Thursday, November 3, 2011

Canada’s Erstwhile Governors - Images of a B.C. Pig Farmer's Oath Ceremonies - Extorted Al-Qaeda Access To War Rooms - EC135C Speckled Trout - 9/11

The Abel Danger White House Group to those whom it may concern

November 3, 2011

Pig farm Governor General war-room oaths for al-Qaeda Speckled Trout

We believe Canada’s erstwhile Governors general Adrienne Clarkson and David Johnston used images of a B.C. pig farmer's oath ceremonies to extort al-Qaeda access to war rooms on an EC135C Speckled Trout aircraft for the Matrix 5 propaganda attacks of 9/11.

Ripper-Style Costume Swap - General Henry Shelton's Alibi - EC135C Speckled Trout Aircraft - E-4B Matrix 5 - American Government Attacked - 9/11

Erstwhile Canadian Governors general allegedly set up Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society in 1996 to film cannibal oath ceremonies for al-Qaeda’s Speckled Trout attack

Dawn Crey’s body was allegedly used in Piggy’s Palace 'blindfold' oath ceremonies by Canadian Governors general; her family's only remedy is a Runaway Grand Jury

Johnston’s CAI investors in Macdonald Dettwiler, link BC Online to pig-farm war rooms and al-Qaeda’s Speckled Trout

Johnston had lien through BC OnLine on pig farm snuff film revenues

Johnston staged full dress rehearsal with pig farm oath takers for A-Q Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout was modified for al-Qaeda man-in-the-middle propaganda attack on 9/11 by CAI/MDA Special Investors including David Johnston and late General Alexander Haig

“No charges for Pickton after woman's DNA found on farm, inquiry hears By Suzanne Fournier, Postmedia News October 26, 2011 VANCOUVER — Although Dawn Crey's DNA was found on Robert Pickton's farm, the serial killer was never charged in her death, a Vancouver inquiry heard Wednesday. Ernie Crey told the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry that his sister disappeared in 2000 from Vancouver's troubled Downtown Eastside. Suffering from severe mental illness and drug addictions, Dawn fought to survive predators including one who splashed her face with corrosive acid, Crey said. "The tragic death of my sister and so many women must not be in vain," Crey told inquiry commissioner Wally Oppal. Outside the inquiry, Crey said police told him that Dawn's DNA was found on an undergarment in Pickton's trailer in 2004. The police were clear that they believed Dawn was murdered by Pickton, Crey said. Pickton, 62, is now serving a life sentence for the murders of six women. He was initially charged with killing 20 more but those charges were stayed in 2010. The serial killer has been linked by DNA to the deaths of 33 women — including Crey — and boasted to an undercover police officer that he killed at least 16 more. The inquiry is investigating why it took the Vancouver Police Department and RCMP until 2002 to catch Pickton when they were receiving detailed tips as far back as 1998. Crey told Oppal that police must "change profoundly, and you must tell us how you've improved things so a serial killer cannot strike again, preying on women confined to an area where no one cares about them." Angela Williams' daughter also took the stand on Wednesday, telling the inquiry that her mother disappeared in December 2001 and her death was never taken seriously by police. "It's been 10 years and I still don't know how my mother died," said Ashley Smith, 21. "Was her death not investigated because she was native or used drugs? I want to know why no one cared enough to investigate properly." Margaret Green, the legal guardian of Williams' two youngest daughters, told the inquiry that the death was not a police priority because of "racial stereotyping." It was years before police told Green that Williams was strangled to death in Surrey, B.C., she said Wednesday. They initially had suggested the 30-year-old died of a drug overdose. "The Vancouver police seemed to have tunnel vision, they only wanted to know if she was native, a prostitute and a drug-user," said Green. "They didn't bother investigating at all." Oppal's report will analyze how Vancouver police and the RCMP handled the Pickton investigation from 1997 to 2002 and whether the 20 additional murder charges should have been stayed. It also will look at why 1997 charges were stayed against Pickton after a sex worker ran naked and handcuffed from his farm. Vancouver Province © Copyright (c) The Province”

Abel Danger is proposing that a Grand Jury investigate apparently-ongoing attempts to spoliate evidence of oath taking at a B.C. pig farm and associated extortion of witnesses by erstwhile Governors general to their fuse of al-Qaeda war rooms on a Speckled Trout.

Open Demand for a [Runaway] Grand Jury Investigation - Apparent Spoliation of Evidence - Destruction of Boeing 757–222 Aircraft - UA Flt 93 - 9/11

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