Monday, November 14, 2011

Sold Liquidation Rights - Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Program - Wells Fargo - Recovered Debts - MERS/MindBox Software - Matrix 5 Propaganda

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November 14, 2011

Did Marcy 8(a) liquidators use MERS and MindBox for Wells Fargo 9/11?

We believe Crown Agents’ Sister Kristine Marcy sold liquidation rights in the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program to Wells Fargo and allowed the bank to recover debts using MERS/MindBox software during the Matrix 5 propaganda attack on 9/11.

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Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

“The Machine on Meth: How Mindbox, MERS & The Shadow Banking System Bankrupted the US ... This is the story of the machine. It will be quite the telling and as I say, many will say I have gone mad. I will not disagree. When you look at the scope and complexity of what was accomplished, it could only have been controlled by a machine. In 1998, the US Patent and Trademark Court issued what is a called The State Street Bank Decision [Championed by former Rose Law patent lawyer Hillary Clinton prior to her decision to liquidate Cantor Fizgerald’s interlopers in WTC#1 on 9/11]. That decision allowed business processes to be patented. Up until then, such things were not possible. What changed was that essentially, the plaintiff’s attorney argued to the court that due to the push through the 90’s for informational systems automation (think Electronic Medical Records, The Depository Trust Corporation) the software which ran that automatically crunched information was a patentable item. The court agreed. One of the industries which saw benefit of this decision was the Real Estate and Mortgage Banking Industry. All throughout the 90’s, in a push spear headed by a visionary man named Bill Dallas, the entire business channel of the buying and selling of residential real estate mortgages and debt became automated. This business channel shed labor as software automation came to the information intense process of creating loan products for the residential real estate market. Also during this time, another man, Richard Barfus, brought a software product to market. It was an artificially intelligent (AI) control software called Mindbox. I call it HAL. HAL applied his expertise in his very early years to various small aspects of the mortgage business process. In 2004, Richard Barfus and Bill Dallas teamed up and brought Mindbox (HAL) to the vertical market of residential real estate loan production...

Abel Danger suggests that a Grand Jury checks out Kristine Marcy’s alibi during Wells Fargo’s use of 8(a) liquidators and MERS/MindBox software to recover debts 9/11.

Open Demand for a [Runaway] Grand Jury Investigation - Apparent Spoliation of Evidence - Destruction of Boeing 757–222 Aircraft - UA Flt 93 - 9/11

See again #1
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

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