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Tracey McVicar Had Clipper Encryption Devices - Wood Chipper at the Pickton Pig Farm - CAI Investors - ‘Cestui Que Murder-For-Hire Service’

The Abel Danger White House Group to those whom it may concern

November 27, 2011

Did McVicar's pig-farm Clipper chipper hide MDA's cestui que murder for hire?

We believe that Crown Agents’ Sister Tracey McVicar had Clipper encryption devices run through a wood chipper at the Pickton pig farm to hide their use by CAI investors in Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates and its alleged ‘cestui que murder-for-hire service’.

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Class act.

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Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Tracey McVicar – An alleged Matrix 5 principal of the Vancouver Settlement Movement and oath ceremonies which Abel Danger has tracked back to Jane the Ripper Addams’ visit to Toynbee Hall in 1888 and subsequent extortion of the Greek Life community in North America.

Lynn Frey and late stepdaughter – alleged victims of CAI / MDA pig farm Clipper chipper and cestui que murder for hire

Airlie’s Star Chamber allegedly procured exclusive access to AT&T’s Clipper chip production for use in MDA murder for hire through a deal between SES founder Kristine Marcy and Sidley Austin’s Michelle Obama in 1991.

Alleged McVicar Clipper Ripper Chipper

Linda Pickton's MDA MindBox rules of cestui que use murder for hire give cestui que trust investors plausible denial

Tracey McVicar [Matrix 5 principal and manager of 50+ allegedly-extorted man-in-the-middle Special Investors in, or consultants to, the CAI Private Equity Group who held erstwhile equity positions in MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. ("MDA"); she hired David Emerson in November 2008 as CAI "senior advisor" at the equity firm's Vancouver office when she knew or ought to have known that he was a longstanding investor in CAI and the alleged cestui que murder-for-hire services of MDA; in her early twenties, in 1990, McVicar earned a bachelor's degree in finance from UBC where she allegedly swore a cannibal oath of lifetime loyalty and obedience to Greek Life sororities corruptly associated with the Vancouver Settlement Movement; she appears to have placed Emerson, then CEO at Bentley's Canfor, on the board of MacDonald Dettwiler in August 2001 in an alleged attempt to compromise him through MDA’s alleged use of Clipper in MitM propaganda communications on 9/11; In 1999, CAI bought a position in MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates and placed Brooklyn-based Peter Restler, a founding CAI partner on the MDA board; CAI was founded in 1989 by seven investors, including a couple of ex-Salomon Brothers partners in New York who would allegedly go on to equip the Schroders Salomon Smith Barney offices in WTC#7 with Clipper encryption devices to support insider and outsider trading, churning and pump-and-dump frauds; in 1999, CAI bought a position in MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates and placed Brooklyn-based Peter Restler, a founding CAI partner on the MDA board; she allegedly placed Emerson in July 2010 on the board of Postmedia Network Inc. – owner of many B.C. dailies – to ‘manage’ pig farm stories appearing in the Vancouver Sun, The Province and the Times Colonist; she traveled in the summer of 2001 to work for a couple of months with disadvantaged children in Mott Haven, said to be the poorest neighborhood in New York's South Bronx; during those two months, she allegedly procured Clipper encryption devices through MDA’s PKI program to equip saboteurs and assassins embedded in New York’s Settlement Movement with the secure PCDs (Nokia?) needed to synchronize spin and spoliation of evidence at the 9/11 crime scenes; she joined investment banking division at RBC Dominion Securities where Larry Blain was her allegedly-extorted boss; she left to join a Vancouver-based brokerage, Goepel, Shields and Partners; by 1997, she had become a partner at the firm and a member of its board of directors; in 2003, she left to head up the Vancouver office of CAI Capital Management Ltd.; she allegedly used CAI Clipper encryption devices to allow insiders to mount MitM attacks on targets such as Nortel; she allegedly extorted a gig with the board of directors at BC Hydro in December 2007; she allegedly extorted Larry Blain and fellow directors of BC Hydro into awarding the $73 million BC Hydro smart-grid contract to Corix Utilities, part of the Corix Group of Companies in which one of the biggest shareholders is CAI Capital Management where she is the managing director!]”

“MDA Holdings Corporation provides $36.4 million secondary offering of common shares of MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Client Underwriting syndicate led by Scotia Capital Inc. A secondary offering of common shares of MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. ("MDA") by MDA Holdings Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Orbital Sciences Corporation, closed on July 17, 2001. MDA Holdings had previously granted an exclusive option to CAI Capital Partners and Company II, L.P., CAI Partners and Company II, L.P., and CAI Capital Partners and Company II-C, L.P. (the "CAI Entities") and 597858 B.C. Ltd., other principal shareholders of MDA, to acquire its shares of MDA Holdings. Pursuant to the option, the principal shareholders requested that MDA Holdings sell 1,650,000 common shares of MDA pursuant to a public offering. The offering, by way of a short form prospectus, was for $34,650,000. Scotia Capital Inc. led the underwriting syndicate consisting of RBC Dominion Securities Inc. [where McVicar started work in the early 1990s], Merrill Lynch Canada Inc., Dundee Securities Corporation and Raymond James Ltd. The Underwriters were represented by Peter Stafford, Lata Casciano and Melody Schalm of the Vancouver office of Fasken Martineau.”

“More on Liberal Insiders and BC Hydro's Smart Meter Gold Rush .. Peter Restler and his investment firm CAI have a long history in BC politics. By Will McMartin, 21 Mar 2011, ... BC Hydro's proposed smart meter program may utilize new technology, but the insiders who stand to gain from this $1-billion potential boondoggle have political roots in B.C. going back to the early 1980s. The scene: B.C.'s Legislative Assembly. The date: June 2, 1982. It's early afternoon, and question period has just begun. From the opposition benches, Frank Howard, the New Democratic Party MLA for Skeena, fires a volley of uncomfortable questions at Bob McClelland, the Energy minister and Social Credit MLA for Langley. Did the minister go to New York City in June 1980 and take a chauffeur-driven limousine to the Plaza Hotel? Were the car and driver kept on standby for more than 10 hours at an exorbitant cost to B.C. taxpayers? And did the minister host a group of New Yorkers at a Broadway show and send the bill to taxpayers? Was the cost of the theatre ducats more than twice face value because they were bought through a scalper? .. Yes, there had been a visit to a theatre, but it was followed by a "working dinner." Still, McClelland said that he intended to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of his Broadway ticket, and would urge other attendees to do the same. And, by the way, the minister said that he had been accompanied throughout his New York sojourn by "a U.S. consultant, Mr. Peter Restler." ... Moreover, did the minister -- "Oh, oh!" was the response from MLAs, as recorded by Hansard -- recall that the show was a burlesque called Sugar Babies? ... Appetites for business Fast-forward to March, 2005. The scene: New York City, at the exclusive Asiate Restaurant in Lower Manhattan. Located at 80 Columbus Circle, the Asiate eatery is a stone's throw from Broadway and just a few blocks north of the theatre district where "Sugar Babies" was playing when Bob McClelland visited in 1980. Gordon Campbell, the premier of British Columbia, is on a working visit -- is there any other kind of taxpayer-funded travel undertaken by B.C. politicians? -- with a couple of staffers, Lara Dauphinee (his executive assistant) and Mike Morton (press secretary). The trio are dinner guests of Larry Blain, the BC Liberal government-appointed president and CEO of a provincially-owned Crown corporation, Partnerships BC. And joining the British Columbians for dinner at Asiate is none other than Peter Restler, the New York "consultant" who was McClelland's companion 25 years earlier. Would it surprise anyone to know that B.C. taxpayers, just as they had for McClelland's visit in 1980, paid the tab for Campbell and company in 2005? That's because Blain submitted the $312.50 tab (tip not included) for reimbursement when he returned from New York, and beleaguered British Columbians dutifully coughed up for the evening's repast. ... The making of CAI At or about the same time that Restler was guiding the privatization of Hydro's gas division, he decided to leave Shearson Lehman Brothers. Along with about a half dozen others from business and Wall Street, he started a small, boutique investment firm called CAI Capital Management. CAI opened its doors in 1989, and began looking for both investors and investment opportunities. It found both in Canada. MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, the Richmond-based firm specializing in [Clipper PKI encryption to support man-in-the-middle communications between the VPD and RCMP during the pig farm investigation and alleged use of BC OnLine in cestui que murder for hire], satellite imaging, space robotics and environmental monitoring, was one of the earliest companies with which Restler and CAI held discussions. Talks remained exploratory until 1999, when the New York firm and another investor together acquired a one-third interest in the Richmond company. Restler soon took a seat on MDA's board of directors, and a year later he was joined by David Emerson -- a CAI investor and, since 2008, a "senior advisor" at the equity firm's Vancouver office. By 2004, CAI (with a substantial profit) had exited its position in MacDonald Dettwiler, and that same year Emerson won election as a Liberal Member of Parliament for Vancouver-Kingsway. (He crossed the floor days after the 2006 general election to join the victorious Conservatives and retain his seat at the cabinet table. Rather than face his constituents and answer for that controversial decision, Emerson retired prior to the 2008 election.)”

“From the Doctor and Student (1518) "It will be somewhat long and peradventure somewhat tedious to show all the causes particularly." By the fifteenth century, cestui que use was a vehicle to defraud creditors. The main use was to leave land, or parts of land to members of the family other than the primary heir. This was a way to avoid primogeniture inheritance. While the use was intact, the occupant of the land could take advantage of the cestui que use to avoid the feudal payments and duties (incidents) [and, allegedly, any responsibility for murders committed in the name of the Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society – a federally-registered charity to help women exit a life of prostitutoion ] . Incidents such as wardship, marriage penalties and other gifts, taxes, fines, fees, and knight service were onerous. Common law did not recognize cestui que uses as such, and there was difficulty fitting these cases into the existing writs and case law. The incidents could not be enforced against a person who was on a Crusade, or other war, or business adventure. They were not present in the kingdom to be enforced to perform. Since the feudal oath was to the person, and not the land, there could be no lien against the land. A hallmark of medieval feudalism was the person to person oath of allegiance [allegedly registered at the pig farm by using Clipper-encrypted digital images of male and female oath takers as they raped, tortured, killed, dismembered, cooked and ate the victims]. The feudal incidents could not be enforced upon the beneficiaries of the cestui que use, since these were not the owners of the land. The users had not sworn an oath to the lord. Therefore, they owed the lord nothing. The cestui que use had no estate. They had no seisin, nor a trespass, and therefore, ejectment could not be effected. These required possession. Assumpsit was of no avail. In 1402, the Commons had petitioned the king for a remedy against dishonest feoffees to uses, apparently with no result. Cestui que use became a new kind of property and property use [allegedly deployed by Star Chamber feoffees to support and conceal murder for hire]

“Police first suspected Pickton in ’97 Vancouver police and RCMP argued over resources and territory: Source Greg Middleton and Steve Berry The Province Tuesday, June 25, 2002 Police had accused serial killer Robert "Willy" Pickton in their sights years before he was arrested, The Province has learned. Police sources have revealed for the first time that he was investigated in 1997 and 1999 in connection with the disappearance of more than 50 women from the Downtown Eastside since 1983. "He kept cropping up," said one source who, like others, would talk only if guaranteed anonymity. More than 30 of the women have disappeared since police first looked at Pickton as a suspect in 1997. The Vancouver Police Department's secretive surveillance squad, Strike Force, watched Pickton for a week in 1997. Police had information he was picking up prostitutes and taking them to his Port Coquitlam farm. "The working theory was that he was killing them and running them through a wood chipper and feeding them to the pigs," said a source.”

“ Mom's hunch led her to serial killer Pickton's farm "You're never going to find these women," she said the voice on the tape said. "They went with Willie and he's got the chipper." ... Some prostitutes told Frey they'd been to a farm with a chipper 45 minutes from the Downtown Eastside near a fast-flowing muddy river. Frey reasoned the farm had to be near the Fraser River, likely in New Westminster, Coquitlam or Surrey.

She relayed her suspicions to her foster daughter Joyce Lachance, who lived in Port Coquitlam, "She said 'I know a guy by the name of Willie. He has pigs and he has a chipper on his farm. I can take you there blindfolded.'" They drove that night to the Pickton farm, where a sign warned "Pit bull with AIDS" and Joyce was too scared to leave the car. Perched atop the fence, Frey was just a stone's throw from the remains of her missing daughter – although confirmation wouldn't come for another five years, when searchers found Marnie's right jaw bone and four teeth on the farm.”

We invite Grand Juries to test Tracey MacVicar for alibis she needs to avoid a charge of spoliation of evidence in re her apparent use of Clipper encryption devices to conceal the role of CAI Special Investors in MDA’s alleged ‘cestui que murder-for-hire service’.

Open Demand for a [Runaway] Grand Jury Investigation - Apparent Spoliation of Evidence - Destruction of Boeing 757–222 Aircraft - UA Flt 93 - 9/11

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