Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canada Is a Rogue Nation - RCMP's "E" Division in Vancouver - RCMP Connections to the Pickton Serial Killer - Mounties Assisted the Picktons?

Source: Hidden From History

J'Accuse: Co-op Radio, RCMP are Guilty
of a Criminal Conspiracy
by Kevin D. Annett

Undercover operatives attached to the RCMP's "E" Division in Vancouver have colluded with at least two staff members at Vancouver Co-op radio, and a local sex trade worker and her male accomplice, to publicly defame and frame me on a false charge, as part of a government "badjacketing" campaign to discredit my uncovering of RCMP connections to the Pickton serial killers.

I have made this accusation this past week in a petition to the International Criminal Court and the London-based International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

The full facts of this "badjacketing" campaign were made known to me during October, months after my banning without notice from the premises and airwaves of Vancouver Co-op Radio, after broadcasting there for over nine years. The campaign was disclosed to me by the sex trade worker who engaged in the smear on July 20, and from a source within the RCMP.

The sex trade worker, whom I'll call "Candy", has given me a notarized affidavit dated November 3, 2010, in which she describes how she was approached by men she recognized as undercover Mounties and offered $200 to engage in sex with an unknown man made up to impersonate me, on the premises of Co-op radio early on July 20.

"Candy" states that a white male let her and her accomplice into the station around midnight, where she smoked drugs and had "mild" sex with him for nearly four hours, in front of closed circuit TV cameras in the central studio. Unexplainably, Portland Hotel security did not intervene until almost 4 am. She says the impersonator looked like me but had a heavy accent, and was told that no-one would interfere with them for hours, and that she would not get into trouble.

The station staff subsequently used this video to ban me from Co-op radio, without ever allowing me to view the video or confront my accusers. Clearly, if I was allowed to view it, I would instantly recognize "Candy" and the frame up would be obvious.

I believe the reason for this frame up is related to my recent disclosure over the state-funded Co-op radio airwaves of evidence that Mounties assisted the Picktons in their snuff film practices, including by delivering mostly native women to "Piggy's Palace".

The Vancouver Sun alluded to this connection in an article on August 20, barely ten days after my banning, where it described the refusal of the Vancouver Police to investigate the Picktons for over two years, after receiving solid evidence of their torture and murder of women.

The actions of the RCMP, Co-op radio staff and others in silencing me and publicly assassinating my character amounts to a criminal conspiracy, not simply dirty tricks: since it is part of a wider effort to obstruct justice and block the investigations of the Tribunal with which I am associated, whose mandate is to bring to justice those responsible for the past and ongoing genocide of aboriginals in Canada: including the RCMP.

My petition will be addressed in London this April, and possibly earlier in European Human Rights courts. At that time, Co-op radio staff and Board members, local RCMP officers, and their superiors in Ottawa, will all be legally summoned to these forums to answer charges.

Co-op radio staff and their lawyers are scrambling these days to cover their actions and avoid serious prosecution, mostly by imposing censorship and tyranny at the station. Station members and programmers, sadly, seem oblivious to the criminal corruption in their own ranks.

Canada continues to be exposed as a rogue nation and a practitioner of crimes against humanity. But when will Canadians wake up to this fact, and act according to their new understanding?

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