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Abel Danger News: Field McConnell & David Hawkins Radio Transcript - 23 November 2011 - Hour One

McConnell and David Hawkins Discussion on Abel Danger News on the Micro Effect Network for November 23, 2011 - Hour One

Field McConnell: Well, good afternoon, it’s Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving in the United States of America and I think for once in our life we won’t have to put up with the cheesy drivel because I don’t think the station has contacted David Hawkins who claims to be a Brit and a Camelot. Is it Camelot? No, Cambridge, that’s right Cambridge. John Kennedy was Camelot. Anyway, I don’t know if David’s here and I really don’t want to test the waters, so I’ll just go on a monologue here for awhile. And I’ll get a sound check hopefully from either Lucas Rose, Mensa Max or perhaps the ever attendant Fanny G, and I see that we have some late bloomers coming in here: DNA Frequency is a little tardy, so please explain yourself, whereas Agent CB – excuse me, that’s Agent KP Cebu in the Philippines is here, so we have the Philippines, we have North and South America, we have Central America and that’s Ginger Fly. And he spelled fly wrong, he has it f-l-y, it’s really f-l – excuse me, it’s f-l-i versus f-l-y, but we have lot’s to talk about today especially if David isn’t here. So with great reluctance and crepatation, I ask: David Hawkins, are you here?

David Hawkins: Well, I don’t know what ‘crepatation’ means, but I’m here.

Field: I’m not sure either, but then you know before we started writing nobody knew what expophilate which it doesn’t mean anything at all, we made it up. But we’re not making up the news and some of the news today includes things you haven’t briefed me on. So go ahead and brief me and then we’ll – oh, by the way chapter two is completely done and in your lap, David. Did you see it?

David: Yes I did and I just replied because I hadn’t had the call, but I think everything is going alright now perhaps as a result of that crepitation you spoke about?

Field: Yes, and maybe I – I think there is a word ‘crepitation’. We’ll have to – you know there’s some smart people here, in fact, everyone here is smart, some in different ways, but Mensa Max, c-r-e-p-i-t-a-t-i-o-n. Is there such a word, and I’ll bet you a dollar Fanny G gets to it before Mensa Max because he’s usually half way through a twelve pack of Fosters Lager which is made in Canada not Australia. So, David, since you’re the scholar from – I said Camelot – and I think it’s Cambridge, but it doesn’t matter because over in England I’d say some of your scholars especially your oxymoron’s which is a term that you came up with, and it’s a combination of Oxford University and Bullingdon’s. And that’s such a mouth full for these putrid nobodies in empty suits with no backbone that are married to over bearing women who get them in a lot of trouble. And it’s just not just the ones in England, it’s also the over bearing women in this country and in Canada who get their asleep at the switch spouses in trouble by being so militant and so radical and so uncivilized and my choice of words, evil – e-v-i-l, I think when you run a one-hundred and thirty four nation pedophile ring, which by the way, the thrust, that’s thrust of chapter two is the linkage between a bunch of Ps. And one of the Ps is Pickton pigs, one of the Ps is Penn State pedophiles, one of the Ps is Pennsylvania Avenue, and the other P escapes me right now, but there were four Ps and I’ve got writers inertia, or writers block because I got up early to go hunting. And the deer didn’t show up so I spent about four-and-a-half hours finishing off chapter two. And Fannie and you, and also the one man wrecking crew in the Philippines, not the one man wrecking crew in Japan; they’ve all got copies, but we’ll get that up here in the next twelve to twenty-four hours. So anyway, David, what would you like us to talk about?

David: I think there’s three subjects and the third one is so mind blowing. I’m just fresh back from the coffee bar and you know the one I go to and I’ve been reading the National Post for today and there is a little comment there that I believe will help us link the bombing of building number seven with someone very close to the center of the Queen’s household in the UK, but let me come back to that. There are two other issues that I thought we might chew on a little bit. One is the three generals that were deployed, I would argue by your sister on nine-one-one in an attempted coup d'état, and that would be General Haig, General Shelton and General Shalikashvili. So we might be able to touch on that and the second item is the brilliant work done by the team. And the extraordinary thing about Abel Danger is: I don’t think we’re going to find out how big we are, or even how small we are, but we do know, I believe, that we’ve got the truth that’s rattling the cages of the elite and this will be rather disturbing; because the Abel Danger group appears to have tracked down Linda Louise Pickton Wright, whatever she chooses to call herself, the woman who owned the mortgage on the upgrades to the barn in British Columbia near Port Coquitlam, where there was a period from nineteen-ninety-six to around two-thousand and one-two, where they would have about six raves a year with eighteen-hundred people showing up and presumably they would dine on a prostitute. And whether she was a prostitute or not is actually irrelevant, but my sense is that the people were invited, the great majority of them, did not know that they were going to dine on prostitute. They thought they would be dining on a pork roast. But the people who put on, or staged those ceremonies did something very interesting. They appeared to have rigged the barn, or modified the barn, so it looked like atop grade music hall with strobe lighting and every thing else, but every where in that barn there would have been cameras recording who was at the barn and what they did. And presumably over laid on that would be the shrieks of agony from the victims who were being butchered and tortured, and those images would have been backhauled – I think we’re very competent now by encryption to protect it from unwanted eyes – to a place in Canada Square, Canary Wharf to be used subsequently to extort these people. So the tracking down of Linda Louise Pickton Wright is extremely interesting. She worked in a law firm called Laurier in Edmonton in Alberta – thanks to every one who helped us nail this woman – and she’s got some very interesting colleagues. One of whom is apparently is the minder from the communications security establishment in Canada that would have been using the Clipper Chip which you might want to talk about very briefly before we go into the details?

Field: Well, I’ll have to make something up because everyone gets confused when I start talking about clips and clippers. Because clippers can be – well actually, you know, in our chat room, somebody pointed out that crepitation is the song – sound of wings snapping such as grasshoppers, so there’s a lot of information changing hands quickly here. And of course we change directions like we’re turning on a dime, but clipper telephone technology in nineteen-ninety-three, there was a meeting with four people, and I can probably remember three of them, but Al Gore was in that meeting, Peneta whose now the CIA mis-director was in that meeting, I believe Condoleezza Rice was in that meeting, my sister would have had a presence even though she probably wasn’t physically in the meeting, and there is one more person I am forgetting, but the clipper tech – oh, and of course, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson at that time I believe, maybe she was Soetoro by then –

David: No she wasn’t.

Field: But she would have - go ahead.

David: Sorry, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson I think we can fairly safely say took a prototype of the clipper chip in a small delegation from Sidley Austin to Washington DC, and my sense in nineteen-ninety-one is she got disbarred because it was recognized by what remains of your counter-intelligence services that this woman was attempting to shake down the American government. But I digress.

Field: You digressed and I got interrupted by someone who is uncivilized and probably a closet oxymoron from Bullyall University there in Oxford, but we don’t have time for that right now, back to the clipper mania. The clipper telephones created a problem for the administration in nineteen-ninety-three, and that administration of course was Slick Willie who is another one of the oxymoron’s, in fact, he got kicked out of Oxford for not being able to keep his zipper up which is interesting because all the way through chapter two we talked about Abel Danger ‘Operation Zipper’, and I’m the guy who wrote the chapter. It’s fifty-three pages long and we never did get around to having our Operation Zipper briefing in the Pink Palace Hotel there in White Rock, British Columbia; because I keep getting telephone calls and emails all day long with good information. And today was no exception, so finally I drew a line in the sand and finished the chapter. But I digress just like you taught me to digress five minutes ago. The clipper phone technology was a great threat to what Al Gore and Bill Clinton, and more importantly Hillary ‘Roadhog’ what’s her name – Rockefeller – Hillary ‘road hog’ Rockefeller. They had great plans to take down the United States of America and they – they’re not smart enough to come up with these plans *garbled* but there’s some very evil people in Europe that tend to be royals and bankers. And we have a new term by the way, we talk about the Windsor’s as the ‘Greco krawt goose steppers’, which I hope they really appreciate, and I’ll be over in April to shake their hands if they like it. The other clipper technology – I didn’t finish telling you the threat – was going to make encrypted telephone conversations possible for anybody in the United States of America who could buy a cell phone, which there are cell phones that are rather poliferant - that’s another big word that Mensa is going to have to look up – and the people who were planning to have this Trojan horse attack called the ‘attack of nine-eleven’ where a bunch of unwitting Muslims were patsied by a bunch of unwitting Ivy League college people suh as Hillary ‘road hog’, Michelle Wiener, Janet ‘why not’, let’s see, gorilla woman Gorelick, my own sister whose name is Kristine Marcy and a couple of wimp guys, pardon the redundancy. And these guys failed miserably because on the morning of nine-eleven when they tried to top us off, after having sent all of the clipper AT&T encrypted phones up to Canada – that’s north of the forty-ninth parallel – all those phones went up there. And that’s where the planning for nine-eleven took place by and large, and not I’m not suggesting Canada intended to attack America, but that’s in fact what happened. And that’s in fact, I believe exactly what the City of London bankers wanted and that’s what Lord Timothy Garden who at one point was the grand master, or whatever these people call themselves of the G-A-P-A-N, which is Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators. And it’s very interesting that this Lord Timothy Garden which had a pretty good back ground – I should say ‘who’ had a pretty good background in the Royal Air Force. He had an over domineering wife who was the – she’s the leader, the head honcho lady of the Worshipful Company of World Traders. So what you had when there were airplanes flying into the World Trade Center, you had the signature of the obedient husband, Lord Timothy Garden, head of the guild of Air Pilots and Navigators, causing flying vehicles to wipe out the world trade center so that his overbearing wife, and that’s my choice of words, Misses Timothy Garden. I bet she doesn’t like that? Anyway, she’s in charge of the Worshipful Company of World Traders and my question to you David, since you’re English and I’m not – Fannie Galore is not here to answer it – what exactly is it they’re worshiping because it looks like from my perspective they have had their vision blinded by the god of this world, and from what I’ve read in a very important book, the god of this world is number one, money, and number two, power to abuse God’s little people. Over to you I’m coming up for air.

David: Thank you, Field. I believe every outfit ultimately becomes a worship company. Prior to that it is a guild. So they have to go through two steps and the guild is a group of workers in a particular trade, or particular industry or particular supply chain. So we have for example: the Guild of Professional Home Services of which Linda Louise Pickton Wright is a member together with this minder of hers in the communications security establishment. So the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators of which the grand master, from nineteen-fifty-three to two-thousand and three is Prince Philip. Is an enormously powerful potential, or based to launch from the guild of an attack we saw on nine-one-one, which was simultaneous in multiple battle fields or crime scenes, brilliantly synchronized with the various cameras that were pointing, let’s call it at the ‘money spot’, which is where the people are going to be killed. And the images are backhauled by encryption on an entity, or piece of software called ‘Videoguard’ that was implemented on the clipper chip. And this is an assessment or a hypothesis that we’re still fleshing out if you will? So in nineteen-ninety-one, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, and she married this Canadian – citizen of the United Kingdom and colonies, Barry Soetero, Barack Hussein Obama in nineteen-ninety-one, is sent on a field trip from Chicago to Washington with a group of Sidley Austin colleagues, and they meet with some extremely senior people and powerful people in the United States administration, primarily bureaucrats of which we have to assume your sister would be the principal because she was the founder , or the charter member of the Senior Executive Service. So I believe the conversation went something along the lines, and whether it was Michelle LaVaughn Robinson who was doing the talking, or she was just a pasty, I mean I think she’s too dumb to take on these big projects herself, but one of the principle things is: how do we transfer this clipper technology which would be in prototype form back in nineteen-ninety-one by AT&T, which had retained the services of the law firm Sidley Austin to bring this to market, how do we transfer this encryption system that would normally protect two innocent citizens from being eavesdropped by the American government? So that there is always a back door into those kind of conversations, or the FBI, or the CIA and the Senior Executive Service. So let’s assume it was Michelle LaVaughan Robinson that was talking to your sister. I think the idea was, if your sister could find a slush fund, the idea would be to buy the entire production – the pilot system of the clipper chip – and start installing them in key government servants who could then be surveilled and ultimately corrupted because you would find out whether they were having conversations with their boy lovers, or their girl lovers, or their sisters, or their aunties, or whatever criminality those parasites get up to? So the power of transferring a device that would allow you to eavesdrop into high level communications between the White House for example, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is immense. So this is what Michelle LaVaughn Robinson brought from Chicago to Washington, and I believe your sister then, launched some funds, and I forget the x number, but one of those funds is the proceeds from confiscated drugs that are then auctioned off to her friends. So that means there is a slush of dirty money to buy in the production of the eavesdropping chip which is what I think Michelle LaVaughn Robinson and Kristine Marcy actually did. They then would have set this up – again, this is a hypothesis – to Canada outside the reach of RICO, the Racketeering, Influence and Corrupt Organization, to an entity called the ‘communications security establishment’, or something along those lines, CSE, which would have begun to incorporate them in key elements of technology that would normally be used in a major war game, for example: between Canada and the United States. The idea being for example: if you could install the clipper chip with the appropriate encryption inside the flight box of a commercial aircraft – a Boeing aircraft – you could hack into that aircraft and listen to the communications between a legitimate pilot and air traffic control. And if you wanted to simulate a hijacking, all you would need to do is either unplug the connection from the pilot to air traffic control, or put in a fake air traffic controller, so that the pilot thought he was actually communicating with a legitimate air traffic controller when he in fact, was talking to an actor. Conversely from air traffic controller point of view, they think they are talking to an actual pilot on a plane, when in fact they’re talking to actor. And this is the basic elements of a man-in-the-middle attack, where the man-in-the-middle is actually one of the bad guys and is interfering with the link between A and B and actually sabotaging – well, what we saw on nine-one-one. The interesting thing from a dynamic point of view is, how do you place an actor, like in the White House, who looks legitimate to the majority of people, and let’s take Barack Hussein Obama, which you make sure that actors does exactly what you tell him through the incidents of nine-one-one. Well of course, you entrap them and this is where the pig farm came in. My sense is that Linda Louise Pickton Wright, who owned the mortgage on the pig farm for her two brothers, had actually set up a pedophile and cannibal oath taking and entrapment center out at the pig farm where up to eighteen-hundred people would be flown in on private airlines, like the one your sister ran from nineteen-ninety-five and onwards called the ‘United States Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System.' So these turkeys would be flown to the pig farm on the Sabre Flight Reservation System, some of them would be innocent, others would have been on furlough from the jail system because they could be relied upon to orchestrate a kind of ceremony that would be so terrifying, anyone who had been to it and filmed and witnessed, would never disobey a command. So I’ve rattled on there a bit, any questions, Field?

Field: No, I pretty much know everything so I don’t have to ask questions, but there are some things coming up here in the chat room and there’s some interesting developments. It looks like the European economy is rather fragile right now, and another thing that you wouldn’t be following, is there’s a television outlet over in England, and there’s a little scuttle butt going now, in the chat room about whether they’re legit or they’re some what similar to Alex Jones which means they will head ninety-five percent to the target and then they’ll go sideways. So, I understood everything you said even though I wasn’t listening because I have that capacity, but did you want me to chime in with an opinion, agreement, or an obstruction at any point in this juncture?

David: No, no, you served as a pause there because I’m getting exhausted Field, and I just wanted to make sure that the audience is hanging in there because this is going to get rather alarming. Now, how do we ensure, let’s say – correction – how does Linda Louise Pickton Wright ensure that the individuals that are going to the pig farm to be caught on film, possibly when the blindfolds are removed at a ceremony that is so horrific they’ll always do exactly what they’re told – how does she trap them as they move back into the United States Government and are promoted up to the highest levels to make sure they are doing what they’re told, and so that they won’t risk these pictures being examined? Well, let’s come back to the Guild of Professional Home Services…

Pickton Pig Farm (Piggy Palace Good Times Society)

Field: Well hang on there –

David: …if you move the Boeing senior people at Washington State were moved to Chicago by these slime balls prior to the nine-one-one attack. And they started commissioning the Boeing office on the fourth of September two-thousand and one. Now the people who moved Boeing is very interesting because that turns out to be DLA Piper, and DLA Piper has a partner that’s very important from our point of view by the name of Mariam Clegg. Miriam Clegg is a Spanish woman who is married, and people do not I think understand the power of this position, she’s married to Nick Clegg, and that’s incidental because he’s just a cipher, but the position he occupies is extremely important; because that’s the lord president of the council. And he is authorized to act in the name of the queen when there is a contract hit to be done. So he’s the go to person, if for example, if Michelle Obama wanted to have a man who was intruding into the encryption system by the name of ‘Russell Williams’ [David meant Gareth Williams] whacked, she would have to go up the food chain ultimately to the lord president of the council, who in fact, should ask the queen for the authority to whack Russell Williams [David meant Gareth Williams] , the guy who was folded into the holdall. But what I found which has blown my mind today, Field, is that someone actually took the job of the queen without her knowledge and consent, but she signed over authority to act in her name in good faith because he was restructuring the finances of Buckingham Palace. And I won’t bore you with what palaces she owns or what palaces she occupies, and the man’s name – and I’d ask the chat room to start turning their focus onto this individual – his name is Lord Airlie, A-i-r-l-i-e, and Lord Airlie was called in from a career in investment banking, and I’m going to tell you the name of the investment bank that he was the head of; because it’s germane to the demolition of building number seven in a minute. He was called in to act, I believe the official title is the Lord Chamberlain, which is sort of the man who controls the queen’s bedroom… *laugh* …or her chamber pot, one of the two, I’m not sure which -

David George Coke Patrick Ogilvy, 8th (or 13th) Earl of Airlie (served as Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother)

Field: My phones ringing, David, I’ll have to be right back.

David: Okay, I’ll continue rab – rabbitting on. So Lord Airlie was called in to restructure the finances of the queen and her private establishment in Buckingham Palace, which were apparently in a mess. And he came up with some very alarming suggestions for the old school servants in the Buckingham Palace. And that they were so alarming, he was forced to go to the queen and say: “In order for me to rearrange the finances of the crown, you are going to have to give me the executive authority to act in your name.” Now, I’m absolutely convinced, and please, in the chat room, if you can prove me wrong, or find out more evidence, do so because this is absolutely vital. Effectively, what Lord Airlie did, is he executed a bloodless coup d'état. Because he got the authority of the queen to act in her name, so when people came to the lord president of the council for example, Nick Clegg, and asked for the authority to execute a hit, maybe for example to go and kill Qaddafi in Libya, which has been the most outrageous, egregious act I believe in recent history, and that was a hit carried out from the United Kingdom. Aided and abetted by Canada, specifically the commanding officer of the NATO Forces attacking Libya, Charles Bouchard, who was a great friend – I think we have to assume – of a man by the name of Russell Williams whose a homicidal pedophile who is sitting behind bars courtesy of the governor general of Canada. So he would get, or they would have gone in order to execute Gareth Williams in the holdall in the flat in Pimlico, they would have gone to the lord president of the council. And normally, what he should have done from a constitutional point of view, is ask the authority of the Queen of England, or Great Britain, or Northern Ireland if you will, for permission to go out and execute Gareth Williams. But because Lord Airlie has gotten in between the queen and the lord president of the council, I believe Nick Clegg would have actually gone to ask Lord Airlie as the Queen’s [Lord] Chamberlain for the authority to kill Gareth Williams. Now let me just emphasize what Gareth Williams was. He was a top code breaker, a Cambridge mathematician like myself, a very brilliant man, hopefully like myself, but that’s irrelevant, who worked for government communications headquarters, which in nineteen ninety-seven, that slime ball Tony Blair had authorized, should be penetrated by radical lesbian bisexual and transgendered group. And don’t make me mad by talking about me being ‘sexist’; I’m not mad. I’m saying: when you infiltrate government communications headquarters with a radical LGBT group, you are infiltrating them with an organization that is easily trapped into a blackmail situation.

Field: Well good, I hear the music so let’s get back to tracking, trapping and blackmailing Tony Beliar right after this break. Stay with us folks and please vote twice. Thank you.


Field: Welcome back and David, before I subject them to your endless drivel with a cheesy accent, I realized I failed to mention previously when we started this three hour extravaganza that this is the Micro Effect Network. This is the time slot that was so graciously given us by Rayelan Allan, and that means that we are officially part of the Rumor Mill News Network. We’re the Wednesday three hour guys. And we also go by the name Abel Danger News and just in case there is anybody new in the chat room, which I don’t see anybody new, but could happen, we’re an organization of – we’re global in coverage and we’re compassionate, informed and we can have the luxury of being somewhat fearless; because we have no leader and therefore they not only can take out our – they cannot take out our leadership, but none of us has to be the first one to put their head on the guillotine. So having said that to everyone who knows who we are, David Hawkins is the one with the British accent and he’s living in British Columbia coastal areas and I’m living right smack dab in the middle of North America two miles north of Plum City, Wisconsin where right now there’s eight-hundred and fifty-thousand armed people running around the woods. A very safe place to be unless you’re a deer or someone who intends to take down the United States of America, which should be a free republic but is not. David, over to you.

David: Okay, thank you Field. So, I’m just talking about the infiltration of radical LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered groups, into government communications headquarters in nineteen ninety-seven courtesy of Tony Blair with the express objective I believe, of taking a group that is very easily entrapped and ultimately extorted, and putting them inside an extremely sensitive government establishment to monitor the monitors if you will? Of which unfortunately for Gareth Williams he became or he joined GCHQ I think in two-thousand and one. Unbekown to him, the day he joined, he was watched by this community from inside GCHQ. And I believe every phone that he ever used while he was traveling on government business, would have contained the clipper chip so that his communications and his location ad his plans and his skills at breaking into the code of clipper and Videoguard, would have been enough to sign a death warrant several times over. But these people can’t afford to do a hit that is too early or too obvious, so it took them a great deal of time to work out how to neutralize this fellow. In two-thousand and ten, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson made a trip to Marbella, and my sense is she met people from the United Kingdom to discuss what should happen to Gareth Williams. And they decided he would have to be taken out in a manor that would be so shocking that his colleagues and friends at GCHQ and MI six, would be too terrified to speak out about what happened to the man. And this is again pure conjecture, but the great beauty of being able to identify when they have spoliated the crime scene is, that we can assume they are guilty because the body, and what was done to the body has not been presented to a coroner and published. Now what we know when they found the body that it was folded three ways into a Northface holdall. The appearance of white powder in the kitchen, and this is pure Sherlock Holmes, suggests that they sprinkled sodium perborate, or something like that on his body to increase the level of pain while he was tortured to find out exactly what he knew and the ramifications of his hack into the clipper and Videoguard communications system. So I am going to make a challenge to the authorities who will probably get this messaged relayed eventually, Field. Prove that they didn’t cannibalize his body. I think these animals actually ate part of the man while he was being tortured and then put environmental cleaners, or bleaching type material to advance the decomposition so no autopsy report would show the bite marks. And if people are enraged at the thought that Gareth Williams may have been eaten, or partially eaten? Well, let’s take them back to the pig farm where about forty-nine women, and again they were prostitutes because that was the target victim group that was very easy to identify and disappear. That these women were invited out to the pig farm to or by, the Piggy Palace Good Times Society. The Piggy Palace Good Times Society which was a federally registered charity, and there were at least three directors of the Piggy Palace Good Times Society that were responsible for the safety of those women. One is by the name of Dave Pickton, the other one is Robert, or Willie Pickton and the third would be the woman who owned the mortgage on the building where otherwise innocent top officials would be entrapped and later extorted by a woman by the name of Linda Louise Pickton Wright whose now practicing as a lawyer and real estate and a barrister in Edmonton in Alberta. And she knows enough material and information I believe, to put a significant number of senior Canadian politicians and police and military on death row. Because by the time we’re finished Field, we’re going to have to bring back the death penalty. So Linda Louise Pickton Wright is operating in a law firm called ‘Laurie’ in Edmonton Alberta with another woman, and I won’t bother to explore the possible relationship between these two woman, but there’s a man there. His name escapes me, but this man used to work for the communications security establishment in Ottawa. And that’s where I would suggest the initial production run of the clipper chip of AT&T courtesy of the present first lady was shipped to be installed on devices that would control the communications at the highest level between Canada and the United States and the United Kingdom in the war games that were practiced at least twice a year since nineteen forty-seven in the formation of NATO. So what we have Field, is that the clowns in Chicago led by Michelle LaVaughan Robinson would appear to have installed clipper chips into a communications system that would run the war games that would allow a man-in-the-middle attack right in the middle of the war game.

Field: Can I break in with an update from headquarters

David: Sure, yes.

Field: You’re going to love a picture, an image that somebody, probably somebody in the chat room sent me, but you and I, and the organization, our leaderless organization had been talking about the effectiveness of man-in-the-middle attacks going back to World War Two isn’t that correct?

David: Yes.

Field: Well, in chapter two, and I know you haven’t read it yet we used the term ‘boy-in-the-middle attacks’ as opposed to man-in-the-middle attacks? And you simply will not believe this image. It’s Jerry Sandusky, the pedophile coach from Penn State and he is in a position behind a football player whose number thirteen I think. Unlucky number in this case Jerry the pedo, anyway, in front of number thirteen is another football player, a number two, and they’re both in blue and white outfits like their Penn State lions and the posture, both postures, all three postures could not have been staged. And it is so demonstrative that people simply won’t believe it and you will think we some how altered the photo. And the photo, it’s a straight up photo out of a football publication of some kind, but it’s not going to help mister Sandunsky convince us that the Penn State pedophile trade wasn’t alive and well. And I think I read today somewhere, ad please correct me if I misspeak here, Fannie or Suky, because I think it came from your side of the pond, but apparently there was a five-hundred thousand dollar payment made to mister Sandusky for providing dates? And I’ll leave it at that; it’s in chapter two. And even though I read the chapter I linked the pieces of information together with fiction. We don’t make this stuff up and nobody could make this stuff up ad if anybody did make this stuff up they would be incarcerated or shot.

David: Yeah, well, sometimes it’s overwhelming, but you see that posture in the picture, well I haven’t seen the picture. If you go back through the centuries to the formation of the Eton, probably the best known boys college in the world, I think it was a fifteenth century formation. I believe in the sixteenth or seventeenth century they had a routine or a ritual if you will, called ‘beating Fridays.’ And the idea of beating Fridays would be, you would take very young children, sort of ten or eleven who were sort of speak, fags by the older boys?

Field: Mhm.

David: And if they misbehaved they would be beaten. So their trousers would be taken down, there would be a semi-circle of older boys and masters watching it, and the child would basically be flayed so that their buttocks would bleed. And apparently for certain kind of people this is extremely sexually exciting and unfortunately what that would have done is corrupt the people going through the Eton College, which I am sure from an academic point of view has wonderful education system, but you would get psychopaths. Brilliant obeying highly educated well connected psychopaths going through the Eton system and ultimately taking very high positions in the United Kingdom Government. One illustration of that would be a man by the nickname of Jack Profumo and John – Jack Profumo – would become a member of the Bullingdon Club of which Edward the seventh and Edward the eighth was a member. And he would be entangled with a prostitute by the name of Christine Keeler. And he lied about it to the parliament and he resigned. And then he went for a job which is totally extraordinary for this man. He became the toilet cleaner, or the toilet bowl cleaner at an outfit called ‘Toynbee Hall.’ And Toynbee Hall if you go back to eighteen eighty-eight, was right in the center of the murders, the White Chapel murders attributed to Jack the Ripper. And in eighteen eighty-eight, in June of eighteen eighty-eight, you will see where I am going in a minute, there were a couple of American woman staying at Toynbee Hall. They were lesbians, they were fresh from a tour of Europe where they had gone to Spain and found out they absolutely loved the blood and gore of the bull fight. So let’s be very kind and just describe them as eccentric for the moment, but then they stayed in June of eighteen eighty-eight at Toynbee Hall which was the place where the so called Guild Socialists, or settlement movement was launched. And the hypothesis is, is that Jane Adams was the designer of a technique that which would be very useful if you needed to entrap and then extort the local police. And the idea would be that you would get policemen interacting with the prostitutes just like they did in the Vancouver Police Department, and there’s been a big development here in BC in that case in the Pickton Pig Farm, where some of those police would be – I don’t know, tainted? If that’s the right word? To enjoy the services of the prostitute and some of those police would be extremely violent and beat the prostitutes up ad possibly kill them. Now, if you could capture that on camera, or in front of witnesses, then potentially you could own the local police force. And that’s what happened to the metropolitan police in London in eighteen eighty-eight it would appear, and with the Vancouver Police in – up here in British Columbia when the women started to disappear which was nineteen seventy-nine. And Field, do you just want to mention nineteen seventy-nine as a year of interest to the listeners?

Field: Sure, it’s the year that my sister, Kristine Marcy, brought up the United States Senior Executive Service, and our loyal listeners and our fellow agents know that United States Senior Executive Service is the opening from which the City of London places the element tube that pumps the City of London affluence into the life blood of the United States economy and our citizenry and we’re trying to pull that element tube out. And also get rid of the senior Executive Service which started in nineteen seventy-nine in the same year as Femme Comp Inc. Which is either compromised females, which would make more sense, or competent females, which makes a lot sense except for one thing: there is plenty of competent females in this chat room right now and I’m not in it the chat room. I’m looking for that picture, but DNA Frequency, the female tug boat twin, Fannie, Suky – Vannie, almost forgot Vannie, she’s busy cooking pasta – there’s a lot of competent females, but the ones that call themselves Femme Comp are not competent, they’re a bunch of incompetent boobs. What I mean by that is fools, not something else. Nineteen seventy-nine we also had Pat Schrader goofing things up from Colorado as a member of the senate. We had a secretary of the Navy stuck in there, he’s currently – his names James Webb – he also stepped down because as secretary of the Navy, a Naval Academy graduate, former Marine infantry officer, muchly decorated if that’s correct word, maybe much decorated would be more academically correct. He stepped down as secretary of the Navy because he refused to do the bidding of these evil women including Pat Schrader, my own sister, Hillary Clinton; the list goes on and on. Honorable mention to Jamie Gorelick. Nineteen seventy-nine also was the year that even though the military was starting to be drawn down five years after the shooting stopped in Vietnam they decided that they needed to – instead of cut down the population of the service academies as the military started to dwindle, they actually needed to stick more people in there. In fact, why not have both genders if you’re shrinking the military it certainly made sense to allow women to go to the military academies, and then of course that was during the Clinton years when the current administration I would characterize as Czardom. As the Czardom now, it’s not enough that we have male and female in the military, now we have to – have people that aren’t sure what they are, or maybe they change preferences from day-to-day so the Barney Franks and the Rudi Guliano’s of the world have helped the Clintons stick in a third population of players. But nineteen seventy-nine was the year that, and I could be wrong here and Mensa will correct me, but I think that’s the year where Jimmie Carter, Annapolis forty-seven, which means he was cooling his heels since I *garbled* while his peers were getting shot at. He goofed up, or it was under his command a military operation in Iran was goofed up where they were trying to get some people out of incarceration and they ended up killing a few more Marines and Navy people, and perhaps an Army or Air Force guy here and there. An embarrassing military failure. So we have the women getting into the military service academies, we have Femme Comp, we have Pat Schrader and a bunch of other hostile players trying to destroy America, we’ve got the United States Senior Executive Service, which is the only thing Rick Perry from Texas should focus on. And it doesn’t matter what two or three organizations he would shut down, he would be wasting his time unless he started with the United Sates Senior Executive Service, and that is the vertical column topper if you will? If you took a beaker or a tall slender glass and you filled it up with good things, as long as you put a Senior Executive Service thing on top you’re going to poison the whole gene pool. And so I would like to do whatever I can do to put a lot of focus and notoriety on the United States Senior Executive Service which was started by my sister, Kristine Marcy in nineteen seventy-nine after being asked by Jimmie Carter to do so in nineteen seventy-eight. And Jimmie Carter is out building houses for habitat and I think maybe my sister should go out there and help hold the nails while he drives the hammer. Over to you, David.

David: Yeah, there is a couple of other things. She was the assistant director of the Office of Personnel Management in nineteen seventy-nine when Obama, or Barry Soetoro was around what? Eighteen? So she would have had access to the background files on Barry Soetoro and she would know he was actually a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by virtue of his father being Kenyan. So she would have known back in nineteen seventy-nine this individual was being groomed I believe, as a pedophile entrapment expert to get to the highest office. And she would have had to bleach his files in a pretty fundamental way. In nineteen seventy-nine, that was the start of the Unabomb campaign Field, which was launched out of Northwestern University. And Northwestern University is very interesting because going back to the immediate sequel to the Jack the Ripper murders, which I think we now know was Jane the Ripper from Chicago. When Jane Adams came back with her girlfriend star to Chicago, in eighteen ninety-one, they launched the two sort of rocks of the settlement movement, or guild socialism in Chicago. The one at an outfit called Hull House and the other at Northwestern University Settlement House. Now, we should worry greatly about this intimate contact these two women had with young and vulnerable children of immigrant families. We know that they liked the blood and gore of the bull fight, we know that they were in June of eighteen–eighty-eight, and possibly right though the White Chapel murders because I can’t find out when they came back to the United States, maybe the research group can help find that out. But my sense would be that Jane Adams and Star, designed the cannibal oath ceremonies that would lock in wealthy individuals parachuted in from nearby universities, into immigrant communities in a way that might endure several generations. Now here’s how it worked, and again, purely hypothetical. In White Chapel in eighteen eighty-eight there was a huge number of extremely poor people with very large families. London as a whole I believe, had forty-thousand prostitutes at the time. And many of these women had families that they couldn’t afford to feed. In come the Oxford and Cambridge parasites and they have a settlement where they can take up residence in Toynbee Hall and teach the local peasantry Macbeth, or Henry the fifth, or I don’t know, Greek ethics. Greek being an important word given the preferred sexual activities of the Greek soldiers apparently. So you end up with, hypothetically of course the possibility the wealthy educated people from Oxford and Cambridge, the Apostles Dining Club from Cambridge and the Bullingdon Dining Club from Oxford, decide that they, from a sexual point of view, they’d rather have a partnership with a child than an adult. Possibly of the same sex. So they can go to a local family, maybe a prostitute who had ten children and offered to buy the child. The transaction is recorded by the Worshipful Company of Scriveners and the child is taken from the poor family and transferred to the enjoyment of the wealthy individual and shared with his friends. And the entire contractual relationship is recorded by the Scriveners, and of course what that does is, it binds that poor family and the wealthy family from one, two, three generations on. So I think that’s what happened to Barack Hussein Obama. He was bound by his grand father in Kenya to the Mau Mau oath ceremonies, to people like Maurice Strong. The son became a colleague of Tom Mboya in Nirobi. And Tom Mboya was murdered in nineteen sixty-nine. I suggest on orders of the Star Chamber with the queen but without her knowledge and the son is raised in a pedophile family and the mother runs away in I believe when he was ten years-old. That would be what, about nineteen seventy-one? And she goes off to places like Pakistan to develop the al Qeada cells in Pakistan and he is raised by his grand parents. And the grand parents are the best friends of a man by the name of Frank Marshall Davis and had on call a white Chicago socialite. And the two that raised him are pedophiles. So from the age of ten to seventeen, no fault of his own, I’ve got a lot of sympathy for the poor lad. From ten to seventeen he’s groomed as a pedophile entrapment expert. And in nineteen seventy-nine when Kristine Marcy is assistant director of the Office of Personnel Management, they decide to launch him on a career in academia in the United States to see if he can entrap some powerful players rather like what’s been going on at Penn State that can ultimately be extorted and used in his career to the White House. He goes to Occidental College in California, he goes to Columbia University on New York and he ends up in nineteen ninety-one at the Harvard Law School. Which is rather interesting because the Chairman of the Harvard Overseers in nineteen ninety-one, Field, is a man by the name of David Johnston whose now the Governor General of Canada. And David Johnston was an investor with Alexander Haig in the mortgage that was given to Linda Louise Pickton Wright to upgrade the barn in the Pickton Pig Farm so it could be used to record the pedophile and cannibal oath ceremonies of the investors and the visitors where the record would be backhauled encrypted on Videoguard with the clipper chip and all the devices that would handle back to the United Kingdom to be archived at Canada Square Canary Wharf to be used to extort the most powerful people in the United States today. And then I just want to mention the three generals that would appear to be extorted by your sister at the Senior Executive Service using these devices. The clipper encryption system together with the Videoguard, General Haig, General Shelton and General Shalikashvili; because I think, well two of them are dead, but General Shelton needs an alibi for nine-one-one.

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