must Mean Gay Ass In French? 

“I’d like to introduce our Ottawa Agent Nico Toratora who is actually the son on a French speaking Dangerette, perhaps Mona Blue has a male offspring named Sacre Bleu. Nico and his mother have been watching Ottawa to monitor the transgressions of David Johnston, Glamourboy, Justin ‘Pothole’ Trudeay who lesbian half sibling Lena Trudeau worked with Eric Marcy and Eric Holder in creating a ‘skimming’ mechanism involving the Asset Forfeiture Fund established by Kristine Marcy and Eric Holder in 1984 while Agent Chips was posing as a drug pilot flying a Howard 500 from Belize to Jacksonville, Florida while Adler Barriman Seal was doing a little flying for Poppy Bush, Oliver North and the Sandinista Project with Eugene Hasenfus of Wisconsin. Here kitty, kitty.”

Panetta, Hillary, Holder Leap Off The Sinking FAIRY BOAT(*)
(*)Field Accurately Infers Remote Y-channel Barry Obama Anal Treason 

 “Nico is fluent in Russian, French, Urdu and English and, like Agent Chips, likes farms and the GREAT SPIRIT. Nico was in the City of Brotherly Love recently helping get murder convictions against Kermit Gosnell who took the fall for Eric Holder according to Mona Bleu. Mona and Nico agree to these facts:

1) Jarrett-Reid-Thunder Thighs set to jump ship
2) Holder’s wife’s Abortion Mill now under scrutiny
3) Atlanta replaces Assumption Parish in RING OF FIRE 2013-05-14


“Nico was hanging out with some ‘smooth soul’ types in the city of Brotherly Love where in 1972 Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, note to be confused with Halifax’s restaurant Blue Nose, impressed Chips while he was dining at Bookbinder’s restaurant with Mona Blue, then a student at Hunter College, New York.”

“Nico learned from team afro that the clinic Gosnell butchered in was serving low-income women involving abortions of babies so close to full term they were alive and had to be murdered by the Gosnell-Romney-Soetoro perverts anchored in Chicago and spread like a web over the USA. Romney’s STERICYCLE would take the take babies and burn them up, which is spoliation of evidence of murder. Kermit Gosnell apparently liked to look at vagina’s all day but due to his impotency had to do abortions to satisfy that desire. While all Christians and Muslims, black, white or anywhere inbetween understand the sanctity of life that begins when on the 18th day of gestation the little heart takes its first beat, lazy law students in DC and others think that rather then the promiscuous parties providing contraception for their own orgasmic pursuits, we the people, i.e. the tax payers who still pay tax to the Queen’s IRS headquartered in Puerto

Rico some 17 years after the goosestepping geriatric took control of the Social Security Trust Fund, should buy the pre-lubricated condoms in tin foil wrappers so that they can prevent ‘drain babies’ from becoming real babies that need food, shelter and clothing which most ‘sport boinkers’ have no desire to provide, case in point William Jefferson Rockefeller, son of Winthrop Sr. or Ricky Nelson’s son named Crewe. Nico also was told by team afro that the local papers were told by heavies at the Chicago Trib to report nothing about this murder trial of the killer of Donald Young, Nate Spenser, Larry Bland and Alex Okrent might get his pastel Doctor Denton’s in a bunch as opposed to Agent Chips who has gotten in a bunch of panties. Nico reports that according to William Brennan, a high profile defense attorney in Philly, three counts of first degree murder is considered and aggravating circumstance which should call for 3 death penalties. According to Nico’s team afro, the black communities of the east coast are causing the wheels to come off Obama’s lack-of-soul train. Pity. Nico, would you care to say a few words about Pothole, Choomer, David Johnston and or the Project Hatfield revelation?”

Chips Derails Hope In The Choom Gang Dope, Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79 

“Point of order please MacCheese, Agent Barry M. Hall just left the fishing pond her at Mill Creek Ranch and his message says “hold the phone-I just caught a whopper. He will be here in 90 seconds. Let’s grab a Shiner Bock and listen to Barry M. Hall next.”

Agent Mona Blue and Sluggo Patrolling The Pond After Barry M. Hall’s Whopper 

Tillman, who had raised the point of order grabbed a pair of Shiner Bocks and headed towards the pond and as he left he noticed some motion under the dirty laundry pile in Agent Hamish’s 1931 rolling gyno lab while from the shaking of the RV it looked liked Agent 80W’s participation in Operation LEMONPIPER was receiving some major pipe.


Oops, wrong dirty laundry song, let me rectum-fy that with this tribute to Serco’s gay of the decade Piers Morgan who probably has a pierced organ, le petite.



Agent Tillman and Barry M. Haul reached into the cooler for another pair of Shiner Bock as Nico Toratora got an IM from Mona Blue that the ‘coast was clear’. Barry M. Hall looked around and didn’t see Chips but Dr. Nano al-Umina, once a cyber stalker of Barry Punahou al-Quantico, indicated that Chips was into a deep penetration data mining operation and that he, Dr. Nano would relay through his Clipper ARM ‘arm’, a prosthetic designed by the America’s Republic Militia to prevent the 23 million man militia from being treated with vaccines like were given to Ed Boyd Graves, Annapolis ’75, who was first kicked out of the Navy for being gay ( gee, now it is almost mandatory ) and then euthanized for being informed. Sort of like false charges were laid at the feet of sailors under the command of Walter Fitzpatrick, also Annapolis ’75, and later, in 2010, the FBI dummied up some false charges against Walter in what is known as the MADISONVILLE HOAX. It seems Barry Soetoro is not aware of the Battle of Athens in 1946. Please note for the record it was not suggested Barack Obama is a shithead.

Strange, it only comes in white, consider Boyd Ed Graves & do the math 

Nano signaled to Barry M. Hall that his Clipper ARM was hot and Chips would be listening even if he has his nose in someone else’s business. Barry M. Hall began.

“For those of you who have better things to do than watch professional distraction, excuse me, sports, you may not know of Andre ‘Bad Moon’ Rison but he was an NFL player who played for 7 different teams and won a superbowl with Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers, not to be confused with Chicago’s Onion FIELD Fudge Packers [ Rahm Emmanuel, Blago, Larry Bland, Donald Young, Nate Spencer, Barry Soetoro and the goon at Sidley Austin ]. Sadly after a much-traveled career he finds himself broke as do many pro athletes. I just got a text from a surviving family member of Left Eye Lopez, the singer who used to drape a condom over her left eye, and that party near Warner Robins suggests that when Bad Moon’s house was burned it may have been arson by a third party, not an accident by “Left Eye”. When Left Eye woke up to the corruption in the music industry she tried to escape so they ‘suicided’ her and impoverished her main squeeze Bad Moon. Now that same person in Warner Robins has a gay brother in Los Angeles who, though black, doesn’t like the Squatter. Perhaps Jay Leno doesn’t like the squatter much after the False Flag Boston Marathon with Vogt’s fake leg injuries and tourniquet that was tied, sort of like the dogs that didn’t bark on the morning of 9/11.”

“When the plan hatched on 22 October, 1996 by Jane. S. Doe, Jane Rodham Doe, Jane Ann Doe, Jane Wood Doe and Jane LaVaughan Doe, to TOPOFF America and leave Hillary to run the shadow government for benefit of France, City of London, Brussels and Vatican City was only thwarted because Abel Danger imputed a 41 minute delay in United 93’s departure from Newark Liberty. The gay guy at NBC suggests that Fox’ Brian Kilmeade is nearly accurate in the removal of Jay Leno because of Obama jokes. How lame, Obama is a joke, a joke named Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79, Indonesian Muslim. The Baptist in Warner Robins says that one of the Pelindaba Pickles is preplaced for maximum effect during the upcoming road race in Atlanta and the location is …………”.

Agent Barry M. Hall stopped in mid statement as Miss Blue, Miss Mona Blue exhibited a Gap more significant that the Pine Gap in Australia or the Gin Gap near Iceland. As Mona Blue walked up to Barry she bulled a 3 x 5 index card, colored salmon, which didn’t seem fishy to Barry M. Hall who monitors CDC, Fort McPherson and Delta Airlines from his office at the (redacted) building near Creflo Dollar’s Megachurch where numerous murders have taken place. As Barry read Mona’s words, he realized they were in French and he also detected an elevated MI visually and followed shortly their after by a faint hint of clover. As his TI started to increase he motioned for Nico Toratora to read the message in French while he dreamed of Frenching the messenger.

Agent Mona Blue (aka Sandy Schlitz) On Shore Of Troubled Guy Lake, 20 July, 2012 

Mona Blue walked over to the RV to wait her turn to be debriefed by Chips as Nico Toratora read the message in French.

Plum City - (AbelDanger.net) - le 14 mai 2013. United States Marine Champ McConnell a lié son frère-frère et ancien pro hac vice avocat Eric. B. Marcy, et Lena Trudeau à Ottawa des fonds basés CAI private equity confiscation, apparemment utilisés pour financer l'escouade son snuff-Film à froid, du moulage et de projets de post-production associés aux tueurs à gages présumés (hits) de Deborah Furlong et Wendy Ladner Beaudry.

McConnell affirme que Marcy et Trudeau ont commencé à déplacer CAI fonds de confiscation d'actifs dans CORRECTIONNEL DU CANADA SERVICE et US Bureau of Prisons des fiducies de détenus en 1998 et aurait procédé à utiliser les fonds pour récompenser les libérés conditionnels alibied de poser comme des acteurs Cold Squad dans un IMDb mondiale assassiner-pour -engager raquette, voir aussi Jon Benet Ramsey, Russell Williams, Robert Hanssen, Gareth Williams et les acteurs de False Flag des acteurs de la crise et Redtree Productions.

Bonne Googler, et par la manière, certains gars du FBI du Tennessee oriental sont énervés que vous avez exposé le Hoax Madisonville et ils seront au camping en 10 minutes. L'envoyé de vous taire porte un anneau de classe Punahou, les détails 1979 et BS. Atomic Betty.

Punahou 1967, Noted Initials F M Outboard Of Numbers

Nico Toratora felt a sense of urgency so on his Clipper Cream Can he alerted all of Abel Danger that they should create a defensive perimeter around the RV and picnic table and get ‘the client’ into Hamish’s super trick, piss wicked, rolling Gyno Lab and notice I did not say Labia, major or minor which is no minor point to this Major who defeated the Bagotville CF18s in William Tell, 1986.

Agent Chips Receives COM JAM Plan To Block CF18’s ‘close control’ in WT86

Plum City - (AbelDanger.net) - le 14 mai 2013. United States Marine Champ McConnell a lié son frère-frère et ancien pro hac vice avocat Eric. B. Marcy, et Lena Trudeau à Ottawa des fonds basés CAI private equity confiscation, apparemment utilisés pour financer l'escouade son snuff-Film à froid, du moulage et de projets de post-production associés aux tueurs à gages présumés (hits) de Deborah Furlong et Wendy Ladner Beaudry.

McConnell affirme que Marcy et Trudeau ont commencé à déplacer CAI fonds de confiscation d'actifs dans CORRECTIONNEL DU CANADA SERVICE et US Bureau of Prisons des fiducies de détenus en 1998 et aurait procédé à utiliser les fonds pour récompenser les libérés conditionnels alibied de poser comme des acteurs Cold Squad dans un IMDb mondiale assassiner-pour-engager raquette, voir aussi Jon Benet Ramsey, Russell Williams, Robert Hanssen, Gareth Williams et les acteurs de False Flag des acteurs de la crise et Redtree Productions.

Bonne Googler, et par la manière, certains gars du FBI du Tennessee oriental sont énervés que vous avez exposé le Hoax Madisonville et ils seront au camping en 10 minutes. L'envoyé de vous taire porte un anneau de classe Punahou, les détails 1979 et BS. Atomic Betty.

Chips could see the urgency in Nico Toratora’s face as he read the words in French, not his native language but one he had shoved up his ass by FMLQ types in Ottawa where Lena Trudeau had worked with Eric B. Marcy in a “pro hace vice” operation after the Tuna Treason of 22 October, 1996. He blurted out a command in English.

“Mom, you and Chips are to get under the dirtly laundry and escape Mill Creek Ranch Resort. FBI guys like the ones who did Gordon Kahl are enroute, ETA seven minutes.”

While Mona Blue pounded on the door 80W, who heard the alert cooed “quickie authorized” as she prepared to fire her signature triple multiple to which our good man Chips would rightly justify with a voluminous return volley. Putting on nothing but his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmast FCT in Pastel Manly Mocha he ran to the rolling gyno lab and jumped under the dirty laundry as Agent Tillman began his LEMONPIPER abort escape plan.

Agent Tillman Evacuates Chips and Mona Blue As Gordon Kahl FBI 4 Approach MCR

8 Marines Died On 10 February, 1968 At Khe Sanh, Barry Soetoro Was 7
Operation BLACK SMOKE invoked 5-14-2013, Barry Soetoro Is 52 

The RGL ( rolling gyno lab ) was turning south onto Trade Days Boulevard as two black Crown Vics entered the Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Agent Tillman selected C6 on his Clipper Wrestling Towel and 36 black smoke grenades formed an impenetrable RING OF SMOKE around the RV where Agent Chips had recently serviced the rear end of a Texas Twister which a nice rack, and rear end, then 1955’s Miss Lube Rack and FOR THE RECORD note that I did not say Nancy Pelosi or Whale Vagina. Tillman realized they would make it to the VZCM gift shop for the extraction so he drove more leisurely and told COLONEL POTTER that they were ‘all clear’. COLONEL POTTER was surprised to see two other bodies in the laundry pile and asked them if they wanted to ride shot gun with Tillman. Chips, being a gentleman, never talked with his mouthful, however Agent Mona Bleu said “Non merci, Chips agent a le nez dans mes affaires et nous allons rester secrète jusqu’à ce que l’hélicoptère arrive pour l’extrait, mais merci de demander …. Oh mon Dieu, Oh mon Dieu, Chips, c’est l’endroit, prends-moi … …”

Colonel Potter crawled over the seat as Tillman pointed to the VZCM where Chips’ F4D 64-0965 is on static display as the only F4 from Fargo that was modified by BAE and Tracor to air refuel ( pilotless ) with the X-47B, the pilotless drone that on 14 May, 2013 made it’s first takeoff from the USS Bush while Agent Chips was engaging a Canadian bush, in a manner of speaking. He then pointed to a UH1N that was hovering at top level just south of VZCM.org. He blew the oougha horn twice to signal Chips to be ready to extract in 2 minutes.


Chips was still wearing his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha and, always the gentleman, helped Mona Bleu back into her two piece bathing suit that she had worn at Troubled Guy Lake on 20 July, 2013. They waited until they heard the Model A engine stop and Agent Tillman yell “execute”.

Chips held the ladder steady while Mona Bleu scurried up to the right door of the UH1N which Chips right behind her, his nose almost in her business. As the Huey was turned south to escape the upcoming shootout, Agent Hamish’s updated daily post arrived on Tillman’s Clipper Wrestling towel, but when unnoticed by Chips, whose Clipper Squirt gun was still on the dash of the 1966 T-Bird at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, Canton, Texas.

Chips also missed an incoming FLASH FESTUS from Agent Barry M. Hall relating to False Flag video productions in LA, Chicago, Boston and Atlanta. The Atlanta Event is the Peachtree Road Race of 4 July, 2013. The Chicago, LA, Portland and Goodyear, Arizona plans are ‘unavailable’. As the chopper headed to KTYR Agent Chips resumed debriefing the comely Agent Bleu, Agent Mona Blue while he tried to figure his odds of stopping RING OF FIRE 2013 as efficiently as Abel Danger had blocked the 7 September, 2001 release of Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 another creature from Eric Marcy, Lena Trudeau and the belligerent bovine’s Quantico IMBd plot writing facility where Agent Chips was in Alpha Company, 1972.

Marine links Trudeau, Marcy to Cold Squad forfeiture funds, Furlong-Beaudry contract hits

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his brother-in-law and erstwhile pro hac vice lawyer Eric. B. Marcy, and Lena Trudeau to Ottawa-based CAI private-equity forfeiture funds, apparently used to finance the Cold Squad snuff-film scripts, casting and post-production projects associated with the alleged contract killings (hits) of Deborah Furlong and Wendy Ladner Beaudry.

McConnell claims that Marcy and Trudeau began moving CAI asset forfeiture funds into CORRECTIONAL SERVICE CANADA and U.S. Bureau of Prisons’ Inmate Trusts in 1998 and allegedly proceeded to use the funds to reward alibied parolees’ posing as Cold Squad actors in a global IMDb murder-for-hire racket.

Happy Googling!

See #1:
#1477: Marine Links KPMG B.C. Pig-Farm Pension Public Key to Cisco’s SNAP Rack Ladner Beaudry Hit

Prequel 1:
#1519: Marine Links Governor General Overseers Cold Squad Script to Sister’s WH Man Who Never Was

Prequel 2:
#1509: Marine Links Gorelick Issue of IMDb Access Cards to Deborah Furlong’s Cold Squad Boston Bomb

Taliban Prison Break the great escape (ABC News) [Trudeau, Marcy allegedly used Cold Squad forfeiture funds to finance Taliban tunnel and snuff films]

Wendy Ladner Beaudry - Appeal For Information

Oral presentation (deb furlong)

GovLoop Insights: Lena Trudeau

 Gov 2.0 Summit 09: Lena Trudeau, "Strategies for Success: Driving Openness [Canadian Citizen who allegedly conspired with Marcy to build Cold Squad MitM attacks on crime scene investigators]

Eric B. Marcy – McConnell’s brother-in-law and de facto custodian


 Cold Squad Closing Theme Ver2

“Deborah Furlong Dead: Car Crash Claims Wife Of John Furlong The Huffington Post B.C.  |  Posted: 04/12/2013 12:22 pm EDT  |  Updated: 04/12/2013 5:29 pm EDT”
“Four years later, police still don’t know who killed Wendy Ladner-Beaudry in Pacific Spirit Park By John Colebourn, The Province April 3, 2013 Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Four+years+later+police+still+know+killed+Wendy+Ladner+Beaudry+Pacific+Spirit+Park/8185725/story.html#ixzz2TIoB37LH
STATEMENT OF MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY  CORRECTIONAL SERVICE CANADA [Engineered Taliban Greaat Escape] Departmental management is responsible for these future-oriented financial statements, including  responsibility for the appropriateness of the assumptions on which these statements are prepared. These statements are based on the best information available and assumptions adopted as at March 23, 2012 and reflect the plans described in the Report on Plans and Priorities. Correctional Service Canada Departmental Audit Committee also oversees management’s responsibilities for maintaining adequate control systems and the quality of financial reporting, and recommends the future oriented financial statements to the Commissioner.
_____________________________ _____________________________
Don Head Liette Dumas-Sluyter, CMA, CIA
Commissioner Chief Financial Officer
Ottawa, Canada
March 23, 2012
12. Inmate Trust Fund

Pursuant to section 111 of the Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations, the Inmate Trust Fund  is credited with moneys received from inmates at the time of incarceration, net of earnings of inmates from employment inside institutions, moneys received for inmates while in custody, moneys received from sales of hobbycraft, moneys earned through work while on day parole, and interest.  Disbursements may occur either at the time of release or for inmate purchases in line withrehabilitation programs.

Estimated Planned Results Results 2012 2013
(in thousands of dollars)
Opening balance 17,340 15,667
Receipts 1,000 2,500
Disbursements (2,673) (1,821)
Closing balance 15,667 16,346”
COMMISSARY FUND  31 U.S.C. § 1321 and its accompanying Department of Justice regulations do not impose a fiduciary obligation on the Bureau of Prisons to expend Commissary Fund moneys only in accordance with the terms of the Commissary Fund trust. May 22, 1995 MEMORANDUM FOR THE ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL CIVIL DIVISION ……  

Although we have established that 31 U.S.C. § 1321 and the rules set forth in Circular No. 2244 pertaining to the Commissary Fund do not impose fiduciary obligations on the BOP with respect to the Commissary Fund, we believe that 31 U.S.C. § 1321 and the rules set forth in Circular No. 2244 pertaining to the Prisoners Trust Fund do impose fiduciary obligations on the BOP with respect to moneys contained in inmates Prisoners Trust Fund accounts. We base our conclusions on distinctions between the two "trust funds."

First, the moneys in inmates Prisoners Trust Fund accounts are truly personal funds. As stated above, each inmate's Prisoners Trust Fund account contains money he or she brought into prison, received from a person outside the prison, or earned while in prison.(13) Accordingly, Circular No. 2244 establishes an elaborate accounting scheme to ensure that funds in inmates' Prisoners' Trust Fund accounts are properly credited, see id. ¶¶ 4-7,(14) and debited, see id. ¶¶ 8-10.

Second, unlike provisions of Circular No. 2244 pertaining to the commissaries and Commissary Fund, provisions pertaining to the Prisoners Trust Fund require the BOP to act in the best interest of individual inmates in managing their Prisoners Trust Fund accounts. Circular No. 2244 limits the amount of money that can be withdrawn monthly from inmates Prisoners Trust Fund accounts. However, it also provides that a prison warden may authorize larger monthly withdrawals for restitution or reparation of damages, payment of fines, remittance to a dependent in dire circumstances, books, tools or materials used for educational or vocational purposes, and payments to lawyers if the Warden deems it "necessary or for the best interest of an inmate and is satisfied that no abuse would result therefrom." Id. ¶ 8. Circular No. 2244 also provides that "[i]n no event shall any transfer from one inmate's account to that of another be permitted." Id. ¶ 9. Moreover, the Circular states that while food and clothing will no longer be accepted at federal prisons for use of inmates, "money may be received and placed to the credit of the individual inmates in thePrisoners' Trust Fund,' to be used for their benefit in accordance with rules and regulations herein provided." Id. ¶ 18 (emphasis added).
Third, the BOP has historically recognized fiduciary obligations with respect to inmates Prisoners Trust Fund accounts, generally refusing "to allow attachment or levy on the prisoners trust funds as inconsistent with the provisions of the trust." Prisoners Trust Fund Memorandum at 5. In affirming the BOP's understanding that it may not attach inmates Prisoners Trust Fund moneys to satisfy claims by the United States, this Office has stated that "[a] withdrawal of [Prisoners Trust Fund moneys] without the inmate's consent . . . would seem to constitute a breach of the terms of the trust." Id. at 11.
“United States Court of Appeals
Argued March 31, 1995 Decided May 9, 1995
No. 93-3202
United States of America,
Matthew Lyons,
Appeal from the United States District Court
for the District of Columbia
(No. 93cr00116)
Michael H. Stone argued the cause and filed the briefs for appellant.
Gregory A. Gruber, Assistant U.S. Attorney, appeared pro hac vice and argued the cause for appellee. With him on the brief were Eric H. Holder, Jr., U.S. Attorney, John R. Fisher, Elizabeth Trosman and Eric B. Marcy, Assistant U.S. Attorneys [Marcy is Field McConnell’s brother –in-law].
Before: Buckley, Williams and Tatel, Circuit Judges.
Opinion for the Court filed by Circuit Judge Williams.

Williams, Circuit Judge : Matthew Lyons was indicted for hiring an undercover police officer to murder a man he believed to be his wife's lover. In exchange for the government's agreement to dismiss two local-law counts and to refrain from opposing a reduction in his sentence for acceptance of responsibility, Lyons pleaded guilty to one count of violating the federal murder-for-hire statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1958 (Supp. 1992).”

Pro hac vice (IPA: [prəʊ hæk 'vi:tʃei]), Latin: "for this occasion" or "for this event" (literally, "for this turn"),[1] is a legal term usually referring to a lawyer who has not been admitted to practice in a certain jurisdiction but has been allowed to participate in a particular case in that jurisdiction.

“The right to appear pro hac vice is not guaranteed. Rather, the attorney wanting to practice in a jurisdiction within which he or she is not licensed must specifically request permission from the court to be able to appear as an attorney of record. This is accomplished with a motion to appear pro hac vice, in which an attorney who is licensed in the jurisdiction requests that the non‐licensed attorney be admitted to practice in a particular case.

In addition to the motion, the out-of-jurisdiction attorney is typically required to provide the court with a statement from his local bar association indicating that he is a member in good standing and also pay a small fee to the court or its local bar association (e.g. $25 per year in Delaware federal court,[2] $200 in New York City federal court,[3] $301 per case for Massachusetts appellate courts[4]).

In maritime law, a demise charterer is the considered the owner pro hac vice for limited liability purposes, whereas time or voyage charterers are not.[5]

The expression is also used in the Catholic Church when a titular diocese becomes the title of an archbishop rather than of a bishop. Similarly, when a Cardinal-Deacon is promoted to Cardinal-Priest he usually retains his titular deaconry. This deaconry is then said to be elevated pro hac vice to the rank of a titular church. When referring to a titular diocese or titular deaconry which once was elevated pro hac vice but by now has reverted to its original rank the term pro illa vice is used in church documents.”
More to follow.

PresidentialField Mandate

Abel Danger Blog

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