Friday, November 4, 2011

General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 1

Bette Davis eyes Greek oaths for a General Speckled Trout
Red bandana and a pig farm means Sam Cam needs an alibi for Al-Qaeda 9/11

911 Flight 93 - The Indestructible Red Bandana

Perhaps dreaming, Agent Chips saw a British Constitution Group replace R&R Central Banks and The Woman With Bette Davis Eyes [Juliet Wheldon]. His Clipper Squirt Gun went off with a FLASH Clipper from Agent Banzai Pipeline who, years before, had monitored Ku band links between US Air Force aircraft 61-2669 [Speckled Trout], CAI Private Equity Group and the late General Alexander Haig who showed foreknowledge of Treason 9/11. Banzai Pipeline sent a FLASH CLIPPER, ‘Jig is up; red HOLDALL at the hotel room door; egress immediately into refuse lorry; three layers of mattresses’. Chips handed Agent Dunk a hand written note as a droned whirlybird extracted him from the refuse container; Dunk felt for Jailbait and Maudie but counted her blessings that she had a loving husband in Agent Slam contrary to what Frogface, Kristine the belligerent, Hillary Roadhog and Laureen Harper had experienced. Chips advised Slam, Dunk, Auntie Maudie and Jailbait that he was redirecting the UAV chopper to a transient alert ramp at Brize Norton to take ownership of Alinsky Suite of tactics and OODA invasive tactics perfected by Lt Col John R. Boyd to infiltrate the Square Mile. Chips had a Briefing Guide dropped into his lap; he learned he had to deal with Hamish on the Hotline; he grimaced thinking of the cheesy drivel he was sure to endure. Hamish began “Chips, our travels go full circle; McDonald is landing a fat contract for the Canadian Government to guide airliners with Strangler’s Suite of illegal modifications; your sister has been using the DOJ BLINDFOLD for other than its intended function. Rather then providing Blind Justice she and her ilk have Blinded Justice by using red bandana warnings to remind Compromised Greek Oath, Mau Mau Oath, and Roast Prostitute Oath swearers, they may go missing in fashions such as John Parsons Wheeler, Wendy Burlingame and Wendy Ladner (B.C.). DOJ reports having found red bandanas at crime scenes of UA93, AA77 and both WTC buildings”. Chips thinks of the two disgusting un-male lovers of women with a big problem; a leader of a sovereign nation has been hunted down and murdered without benefit of due process. When Hillary Roadhog and Kristine Marcy conspired to effect TREASON in TOPOFF 9/11, he saw they had set in motion two wars based on falsified information; the al Qaeda attack of 9/11 and the slaughter of innocents in Libya to force a sovereign nation to rebuild with debt owed to the sponsors of that slaughter while the blood of 53 slain POWs is on their hands in violation of the Geneva Convention. Chips anticipate MGen. Peter Fuller would cause a stir in the War for Opium that squandered squaddies and caused the Pat Tillman Trio to PUCKER UP. Chips noted that B.C. plaintiffs re the Pickton Pig Farm Prostitute Roast and Canadian Justice system have found that a mere $1.2M or so is not enough to cause surviving family members to “shut up and go away”. “Chips are you still there?”. Chips knew an opportunity when he heard one. “Yes Hamish but you are breaking up; let me call you once we get over the Narssasuaq Airport on the west side of Greenland”. Hamish fumbled with his computer as he stirred his signature Mineral Water and lime slice. After 3 nanoseconds, he realized who probably had posed as SEALS for the raid on the “fairytale” home of Osama in the Islamabad dwelling. His backbone stiffened, his focus sharpened and his squint became narrower. In the Airbus A318, his fellow researcher Agent Chips ordered a third Captain Sherlock Martini. To Chips, who, as Captain Sherlock, solved 9/11 in 2007, his sister’s modus operandi was seen in Absolut clarity. He now knew how Governors general Adrienne Clarkson and David Johnston had used images of a B.C. pig farmer's oath ceremonies to extort al-Qaeda access to war rooms on the EC135C Speckled Trout aircraft for the Matrix 5 propaganda attack of 9/11. He decided to check Sam Cam’s alibi for the al-Qaeda day of infamy in Massive Attack 9/11. He realized that the demolition of the WTC Twin Towers was synchronized to the 'first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history’ while Sam Cam was in New York to meet an Ace Elevator sapper team with Hillary Clinton, Heather Mills and the Duchess of Pork. Chips woke as a bright blue bolt of energy struck the empennage of the borrowed A318. He realized Crosby in Joint Stars and Banzai and Bean at Molly’s were takin’ care of business. He went back to his sweet dream of a Lone Star Dangerette and dreamed of a convergence to take place when Abel Danger’s efforts in Vancouver, Wisconsin and Texas brought people to their feet and removed their blindfolds.

Attention Hillary Clinton, Michelle ‘whoever’, Kristine Marcy, SamCam Snowy, Juliet Wheldon, Laureen Harper and THE TWISTED SISTERS. I believe God, Himself, wishes you to consider the words He inspired to be recorded in Nahum 3:5 as your fate is soon to be judged will by the Most High.

“I am against you,” declares the LORD Almighty. “I will lift your skirts over your face. I will show the nations your nakedness and the kingdoms your shame."

Abel Danger Global has posted a Threat Window centered on 11-9-11 and if your criminal cabal foolishly proceeds with your plans against the least of these brothers of mine, expect a TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD, capeche? Shortening the EAS from 3 minutes and 30 seconds to just 30 seconds is not satisfactory; cancel it, capeche?

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

You disgusting wenches are going down as surely as your skirts are going up, review Nahum 3:5 if you are a slow learner as indicated by the letters following your names, JD, justifiably damned. Hateful women, or men, who happen to be afflicted with the juris doctor syndrome should review Jeremiah 5:26-31 then find an occupation that pleases He whose judgment will be swift and sure, capeche? Might I suggest ‘washroom attendant’?

26 “Among my people are the wicked who lie in wait like men who snare birds and like those who set traps to catch people.
27 Like cages full of birds, their houses are full of deceit; they have become rich and powerful
28 and have grown fat and sleek. Their evil deeds have no limit; they do not seek justice. They do not promote the case of the fatherless; they do not defend the just cause of the poor.
29 Should I not punish them for this?” declares the LORD. “Should I not avenge myself on such a nation as this?
30 “A horrible and shocking thing has happened in the land:
31 The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

If you miserable dysfunctional non-male lovers of women are curious as to how Abel Danger has ‘rounded you up’, listen to this Elvis gospel song and then learn, over your limited time left, that God is real and He has used the facilities explained in Jeremiah 33:3 and Daniel 2:21-22 to reveal to Abel Danger your evil deeds. Repent.

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

21 He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.
22 He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.

Perhaps the Twisted Sisters and their Barney Frank-Barry Soetero cronies should turns towards God, it is no secret what he can do.

Kiki’s ENCAUSTIC Paintings

Agent Chips thought he had been DREAMING while involved in a three way debriefing with Agents Auntie Maudie from Caprock, Texas and Jailbait from Paradise Road, California in a London hotel not far from the venue, Friends House, where on 5 November, 2011, Roger Hayes and the British Constitution Group will be explaining the banking system that will replace the R&R Central Banks as manipulated by the Bank of England and The Woman With Bette Davis Eyes. Four hours and nine minutes into some indepth intel probing, Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun had gone off with a FLASH Clipper from Agent Banzai Pipeline who, along with Agent Bean, had been in the bunker below Molly’s on Main in Plum City monitoring KU band transmissions in the northern hemisphere from 75 degrees east to 105 degrees west filtering all KU band main bangs with the signature of US Air Force aircraft 61-2669 which was a ‘one of a kind’ aircraft with ties to CAI Private Equity, “foreknowledge guru” Alexander Haig from the ‘war shortened’ class of 1947 at West Point and Pickton Pig Farm oath takers who unwittingly became co-conspirators of the Treason of 9/11, at least for those with American citizenship regardless of where they loyalty lay, or is it lies? The structure that Molly’s on Main occupied was, until 1970, a hospital and the abandoned three story elevator shaft was where elements of C4ISR patriots had their passive receivers arrayed while the slave capable receivers were atop the hill 2.3 miles north of the intersection of US 10 and County Road S north of Plum City, Wisconsin the global epicenter of private intelligence and home to some 850,000 registered hunters and able woodsmen. It also became the 49th state to have ‘concealed carry’ laws effective 1 November, 2011. For those with inquiring minds one can ‘google earth’ Molly’s with the coordinate set N44-37.54:24 and 92-11.37.03W, elevation 850 feet MSL. The coordinates of the Global Ops hilltop command post are classified and anyone thinking of a nocturnal visit should review Wolverton Mountain, capeche?

Agents Banzai Pipeline and Bean

Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline FLASH CLIPPER to Agents Chips, Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier, #9 and KP Cebu, copy Atomic Betty, Supersport and Kitty Windemere of Canada: Chips, the jig is up, there is a red HOLDALL being sent to your hotel room door. You and the ladies need to egress immediately via the window. A refuse lorry is positioned below your hotel window and it has three layers of mattresses to make your four story fireman’s leap safe. The box of the lorry has LED illumination for jump aiming purposes. The Tugboat Twins and Brendan B. Hand await your jumps. Jump now. Do not delay. Banzai, code Hotel Oscar.
Chips shared the details with Auntie Maudie and Jailbait, gave them both a purple robe to conceal their nakedness, donned one himself and led them to the open window. Sensing it safer to jump as a threesome he leaned forward and forcefully instructed the ladies to HOLD ON.

As the torrential vertical wind blew the ladies’ robes up, exposing their nakedness, Chips, ever the gentleman, turned away and just as the threesome landed softly in the Waste Management rolloff, Chips noticed a man in the shadows with a red bandana tied around his neck in the open collar of his red Western shirt which reminded him of the red bandanas planted at 9/11 crime scenes similar to the red neckerchief worn by the man observed by one of the last persons to see Catherine Ellowes alive before Jane the Ripper did the 1888 false flag that even into the Cressida Dick era would be mislabeled as the Jack the Ripper crimes not to be confused with the Soros-Hillary-Kristine mismanaged Osama The Ripper event on 9/11 for which he’d suffer three deaths in 2001, 2005 and 2011. The man appeared faceless just like the perpetrators of the Jack the Ripper murders of the 19th century, which were unsolved prior to Abel Danger analysis as opposed to OBL dialysis, and the biggest crime of the...

...21st century, the Canadian attack on America practiced on on 1 and 2 June as Amalgam Virgo where General Alex Haig, et. al., ‘framed’ Osama Bin Laden in the briefing guide for the one and only practice of the cowardly attack led by Maurice ‘Seahorse’ Baril, Charles ‘Ham Fist’ Bouchard and the CANADIAN STALLION, panty sniffer Colonel Russell Williams whose wife is the #1 search term at ( Mary Elizabeth Harriman) not to be confused, bunched or comingled with the Harriman women, plural, who created Hillary Roadhog aka Thunder Thighs who is reportedly still furious over the withdrawn weiner and her linkage to FAST AND FURIOUS where Kristine Marcy threw her under the bus and Eric Holder hit the gas instead of the brake. Chips recalled that a supposed eye witness to the Jack the Ripper perps had recorded his thoughts thusly: “Although the street lighting wasn’t particularly good, he caught a brief glimpse of the man’s face and was able to provide police with a description. He had the appearance of a sailor and was aged about 30. He was around 5 feet 9 inches tall, of medium build. He had a fair complexion, and a small fair moustache. He sported a reddish neckerchief, tied in a knot; wore a pepper-and-salt coloured, loose fitting jacket, and had on a grey, peaked, cloth cap. However, it should be noted that Lawende obtained only a quick glimpse of the man as he passed by, and since the couple were doing nothing particularly suspicious, he later maintained that he would not be able to recognize or identify the man were he to see him again.”

Chips realized his momentarily sighting of the man with no face was eerily similar to sightings in 1888 with Jane the Ripper Addams's false flag as well as the 2001 Hillary, Kristine, Juliet Wheldon and Jane the Ripper Garvey's false flag; the latter enabled by Sam Cam’s Guild of Rippergate Sappers or Guild of Sappergate Rippers not to be confused with skivvy rippers such as Prince Phartingham, disguised as an Ace Elevator SWAT team of white coated technicians to demolish WTC Twin Towers 1 and 2 and later, WTC 7. He has a flash back to 1888 when, 120 years prior to the Cressida Dick syndrome infection weakening them, the Metropolitan Police discovered criminals from the British East India Compnay's Corps of Royal Sappers and Miners had infiltrated the City police and the Royal Engineers. He was reminded of Jane the Ripper's ADDIT UP M.O. where she would establish independent Alibi - Disguise - Decoy - Intimidation - Terror teams in order to take control of crime scene investigators. He wondered if he had just seen a visual manifestation of a ADDIT UP linkage between 1888 and Jane the Ripper Garvey at the FAA and the Treason of 9/11, facilitated by the United States Senior Executive Service with planning by Bullingdon's Toynbee Hall toilet-bowl cleaner and former Secretary for War, Jack Off Profumo, the City & Guilds of London, GAPAN’s Lord Timothy Garden and his yoke-mate (the woman who oversaw the creation of the Worshipful Company of World Traitors), Mrs. Timothy Garden, and ongoing virtual deception services by Elisabeth Murdoch’s In-Flight Network on the Speckled Trout and her News Corp OCTOPUS which is not an oblique reference to Murdoch's HEAVY ‘red headed step sister’ who, equally likely, is her father Rupert's love child if one considers the indiscriminate scattering of tainted wild oats, ‘love'.

Chips mental dot connecting was ended when East Enders Agents Slam and Dunk joined them in the rolloff box of the Waste Management refuse truck as the Tugboat Twins set the lorry in motion, destination as yet unknown. He wondered if the woman’s mug in the Mali, Africa shot would be similar to the woman’s mug in the FBI ‘rap sheet’ in the SPECKLED TROUT FILE. Then his mind wandered off to Agent Vani’s Penne Pasta with cream sauce and he was concerned that she should be careful of the steam as she generally cooked in a state of undress.

Agents Slam and Dunk had been sent by Agent Dirty Driveway to brief them on recent escalations in Canada and Australia that would soon cause Agents Provacateur to take to the streets in an SEIU/ACORN side show as the case of the SPECKLED TROUT was made plain worldwide and the TRUE HISTORY of USAF airframes 61-2669 and 66-7478 were explained into context by the Abel Danger Agent who is on both receiver and donor sides of the WORLD’S LOWEST AIR REFUELING in history; like father, like son, HONOR THY PARENTS.

Agent Slam spoke first as Agent Dunk manned a machine gun ring she had raised into the ready position at the center forward wall of the rolloff container with faux Waste Management livery to mirror the Waste Management trucks that spoliated evidence of the crimes of 9/11 at WTC 1 and 2, Shanksville, Pentagon and most important of all, World Trade 7 which sadly was 20 minutes late being felled as the BBC mouth piece who worked for Greg Dyke and reported its destruction did so on cue after Abel Danger imputed a 20 minute delay in the KU signals that brought down the depository of evidence relating to Giuliani’s complicity and killed a loyal oath keeping Agent Craig Miller ( ) who was on his first day of the new job after being banished from Washington for being a fearless, accurate and loyal oath keeper who needed to be silenced, you know, just like Agent Chips. Good thing the Bank of Nova Scotia knew when to pick up their PRECIOUS CARGO from WTC7 otherwise the 1988 hit on Swissair 111 might have been understood by more than just the ALPA leadership ensnarled in GUILD SOCIALISM for benefit of City of London as demonstrated in Duane Woerthless’s comment here: “…..About two months earlier, on Sept. 2, 1998, Swissair Flight 111, was also cruising along a similar route on a flight from New York to Geneva when it crashed off Nova Scotia, killing the 229 people aboard. "We don't see any common threat (sic) in these accidents,'' ….emphasized Capt. Dwayne Woerth, president of the Air Line Pilots Association".

The Mystery of Swissair 111

There is a very good reason why Duane Worthless, John Prater, Lee Moak and Randy Babbitt ( four ALPA Presidents ) don’t see any common threat in those accidents:

If you prefer ‘moving pictures’ the FAA Administrator and ALPA President who suppressed the Truth of the illegal modifications of airlines, see Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) (Pro Se), are pictured here as they work with some French sympathizers to keep the Strangler’s Suite “Top Secret”. The ALPA President had the ‘girl job’.

“Chips, Maude and Jailbait. We will get you to Isle of Dogs for helo extract to City of London Airport. There Agents Stone and Skymaster await in a BA A318 that we are borrowing for Operation SWITCHBLADE CROSS. You are being recalled to North America in advance of a George Soros sponsored OWS deception as Soros and his tools Soetero and Marcy realize the JIG IS UP and so they will need to create a BROTHER CAIN distraction on Halloween so the undocumented SQUATTER can issue an executive order regarding contrived shortages of BIG PHARMA revenue generators. The FALSE FLAG they have scheduled for 1411 central daylight time on 9 November, 2011 will have to be scrubbed if they are to prevent Hermain Cain’s accuser and Hollie Grieg’s abuser from being deposed by Abel Danger in the time frame 96 hours either side of the British Constitution Group Guy Hawkes day conference in London, Friends House, The British Constitution Group To Hold Constitutional Convention
where Agent Chips will be seated between the Tugboat Twins, Agents K and J of Portsmouth, no doubt looking forward to several after conference Jack Daniels and cokes courtesy of the Abel Danger Agent from St James Gate, Brendan B. Hand who is slow to anger, quick to praise, and always ready for a ‘sociable’ if you have enough worldliness to know what a ‘sociable’ is in the Maritime Provinces such as Halifax where the Split Crow pub is not far from where Swissair 111 was taken down, capeche? Chips, you are to meet with representatives of Airbus, Qantas and ALPA-Canada to discuss safety issues suppressed by the Guild Socialism tainted Air Line Pilots Association, International, and their well paid plants including Rob Plunkett, Suazanne K, Duane Woerthless, John Prater and Lee Moak all three who are well aware of the illegally modified Boeings [ Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se) ] that became a FRAUD UPON THE COURT of Rosemary M. Collyer prior to Airbus, Air France, Air Canada, Qantas, SNPL and BEA getting Chapter 9 ( ) delivered to them subsequent to the Kangaroo Court production by X-senator Dorgan. As an aside, Jay Rockefeller’s lap dog Byron Dorgan removed himself from the US Senate when delivered that option to avoid Abel Danger removing him in a manner recently demonstrated, with great effect, in the limp candidacy of Little Timmy Pawlenty, not to be confused with the poem by Eugene Field of Chicago entitled LITTLE BOY BLUE. While in Vancouver you will also meet with surviving family members of the Pickton Pig Farm ‘main fare’ as well as the 7 native elders pressing for truth regarding the serial abuse of native children in period 1964 to present. I have been given this 2G SanDisk SD card with roxio and keep in mind SD does not refer to your girlfriend from 1963-1971. It is imperative that you are aware that this SD card was made neither in China nor Milpitas, California. I will now take over the gun ring from Agent Dunk and she will provide clothing for each of you three as well as Fulton extraction harnesses in case things heat up at 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs. Any questions Chips?”

Little Boy Blue
by Eugene FIELD (1850-1895)

The little toy dog is covered with dust, But sturdy and stanch he stands; And the little toy soldier is red with rust, And his musket moulds in his hands. Time was when the little toy dog was new, And the soldier was passing fair; And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue Kissed them and put them there. "Now, don't you go till I come," he said, "And don't you make any noise!" So, toddling off to his trundle-bed, He dreamt of the pretty toys; And, as he was dreaming, an angel song Awakened our Little Boy Blue--- Oh! the years are many, the years are long, But the little toy friends are true! Ay, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand, Each in the same old place--- Awaiting the touch of a little hand, The smile of a little face; And they wonder, as waiting the long years through In the dust of that little chair, What has become of our Little Boy Blue, Since he kissed them and put them there.

Chips nodded his head to indicate ‘negative’ as Slam assumed the gunner’s role and Agent Dunk pulled three Smytheson’s hanging bags from between the top and middle mattresses. Agent Maude and Jailbait were given their clothing bags first and they each faced a rear corner and dressed themselves so Chips or Slam would only see their backs if they were so insensitive and ungentlemanly to cast a glance hoping for a ‘sneak peak’ as our Agent SuperSport from Resolute Bay so aptly put it when she last had something placed in her depository, see also hood of a ’62 Chevy Super Sport 409. Agent Chips slipped into a patriotic, fire retardant, 9-G capable pair of full combat boxer shorts, a pair of Faded Glory jeans and a blue denim shirt with cowboy snaps. He put on a pair of fire retardant cushion socks and a pair of high top sneakers with pastel laces which had been provided to him by agents of the QUACK, and LBGTQ group in London, specifically the Kenyan channel of that group.

Chips’ mind went back to October of 1962 when, as an eighth grade student in Mrs. Bouska’s homeroom 8-10 at South Hadley Intermediate School in Massachusetts, he had memorized THE HIGHWAYMAN by Alfred C. Noyes, snippet located below.

The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees, The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas, The road was a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor, And the highwayman came riding-- Riding--riding-- The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn-door. He'd a French cocked-hat on his forehead, a bunch of lace at his chin, A coat of the claret velvet, and breeches of brown doe-skin; They fitted with never a wrinkle: his boots were up to the thigh. And he rode with a jeweled twinkle, His pistol butts a-twinkle, His rapier hilt a-twinkle, under the jeweled sky.

Chips focused on claret velvet, French cocked and bunch of lace and he realized that some sophomoric wise ass in City of London, Boris Johnson comes to mind, was sending a steganographic signal to future victims of an upcoming FALSE FLAG. He reached for his Clipper Squirt Gun and pressed H* which sent a Flash to Agent Hamish who was supposed to be hawking the middle Templars instead of looking at Kate’s bum, as it were.

Royal Crown Agent Chips FLASH CLIPPER to Hamish, copy KP Cebu, Banzai Pipeline and Marquis d’Cartier: Hamish, to counter the George Soros goons posing as Occupy Wall Street activists I am unleashing our team this day as I sense that the medieval and unaccountable Corporation of London is ripe for protest now that our foundational work in Athens is set to take hold. According to the accuser of Herman Cain, City of London has been working beyond the authority of parliament, the Corporation of London undermines all attempts to curb the excesses of finance and it’s the dark heart of Britain, the place where democracy goes to die, immensely powerful, equally unaccountable. On my last trip to City of London I sensed that fewer than ten percent of British citizens understand how the City of London and the Church of England have deployed COMMON PURPOSE to undermine Britain in favor of the Phartingham’s pets France, Germany and the Marxists’ GOOSE STEPPERS. Cameron, singular, and Cleggs, plural, are plants of the Wanker Bankers ( see also tossers and shirtlifters ) we are targeting immediately following any Murderoch assault on Herman Cain that does not address the FRAUDS of his wife or his ‘applied mathematical and ballistics/trajectory analysis’ relationship to Naval complicity in the TREASON OF 9/11 and does not address his service with the Federal Reserve or the Frauds against the US government that he and his ‘below the radar’ wife Gloria may have participated in that caused great harm to an ALL BLACK college in the Atlanta, Georgia area which, of course, was burned by the British on 9-11-1864 for those who know history. GONE WITH THE WIND does not refer to the Phartinghams retreat to the vacant throne of Scotland, capeche? Having declared Victory on 11 September, 2011 in Oxford, Victory Declarations will be forthcoming on Guy Fawkes Day, 2011 in London and Veterans Day, 2011 in Washington DC. Washington, Vatican City and City of London are each one square mile of deception and God has assigned a MR FIXIT to take care of business opposing the ADDIT crimes. Agent Chips.
Prince ‘Philip the Putrid’ Phartingham offends his arranged royal German spouse with a flutterblast of eggs and cabbage, with a faint hint of dried apricots, onions and kimchee, hold the mayo, capeche?

Chips had just finished his Clipper to Hamish as Agent Dunk briefed Chips, alone, as to his travel beyond the Waste Management TROJAN GARBAGE CAN not to be confused with TROJAN SERVANTS Hillary Roadhog, Barry Soetero, Kristine Marcy, Frog Face Trudeau and the Woman with Bette Davis eyes who ensured that Rothschilds and Rockefellers got the BAD INK for the malfeasance of Bank of England which was allowing Greece to go bust.

“Chips, Dirty Driveway was alerted by Banzai Pipeline to the fact that GLAMOUR BOY in Canada ( 24 Sussex ) is well aware that the hounds are sniffing out the true history of CAI private equity and the Pickton Pig Pedophiles relationship to 9/11 as well as the ‘ping pong’ protocol with Orbital Sciences of Virginia, was it Dallas, Virginia or Dulles? Certainly it must have been close to Chantilly where the FEMME COMP INC perverts have been working against the USA since 1979, same year that the United States Senior Executive Service was hatched, the same year the Worshipful Company of World Traitors was created ( read Treason ) and the same year that LCWB was written on the crest of the Annapolis Class of ’79, which of course made Gerald DeConto a target of THE TWISTED SISTERS. Our man in Surrey suggests that surviving family members of the Pork Roast Prostitutes will be offered EXACTLY THE SAME amount of HUSH MONEY that both Wendy Burlingame and Beverly Eckert TURNED DOWN before Wendy was incinerated in her condo and Beverly was incinerated in Colgan 3407 ( immediately after BLUE FLASH) which precipitated the Kangaroo Court efforts of Byron Dorgan, (Jay Rockefeller controlled) Senator from North Dakota taken down by your Chapter 9 of 17 June, 2009. Specifically 2345 on 17 June, 2009 when the sold-out senator, pardon the redundancy, failed to allow any of the four WHISTLEBLOWING career airline pilots to address Dorgan’s dummies, once again pardon the redundancy. [ Dan Hanley, Newton Dickson, John Stipetich, Field McConnell ] Seems Dorgan and FAA Administrator were ‘monkeying around’ when they should have made America’s skies safer.

However, those trying to silence the survivors of the Pickton Pork Roast Prostitutes may not be aware of the $61.5M slush fund generated by a behind the scenes proponet of Boeing SAFER airliners as Airbus considers their future if an A380 with light blue paint goes down in CONUS during the second week of November, 2011, as may be planned to hit during and EAS. The ALPA officials who were informed of illegally modified Boeings on 10 December, 2006 will be running for cover when Jane the Ripper’s costume swap with General Shelton’s Speckled Trout becomes an ‘item of interest’ if OPERATION SWITCHBLADE CROSS does not block the FALSE FLAG originally scheduled for 1411, 11-9-11. Jane Garvey may be sacrificed by slimy Ben Sliney if he wishes to avoid the TWISTED SISTER gallows. Ben Sliney was on his first day on the job at FAA when Crown Agent Sister Jane Garvey appears to have deployed a Ripper-style costume swap to put the HAPLESS HUGH with a textiles degree into a one of a kind EC135C Speckled Trout on 9/11. HAPLESS HUGH was not aware that his C32 had been swapped out for USAF aircraft 61-2669 which would give him motive, weapon and opportunity to be complicit in TREASON of 9/11 if Abel Danger determines that he was witting of the Kristine Marcy ‘enhancements’ to the C4ISR suite and upgrades to 61-2669 which, according to his North Carolina Textiles degree, is very unlikely. The Matrix 5 man-in-the-middle propaganda attack on the government of the United States will be simultaneously revealed at Abel Danger and (redacted) in the second week of November. And it is critical that you know who…….”

Agent Dunk was stopped in mid statement as the Waste Management roll off armored refuse vehicle came to an abrupt halt. Agent Slam reached down and deployed the Fulton Extraction balloon on Chips’ torso harness as a blacked out rotary winged UAV lined up on its FINAL APPROACH course to hoist Chips aboard the aircraft assigned by Banzai Pipeline and controlled by Agent James Crosby in the Joint Stars E-8C from Robins AFB, Georgia where Chips and Crosby had located the ‘one of a kind’ weapons suite that had been in aircraft 61-2669 before it ‘vanished’ from the United States Air Force inventory, was miniaturized and deployed in global UAVs of which the US operates perhaps 70%. The ‘vanishing act’, i.e. SCRUBBING/BLEACHING of 61-2669 was orchestrated by Kristine Marcy associates in an unsuccessful attempt to support an alibi for General Hugh Shelton who ‘went missing’ aboard 61-2669 for eleven hours between 0715 and 1615 on the morning and early afternoon of 9/11. Read ‘em and weep, Twisted Sisters, then prepare your alibis. SamCam Snowy will be needing an alibi also, perhaps someone with good critical thinking and penmanship skills could help her with the creative writing. Perhaps it will become fruitful to prepare three, or so, alibis for Herman Cain as well as his relationship to the Pentagon attack and the frauds at his wife’s college in Atlanta become Clintonian, capeche, no disrespect to blue dresses or hard working dry cleaners with strong solvents intended?

Chips handed Agent Dunk a hand written note as the droned whirlybird extracted him from the refuse container while Agents Jailbait, of Paradise Road, and Aunt Maudie, of Caprock, Texas once known as the Caprock Cutie, hated to think they’d seen the last of the WM garbage man and this refers not to Waste Management but rather Wisconsin Marine, capeche? Agent Dunk felt for Jailbait and Maudie but counted her blessings that she had a loving husband in Agent Slam and that the comingling of their DNA rich bodily fluids had produced 4 wonderful children in the 40 years of their wedded bliss which, contrary to what Frogface, Kristine the beligerant, Hillary Roadhog and Laureen Harper have experienced, is possible. As she basked in the glow of a life well lived she opened the handwritten message from Chips.

“Agents Slam, Dunk, Auntie Maudie and Jailbait, in keeping with Operation SWITCHBLADE CROSS briefing guide I am redirecting the UAV chopper to the transient alert ramp at Brize Norton. Please ensure that Skymaster and Stone have coordinates: W 001° 35' 01.10"/N 51° 44' 59.86" and confirm with Banzai Pipeline and Agent Bean at Global that for the duration of SWITCHBLADE CROSS any pastel prove up codes will be displayed in eTrust passports not in the previous IOC protocol. As we take ownership of the Alinsky Suite of tactics and the OODA invasive tactics perfected by Lt Col John F. Boyd, we can now terminate openly heterosexual exchanges in favor of lethal academically pure exchanges such as will occur in Athens and the Square Mile across the River Thames from the location where UK Column and Abel Danger met in November of 2010 to observe D2 Bankers and the Isle of Dogs, see also Frogface, Hillary and Kristine.

Please also take notice that Roger Hayes and the UK Column folks will be at Friend’s House from 1030 to 1800 on 5 November, 2011, which is Guy Fawkes Day. Where would one assume that I, Agent Chips, would be during the Guy Fawkes meeting preceding the Veteran Defenders of America ‘mustard seed muster’ at the base of the Washington Monument on 11-11-11? Do the math. Further, be alert to any Airbus-Boeing competition that gets ‘out of hand’ between 6 October, 2011 and 5 November, 2011 as both Boeing and Airbus have been attacked by a (wo)man in the middle attack that if not arrested could grow into something bigger than the Dimona Dozen that Japanese officials are now taking under reconsideration in light of the fact that Israeli service trucks were on Japanese soil before the event at Fukushima that prompted the penetration of Arecibo HAARP by Agents James Crosby, Nikita Ninja, Atomic Betty and myself on Wednesday, 16 March, 2011. Agent Chips”

Chips received confirmations on his Clipper Squirt Gun indicating that Global, Slam and the aircrew of the BA Airbus sitting at City of London Airport all were aware of the change of destination as an Immediate Clipper from Skymaster in the purloined Airbus A318 sporting British Airways livery and dispatched by Menzies sent a brief message: “Chips, slip the ETD to one hour later as we need to MEL the #2 IDG and refuel to MAX to provide for continuous APU burn enroute Bong Air Force Base Wisconsin on a ‘short release’ to Abbotsford or Comox pending destination weather which is forecast to be at, or near, WOXOF at the original ETA, Skymaster”.

Seeing that he had another 60 minutes of play time and knowing that Agent Suky Slicer often worked in her garden on Wednesdays, Chips used his pink cel phone to redirect the FMGC to Nottingham in a manner consistent to the FMGC re-routing of United 93 by the EC135C ‘Speckled Trout’ that was used by U S Senior Executive Service to implicate General Hugh Shelton, sexual harassment defendant Hermain Cain, and CAI investor Alexander Haig on the morning of 9/11. Further, he sent a priority Clipper to Agents SuperSport, Atomic Betty, Ginger Cookie and Kitty Windemere along the DEW line abandoned by NORAD in 1993 and taken over by Abel Danger on 22 June, 1993. It was during Operation Piano, 1981 at Camp Grafton near Devil’s Lake, ND not too far from the obelisk antenna that was to be an over the horizon radar missile defense system rendered redundant following Ronald Reagan’s sleight of hand that saw the Berlin wall come down and the Russian with the birth mark move to Presidio, California, some of the most expensive real estate in North America, that discussions were commenced that would result in the ‘retirement’ of a North Dakota ANG pilot ( a troubled guy?) so he could revert to full time ‘intel work’. While the DEW line was built to preclude an attack on America FROM THE NORTH perhaps it should have been built on the 49th parallel as those who would attack America FROM THE NORTH were not Russians and their weapons were not 1400 miles south of the North Pole but rather at Abbotsford, Gatineau and Goose. When McDonald Detwiler was sold to Orbital Science of Dulles, Virginia, so that United States Senior Executive Service could benefit from some ‘tweaks’ prior to selling it back to CAI one year later any serious student of the Attack of 9/11 who understands RICO would be able to connect the dots. For the logic challenged incapable of critical thinking, contact Chips or call the Command Post 715 307 8222. ABM Facilities

Cold War Left Overs: Mickelsen Safeguard Complex

Royal Crown Agent Chips priority clipper to DEW line Dangerettes in Bangor, Resolute Bay, Gatineau and Abbotsford, copy Dwarf and Rico Gambolino: I am enroute to a face to face with Suky Slicer. If her news is not good expect to see Nahum 35 make a pit stop at Bong AFB, Wisconsin enroute to Comox, British Columbia. Please review the Threat Window posted to FBI on 26 October, 2011 and factor in real time escalations that we may deploy in Athens and City of London regarding WANKER BANKER (*) FRAUDS and the curse of the QUACKS and I mean the LBGTQs in greater London non-glow areas not the Quacks at AFLAC, capeche? Review the Threat Window and standby for combined message from Suky Slicer and myself within 90 minutes, Chips.

(*) Wanker Banker R& R are just decoys to protect Juliet Wheldon and Bank of England


Wednesday, October 26, 2011 10:43 AM

Attention FBI:

On 8 Nov 10 at 1535 Eastern I sent you a threat window for 8 Nov 10 thru 11 Nov 10. Hours later the MYSTERY MISSILE event occurred in the Pacific Missile Test Range in which case the ignition signal for the second stage was blocked electronically at the same time a cruise ship was shut down electronically.

Cruise ship disabled by engine fire being taken by tugboats to Ensenada

On 20 Jan 11 I sent FBI and others a TW against the Willis Tower in Chicago for time frame 1200-1830 23 Jan 11. That threat FADED OUT but the following day a FF terror event occurred at DMO airport in Moscow. While FADE OUT is desirable, as we approach the 60 hour TW centered on 11-9-11 it appears that we are approaching level 4, FAST PACE not to be confused with Double Take or Cocked Pistol, or in the case of Barry Soetero…..half cocked pistol. Regarding the 'exercise' involving radio and TV set for 11-9-11, recall that it was another exercise on 9-11-01 that went horribly wrong. Oath keepers ( that includes you ) are being called upon by US patriots to uphold their oaths and protect US citizens and the US Constitution just as in London on Guy Fawkes Day ( 5 Nov 11 ) the British Constitution Group is meeting to discuss their expectations for a Constitutional Britain going forward. Regarding the defendants of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49, if Abel Danger doesn't see evidence of a cancellation of the 'pencilled in' FF TE in 11-9-11 window or moderation of 11-9-11 exercise by EOB 2 Nov 11, expect a legal filing with a much tighter focus in the defendants listed. Whereas Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 had 100 named defendants, a filing on, say, 2 Nov 11, would focus on 5 defendants, all Twisted Sisters serving R&R COL and reported to office vacated by Drew Wrigley, google that name. U. S. Senior Executive Service and Hugh Shelton botched it last time. They'd be fools to expect better results against a more informed and organized American population. Hugh Shelton should compare my last name [ McConnell ] to the last name of a confidant aboard the SPECKLED TROUT when it 'got lost' for eleven hours on the morning of 9/11 as it was somewhere in close proximity to W386A Airspace and two NATO E330 AWACS jets holding off Washington DC and NYC expecting that Hugh Shelton's Speckled Trout would arrive at NATO Hungary as the command of the US Navy would be handed off to NATO in response to the MURDER of US Navy Command Center Duty Officer Captain Gerald DeConto, Annapolis '79 at the same time MGen Maurice Baril and his lap dog Charles ‘the ham fisted helo pilot’ Bouchard kept a short leash on the 1st AF NORAD assets preventing their intercepting, I say again, INTERCEPTING of 4 droned aircraft, 2 Darleen Drunyen Boeings and two Raytheon A 3 Sky Warriors. It seems statistically unlikely that Shelton would plan to drop into London to be knighted by the Queen following a successful Treason against America. What, pray tell, would he have done to deserve the Queen's favor especially if one understands she is a German not a Brit and Prince Phartingham may ascend to the vacant throne of Scotland where the entire government thinks serial rapes of Hollie Grieg is OK.

History recalls that Captain Jason Dahl's United 93 was delayed for 41 minutes thus blocking the TOPOFF AMERICA that had been ill-conceived by City of London, US Senior Executive Service, Lord Timothy Garden, Hugh Shelton and the party who created the US SES and is imminently well positioned to FINGER Juliet Wheldon and Bank of England if Abel Danger gives here the ‘attack’ trigger. Mind Control works both ways, one must assume.

On 11 September, 1961 QE2 created the Queen's Guard at William and Mary College. On 11 November 11 Abel Danger will be 'standing down' the Queen's Guards as Constitutionally loyal Oath Keepers assemble at the foot of the Washington Monument and many US Courthouses across America.

Robert Swan Mueller III was informed on 14 Feb 07 exactly how the jets deployed on 9/11 were modified. If the Director of the FBI wishes a reminder, please have him contact me at 715 307 8222 or as I still have both the letter and the USPS proof of delivery.

Field McConnell
USMC 0116513
Keeper of 4 oaths
Plum City


As the DEW line Dangerettes reviewed the perceived threat where, like Amalgam Virgo 01, “EVERYONE PARTICIPATES’ ( page 34), Chips reconfigured the drone Chopper to effect an auto snatch of Agent Suky Slicer for a face to face enroute to Brize.

Chips was considering the fact that even though the modus operandi of the perps was everyone participates what needed to be determined was who knew what they were participating in. Minutes later as Chips heard the UAV chopper throttle back in the descent and make one last ‘check turn’ for final approach intercept of the Fulton extraction lanyard with the 3M reflective sweet spot at 150 feet above the ground, he saw three slow flashes of green followed by the illumination of the sweet spot in the F16ADF VID light mounted on the chin of the drone chopper. Chips input 135 pounds for the ACW knowing that the svelte Dangerette with experience in City of London and Stoke on Trent would be carrying several quarts of strawberries, a pint of heavy cream, and a 1969 London Fog raincoat, as per Mission Brief of Operation SWITCHBLADE CROSS. As the chopper cleared the helium balloon, Chips felt the power spool to 97% as the automation anticipated the increased thrust necessary to accelerate the 135 pound package while maintaining 15 knots IAS on a magnetic heading of 307 degrees. Once stabilized at 300 feet AGL and the cruise speed of 40 knots IAS, Chips manually reset destination to Transient Alert Ramp at Brize Norton where his father’s B47E stood REFLEX ALERT during the kraut faux coronation of 1953 as Suky Slicer was autowinched up to the open door and ramp of the mini-chopper. Chips noticed a pair of Israeli GHOST drones on either side of the mini-chopper and he immediately selected ‘strobe max’ to defeat the CCTV cameras sent aloft perhaps by Cressida Dick and the Woman with Betty Davis Eyes, a known solicitor for Bank of England. He got three green flashes from Crosby in the Joint Stars to indicate the download of real time images was obstructed by the strobes as Joint Stars technology sampled the Metropolitan Police Force downlinks from GHOST.

Mini UAV Chopper For Urban Warfare Revealed

“Suky, no prove up necessary, we have about 11 minutes enroute to Brize and I understand the QUACK folks have some intel for us.”

“That is correct, Chips. From our friends at QUACK we have learned the nature of the control arm of the Isle of Dogs, it is equivalent of a local council, responsible for a small area of London known as the Square Mile. But, as its website boasts, "among local authorities the City of London is unique". You bet it is. There are 25 electoral wards in the Square Mile. In four of them, the 9,000 people who live within its boundaries are permitted to vote. In the remaining 21, the votes are controlled by corporations, mostly banks and other financial companies not dissimilar to the seldom understood Electoral College in the Colonies. The bigger the business, the bigger the vote: a company with 10 workers gets two votes, the biggest employers, 79. It's not the workers who decide how the votes are cast, but the bosses, who "appoint" the voters similar to the Diebold experience that ended the life of Ohio’s Mike Connell who was silenced in a plane crash ( ) following some skullduggery in the 2004 election which bore the signature of a classic ‘man in the middle’ attacks favored by Kristine Marcy and Juliet Wheldon. Plutocracy, pure and simple. I quote from a lamestream report:

That system was created by Mike Connell, the GOP's IT guru who, in 2008, was subpeonaed for a deposition in a long-standing 2004 election fraud suit, only to die in a mysterious plane crane just weeks after the election, before he could testify in open court. Computer security experts have long charged that the results of Ohio's '04 Presidential election may have been compromised by a so-called "man in the middle" computer attack as the servers changed locations that night.

There are four layers of elected representatives in the Corporation: common councilmen, aldermen, sheriffs and the Lord Mayor. To qualify for any of these offices, you must be a freeman of the City of London. To become a freeman you must be approved by the aldermen. You're most likely to qualify if you belong to one of the City livery companies: medieval guilds such as the worshipful company of costermongers, cutpurses and safecrackers. To become a sheriff, you must be elected from among the aldermen by the Livery. How do you join a livery company? Don't even ask but if you wish to get your head around it consider the Pickton Pig Farm, a registered charity in Canada, and their menu which featured Roast Prostitute which is the ‘sticky widget’ in an ongoing attempt by Canada’s government to buy off the plaintiffs in the investigation into who, exactly, did the thinking at the Pickton Pig Farm and what the relationship to CAI Private Equity, MDA and General Alexander Haig who seemed prescient in attributing the attack of 9/11 to the oft-dead Osama Bin Laden, perhaps because he was aware of the briefing guide of Amalgam Virgo 01 that patsied OBL with a photo on the front page; perhaps because he was aware of United States Senior Executive Service Treason. Dead men don’t talk unless their conversations were recorded such as some were between 1111 and 1411 on 6 September, 2001. When you drop off at Brize Norton RAFB can you reconfigure this flying jalopy to take me home or must I hike my skirt along the motorway in a custom as one with a DOLPHIN TATTOO on her ankle might do if she needed a lift to NYC on 9/11 to be a co-voyeur of the carnage with that fat redhead who once was married to a ham fisted helo pilot, not to be confused with Charles Bouchard of Canada who worked on 9/11 with Maurice ‘Seahorse’ Baril and Stephen Harper’s most illustrious PANTY SNIFFER, Colonel Russell Williams, aka THE CANADIAN STALLION, who was ‘handled’ by the Harriman woman who is the NUMBER ONE SEARCH TERM at prior to being placed in protective custody by Glamourboy. Rumor has it the Prison Food in Canada has allowed THE CANADIAN STALLION to put on a few pounds, capeche?”

Canadian Forces Poster Boy Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams

Perhaps Averill Harriman and his distaff progeny need more ‘SNIPHing’, Standard Naval Intel Profiling, Human.

“Suky, easy as pie, once I am clear at Brize if you push the IMMEDIATE RTB button here, it will take you back to the pond behind your property and you can separate into the water or if you prefer you could press the HOVER 30 button and it would hover for 30 seconds so you could rappel down to your strawberry fields forever.”

As the drizzle dimmed rotating beacon of Brize Norton became visible to the southwest, Chips’ Clipper Squirt gun signaled an immediate from Agent Bean at the Global HQ at Molly’s on Main in Plum City, Wisconsin where the tap beers included Fat Tire and Two Women, gee, I wonder which one Agent Chips prefers, in moderation, while his 36 Stud or 40 Stud await him outdoors by the Trout Pond, but not the Speckled Trout Pond, capeche?

Global Hammer Bean Immediate Clipper to Chips, Hamish, Ginger Cookie and Telstar, copy Trance Dancer and Agent MoLes: Umbrellam has declared FAST PACE in response to disinfo storm from Soros, Netanyahu, and Plump Plum of Windsor not to be confused with the other Plump Plum named Angela. Umbrellaman and Name Dropper suggest a stop at Bong AFB, Wisconsin for crew augmentation. Lady Viagra from Resolute Bay, Ginger Cookie from BANG ME, and our Agent #9 from the Lone Star State have skill sets that should prove invaluable if Operation SWITCHBLADE CROSS is escalated to COCKED PISTOL and Operation MARBLE FALLS PIE is triggered. Recall, in Abel Danger Protocol any PIE escalation assumes maximum sustained PRESSURIZED INTEL EFFORT. If we uptempto to COCKED PISTOL expect Atomic Betty, Herculean Spyglass and Agent Vani to joint the mission at Bong AFB. Agent Bean, Pastel Jade Green
As the UAV Chopper hovered alongside the British Airways A318 dispatched as Nahum 35 with a November registration that was ‘borrowed’ from Wells Fargo Bank, Chips handed a suicide note, his Jade Green Kazakh ID and a red bandana tied in a knot to Suky Slicer, Pastel Strawberry Cream. Suky understood his intent.

“Goodbye Suky, best of everything if I don’t get back over for Guy Fawkes Day. Looking forward to a Wednesday in your garden.” Chips noticed a tear in her left eye as she selected RTB on the FMGC. He shinnied down the rope exit with his kit on his back as he noticed a puff of unspent fuel from the #1 V2500 as the jet was readied for a MTOG crossing of the North Atlantic. Chips was greeted by Agent Fanny Galore from the Glasgow branch who had been alerted to the mission whilst at a reunion at RAF Brawdy, Wales, not far from where Gareth Williams was reared. And you know how the royals and the Scots like to rear children, see also COMMON PURPOSE and SOS-CV who do most of the financial accounting ‘in arrears’. Fanny had poured a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini with a pair of stuffed queens and was enjoying a McEwan’s beer, apparently not her first judging by her joviality.

Chips had just planted his derierre in seat 1B and taken a ‘loading dose’ of his CSM when Fanny Galore placed a photo on his lap. “Whose that lady, we have been alerted to her joining the mission at Bong?”

“Fanny, this is Agent #9. I met her at the Bluebonnet Café in Marble Falls during the Austin Posse Roundup last September. We’re shared some pie, coffee and intelligence swapping. She is the lady who infiltrated Chicago in the summer of ‘66 under the ID ‘Kaleidiscope Eyes’. Her cover job is in the Arts and she was instrumental in ‘skin painting’ the Speckled Trout while contracting with Northrop and General Dynamics as an SBA 8(a) ‘dobbelganger’. Her relationship to the Canton Trade Days on each month’s first four day weekend and the December 17th Quebe Sisters Band concert in Marble Falls are unknown to me, at present, but she is in the loop with Ginger Cookie, Lady Viagra and #10. I know she has a dog and likes to be photographed surrounded by Bluebonnets when in the Hill Country…..”

Chips was interrupted by the three stage acceleration of the V2500 as TOGA power was selected by the PF which presumably would be Skymaster as Stone Kohl was the pilot who flew it into Brize. Chips noticed the seat belt sign was not illuminated during the takeoff roll, and liking that, he took another Texas sized swig of his CSM and looked again at Agent #9 and his thoughts drifted back to an Apartment House in Dripping Springs, Texas and an Apartment #9 where he first met a lady known in the Austin area as THE BLACK WIDOW.

Chips was recalling a late August evening when he first met Agent #9. As he closed his eyes, took a sip and drank in the pleasant memories, he felt a Briefing Guide being dropped in his lap and was brought back into the here and now of an ongoing Abel Danger Effort to stop both the November Surprise in North America and the August False Flag set for 12 August, 2012 on the River Thames. A military coup could take care of the November 11 event as was suggested on 8 November, 2010, when DoD white hats supported by Abel Danger blocked the UNSEEN MYSTERY MISSILE, not to be confused with the HIGHLY VISIBLE mystery missile that never was explained except by Abel Danger Agent Desert Pete.

“Chips, sorry to disturb your pleasant memories of Agent #9 but Hamish is on the Hotline and Skymaster tells me we will have to switch to a SAT PHONE if you cannot wrap up Hamish before we reach 15 West.” Fanny was kind enough to top off his CSM and add one ice cube as she reached into her insulated North Face Holdall and retrieved a pair of McEwan’s for herself. Chips spoke into the mobile unit and grimaced thinking of the cheesey drivel he was sure to endure. He took in another lengthy pull as Fanny Galore pined to do likewise.

“Hello Hamish, Chips in Nahum 35, please make it brief as we will lose this connection in ten or so minutes, go ahead.”

“Chips, our travels go full circle. Sounds like McDonald is about to land a fat contract with the Canadian Government in a facility that may be useful is guiding airliners with the Strangler’s Suite of illegal modifications…” before he was cut off by Agent Chips.

“Hamish, which McDonald, McDonnell Douglas?”

“There is no McDonnell Douglas, Boeing gobbled ‘em up. I refer to McDonald Detwiler and Associates of Richmond, British Columbia, not far from the Harley place or the Foggy Dew where local band Frenzy use to play a fair amount and sounded more like the Beatles than the Beatles themselves. It seems your sister has been using the DOJ BLINDFOLD for other than its intended function. Rather then providing Blind Justice she and her ilk, USDOJ Pride Perverts, have Blinded Justice by using the red bandana warnings to remind Compromised Greek Oath, Mau Mau Oath, and Roast Prostitute Oath swearers that if they blow the whistle or testify honestly in court they may go missing in fashions such as John Parsons Wheeler, Wendy Burlingame or Wendy Ladner here in British Columbia.”

“Seems your sister, Darleen Drunyen and the Woman with Bette Davis Eyes have not only engaged in Procurement Fraud in the 9/11 drones that took out WTC 1 and 2 but also with the ‘bait and switch’ of the Speckled Trout. Rippergate is the working title for research involving Kristine Marcy, Darleen Drunyen and Juliet Wheldon and the One Man Wrecking crew from Sapporo, KP Cebu and Marquis d’Cartier should be able to pull down their masks while hopefully not pulling up their skirts, yuk! Didn’t you once tell me that FedEx and UPS jets cannot be illegally snatched via Strangler’s Suite?”

“That is my understanding Hamish, it’s hard to scare a Toshiba laptop, an Akai tape deck, or a set of Bridgestone tires, fear only works against humans so the false flag aviation events have all involved passenger jets to keep the travellers nervous so they gain and unwarranted sense of safety as they are fondled and groped by Jane Napolitanos paid perverts.

Elena Uglers and Janet Uglers, the Sisty Uglers of the Soetero Regime, capeche?

One of the face to face briefings for 10 October, 2011 will be with Air Canada and Qantas pilot reps who wished to be briefed on the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot which has been widely known since 3 March, 2007, yet pilots in the USA have not been educated or trained by their companies regarding the facility ‘announced almost 5 years ago but deployed more than 16 years ago. ( ) When Boeing admitted their existence they created a big problem for the airlines. They stated that “had the BUAPs been deployed on 9/11, 9/11 would have been impossible” and further they suggested that “within 3 years every airliner should possess this feature”. However, Qantas, Air Canada and Air France are all working that issue, let’s get back to my sister’s Operation BLINDFOLD.”

“Agreed. The USDOJ is insisting that red bandanas were worn by the Muslim hijackers who stormed the cockpits. DOJ also reports having found red bandanas at crime scenes of UA93, AA77, and both WTC buildings. They should be coerced to produce the evidence or remove the claim. If they cannot product the evidence we are entitled to an aggressive inference of guilt on their part in spoliation of evidence. A witness has already come forward and admitted to taking a $2M bribe to lie under oath.

So now these two disgusting un-male lovers of women have a big problem in that a leader of a sovereign nation has been hunted down and murdered without benefit of charges being filed or due process taking place. When Hillary Roadhog and Kristine Marcy conspired to effect TREASON in TOPOFF 9/11 they set in motion two wars based on falsified information (al Qaeda attacked on 9/11), they have participated in slaughter of innocents in Libya to force that sovereign nation to rebuild with debt to the sponsors of the slaughter and destruction, and the blood of 53 slain POWs is on their hands in violation of the Geneva Convention. While privatizing war and selecting targets in private virtual war rooms Kristine, Hillary, Lynne Cheney, Juliet Wheldon and the rest of the TWISTED SISTERS apparently discounted the possibility that PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE could bring them down. Mentor protégé programs espoused by their non-male lovers of women are a tell-tale key that is consistent in their RED BANDANA blindfolds that cause loyal, informed witnesses to remain silent. Enter Abel Danger and observe SILENCE NO MORE. Currently in British Columbia plainiffs for Justice in the Pickton Pig Farm Prostitute Roast the Canadian Justice system are finding that a mere $1.2M or so is not enough to cause suriving family members to “shut up and go away”. Didn’t work on Wendy Burlingame or Beverly Eckert either….Chips are you still there?”

Chips knew an opportunity when he saw or heard one. “Yes Hamish but you are breaking up, let me call you once we get over the Narsasauq Airport on the west side of Greenland. Reverting to SAT PHONE for next 3 hours, Chips out”

Hamish fumbled with his computer as he stirred his signature Mineral Water and lime slice. Knowing of the heavy lifting in the days ahead before the Runaway Grand Jury was to be announced he realized his drink wasn’t stout enough for him. He added two more lime slices and wondered how SAS troops were brokered into conducting murder for hire in the case of Gaddafi. After 3 nanoseconds he realized who probably had posed as SEALS for the unsuccessful raid on the “fairytale” home of Osama in the Islamabad dwelling. Suddenly he realized why the real SEAL TEAM 6 had to be silenced in the intentional violation of Seal Team Six transportation protocols. His backbone stiffened, his focus sharpened, his squint became more narrow and in the Airbus A318 his fellow researcher Agent Chips ordered a third Captain Sherlock Martini. To Chips, who as Captain Sherlock, solved 9/11 in 2007, the modus operandi of his sister was seen in Absolut clarity.

Chips took out his green and yellow John Deere ballpoint pen with Tractor Central and and jotted down some notes to himself as his metabolism responded with Abolut clarity thanks to the clear solution from Sweden. A song from 1969 went through his mind as he left some scriptural references for his children if he should become a ‘mort’ in the Final Gunfight at the F-M Corral, a Runaway Grand Jury filed in the Quentin N. Burdick Courthouse, Fargo, North Dakota. He thought of a little girl he had met in Texas as he started to Dream of another time and space.

Agent #9, age 7, Waxahachie TX

Chips looked forward to the day when the sadness would leave the face of this little girl from Texas just as he looked forward to the day when the regret would leave the faces of his four daughters and one son who grieved for what their father’s own country had done to him in spite of his 26 years of loyal service to the United States of America, her Constitution and the Republic for which the stars and stripes use to stand, prior to the Wanker Bankers putting a gold fringe on it, effectively fencing us in, capeche? Perhaps too late the enemies of America would learn the relationship of USS Waxahachie (YTB-814) and US Marine Officer 0116513.

Psalm 96:12 = Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.

Prov 29.25 = Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.

Prov 31:8 = Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.

Nahum 3.5 = 5 “I am against you,” declares the LORD Almighty. “I will lift your skirts over your face. I will show the nations your nakedness and the kingdoms your shame.

Galatians 5.22 = But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

Philippians 1.6 = being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Tim 1:6.6 = But godliness with contentment is great gain.

Agent Chips thought forward to when the SKIN PAINTER from General Dynamics would join him to bring justice in the Treason of 9/11


As Chips fell into a sweet dream that would have rivaled those sung about by Patsy Cline. In his dream Chips was seeking favor of the SKIN PAINTER from General Dynamics while in Surrey, British, Columbia Tribal Elders, Abel Danger Agents, representatives of Qantas, Air France and Air Canada were arriving to meet with the group at the Pink Palace of Surrey. Chips was focusing on pink in his sweet dream as Clippers from Agent Hamish were piling up in the router-servers at


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Thursday, November 3, 2011 2:39 PM
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The Abel Danger White House Group to those whom it may concern

November 3, 2011

Pig farm Governor General war-room oaths for al-Qaeda Speckled Trout

We believe Canada ’s erstwhile Governors general Adrienne Clarkson and David Johnston used images of a B.C. pig farmer's oath ceremonies to extort al-Qaeda access to war rooms on an EC135C Speckled Trout aircraft for the Matrix 5 propaganda attacks of 9/11.

Ripper-Style Costume Swap - General Henry Shelton's Alibi - EC135C Speckled Trout Aircraft - E-4B Matrix 5 - American Government Attacked - 9/11

Erstwhile Canadian Governors general allegedly set up Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society in 1996 to film cannibal oath ceremonies for al-Qaeda’s Speckled Trout attack

Dawn Crey’s body was allegedly used in Piggy’s Palace 'blindfold' oath ceremonies by Canadian Governors general; her family's only remedy is a Runaway Grand Jury

Johnston’s CAI investors in Macdonald Dettwiler, link BC Online to pig-farm war rooms and al-Qaeda’s Speckled Trout

Johnston had lien through BC OnLine on pig farm snuff film revenues
Johnston staged full dress rehearsal with pig farm oath takers for A-Q Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout was modified for al-Qaeda man-in-the-middle propaganda attack on 9/11 by CAI/MDA Special Investors including David Johnston and late General Alexander Haig

“No charges for Pickton after woman's DNA found on farm, inquiry hears By Suzanne Fournier, Postmedia News October 26, 2011 VANCOUVER — Although Dawn Crey's DNA was found on Robert Pickton's farm, the serial killer was never charged in her death, a Vancouver inquiry heard Wednesday. Ernie Crey told the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry that his sister disappeared in 2000 from Vancouver's troubled Downtown Eastside. Suffering from severe mental illness and drug addictions, Dawn fought to survive predators including one who splashed her face with corrosive acid, Crey said. "The tragic death of my sister and so many women must not be in vain," Crey told inquiry commissioner Wally Oppal. Outside the inquiry, Crey said police told him that Dawn's DNA was found on an undergarment in Pickton's trailer in 2004. The police were clear that they believed Dawn was murdered by Pickton, Crey said. Pickton, 62, is now serving a life sentence for the murders of six women. He was initially charged with killing 20 more but those charges were stayed in 2010. The serial killer has been linked by DNA to the deaths of 33 women — including Crey — and boasted to an undercover police officer that he killed at least 16 more. The inquiry is investigating why it took the Vancouver Police Department and RCMP until 2002 to catch Pickton when they were receiving detailed tips as far back as 1998. Crey told Oppal that police must "change profoundly, and you must tell us how you've improved things so a serial killer cannot strike again, preying on women confined to an area where no one cares about them." Angela Williams' daughter also took the stand on Wednesday, telling the inquiry that her mother disappeared in December 2001 and her death was never taken seriously by police. "It's been 10 years and I still don't know how my mother died," said Ashley Smith, 21. "Was her death not investigated because she was native or used drugs? I want to know why no one cared enough to investigate properly." Margaret Green, the legal guardian of Williams' two youngest daughters, told the inquiry that the death was not a police priority because of "racial stereotyping." It was years before police told Green that Williams was strangled to death in Surrey, B.C., she said Wednesday. They initially had suggested the 30-year-old died of a drug overdose. "The Vancouver police seemed to have tunnel vision, they only wanted to know if she was native, a prostitute and a drug-user," said Green. "They didn't bother investigating at all." Oppal's report will analyze how Vancouver police and the RCMP handled the Pickton investigation from 1997 to 2002 and whether the 20 additional murder charges should have been stayed. It also will look at why 1997 charges were stayed against Pickton after a sex worker ran naked and handcuffed from his farm. Vancouver Province © Copyright (c) The Province”

Abel Danger is proposing that a Grand Jury investigate apparently-ongoing attempts to spoliate evidence of oath taking at a B.C. pig farm and associated extortion of witnesses by erstwhile Governors general to their use of al-Qaeda war rooms on a Speckled Trout.

Open Demand for a [Runaway] Grand Jury Investigation - Apparent Spoliation of Evidence - Destruction of Boeing 757–222 Aircraft - UA Flt 93 - 9/11

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out response teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigations.

Sam Cam needs an alibi for al-Qaeda day of infamy in Massive Attack 9/11

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Friday, November 4, 2011 1:17 PM
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The Abel Danger White House Group to those whom it may concern

November 4, 2011

Sam Cam needs an alibi for al-Qaeda day of infamy in Massive Attack 9/11

The demolition of the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11 appears to have been synchronized to the 'first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history’ and a visit to New York by Mrs. Samantha Cameron, the wife of the present U.K. Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron.

Mrs. Cameron arrived on 9/10 in New York with the launch of a Smythson branch office allegedly serving as her alibi for the Massive Attack planned on the city by an Ace Elevator sapper team, coordinated by Hillary Clinton, Heather Mills and the Duchess of York.

Abel Danger suggests that New Yorkers empanel a Runaway Grand Jury to investigate the Massive Attack alibis needed by Cameron and her Crown Agents Sisters for what was, in reality, al-Qaeda's phony day of infamy.

Open Demand for a [Runaway] Grand Jury Investigation - Apparent Spoliation of Evidence - Destruction of Boeing 757–222 Aircraft - UA Flt 93 - 9/11

Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out response teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigations.

Chips was abruptly awakened as a bright blue bolt of energy struck the empennage of the borrowed A318 causing the cabin to go dark and the emergency lights to go one. Knowing that his Clipper SAT PHONE would still be powered he selected *B to contact Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline but saw he had a FLASH CLIPPER IM from Agent #9, he scanned it briefly and made a mental note to call her at at the stroke of 4 PM on the day in question. He pushed *B and in the secure elevator shaft at Molly’s on Main in Plum City Chips got the recorded message on the Global Hammer Hotline

"Those who say it can’t be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it”

Realizing that James Crosby in Joint Stars and Banzai and Bean at Molly’s were
takin care of business, he went back to his sweet dream of a Dangerette from the Lone Star States as the BTO song from 1974 and the TCB tail flash on Elvis’s Lisa Convair jet converged in his mind as he dreamt of another convergence which he anticipated would take place when the efforts of Vancouver, Wisconsin and Texas would bring the people to their feet.

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