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Marine Links BBC Krayleigh Enterprises to Serco’s Furloughed Sandy Hook Pedophiles

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the BBC World Service with Krayleigh Enterprises – an alleged pedophile bodyguard protection racket launched in the 1980’s by the late Jimmy Savile and Charlie Kray – to Serco’s alleged spoliation of evidence at the Sandy Hook crime scene by pedophiles on furlough from Newtown’s Garner Correctional Institution.

McConnell becomes increasingly laconic as Christmas Day approaches and contents himself with the allegation that his sister Kristine Marcy has been using DoJ Asset Forfeiture Funds to reward Serco and the Krayleigh pedophiles for Wag the Dog stories of the type used by BBC alumnus Piers Morgan to pimp for more gun control.

Krayleigh and Savile’s BBC key to a furloughed pedophile protection and extortion racket.

“Jesse Ventura Exposes BBC 9/11 Building 7 Report, Piers Morgan Censors Him”


“Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Shooter Forced Way Into School”

"The BBC Krayleigh and Serco’s not-overly-bright allegedly-furloughed pedophiles ‘planted’ the Bushmaster in the trunk of car which they used to bring Adam Lanza to the place where he is alleged to have used the rifle to kill 20 children before committing suicide with one of the machine pistols IN WHICH CASE THESE USELESSS F&*#KERS SHOULD HAVE LEFT THE BUSHMASTER BY THE BOD

“Daily Mail On Line Father of private equity firm selling company that makes the Bushmaster rifle LIVES in the Sandy Hook massacre town New York-based company is ditching shares in Freedom Group, which manufactured the .223-calliber Bushmaster AR-15 Gunman Adam Lanza, 20, used the horror semi-automatic weapon along with two other guns to slaughter 20 kids and six staff at the Newtown, Connecticut school on Friday Father of Cerberus' boss lives in Newtown Retail giant Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods have stopped selling the rifle and others like it 'out of respect to the victims and their families' There is a new connection between the private equity firm Cerberus who owns the gun manufacturer that produced the rifle used by the Sandy Hook shooter. The father of Cerberus boss Stephen Feinberg lives in Newtown, Connecticut, where a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle made by Remington was used to kill 20 children and six elementary school staff. The gun used by 20-year-old Adam Lanza in the massacre on Friday is a ‘civilian’ version of the military M-16. The private equity firm, Cerberus Capital Management, announced it was selling Remington Arms Company, one of America’s largest rifle makers, as it tried to distance itself from public and political anger against the firearms industry. Pressure mounted on the private equity firm to get rid of its holding after the California State Teachers' Retirement System threatened to pull the $750million it has under Cerberus' management on Monday. The bold move comes as retail giant Walmart removed the .223-caliber Bushmaster AR-15 from its website in the wake of the devastating massacre and Dick's Sporting Goods also pulled the semi-automatic weapon and others like it from its shelves. In a statement this morning, Cerberus said it was deeply saddened by the shootings, adding that they were a 'watershed event' in the national debate on gun control.”

“How the Krays ran a protection business for Sinatra and Co from behind bars By VANESSA ALLEN UPDATED: 01:50 GMT, 2 January 2010 The Kray twins ran a lucrative [pedophile] bodyguard and 'protection' business for Hollywood stars from behind bars which prison officials were powerless to stop, secret documents reveal today. The gangland crime lords controlled the business from their cells while Reggie was in jail and paranoid schizophrenic Ronnie was in Broadmoor high-security hospital. The brothers boasted on their business card that their clients included 'Hollywood stars and Arab Noblemen', such as singer Frank Sinatra, adding: 'We have never lost a client.'

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“Garner Correctional Institution 50 Nunnawauk Rd Newtown, CT 06470 203-270-2800 www.​ct.​gov/​doc/​cwp/​view.​asp?a=1499&q=265410 Garner is a high-security state prison, opened in 1992, that incarcerates pre-trial and post-trial offenders. It sits on 118 acres from the former Fairfield Hills Hospital property. Nearly 600 offenders are housed at Garner and about 300 people work at the prison. Scott Semple is the prison warden. Visiting hours are from 9am to 9pm and restrictions apply to how long and often each visit are. Photography is not allowed on prison grounds. Garner Correctional Institution”

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